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  1. Agree with Dave. Right handed and always had the WM12 on the the R) side shoulder strap of the camelbak and it worked fine. Left side of the body was no good. Pellets and gold. I always found the pellets had a very consistent and ‘round’ sound. Small gold I felt was a similar noise but with a ‘crackle’. Very rarely tricked between both those noises but it did happen once that I remember. Always dug everything but tried to guess what it was first. Good job on the gold 👍
  2. Good work Mitchel. I think if you are swinging over old ground that had given up everything and you start finding new targets then that is a win. Just a shame some weren't yellow. Better luck next time 👍
  3. Come on now Reg, that’s taking it a bit far. What did my local astrologist ever do to you? 🙃
  4. I'm glad JR answered before I got time to. I think his short reply about the amount of fuel around was simple and sufficient. The answer to 'why' these fires have been so bad has been very much politicised and social media has been rampant with rubbish about 'who's fault it is'...it seems just about everyone has! 😂 No need to say any more as someone will take my words and politicise it and thankfully the Forum Warden doesn't like that humbug 😉 JR - nice to hear you are reasonably OK. May the rain falls be with you!
  5. I am definitely a glass half full person. An optimist will tell you the glass is half full. A pessimist will tell you the glass is half empty. An engineer will tell you the glass is twice as big as is obviously required.
  6. Been a few days since we heard from you JR. All well up there? You’ve got some decent rain coming 👍
  7. 🤩😍 Won't that be a glorious day!! Prospected all day yesterday. Dry panned, detected, searched high and low on some private property - it was a zilch day. Which means I am 1 day closer to a great day 🤞
  8. Thanks Pat. Phrunt had also directed me to an aegpf thread where you had outlined what the issue was. I thought the batteries of the SPO1 would ‘drive’ the external speakers. But it is an audio not a power issue. Best I stick with nursing, technology is not my forte 🤣
  9. I knew you would know the technical bit 😉 So even downstream of the Quest system the ‘output level of the QED’ is still a factor? Bummer!
  10. Thanks PT. Interesting that there is a difference between pre or post. There is something about the QED and the SPO1 that they don’t play well together direct plugged. They have different output frequencies or ohms or something. Changing the QED to suit the SPO1 would mean the QED then wouldn’t work for other headphones. Howard and Pat might have a beer and a collective think about it one day 😉
  11. Hi Phrunt, Could you outline how you have the QED, SPO1, Quest wireless unit and the speakers/headphones set up and won't work? Is the SPO1 plugged directly into the QED? I know from PM's we have had that you have tried different cables and things like that plugged into the QED. Pat (SteelPhase) if you happen to read this do you know why the sequence below won't work? If it was set-up with the: - QED. - Quest wireless sender unit plugged into the QED. - Quest wireless receiver unit on your person. - SPO1 plugged into the Quest receiver. - a speaker or headphones plugged in to the SPO1. (the SPO1's power source drives the speakers, yes?). I have zero technical knowledge so please bear with me. I just wondered if you put the SPO1 on the downstream side of the Quest rather than the upstream side then the signal will no longer be limited to the constraints of the QED internals, the differences with the SPO1 and GPX leads that cut amplifiers and all that other stuff. Or is this how you are running it Phrunt? I'm sure there is a very good technical reason why this won't work 🙈 🤪 Cheers, NE.
  12. Amazing, amazing, amazing photos. Thanks for sharing. Cripes they did some work back in the day.
  13. My youngest lad may have just made the decision not to play footy this year, which would free up my entire autumn, winter, spring! Might finally get a chance to get across and have a play with an x-coil 👍
  14. Maybe stack it in the cattle yards? Will camels come in and help themselves to hay or is it not really on their menu? Bloody nice of people to donate the hay. And some choccies, socks, jam and honey - bonus!! 😉
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