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  1. Northeast

    The $80,000 Nugget

    Hard to tell but looks like some sort of spring loaded arm rest that sits up against your tricep. Can’t imagine that it would give you much more control but...? Certainly wouldn’t help with weight.
  2. Northeast

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    Thanks for the answer Reg. I was sure these places would have received a visit from you and the Z 😉
  3. Northeast

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    Really? I didn’t try it, exhausted from bike riding with the kids and fell asleep!! Did you or Reg ever go back with the GPZ? I assume somebody has. I am always wondering about those big gold areas that have already been done over thoroughly, whether they might still give up a nice piece to the Z. It would only take 1 nice ‘color ’ to make it worthwhile. I also plan to not die wondering 😉
  4. Northeast

    Found Some Long Lost Hi8 Video - - -

    That’s what dreams are made of ❤️ Thanks for posting JR. How google hits for Guys Rush in the next 24 do you reckon. Sad to hear about the sheep. Hope things turn for you soon 😉
  5. Haven’t got the 6” yet and have just found my first bit of gold with the 11” (2 days ago). This little speci... Showed up as a constant 5 on the display which surprised me. Thought there must have been a significant amount inside but when cracked open... It was more than was originally showing but not much. The second photo is with the flash on and you can see the little tiny specks of gold through the quartz besides the main piece. Also smashed and panned the rest of the quartz and got the 2 little flakes in the pan to the left of the speci. Whether it is the quantity or the type of gold the VDI above 1 or 2 surprised me. As with all things detecting, there are no hard and fast rules...unfortunately 😉
  6. Northeast

    Any Canadian Detector Prospectors?

    There was a post recently about listening and understanding detectors. Well, that Da Yammie post above...I tried listening...I can hear it...but for the life of me I can barely understand it 🤣 Some sort of French/Canadian/Scottish/Irish/Polish mix?? 🤔
  7. Northeast

    Latest News On The QED ?

    And P.S. - thanks for the reply, it is appreciated 👍
  8. Northeast

    Latest News On The QED ?

    Went back and turned it right up - can just hear it between the talking and the scraping. That's an interesting point. I took the time recently to watch SteelPat's presentation about the timings and other settings on the various Minelabs so the presets Vs variable timings could certainly be a game changer - for the experienced user. I did read TathraDJ's review. Follow PA in general pretty closely and have certainly been watching the QED threads. Nice that they have made a seperate area just for the QED now. Here and PA are the only forums I look at. I'm hoping to secure some sort of a referral sponsorship deal with Steve H for the amount of times I have placed a link for "Steve's Gold Detector Reviews" for the newbies enquiring about the different detector models 😉
  9. Northeast

    Easy Learning The Gold Monster 1000

    Wow, that's some cracking gold!! Please let us know when the article is out and where to find it 👍
  10. Northeast

    Latest News On The QED ?

    A question for you Reg and JR. To be honest I haven't watched many vids on the QED as I'm not in the market for one but the audio in that vid certainly seemed different to what I've seen on other PIs and the GPZ. Seemed like a more digitized audio and also no threshold. More like a VLF. Was that a normal audio type noise for the QED or were they perhaps running a 'bogenes' type set-up? Thanks, Northeast.
  11. Northeast

    Gold I (almost) Ignored

    You’re both right. The Zed is super sensitive and it is simply reacting to the minerals. The bigger the root the more the reaction and the reaction would also depend on how much/what minerals are in the ground. I have only noticed it with gum trees/eucalypts as that is the vast majority of trees in our detecting areas but would assume other tree roots would have a similar effect. And yes, I would assume a higher frequency VLF (oxymoron) would hit quite hard on them at close range considering the minerals in our hand will set them off too. It’s only a minor side effect of the Super Duper Zed 🤗
  12. Northeast

    Gold I (almost) Ignored

    Been there a few times with the Zed, Reg. It does love water filled gum tree roots unfortunately. And Jin, I've played the 'metal in a hollow tree' game before as well. All the fun and games of detecting I guess 😉
  13. Northeast

    Minelab Equinox Essential Information

    That’s a jolly good idea Clive! If not for this update could we please have one for the next update Minelab? (I know you are watching 😉).
  14. And the elephant? What's that all about? 🤔