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  1. You can test that easy enough in your location just by doing both and see what you get. Id be surprised if youd get an accurate GB with the sensitivity that low.....i mean you may be reading 2 gal of soil compared to 7 or more properly set. BUT ya know ive been doing this a while and ive seen all kind of settings...... i dont try to change anyones minds out there especially if it benefits my hunting lol.
  2. dewcon4414

    6" Coil On The Way!

    Steve ....... the advantage of having more than one coil is that you can hit the area with the larger coil..... then go back over it with the smaller. Not sure about the 6" loosing 20% depth...... maybe in an open field but trashy area can give various results on targets and depth. THEN it depends on the trash....... small high conductors might give you a fit with the small coil. Coils are just another way to tune your detector.
  3. dewcon4414

    Which End Is Waterproof? Both?

    Personally ..... id be find with a one piece shaft. Taking it apart you will likely notice more wear on the CF. Also..... take a look at Chucks web page (sunspot) He now makes a rubber gasket of some sort to keep sand from getting between the shafts. Does it work .... i dont know. I used to take mine apart everytime....... then realized..... im not going anywhere with the machine almost all local hunts. I just throw it in the back of the SUV and go........ so why was i taking it apart if my shaft is ALL CF. The obvious answer was........ to keep it from locking up....... now my answer is...... so what. I can still remove the coil and all the parts and drilled a hole to let accumulated sand out of the lower shaft. My only concern would be if i broke the lower shaft........ and i figured taking it apart over and over with sand between the shafts likely would do more damage. I have the ML shaft if i decide to take my machine on a plane.
  4. dewcon4414

    Which End Is Waterproof? Both?

    Im with you Cliff....... havent taken mine apart since i put it on an Andersons straight shaft....... just rinse and go. As far as the sand in the lower shaft...... i drilled a hole and it goes out before i leave the water. No amount of rinsing is going to keep that upper aluminum from blistering/pitting over time if you use it in the salt water.
  5. dewcon4414

    6" Coil On The Way!

    Steve..... one or the other of those coils will suffer if the same settings are used. The larger coil in a trashy area takes is a LOT more material to process....... depth isnt everything and often times you can benefit from not running a hot coil. Its better to run both coils optimized for the area and target and let the results be your finds.
  6. dewcon4414

    Minelab's New Service Center

    I think hes talking about Ill shop not PA. To my knowledge they arent doing repairs there on the Nox. Aussie land is still gathering information on repair issues.
  7. dewcon4414

    Question Related To Pairing Nox With Iphone

    The sequence is ....... 1. turn the machine on ensuring the phones are OFF. 1. Then turn the phones on by holding the multi function button on the phones......... HOLD it until you see the alternating BLUE AND RED lights. People miss this because they see the BLUE light flashing slowly and believe they are connected..... not so. Once you get the blue and red light ..... phones are ready to pair. 2. Then HOLD the WIRELESS button on the side of the machine.. .....until you see the blinking WIRELESS icon. it will go from wireless to a blinking bluetooth..... thats when the magic happens. You should get a + beside the bluetooth icon if they are low latency phones once connected.
  8. dewcon4414

    Another Equinox Not Charging

    Mine charges fairly fast as well even after 7 hours or more hunting. Im well over 500 hours on my machine and the batteries seem to be holding well. There have been times ive left the back light on after hunting in the AM for those 7 hours too and really i still have a good bit of charge time. Dang Dan thats just bad luck. I hear of a few that have problems...... but im assuming there are a lot of machines out there by now and we kind of expect a few to go....... but two.... thats bad. ML must have done something special to mine because im normally the one that can break anything out there.
  9. dewcon4414

    Disappearing Targets

    I dont find it as a problem per sa. I know the target is there i heard it.... its not a time waster because id had to take another scoop anyway. You also have to remember in the salt water you are using beach 2....... half the power and a salt setting and if you disc.... well theres a lot going on. Normally what i find with to much sensitivity it makes it more difficult to PP the target not know its there. Could well be like the explorers....... just dont like fluffy sand and its seeing the hole not the target.
  10. dewcon4414

    Minelab Did 24 Hour Turnaround On My Nox 800!

    Throw away machine....... should improve turn around. Now.... once the warranty is off that turn around im sure will continue.... but you might just be paying for it. I remember many moons ago i had a friend that started working for National Cash Register. They soon realized he was completing his repair route in unbelievable time....... and the businesses were calling giving him so much praise. So they asked him how he did it. He said simple.......there are just 5 boards.... id swap them out until i found the bad one. Then go back to the shop and repair the board there. I personally like the swap and go.......right now that is.
  11. dewcon4414

    First Gold With 6" Equinox Coil

    We used to winter every year at Quartzsite AZ...... where was the Nox then? Had a large group of us many with 4 wheelers and gold equipment. One guy even had a huge set up for meteorites. Thats a lot of work....... everyone got excited to watch the gold spiral wheel concentrator spit out a speck of gold.
  12. dewcon4414

    Can Someone Make Me A Headphone Cable?

    Ummmmm what did we learn at day care? Sharinggggggggggggggg.
  13. dewcon4414

    Equinox 800 6 Inch Coil Gold Hunting

    Ive been gold hunting ........ can you imagine driving out the the desert and looking around at all that OPEN SPACE then looking at your coil lol. You are talking serious hunters with a very good PPer.
  14. dewcon4414

    Disappearing Targets

    midalake...... i use AM... all the time. because as you say targets can get choppy. What i do is reduce the volume in my first bin (iron) to 3 or 4. that does a couple of thing...... clears up choppy signals, give me sort of a threshold (i run 0 threshold), helps me adjust my sensitivity, and it moves some of those iron tones back to bin 1 where disc may have them sounding off in bin 2 ... just where you dont want it.
  15. dewcon4414

    Disappearing Targets

    The Nox is WORSE than the Xcal or CTX for loosing targets in the hole. Not certain why..... but yes ive noticed it......i also know everything moves to the center of the hole...... so out comes another scoop. Its a bit frustrating........ just knowing its there and you dont have a good signal on it that it is taking that next scoop that you would have anyway.