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  1. Joe....... you are right you have to have a bit of noise unfortunately to pick up those targets ..... filtering isnt always our best friend as we have learned by running the Xcal in PP mod. I still find it pretty amazing the Xcal is still the STANDARD other water machines are judged by..... especially since it has a 10" coil and most are running an 11 or larger now days. Makes ya wonder what ML might get out of the old girl with a tuned 11".
  2. I dont know if i want you to have a battery that keeps you out there longer than3 hours lol. GL with the machine..... and hopefully if you have any issues Fisher will be as good/fast as they have been with our Noxs.
  3. Joe, i sold Cliff a pair of TEs (i had 6 pair) the other day that had a M12 for your battery. He seemed to like them on the AQ. What i noticed on the Nox was speakers like say in Harolds phones didnt have much modulation and were a bit louder than Tonys, but Tonys had the modulation which made sizing of the target better and didnt pick up nearly as much mineralization so ya you loose some of the faints..... but to me the noise factor was worth their use. With this machine id think with its depth they would work the same. For me and i think a lot of the serious guys water hunting we te
  4. Okara....... is this BOB??? Ha..... Joe if it is hes as bad as me on equipment. Snapped headphones, dead coils/broken ears and yes he was the first guy EVER that i know of to rip his right off the shaft lol. The mans an animal hunter...... doesnt miss a speck of sand i have to get there an hour before him or he gets it all. Impressive to watch hunt. Didnt Bob buy one of your AQ batteries Joe? Waiting on the lower piece ML forgot to send with the pod and have a nice handle. So once i get it ill get it wet. Does ANYONE have any idea what is causing the flooding of these machine
  5. Midalake......waiting on the bottom part of my Pod. In the mean time ..... ive got a really good one ....plunger i think. going to wait to see if i can since im using an Anderson shaft. I may have to drill another hole for the pod to set into if i have to move it forward. But with me just water hunting this seems like a good idea..... might look a little funky but some mods do lol.
  6. Non-transferable...... hopefully not since the next version is going to be substantially more expensive. Many of us dont like the Xcal for that very reason with its 1 year warranty. Thats a classy looking machine and i like the upgrades considered .... any time frame for release yet or will this virus push it further into next year? So those batteries will get about 6 hours? Im kind of hoping Joe will jump on board with this one as well to give us 8 hours. Personally id buy Joes idea and add it to the machine from the get go. Thanks for these updates Steve.
  7. Shame we have to do a mod for this .... but i suspect anyone using the machine in the water ... especially with the large coil should consider this. Salt water enters that area where the battery is thru the shaft hole..... plastic, well it gets brittle and we put a lot of torque on it. Thanks for the mode ... i like it. Especially since i have no idea apparently what 1.0 Nm is lol. I just grab a driver and get-er tight. Midlake.... am i seeing those handles kind of flat in the WRONG direction? Good for bikes....but seems the wrong angle for us.
  8. Im confused as to what you use as a grip if the pod is the grip? We also have to understand .......Aluminum vs CF. Size can vary, but im not of the opinion it has much to do with size. Im more incline putting metal into hardened plastic with the torque some of us put on that pod with constant use in the water is the cause.
  9. My point was move about the method than the coil. I went thru just as many Xcal cover and one even on the Nox. As far as the MDT...... he upgraded them. They are pretty darn tuff. But you can see why i use a coil cover and take extra care. $30 bucks a pop no matter whos cover it is get pricy. Id love to think i could do without a cover on this machine. Has anyone said how much a new coil is? Yes .... i need to check them more.
  10. Last week my battery conked out. The Nox ran on the charger..... but not the battery. I called Keith Leppert my dealer out of Fort Bedford Metal Detectors, where by the way ML repair is, and asked him what i needed to do. He gave me a phone number and they gave me an RMA to send the machine in. When i took the machine apart ... i noticed stress cracks in the plastic mounts that holds the bolts in on the pod. She added that to my battery issue. They received it on Friday and i got a message from John who said they would get right on it, but because of the Virus there could be a delay bu
  11. I cant say ive ever had a coil go bad by banging it around. But i use a coil cover and epoxy it. Its not the loss of depth, weight, cost. its because i really wear a coil cover out. Heres a picture on a couple ive got setting around. On my Xcals until i started using epoxy i was going thru them fast. I dont hunt as much now but then it was like 5 months and id start seeing real wear.
  12. Really uped the game Joe with this one. When he said 11 hours i was expecting a pair of jumper cables connected to a car battery lol. Thats a huge improvement tha makes the machine more desirable..... as will a 3 meter depth and transferable warranty. These LIFE issues have plagued many of us this year. Bless you buddy.
  13. Those darn .50 casings get crazy deep here..... as do sunglasses. Dig a few thou and i know their sound.... and one scoop tells me the size. Ive dug a few holes now for gold rings out deep where i was straddling the hole. After the second scoop you go oh is it on the side of the hole.......but no, still dead in the middle so you think .... this aint no gold ring.
  14. I was going thru a couple of coils with the Xcal...... and other machines for beach use a year. I wear the heck out of a coil cover. I use LocTite Marine Epoxy....its white so i can tell where the wear is and like was said..... i can put more on as needed. You can spread it on once mixed with your finger and it dont run all over the place. Its like 3700 psi strong. I dont believe anyone would find this a reason not to buy on a resale. The non-tranferrable warranty would be more likely.
  15. Looking at those bottle caps Cliff...... a lot of people might dig a good many of those. Corona, bud, and those with a bit of copper in the lids. I avoid most of them especially the shallow ones just because we know they are high conductors. Charles....it must be your location, because ive got a lot of time on both those machines and an Xcal wont get the depth of the MDT.... PP mode or not here in Fl. Anyone know the guys in Calf who might have an AQ? Ive got someone interested in taking a look at one. Cliff ...... you are starting to bring it buddy. Gold is picking up for you. Li
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