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  1. Excellent day. Funny about the man flu part (not that your sick), my wife is the same way. I could have the sniffles and on the couch for me. She just shakes her head.
  2. Since there's not a twist lock, is there any movement (wiggles) in the shaft? Or after extending other than the snap lock, does it firm up somehow?
  3. Ditto on all the comments here. I have had stuff stolen and it sucks. Hope they track them down Jason and you recover.
  4. It would be nice to see this happen. I would be "concerned" if they don't catch the bus soon.
  5. Well, I don’t use her and have only used her in my yard and she sits. I need to get one out of the barn so I’m listing my: Teknetics T2 plus, plus is with the boost mode. It comes with the standard 11” DD coil, and also a NEL Sharpshooter 9.5x 5.5 coil AND Teknetics 5" Search Coil Also will include the Tek-point pinpointer. Now this setup is in NEW Working condition and NEW Looking condition, New to the bones. I have 799.00 into it and will sell by way of PayPal with shipping included to the CONUS. I am asking $550.
  6. That’s a tuff target there. Do a factory reset and start over to find the best settings to recover. Many question if a new detector is working, especially if new to the game, I’m sure it is.
  7. Yes a thread from last year, but dang, those oranges look good... Wouldn’t mind having some of that tasty gold. Up here in NY our oranges are,,, well, yuk.
  8. I may be wrong but I thought I have heard (many years ago) some playgrounds use ground up or chipped up recycled tires under or mixed with wood chips, some being steal belted? Where did I hear this, don’t know so I have no backing on this.
  9. Experience always trumps longevity, of course if the longevity has experience, it may be a horse of a different color. Me, I'm getting up there and depend on you guys for experience.
  10. Hmmm, so which one should I buy....... i watch and enjoy most metal detecting videos, be them hunting or comparisons. I read all reviews on detectors. I take out of all this what I need and am able to make my own decisions. It doesn’t matter to me who doesn’t like this one who likes this one. We’re smart people, if you don’t like what’s being said. don’t watch it. Im newer to this site and enjoy it a lot, enjoy input from all but, no need for the bickering and snide remarks. And that’s from someone who’s only been detecting for 85 yrs, actually only a few. I can honestly say, from the main contributors in this thread, I have enjoyed all of your posts, in other threads. Joe
  11. For me it traveling through farmland and fields of corn for miles. (relic hunter) . The only gold I hunt is through my eyes and this site. So yes, would like to see pictures of your travels to the gold. Pic is of one of my permissions, hunt the field borders until harvest then the fields.
  12. WOW !! Very nice, congrats.
  13. Gonna try my best. Thanks
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