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  1. Thanks for the post JP. Although it seems like some of the early issues may have been ironed out is always nice for a potential consumer to know the teething problems a new product has had and potential issues that may still arise for some purchasers depending on ground conditions or if the patch lead, etc aren't quite up to scratch. Although I no longer own the Z, if it were still in my hands I know I couldn't bring myself to 'cut the cord' as it were. The risk versus the reward would be just too big for me at the present time. I think you mentioned in one of your earlier posts about the possibility of "coil not connected" being too scary to contemplate - I am definitely in that category 😧 This is also not a slight on the X coils, their manufacturer or Davsgold. Obviously there are many happy purchasers experiencing little or no issues and finding good quantities of gold in flogged patches. But there are 2 sides to every coin and it is good for potential purchasers to see the flip side so they can make a fully informed decision. Cheers, NE.
  2. That bit struck my interest too Mitchel. By JWs quizzical emoji I am not sure that he is understanding what is going on either. Is JW just not putting his coil over as many or is Simon’s machine (VLF??) more sensitive and picking up the shallower, upper layer pellets but not striking deep enough to pick up the gold? Curiouser and curiouser 🤔
  3. Thanks PT, informative answer. Another tool that can be used when appropriate 👍
  4. Jealous. Super jealous. Bordering on stalking 🤣 Absolutely. Super, super jealous. Meeting Steve is listed as one of the ‘must do’s while in Reno’ on all good travel guides. I didn’t miss quote the love hearts there did I?? 😜 Looks like an incredible trip you have planned JW. You could even catch up with Mitchel for a beach hunt along Santa Monica Beach if you are taking the Nox.
  5. Is it new or just the condition is ‘new’? I am guessing by the name Rohan and the place Strathfieldsaye it is for sale by the NF maker? If it is brand new it’s a great price. 2nd hand I would haggle a bit. I got mine in ‘as new’ condition, tested but out of warranty for $210 off Phasetech.
  6. Here is a silly ‘I’ve never used a GPX’ question for anyone that wants to answer it. A double D has two D shaped coils - one to Tx the other to Rx. By putting a GPX into Mono - what does that do? Do both coils Tx and Rx separately like with a single Mono coil would but at the same time? Just curious how it works and what the positives/negatives may be. Thanks, NE.
  7. What about with an original coil - does that do it? I am super untechnical but if the chip is fried (pun intended) then it will not work on any coil...? Bugger that it’s happening, hope you get it sorted 👍
  8. We'll sort it all out in the morning. I've got extra connectors, coils, speakers, wireless kit, ear buds, etc, etc. Surely with all of that we will be able to work out what is working and what isn't 😉
  9. Hi Phrunt. I did ask the question of Howard on AEGPF. His answer was “The ferrites work both ways, reducing transmitted and received EMI. In no way do they reduce detector sensitivity to targets.” Probably more so transmitted EMI but at least it isn’t adversely affecting anything 😉
  10. The 20” NF Advantage 3 spoke Litz wire coils seem to come up frequently on PA for sale. Haven’t seen any 25’s for a long time. Nice to have a mid range spiral wound in the arsenal too, like the 14” Elite that Reg is suggesting.
  11. Or their dope crop will be ready in 6 months. Don't see much of it these days but there used to be a lot of dope grown in the bush. Poly pipe and chicken wire were quite common sights. Might be why they were a bit more antsy than most people you find in the bush.
  12. Would help if I read things properly 😉 Your soil is certainly amazing re: it's lack of mineralisation. A very nice problem to have.
  13. Nice to hear you got it and are having a good experience Phrunt. Hearing that you can run your gain on 10 re-affirms that there may be something amiss with mine. I am going to test it against AD's QED later this week hopefully and if something seems off we might be able to ship them off together to Howard (AD's needs the newest update I think). Funny with mine though that I can hear the tiniest pieces of gold on Gain of 1 or 2 so I can't imagine what 10 is going to do. Just a comment about this bit and I'm sure Reg or JR might correct me if I'm wrong. If your Bias (THS B) is at the Null point your GB could actually be well out but the 'ground noise effect' has to push a long way to break through the threshold and make a noise that you hear. If your chasing smaller pieces and you are setting your THS B around 5 points below Null then you might find your Ground Balance range to be 85 - 100. At Null you might think your GB range is 70-110 but you are probably just not hearing the ground response. In your dirt the range will probably be bigger than ours here. Some places around the GT a few weeks ago allowed a GB range of only 1or 2 points. In other areas it might be a range of 6 or 7 points. And this bit. I think AD was pointing out that the manual says to only listen to, and adjust according to, the downward motion of the coil. Now, I know the manual says this but I have found the QED to be perfectly balanced when there is no signal up or down. So, I do a pumping motion of the coil too but it is a slower action than on the Minelab's. Will be very interested to hear how you find the SPO1 with the Wirefree unit and the GME speaker - it is a set-up I have entertained getting although I am also happy with my current set-up. And the X-Coil on the QED out in the field will be interesting too. How much self control is it going to take for you (QED & X) and JW (GPZ & X) to each mark out 10 un-dug targets and do some cross checking? I know it should be an unfair test but even if the QED can pick up 7 of the GPZ's 10 then that is a fair effort (I think).
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