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  1. I tried to find this pic a few weeks back when this thread was alive and kicking. It just popped up tonight on Facebook. I have no idea whose it is but the pic has been doing the rounds for a few years now. Bloody nice setup. Especially if, like me, you also like your fishing 😉
  2. " I still say the experts can't get it right with previous technology. JP is finding nuggets with the 6000 on his flogged ground." Perhaps you are forgetting the unknown that we have at the moment - the possibility that there is actually new tech in the 6000. Whether it be in the brains or in the coil. I can only imagine that is the reason that JP is finding gold in severely flogged ground - not because he didn't know how to get the best from a 5000 or a GPZ. But that's just my guess 🙃
  3. I’d have to disagree with the second part of your comment. I’ve found the SDC an absolute beast with regard to handling mineralisation. Better than the GPZ 7000 and QED. I’ve never directly compared it to a 5000. I thought everyone found it ridiculously good in mineralised ground/hot rocks? Small stock coil is certainly a limitation on depth although I thought the timings that it ran also contributed to this? Eric - I hope that within 3 weeks I can provide some feedback to undug gold signals compared with the 7000, 6000, 5000, SDC and Equinox. I’ll have to think about
  4. Really? Who is the guy? Minelab engineer? I thought he looked more like Chuck Norris than Russel Coight 🤔 😉
  5. Get a little 150 watt inverter that plugs into a cigarette lighter and take your 240 volt charger with you.
  6. Announced by Miner's Den just a little while ago that it will be in stores late this week or early next. Not sure about other dealers in Oz? Can US dealers announce anything? Getting close now 🥳
  7. I think I have missed that somewhere. Has X-coils changed hands?
  8. Which means you’ve used one. Tell us more 😜
  9. This makes me wonder if Minelab look at that as an opportunity lost by not re-working the 10x5 closed coil on the Gold Monster to be an option for the Equinox way back when it was released. 1000’s of sales in a month on something that (probably) would have taken a few weeks to test, re-model and re-badge. Too late now. A 6000 is in my future.
  10. Agree X 2 VicR. I think it is a quality control issue as I have a Pro-Find 35, use it often with the Equinox and have also used it with friends' GPZs and don't have an issue with it. It works perfectly pretty much every time. And to be honest, I don't actually even know how to change the sensitivity or use the discrimination feature - just turn it on, beep/beep and it works. I've even used it multiple times underwater in the river - no issues. I think others are getting units that have manufacturing faults with them. "It works perfectly pretty much every time". The one cave
  11. A few months ago I suggested I was keen to get a copy of Reese's 'Nugget Shooter's Field Guide' but the shipping to Australia was a killer. Fellow forum member Chuck (aka Ridge Runner) took it upon himself to purchase a copy, reached out for my address and posted it to me. What followed was a comical travel itinerary of Chicago to Japan to Chicago to Sydney (actually in Australia!! 🤣) to Chicago to San Antonio to Chicago to Japan...and then for about the last 3 weeks...nothing 😳 I was starting to think that maybe it had travelled one leg too far and it had really lost its way.
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