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  1. Unfortunately not near any beaches Mitchel, but have experienced the more positive side of La Nina to the US has been getting. Our summer here in Northeast Vic has been the wettest I can remember. Green right through Feb/March which are usually very hot and dry. I don't think we had a single day over 40 degrees celcius which is unusual, and very few days over 35. All in all it has been a very pleasant summer and almost no risk of bushfires. I know for gold detecting around here it has certainly made it a little harder with the constantly wet ground sparking extra mineral reaction when detecting. 'Normal' mode on a GPX6000 or GPZ7000 has been next to impossible to use. The Australian Bureau Of Meteorology has some good ENSO updates and info. http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/enso/
  2. Certainly not preferred by me. Appreciate your insights, knowledge and the fact that you do keep making public comment even though it often results in personal attacks. I've learnt lots off this forum over the few years I have been here but yours and Steve's input is top notch and very few others' information can come from the point of view of a person that actually had a say in the design of the detector. By this I assume you mean that although you have input, you are only one person and Minelab do not always listen to your suggestions or feedback? I would like to think that most of us here realise this and don't blame you for any specific short-comings of any particular detector. And the same of Steve H. Gold in the Blood, I think JP is suggesting above that Minelab have not banned aftermarket manufacturers from making bigger sizes, this is just where the aftermarket guys see the most sales. Things like 25" DD coils are more niche and likely to be small sellers, even though they may work just as well as they do on the 5000. Of course no-one who actually knows can say this, but the rumour is that it is well under development. Whatever it is and whenever it comes out, it will be interesting to see what is on offer. I can't see where he said this? I take it that instead of using a GPX 6000 with a larger coil he would prefer to move to a GPZ 7000 instead. He also makes the point that the aftermarket coils thus far announced "compliments what the GPX6000 does so much better than any other detector." My take is that a 20" round on the GPX6000 is not doing any better at seeking deep targets than can be achieved with a 5000 or a 7000 so there is no rush to make that size coil. However, a 9" round on the GPX 6000, like the Coiltek Goldhawk, is likely to significantly outperform both the 5000 and the 7000. For an aftermarket coil manufacturer surely it makes sense to start with coils that, when added to the machine, actually provide an advantage to what is already on offer via other machine/coil combos? In all, I'm happy that the aftermarket guys are allowed to manufacture under licence and are coming out with a few different offerings, but they won't be in my Christmas stocking. I like the DD on the GPX 6000 but it is unwieldy to use in anything but flatter, more open terrain. With the supplied 11", my purchased 17" and a (fingers crossed) future release 6X10" DD, that would about keep me happy. And maybe a 14" round for good measure...And the discussion of a concentric sounds interesting...And...does it ever stop 🤣 Cheers, N.E.
  3. It wasn’t so much a quote about the size of the coils that were coming, more about the performance when larger coils do appear. This is from JP in the ‘Africa’ thread: “Other than coil choice the 6000 punches just as deep as the 5000 on large gold, when more coils come online (thanks to Coiltek) then coil choice will no longer be an issue.” I have put in bold the bit I find interesting 😉
  4. A GPX6 for my mind. Better for your terrain. Actually optimum for the size of gold you’re targeting. Not 100% sure but I imagine swinging the 19” coil for the 7000 would last about 1 hr and you’d give up. Re: coils for the GPX6, at some stage there will hopefully be a smaller, elliptical, DD coil that will eliminate any EMI concerns/hot ground and make tight space use better. I can’t find it but I’m sure JP said on here that when large coils came out for the GPX6 that performance will match (better?) a 5000. And a GPX6 is heaps cheaper. And when things go really well you can get the GPZ 8000 when it’s released next year 🥷 🥸
  5. Just about to say the same thing. Thinking it might be a dodgy coil.
  6. I think a 6" X 10" DD would be an absolute cracker. Hot ground, light weight, power lines, tight spaces - would be a beauty.
  7. And just for fun, a bit of today’s bling on a little rake and detect mission. GPX6 = these bits. GPZ 7000 = zero bits. These tiddlers sure are the forte of the GPX6.
  8. Yeah, that was my thinking too. I nearly posed this question last night when Aureous put up his gold/lead tally but thought better of it. Lead shot is more likely to be closer to the surface and therefore get the hit whereas the gold being a bit deeper, does not. But it is still a crazy ratio. And it's amazing that a 7000, 5000 or Aureous's modded 4500 with a spiral coil didn't pick up at least some of those 62 bits he got today. 👍
  9. This really confuses me as it is what I am finding too (although your ratio for today is quite extreme unfortunately!). Why is the GPX6 picking up all of this lead shot that has been previously missed but not getting a similar amount of missed, small gold? Or perhaps the question is, why did the previous detectors miss a lot of the lead shot but seemingly found the majority of the gold? It perplexes me 🤷‍♂️
  10. Thanks Phrunt. You mentioned that the SPO1 (or any booster really) won't give a performance improvement but I think that this actually might be it - the ability to keep the detector volume low which will likely help to keep a smoother threshold which should improve faint target detection. If that, and variable volume, is all that a booster provides then I think it is still worth it. I'm probably going to take my time on all of this and leave it until after my W.A. trip. We will be prospecting so easy on/easy off, portability, minimal stuff to recharge, etc, will be the order of the day. My Avantree AS70 and Phillips out-of-ear earbuds are doing a good job so far and are light and easy. Also thinking that EMI is going to be of little concern out where we are going but who knows 🤷‍♂️ I will also be able to easily afford the boosters and speakers after returning with all those kilos of W.A. gold 😂 ⚒️ Cheers, N.E.
  11. Well then, he found the proverbial ‘rocking horse shit’. Can’t find one in Aus at the moment. Nenad is busier than a one-armed grave digger at the moment trying to get some stock out. Be great to hear your feedback, thanks 😊
  12. Glad you’ve got your GPX6 and enjoyed your first proper day out. It sure LOVES the lead shot! Will be interesting to follow your 38.3 gram quest 👍🏻
  13. Thankfully I am one of these too. I think I got one from JPs first shipment, so one of the first in Oz. And got a 17” coil later on and have not had a single issue with anything - touch wood 🪵 That is not to disregard the issues with Phrunt’s and others’ detectors as they are a very expensive product and should have quality control to reflect that. I am still happy I went early and am amazed at the performance. Apart from the headphone port and poor speaker location choice there is nothing I would change. But, I am keen to purchase the CTX 4040 (or whatever the next high range treasure detector is) and hope that Minelab have learnt a major lesson in quality control from this episode and the poor reflection it is having on the brand. They cannot underestimate the damage a thread like this will have on sales. Customers and shareholders alike are watching to see the response.
  14. Any chance you could record it/video it and put it up on the forum. Might be easier to diagnose with a bit of audio 👍
  15. Thanks Art, I appreciate the trouble you have gone to. That wind was certainly blowing! I am thinking I might just bite the bullet and buy a booster and do some testing myself. They are very sought after for the SDC, 5000 and the GPZ so can always sell it on if it doesn't work out for me. I'm surprised more people haven't tried a booster on the GPX6 or are at least willing to comment if they feel there is/isn't a performance difference 🤷‍♂️ Thanks again Art 😉
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