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  1. Good to see you back JP. Are you keen to relate some of your recent travels/finds? In a different thread of course. πŸ˜‰
  2. I love the idea Mitchel but my bank balance said no 🀣 Be great to meet some of the guys on here and catch up with you again. One day it will happen - but not in the next 7 years I reckon 😐
  3. Chrisco, bit off topic but everything you need to know should be here (it's this weekend coming). https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?id=30879&p=1
  4. Again Rob, thanks for answering πŸ‘ It's a shame we may never see it again. You would wonder how the publisher gets any benefit out of holding the rights to something that he never has any intention of doing anything with. Even putting it on Amazon as an ebook would get them some return. Anyway, I'm about to hit the button on purchasing Chris Ralph's book so that will be a good start. Thanks again πŸ˜‰
  5. I have zero electronics wizardry. Do you know why it HAS to be the same length of wire? More to do with how the detector transits and receives a signal across multiple coil sizes and brands I am guessing? Cheers, NE.
  6. Thanks geof_junk. I started reading that link and after a few pages realised it was 27 pages long 😯 I am happy to read all of it as I am sure there will be interesting stuff along the way, but was there a specific page/post that you were referencing? Thanks for responding Rob. This does not make it easier not to have a copy 🀣 Is there any chance that you would be approaching the publisher again? Would a multi-dealer order help things? The link to the thread that geof_junk provided mentioned Bill Southern was putting in an order for this book but that was a fair few years ago and I cannot find on his website that he actually sells any books now. I recognise you are competitors but an order from yourself, Bill and Gerry might get it over the line? Out of interest, you mention 'Follow the dry washers' is in your top 3. If you would indulge, which other 2 books make the list? Thanks for your time. NE.
  7. Thanks gents. Even before Jim’s passing the prices were crazy and that was on second hand books. I can’t find new stock at all. I also know nothing about copyright laws and who owns what and where consent needs to come from. I guess I am hoping one of the dealers on here may have been having discussions with the publisher hoping to restock their own shelves. I would prefer the most recent edition but if it comes up nought then I will settle for edition 7 - 2004.
  8. A question for you Chris when you get a chance. Is this book available as an ebook (I cannot find one but worth asking)? Or, will it soon be an ebook? Also, before I go and spend the coin is there a chance there will be a 2nd edition coming out soon? I understand this may be a hard question to answer for legal/publisher/commercial reasons. Cheers, NE.
  9. Evening all, I am having trouble finding a copy of Follow the Dry Washers Edition 3 Volume 8 2015 available for sale. Rob Allison's website has them as out of stock. I can only assume that there is no chance there will ever be another re-print? Be great if it was made available as an ebook. I guess with Jim's passing the family would have to give consent to this? Any help to obtain a copy at a price that doesn't involve selling a kidney would be most appreciated. NE.
  10. Hi Erik. You mention that where you are going in Tanzania there is mineralised ground, but is there trash? A VLF (Equinox, CTX, Gold Monster, etc) is only going to be a real benefit if there is trash and you are wanting to minimise the amount of holes you dig. IF, there is minimal trash, high mineralised ground, you have the money to spend on a CTX - I would buy an SDC 2300 (it's a PI machine). Small, compact, rugged, waterproof, rarely has issues with mineralised ground, extremely easy to use, picks up fine and wiry gold and likely a good resale value if you want to sell it at the end of your adventure. If the ground is really mineralised then any VLF will struggle to a fair degree. Best of luck with your adventure whatever unit you choose to buy πŸ‘
  11. That's an interesting website Phrunt. JR - that is just a plain bugger! A lot of work had gone into that album - not just the pics but the words to go with them. Just looking through the link Phrunt put up it reminds me again how awesome those big nuggets are. Hope you get something (easy) worked out to get it up and running again.
  12. Thanks for answering all my questions πŸ‘ I thought I was perhaps missing something but it sounds like a mono will give you better performance over a DD in your soils considering there is no (or little) mineralisation to contend with. Nice to hear the DD does work on your QED. Hopefully it will help those of us cursed with mineralisation. I wonder if that will help hot rocks too - that would be very interesting πŸ€” Cheers, NE.
  13. Wow. Without anything next to them for comparison it is hard to tell size. I had that bigger bit pegged for an 8-10 gram piece. Nice character in it. I’ve seen the damage a 15” Evo can cause - great coil πŸ‘
  14. Nice gold Busho. Evo 15" or smaller? The larger lump in the top pic - any idea on weight? Looks solid. Hope you're feeling better soon πŸ‘
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