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  1. I think everyone else has answered the other questions you put in this post and I think the reason for selling the Monster and keeping the Equinox was the same as everyone else too. They were both equally as good on tiny gold but the Equinox was far more versatile on coins/jewellery and had much better audio options, etc. Cheers, NE 👍
  2. Hello Hello. For tiny gold in a stream I would start with a shovel and a pan. Then if you are finding some pieces that are in that 3 mm size range you could whip out your detector. The Equinox 800 might be a better option if you are also going to look for coins, relics, etc. And the whole unit is waterproof for your stream work. The smaller coil as an extra option would also be good for streams. The Equinox will find gold pretty much as small as the Monster will. The claim that a Gold Monster will find a 4mm piece of gold at 15cm - I think the dealer is telling some stories there.
  3. Was there ever an answer to the question about the "12 X 6" x-coil For The QED (picture above) - is there actually any difference between it and the QED for the ML machines other than the sticker?
  4. I think the NZ dealer has made a good choice with the QED. With your near zero mineralisation and the ability to wind the QED up real hot it is a very sensitive, very versatile, very light, low cost PI option. At some stage I need to test and then hopefully justify the purchase of an x-coil.
  5. Was just about to search up this thread and hey presto, here it is. In the GT (Victoria, Australia) for a quick spin on the weekend and picked up these fella's over a few hours yesterday arvo and this morning. All from an old shallow lead on private property. Did some prospecting Saturday morning for nought and thought I would try the lead. Pipe clay, decomposed and semi decomposed iron stone, quartz. Iron stone/clay mix gave the QED a few issues in a couple of very specific lines on the edge of holes that would be 2-3 feet long in a line about 6 inches wide so knew it was not a genuine target. The signal would break up as soon as it was dug into. The QED is running brilliantly after a recent fix of an issue I had been having since new (I just didn't know it was an issue). Now running Mode 1 and Gain 6 in hot ground with a flat wound coil - hence a few issues with noise but that is to be expected. Most of these targets really kicked. 4 for the Sadie and 6 for the Detech 11". The 2 bigger are about 1.25 grams and were both shallow - should have been found by anyone. The piece near the 5 cent piece was is less than half a gram but signalled at approx 25 cms which was strange. It was only a patchy signal but definitely something to investigate and brightened once a bit of dirt was cleared. So many bullets, a large coin type token and the shallow gold leads me to think this little spot has not been detected well or for quite some time. So 10 for the weekend, just on 5 grams and the first gold trip that I have made to the GT (out of 6 trips) that I have actually more than paid for the weekend's expenses. And yes, there are only 9 nuggets in the pic. I had a signal in a matchbox size piece of clay and thought that it would be gold or a piece of lead shot so was taking it back to the cousins for the kids to open. Some friends that I have not seen for years stopped to chat and they have recently purchased a Gold Monster and haven't found any gold as yet, despite having detected this property but not in the better spots. Showed them where I had been finding mine and let their young bloke (10 ish yrs old) crack open the Kinder surprise. Finally got it down to the offending signal, he popped it in his mouth and it came out golden! Happy lad. Cheers.
  6. Absolutely. Difficult should get rid of most pesky rocks. Try Difficult/High Yield but also worth trying Difficult/General in case there is a bigger, lurker hiding there. My 11 gram and 9 gram nuggets made NO noise on High Yield prior to digging. I assume you are using Audio Smoothing off and Ground Smoothing off?
  7. Strick makes a good point Simon. You used to mention a lot how you found a lot of lead shot with your PI’s and you felt JW wasn’t finding anywhere near as many with the Z. Now you are swinging a Z have you felt there has been a decrease in your lead shot finds?
  8. Google translate: These pictures are for several sites at Any pictures Gold nuggets may be present آمل أن يترجم هذا بشكل صحيح. هل وجدت أي ذهب في هذه المواقع؟
  9. 100% agree. But to most people if they can save $200 off a brand new Equinox 600 they will take it and then look to YouTube for ‘education’. I think if some people have to be fixed price then all should be.
  10. Thanks JP. It is good that you write that, as it is something I have heard but not had confirmed. Someone suggested ‘price fixing’ or ‘collusion’ amongst dealers but being on consignment it is neither. But that does lead me to another question. It seems like the non certified Minelab dealers (Anaconda, BCF, etc) sell at about the same price as everyone else but then when they have their 20% off weekends the Minelab stuff is also 20% off. But it seems certified dealers cannot do that? With you, are things like the Equinox and Gold Monster also on consignment? It seems very unfair that yourself and Nenad HAVE TO sell an Equinox 600 at XXX price but BCF can knock 20%. Makes it hard for you guys to compete on those items.
  11. I always found the WM12 worked well in combo with the B&Z booster. Good clear signal. And others report the same with the SPO1. Can’t imagine there would be significant difference in audio by being directly attached with wired headphones but there is a big difference in freedom and usability in being wireless - in my opinion. I hate being tethered. WM12 attached to booster attached to speakers or headphones is a great setup I think. What booster have you got?
  12. I can feel a new thread coming on. Best settings and coils for coin hunting with a GPX. I won't start it as I don't own one 🙃
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