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  1. Yep. Saw a lot of it in the fishing industry. Men acting like school kids. Yep, absolutely. Yep. Will do, thanks for the invite 😉 I really enjoy the P.A. Forum here in Australia but the technical information that JP, Gerry, Chris Ralph (when he gets the chance), Rob, Jasong and Steve H bring to DP is second to none. Thanks Steve for what is mostly a thankless task.
  2. Have thought about it. Stuff still gets in the top though. And I would only glue something to the coil cover so then I’ve got the thickness of the coil cover and the glued on plastic - and every millimetre counts with tiny gold. As with lots of discussions recently about coils for Minelabs it would just be nice to have options. This one (GM coils chipped for the Nox) just seems like a really easy solution on Minelabs part. They already have all the parts, moulds, production in place. Of course, it may not be as easy as my non technical brain thinks it might be.
  3. And jf Minelab is listening - how about sticking an Equinox chip in both of the Gold Monster coils so that we can genuinely use the Gold Mode of the Nox in bush environments without sticks getting stuck in the current 11" coil spokes? I would have also used an Equinox version of the GM 10"X6" closed coil at the beach on the dry sand. Happy to field test them for you 😁
  4. Thanks for the replies geof and Steve. So geof, was the VLF with pure TR discrimination actually better in a salt environ than a PI? TR was also a new expression for me so I Googled it - not surprisingly it sent me straight back to DP Forum for the answer 🤣 "The IB detector employs two coils, a transmit and a receive coil, that are kept in electronic balance. They were therefore also commonly referred to as Transmitter/Receiver (TR) and that term saw more popular use. The TR produces a steady tone that increases in volume and the early TR models, like the BFO, responded to both co
  5. Having just spent a few days at the beach using the Equinox in beach mode and it performing so well I wondered if people use them for detecting salt lakes looking for gold. Maybe a silly question? My disclaimer is that I have never done that sort of detecting but have read many comments over the past few years about salt lakes being notoriously hard for detectors to handle. Although the Equinox is a VLF and might struggle against a PI in mineralised ground, would it possibly have a distinct advantage in a high salt environ. Steve H - thanks for shifting my other thread abou
  6. Well, I’m home again now. Mountains, freshwater rivers and warmth. I don’t mind the beach but we sure live in a blessed part of the country. Did a 30 minute session last evening for $4 and some junk. Was an interesting trip all up and learnt a few things. Almost all good finds were within 15 metres of the step/path leading onto the beach. Money was most frequently found within proximity of bottle tops 😂 Wet sand/shallow water detecting is much harder to get a handle of than dry sand/towel line detecting. The Equinox 800 - is a bloody
  7. From following all the commentary over the time, this was my understanding. Build them to a certain spec or don’t get the chip. I no longer have a GPZ but if I did I don’t think I would rush out and by a Z search. Not until I found ground or conditions that really warranted it. Love the fact that the Z search is plug and play - simply couldn’t have risked an adapter. Each to their own though 😉 Well done to Rohan for meeting the specs and providing another option for people. Look forward to further smaller and larger coils in the line-up. More pics/vids of the Z sea
  8. Morning session. Just as much crap, not as much bling. The dry sand area of this beach is pretty much done. Will have to look further afield this evening.
  9. 2 hr evening sesh done and dusted. Windy? You bet! Penguins were flying they had that much turbulence behind them!! The dry sand is winning for me. Got all the good bits in the dry sand and at absolute low tide I went hunting down near the bottom of the beach. A 20 cent piece and a pull tab were the result. Couldn’t find a line of anything. Couldn’t even find a sinker. Geofjunk’s idea of coming down at Easter at the absolute low tide is perhaps worthy of some serious consideration. 2 rings are sterling silver. Nothing special but good fun. The
  10. Spot on Mitchel. Thanks again 😉 Looks like this morning was full of energy! Overnight it has been super windy so will be interesting to see what the beach looks like today.
  11. By the looks of this my best chance may be the lower low tide tomorrow evening (Saturday here tomorrow). Plenty of wind here tonight that is pretty much onshore. 7 second wave interval in the morning, slowing in the arvo. Can’t find an ‘energy’ rating on the charts I’ve looked at so far. Thanks for the detailed tips Mitchel, it is appreciated. The conditions and the digging are much easier than chasing gold but still plenty to learn about the best spot to search for the treasure 😉
  12. You can’t just put that out there and not expand Mitchel!! 🤷‍♂️🤣 1 hr this evening just close to accomodation turned into a mad dash back in the rain. Blow a dog of a chain here at the moment 🌬️ I assume the ocean beach will be copping a bit overnight.
  13. Thanks geof, Mitchel and Joe. I agree Mitchel, only about 15% is detecting time on this holiday. This morning was early am when everyone else was still asleep. Cold and showery here today so the girls have made the most of it - manicure, pedicure and now they’re off getting a massage. Another beach jaunt this evening for an hour if the weather holds out. And we had the jewellery checked. The diamonds in the bracelet are not real. The pearl in the other bracelet is real but it is a freshwater one. Still happy though 😀
  14. 100 % Yep, it is so easy digging at the beach it is just easier to dig everything. One of my last targets today was a rough 15 and there was a little iron grunt too. Thought it would probably be a bottle top but dug it anyway. Glad I did... V20 14k so it’s rolled gold and doesn’t weigh much but it’s gold! Patchy signal as was bloody deep. Some costume jewellery as well... and a special little bracelet that is either a $70 replica or a 10k genuine article. Considering where we are the genuine article is a real possibilty 😳
  15. Day 2. Same back beach. Got there for a real low tide. A good slope to the beach with a gutter at the bottom and then flat for 30 or so metres before sloping, deeper and the low tide waves. The gutter = not a single target. There may be quite a depth of sand, I’m not sure. There are rocks either side of the life guard flags and tried around quite a few of them to see if anything had got hung up but nope, nothin’! Back to the dry sand right at the top of the beach and at least there were targets but not as many as yesterday. 20 cent piece, ring pulls, random c
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