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  1. On that note, so if you change a setting, in let’s say, park mode. After all the changes you made are done, you can go into profile and save that? Or do you have to adjust the settings after you went into the selected profile then save it?
  2. The Legend really doesn't have resets for presets, at least from what I read. Once you change them and power off, when back on it opens just like you changed it to. I'm doing good though, I came out of park mode and ventured on to field. I'm on my way. As for the Deus, I never really read the manual, no need to its out of my reach right now. I'm hoping the Legend has all I'm gonna need for now, until like some say, it's time to move on to a bigger challenge. In all fairness, I read the Legend manual cover to cover a few times and it really isn't as bad as I make out. Granted, I do understand the button pushing for all, just got to figure out the why's. For now I am working in my Preset parks and I venture and tweak settings a bit here and there. Like my wife always says, at 65 you need to keep the mind revolving, and this may just do that. Anyway, it"s fun. I mentioned above, heading to an old homestead, or where there was one, in the Fort Ticonderoga area and will sure put some time into it and the detector. Joe
  3. But there so many stock programs on the Deus, I wouldn’t even know which one to use.
  4. Agreed, at least I have the tool now, it’s time to get crackin and learn her. I have a old homestead I will be starting this coming weekend and the gold bug will stay home. I ll keep him comfortable in the closet, 😆
  5. I’m not sure if there are others like me out there, but I imagine there MUST be. I am so used to my Fisher Gold Bug Pro that I wanted to give myself a challenge. I purchased a legend. My oh my, I need to be a computer genius to operate this thing. Now, I’m getting used to it and coming along, that’s one of the reasons why I’m parting with my Bug. I want to put all the learning into the legend. Now as for the Deus 2, I would love to maybe have one some day, but my rocket scientist license has expired. Wow, I think you need a college class to learn that girl. I don’t even understand a lot about it when I hear you guys talk about it. So my comparison, I believe I will be able, over a bit of time, to be comfortable with the Legend, but the Deus, I don’t think I can. But from what I read and see, both FINE machines. So just enjoy ‘em. Joe
  6. Jeff, my update went well but, for the others, can you point out the other problem they are working on, it might help others understand, especially with another update in the future Joe
  7. Just to add. I’m not computer savvy either but, 1 click to unzip, 1 click to open program to install it, then 1 click and it found the the file and put it in the line where it had to go. Another click and it started and finished. So what was that 4 clicks. Now, things like this usually don’t go smooth for me so maybe I was lucky. I usually over think things, maybe some of you folks are doing that, don’t ask me how. I agree, maybe it’s different pc’s being set up differently. I’m happy with 107 and when a new version comes out I may sit on it for a bit just to make sure those who know this machine better than I, and I know that there are many, make out with any future updates. I don’t want to get caught up in something like v1.06 when that happened. joe
  8. I enjoyed you review,,, until the end. I am so sorry for your wife and I hope the hit and run driver rots in…….
  9. Heck, I’m still trying to learn 2 tones…lol. I tried the 60 and I guess I’m the only one that did not really like it. For me it’s just too much. Maybe as time goes by but, I just at this time don’t need that much info, I just dig.
  10. To any of you newbies to the Legend are wondering why its not toning Iron in all Metal, like I was, with the help of the great folks here, I figured out that iron tone is set way low in V1.07. I went in and adjusted the volume for segments 1-10 and saved it and now all is well. Went out to my Test yard and again am very happy with the Legend. Joe PS, Iron in Park, Volume is only 2, in field and beach its only set to 1. I bumped to 8
  11. I used to my Fisher Gold Bug Pro. Basically turn on and go…. I kinda like the idea of alllllllll the adjustment’s on the Legend. Keeps my old mind sharp. 😆
  12. I'm learning, OH BOY. LOL I stopped and read the instructions again after your posts and you guys are on the money. Default first section in Park is set at 2 volume and in field and beach its default at 1. I bumped my first section (1-10) up in volume and it beeps out well now. Thanks a bunch, Joe PS, a lot to learn here.
  13. Jeff, all I can tell you is my Volume is at 4 . Is there a volume for just iron? If its in single tone, it sounds off really good.
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