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  1. Northeast

    Which End Is Waterproof? Both?

    Hmmm, I'm out of my depth at this point. Your question did seem a little too easy 😁 One of the more technical members will have to take it up from here 👍
  2. Northeast

    Storing And Displaying Our Finds

    The glass top coffee table is a good suggestion. Just saw a recent build commencement on Prospecting Australia. Page 76, post 1881. https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1736&p=76
  3. Northeast

    Which End Is Waterproof? Both?

    Entire machine is waterproof to 10 feet. Rinse to your hearts content 😉
  4. Cripes JW, we really visited the wrong island last year!! Those pics are just stunning.
  5. Northeast

    Confused Reader

    I know what you mean Mitchell with " If I don't own it I don't really go there". But then again, I have been enjoying Gerry's posts about the 24k recently and I'm glad he didn't post them in the White's section - I would never have seen them. To cover my bases I look at DP main forum, Minelab Metal Detectors, Metal Detecting Advice and Comparisons and sometimes the Equinox forum (but it is usually so busy I can't keep up with it all 😉).
  6. Northeast

    Problem With Pinpointing

    Evening propjob. Although I own an Equinox I'm unable to help you much as I don't really use the pinpoint function and haven't got much time on the machine anyway. You may be better asking the question over in the Equinox Fan Club part of the forum - you will probably get 20 good answers in quick time. And you probably have already done it but searching pinpointing in the Fan Club section might also glean you the results you are chasing Cya 👍
  7. Northeast

    Popped My Zed Cherry Today

    And your corner with the deeper, larger targets might be worth giving General/Difficult a run. It likes those deeper, 5gm + nuggets 😉
  8. Northeast

    Popped My Zed Cherry Today

    Well done Stephen. The double sound will be off the 'double D' coil. On shallow targets it will sound off on both windings. Deeper targets will just give 1 sound. Also all a bit relative to size, etc as well. A big shallow target will only give one sound.
  9. Northeast

    GPX 5000 -- Not For Novices?

    Hi Mac, GPX 5000 - just so that no-one thinks Minelab has brought out a new detector 😉 I have never used a GPX of any model nor even held one but...it is one of the reasons I went for a GPZ 7000 - I was told they were less complicated with the array of settings. And I have found the 7000 very easy. But, there is a bloke on Prospecting Australia that goes by the name of BJay and I have been out with him a few times. He has a GPX 4500 and he always finds gold, usually more than me. He says that he basically leaves it in default and changes only 2 or 3 settings up or down depending on the type of ground he is in. I suppose it depends if a person wants to over complicate things or not. Then there is the plethora of coils that can be used on a GPX - my bank account couldn't afford wanting the latest and greatest coil every 3 months 😁 Good luck with your choice.
  10. Northeast

    GPX Specific Ground Balance

    Phrunt-man, Dig'n'it over at PA says a whole hearted "THANKS" to you. It was just what he was looking for 👍
  11. Northeast

    GM1000 Falsing

    AK Nugget - definitely secure that coil wire, it might make a big difference. When you are getting up towards MAX sensitivity in Manual (7 and upwards) that is when you will start getting more falsing when bumping against things. At these higher settings you will need better coil control. Driving the car faster means you need to be a better driver 😁 If it is still sounding off when it is in Auto Sensitivity then you may have a problem. I was out for a few hours with Elusive yesterday and he used my GM for an hour or so. He had been telling me how jaded he was with his machine and was thinking of selling it. Then he used mine, it was well behaved and he found 2 pieces of gold in quick smart time. He said that his machine over the same ground in the same settings would have been nutting off all over the place. We are going to have to get our machines together to compare as his may have an issue. Hopefully securing your coil lead, adjusting sensitivity and good coil control will see you winning with yours 😉
  12. Northeast

    Minelab Verification Code

    There is one on the coil - 4 letters. There is one on the back of the screen pod - 3 numbers and a letter. Whether this is the same across all machines?? There is a sticker under the foot plate but I am not sure if this has any numbers on it or it is just a sticker to show Minelab that the machine hasn't been opened up/tampered with. And then there is the serial number sticker but that isn't holographic. Hope that helps.
  13. Northeast

    GPX Specific Ground Balance

    Ha, well done Phrunt - I never even bothered to search already existing stuff 🤦‍♂️ If anybody has anything to add - go for it 😉
  14. This question has been posted over on Prospecting Australia website. Wondering if the brains trust here might be able to help - OP over there is not getting much response. I've never used a GPX so I'm not much help. If some knowledge can be shared here I'll post the link over on PA and the knowledge will stay here for perpetuity 😉 Thanks. " Does anyone regularly use Specific Ground Balance? How do you find it? Page 60 of the User Instructions says - When moving to a new area the first Specific Ground Balance must be done with the Ground Balance Switch, not the Quick Track Button. Does this mean you can use the Quick Track Button after you've done the first one? I've never used Specific and wondering whether I should have been. Thanks for your help. Cheers "
  15. Northeast

    Nurse Paul In Oz

    Almost a month since we heard a report from you Paul?? They didn't get you in 'culling season' did they? 😮