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  1. So you can detect for 16 hours instead of 12 now? The thing is already super light! šŸ˜„ I wouldn't mind getting one myself but I got a house to build first so no toys for me. šŸ˜ Glad to see you finding some gold Gerry!
  2. A lot of good points in this thread Gerry! (and everyone else of course!) Funny story on this. After I got my 10" coil from you for my GB2, I went up to a new location to try it out. I also took my GPX-6000 with me. Ground was frozen and I did not want to dig a bunch of iron so I started off with the GB2. First target was a .25g piece maybe an inch down. I detected another hour and only a few pieces of trash. I switched to the GPX and went back over the same areas and pulled out 3 more pieces(0.23, 0.06, and 0.04g). I flagged each spot and went back over them with the GB2 to see if it was me or the machine. The smallest two I could hear with both as they were practically on the surface but the GPX was a more reliable signal. The larger one was out of the reach of the GB2 at roughly 4". I know I'm no expert on the GB2 but I had the settings "maxed out" and not even a whisper. Im certain with the 6" on the GB2 it would have been a different story, but this does show to me at least the insanity of the GPX-6000.
  3. Thats how mine is too. Just figured it would be worth looking in to so i dont have to do that every time i switch my coil around. I guess I Brake For Bedrock comment got deleted from above. He was giving me a bad time, telling me to worry about gold and not worry about shortening the cable.
  4. Nope sure isnt! But I figured youd be bored of seeing pictures of gold so I thought Iā€™d share something else
  5. Been doing that! But ground still froze and snow storm moving in. Two weeks ago take
  6. My thought was to take it out and shoot from a ways away while standing behind my old pickup. Dont want anyone to know where my nuggets are at! Lol. I think there are more as i had other loud targets near this one
  7. Found this little fella my last trip out. Just glad it didnt go BOOM! on me while I was digging it up! How unsafe is it to keep it around?? lol Also would anyone have an idea as to the time frame?
  8. Is it me or does it seem like the cable for the GB2 is about twice as long as it needs to be? I guess I understand that you are supposed to be able to mount the control box to yourself. Has anyone shortened theirs? Would this cause any issues with the detector?
  9. I mean I always figured some if not most of the finds were staged just because you cant have the camera rolling 24/7 but its still something to watch. Ill have to check out some of the other shows suggested on here šŸ™‚
  10. Feeling bored in the cold. Anyone know when Aussie Gold Hunters season 7 starts??
  11. Oh ya Gerry, I know my goose egg days are coming (There's been a couple, I may have exaggerated slightly šŸ¤«). 17" coil would be cool but I gotta get that house built first! I do need to get that 10" for my GB2 for some dredge tailings and some coil covers from you sometime here when you're back from vacation.
  12. I have come to the conclusion that Minelab has discovered alchemy with the GPX6000. It is the only logical conclusion as to why I find gold everytime I go out with it. It must have something to do with all the calculations of the onboard computers and the frequencies of the the pulses into the soil. Maybe a modified flux capacitor is hiding in there. šŸ˜† Maybe Steve Herschbach has some info on this?? šŸ¤”
  13. I got to run the DD for one day about a month ago on my 6. I will say, I was very impressed with its response to EMI. The weekend before that I was in a small gulch that has powerlines running over over the top end of the gulch. I had to stay at the bottom end, about 2-300' away from the power lines with the mono. The DD coil allowed me to detect right underneath the power lines. No noise. Worked beautifully. Didnt get any gold that day but did pick up small lead shot (along with a billion other pieces of trash). AFreakofNature was with me that day with his equinox and we were able to be within 5' of each other! But thats the only time I've used the DD so far. I will most likely need it again in the near future as some of my next locations to check next year are near powerlines as well.
  14. That is a nice looking nugget you got there Rob! That nugget must have been close to the range that the 6 can reach because I had a solid 4.25g nugget at 14" and while it wasn't loud it was definitely noticeable. Or the range of the 6 drops off dramatically somewhere between. But totally agree based off what little I know of the 7 it should outperform the 6 on larger at depth. (otherwise ML would be screwed on their 7000 production lol) Also since there has been some talks of different types of coils. Is there a good thread or book or anything of the sorts that would dive into how coil designs affects depth and sensitivity? Or is that all the secret sauce that every company hold onto.
  15. Nice Finds! One mans trash (or burn barrel) is another mans nugget patch! lol
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