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  1. Gonna try my best. Thanks
  2. I know the Equinox 600 is a great detector and I will never part with it, but I know, for right now, my T2 so much better that I am starting with the smaller coil for that and go from there, I also know hitting a nugget in NY is like trying to win the lottery but, I will learn the coil and have fun doing it. Then, Maybe convince the wife for a couple weeks, yearly I hope, vacation out west and give it a whirl. Thanks again. Joe
  3. Thanks Jeff,, Excellent info, from all here, and yes, gonna hang on to what I have and go for the 6' coil.
  4. Steve, or anyone a question... “Note: the following works as well on both Equinox 600 and Equinox 800. Since Gold Mode lacks target tones, going to Field 2 and using the solutions above plus the additional possibility of tones is another alternative. Instead of using Gold Mode and blocking the lowest target id numbers they can be left open to signal as ferrous or mixed ferrous targets. And you now have 5, 10, and 15 kHz options that Gold Mode lacks. Be very careful because the default rejection pattern for Field 2 rejects target id 1 and 2. This will reject most small gold nugget readings and reduce signal strength on larger gold by blocking part of the signal. Field 2 set up properly is quite close to Gold Mode performance and a perfectly acceptable nugget detecting alternative. Field Mode 2 Frequency: Multi Ground Balance: Auto (Ground pump method) Sensitivity: 18 - 23 Recovery Speed: 4 - 6 (default is 7) Iron Bias: 0 Accept/Reject: Everything accepted, rely on tones (alternative reject -9, -8, and -7 if too much ground feedback)” in the accept/reject, if with the above settings, if you “horse shoe” it, or all metal, is everything accepted in Accept/Reject mode.
  5. Thanks Steve, greatly appreciate the input. Joe
  6. So you all figure there is no advantage with the Equinox 600 over the GB Pro when using a 6” coil?
  7. You folks are starting to talk me out of it. Maybe I should hold on to the T2 and grab a smaller coil for that or the 600.
  8. Thanks all, yes I have heard about using the 600 and have a small nugget, very small gold round, and a small small bar, that I tried with the 600. Granted it was just an air test, which I know most here including Steve think is not a good test and I agree. My T2 blew the 600 away in the air test. I also like the idea of running the Fisher in a, believe, true all metal mode. I know the 600 has an all metal but, don’t remember if it was a true all metal not just no dscrim. Now I also agree that setting up the 600 with the right coil properly would work out well for some prospecting but, still like the idea of another multi use detector. I do live in NYS and really gold is not the main goal, I think. My T2 will being going on the block soon being there, is not a lot use difference than the 600. So a small easy to use detector would be nice. As for upgrading my 600 to an 800, maybe someday but, my Nox 600 is working SO WELL, I hate to take a chance. oh well, will give it a try and see where it takes me. Thanks again, joe
  9. Being new to these forums, if this is not the place for this, please move. Due to excitement just wanted to sing out here. I am adding a Gold detector to my arsenal.. I did research this for quite a bit and realized that gold detecting, nuggets anyway, would only be maybe 1%, well maybe less, use of the machine. It would also be used for general detecting and a unit for friends that want to give it a try (it’s a easy to use detector.) But, I do want a capable detector the will work for gold also. Reading Steve’s review and rating of this detector, I'm pulling the the lever. For these reasons I have chosen a Fisher Gold Bug Pro. Thanks for listening. Joe
  10. Thanks for the welcome's. Yes, A great area for relics. Fields I search, (my permission's) OLD farm still in use doesn't turn over much coin, (not sure of the wealth of the farm workers way back) but musket balls, allot of buttons, and personnel stuff.
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