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  1. Its a good possibility it PARACHUTED..... meaning the heavy part was on the bottom..... depending on which direction you swung may have given different results based on the amount of band it was seeing first. One direction would have more surface than the other.
  2. The Explorers had a tendency to down scale big silver or that containing a lot of silver....... say like a silver dollar.... it may just be densitiy.
  3. I normally try to manually GB mid wet sand before getting in the water. A lot depends on IF your beaches allow a GB .... sometimes mine wont and the machine will just grab a digit.... move a foot and it will change. A few ways ive tried...... tracking can give you some sore of idea as to the digit you are working with. There can be a pretty good swing of digits from DRY .... to WET to near the surf. Near the surf i dont GB...... most of the black sand accumulates there... and there is water movement in the sand as the surf comes in.... which can really swing the GB and eliminate smaller gold. Some just use default GB of 0..... and deal with the chatter from minerals. There may be some advantage to this....... you cant tell when you are working in fluffy sand or near the hard pan out there just by the mineral chatter. Some like to work with a really quiet machine too. Tracking, higher recovery, lower sensitivity can do this....... but are you loosing deeper targets.... there is always a trade off.
  4. For travel....... this is pretty cool. BUT..... when at home just like that travel shaft, i wouldnt use it constantly. For water hunting ..... not sure it would stand up to the torque thou.
  5. I think what you are noticing is MODULATION (targets deep sound deep... shallow sound shallow). Mine seems to size the target well .. .. in 50 tones especially... but, compared to say and Explorer.. which used GAIN (modulation) with the max being 10 this machine is about 10. Headphones can make a difference..... piezos over speakers.... with piezos providing a bit better modulation. Having little modulation..... meaning most targets have the same louder volume works extremely well especially in trashy sites where you might just miss a weak signal if you had a lot of modulation. What i found was in 5 tones if i got say the 5 bin set at say 25....... beer cans and a quarter might sound very much the same and i couldnt tell size until i started digging.
  6. I use recovery speed to quiet the machine in the salt water....I run 4 most of the time. The less false signals I have to re trace the better. In the water I was finding 6 to was a bit fast....filtering with to quick of a response. I’m not working in a lot of junk....but trying to tame the minerals. I don’t really swing the coil out there...I glide with the current. Less effort and I don’t seem to miss as many near targets
  7. No..... but yesterday...... 9 hours with 2 hours of having the back light on low .... just lost one bar.
  8. If its an RNB produce...... it will be top notch....... and LONG lasting. Thou....... honestly ..... i hunt a good 7 hours..... with a few of those hours with the back light on....... and have rarely seen the battery gauge drop a notch. USBs to me are just available everywhere for a recharge over night. I mean we cant live without our cell phones now can we?
  9. Good answers Steve. ive swapped shafts after having my machine in the water........ that hole in the bottom lets water and sand in. WE..... are the unpredictable .... and most likely to cause problems opening and closing any detector box. The majority will never get the thing wet. There is a screw and O ring on the bottom ...... and someone has given the number for replacement batteries. I swear i read somewhere these batteries could last up to 10 years.....obviously depending on use. I personally love Lith batteries..... long run time and most chargers check each cell. Now cell phones....... hate not being able to change those batteries...... because we know how easy used to be. Theres where id get mad. I suspect most machines will be out of warranty way before the battery needs to be changes........ do the math..... how many rechargeable or AA would you have used? This is IMO one of the first detectors that use a lot of new ideas........ and for the cost and warranty given......outstanding. Trust me....... use an Xcal .... at the end of 3 to 5 years tell me how much you really have in it? Im not hating here........ i think its more of an inconvenience than the real cost. But ...... my money is on we can replace that battery........ someone will take it apart they always do.
  10. Id reduce sensitivity to 10ish.... and use recovery 6. That reduces MOST EMI. Efficiency....11" coil. IF you know the type of targets being buried.......use a pattern open enough to get those target yet rejects other distractions. IF they allow a PPer...... use it. Find out what they allow as a digging tool. Wear a pouch.... most require you to pick up your trash. They normally require the use of headphones..... and can require not talking to other sharing info. Dig the hole...... fill the hole.... just know the rules. Normally a time limit........ and in the first 20 min. most targets are recovered ..... dont get hung up on digging deep targets. OVERLAP swings.....
  11. Chase ..... ive used an AquaSound .... solid 12" coil....... it acts like a fresby in the water. It takes some control ..... and time to learn to keep it on the bottom. If you angle it wrong when sweeping it....... it kind of takes off on you. REALLY difficult if there is a low of long shore drift/current or waves. Kind of odd to...... because those coil float in the water....... but are heavy.... i mean heavy out of the water to hunt with. I like that design thou ........ sweet. Id use that .......and im betting that has even less drag than our current coil. The coil is a Nautilus coil used on the Aqua.
  12. Not really. Current makes coil control difficult....there would be lots more coil flip in the water. But I like the coil. Wet/dry sand if your on the sand those open areas would get filled...and a wet coil would be worse.
  13. You can get the same affect if you have an 800, by running in AM...... reducing your iron volume to 2. It will give you a mild threshold of sorts allowing you to hear iron...... but not to the point it might overwhelm a weak target. Chase is this what you are doing? If so its possible the headphones arent quit responsive enough to like you said......... a weak sounding target be it deep or tiny. But that threshold to me is just more noise i can do without.
  14. Keith.....then that didnt change with the UPDATE as a way of making it quieter in the water? Some machines have a factory set GB for beach hunting...... why because they may not always GB.....that can be the case here in Fl. I normally hunt with the default GB 0, but i have GBed in the wet sand ...... the obvious problem is its also GBs to the salt and a higher concentration of minerals that are LITE UP. It may not be working....... but i sure get different GBs from the dry...... damp...... and wet sand. I also believe the salt content in the wet sand WILL change as you get deeper in the water.
  15. I got 6 gold chains last year and several small pieces of gold......id HIGHLY recommend digging those 1 to 4 digits on the beach.... especially in the water or wet sand.
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