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  1. Northeast

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    That's not the word you "CAN'T" say in Canada. That's according to the song anyway 😉
  2. Northeast

    Australia 2019

    There is a thread here https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=22783 where members have listed tour operators they WOULD recommend. There have been a few other threads about dodgy operators as well. Hope there is something there that is useful 👍
  3. Northeast

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    You can't say that in Canada 🤣🤣
  4. I had seen a movie called "The Ballad of Buster Scruggs" pop up on Netflix and then saw Reg W comment on PA that he had seen it and mentioned there was some 'loaming' in it. Sat down to watch it tonight and it is a series of short stories. 4 stories in so far and they are all 'old west' themed. Some funny, some weird, some sad. Well, the last one we watched was called "All Gold Canyon" and about 5 minutes in I thought to myself "I know this story". I read it here on a thread that JW started - there is a link to the story in his first post. It is well worth a read and the short film does the story good justice too. Enjoy the read and if you get the chance enjoy the film - there is some very nice fake gold in it 👍
  5. Northeast

    Summer Goodies!

    Blimey! Very nice indeed. Well done and good hunting with your son 😊
  6. Fair enough. Probably a good back up for a friend. A bloke I met up with from Prospecting Australia had a 705 for years and was thinking about a Nox. He tried mine and found 3 coins in about 25 mins and then I had to go. 4 days later bought himself a Nox and went to a park he had flogged with the 705 and found HEAPS of coins.
  7. When you have an Equinox (and 6 other machines) why would you purchase an x-terra? 🤔
  8. Northeast

    25 Inch Coil Zed 7000

    Apparently you are not the sole owner of your GPZ, JW 🤣🤣
  9. Up date on the chain search. Short answer is I didn't find it. Went for Park 1. 5 tones. -9 to 0 low tone. 1-4 pitch 25. The 3 higher segments all 15. I wanted that 1 - 4 to really pop out. The lady said it was a very fine chain with no pendant of any sort. Did approx a 15 - 20 metre area that the lady was reasonably certain she lost the chain in. She remembers the dogs jumping on her there and assumes that is how she lost it. Dug about 7 targets that came up in the 1 - 4 but mostly they were cigarette packet foil all folded over. A few targets that hit hard around the 15-20 that may have been coins but they had a very nice lawn and I was reluctant to go digging for my benefit. It was also close to where they have a fire pit and have a few parties so they may have also been pull tabs, bottle tops, etc. Anyway, it was good fun and I may not have missed the chain as it may not be within 50 yards of where I was looking. The added bonus is I may also have another very special location to detect but that is going to be secret squirrel until after it happens 😊
  10. Northeast

    Gauntlet Thrown Down

    Nice work, well done. Love the "Rah, Rah, Rah" flag 🤣
  11. Thanks for the response Alluminati. I like your suggestion re: keeping sensitivity at a reasonable level. In our soil running over 20 generally causes issues so around 15 will probably be suitable for what I'm doing today. I actually don't like gold mode much in trashy areas simply because of the 1 tone audio. In gold mode with the horseshoe button activated I think would just be persistent noise and would prefer not to be staring at the numbers all day. I am unsure how much rubbish is going to be there but it sounds like an old farm and this particular area has been turned into a large area of lawn out the back of the house - could be anything in there. When I get there I will have a bit more of a discussion with the lady re: if it is a genuinely 'fine' gold chain or something a bit chunkier and build my segments based on that. Maybe 1-3 for really fine and 1-8 for chunkier. It will all be a learning experience. Thanks for sharing your ideas 😉
  12. Hi Randy and Others, Was going to ask a question re: fine gold chains and the likely TID's and it sort of fits in with this thread and settings for same. The search function on the forum is a wonderful thing 😊 So, I am going looking for a fine gold chain tomorrow that was lost by a lady that I work with. Thinks she roughly knows where she lost it in her yard about 5 years ago. I am not going to discriminate anything out but will set up 5 tones and change tone volume/pitch, etc. Considering there are differing versions of "fine gold" would it be safer to make that zone a 1-4 on the TID rather than a more confined 1-2? Thanks for any input 😉
  13. Northeast


    Hi River Rat. Finding a spot close to Perth is your issue. I am not 100% but I would guess you would need to travel 4-5 hours to hit gold bearing country. And then you need to research a spot, get your permits, a car, food, water, safety gear, maybe camping gear or stay in motels, etc. Depending on how much time you have you could possibly book a tour with one of the prospecting operators. That might make the logistics a bit easier. Also, outback Australia in February will be bloody hot. And even the beach in Perth will be pretty warm past 11 in the morning. None of it is impossible but will need some good planning and preparation 😉
  14. Northeast

    Skunk Breaker

    🤣🤣 I've never heard that one before. My new favorite. The Moa were a huge bird and I love the fact that there was an eagle so massive that it could hunt and kill them. Such a shame that both animals aren't still around as I think they have only both become extinct in the last 700 years or so? And although the trip was light on the gold it was heavy on adventure 😉