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  1. Humm ive ordered a few boots for various switches......im not certain they arent standard based on size.
  2. Well i for one hope it does what its advertised to do. What are we on .... year 3 hear? As far as the Terra ... it seems Fisher is hoping to sell it more in a overseas market as a cheaper option. Im with you Steve if it knocks out upper coins and iron im good..... but hopefully it doesnt knock out 22k and 24K or any much smaller gold. That ill be testing. Most machines that process a signal for disc also loose depth..... its alledged this one wont. That to me seems unlikely..... but how much depth is more my question. Price will keep a lot of people from buying....... unless it really produces. We will get some hype and some nay sayers from the first batch..... which i plan on being a part of. IN THE WATER is the tell for me...... will it be better than what im using? I normally hunt in AM because my first goal is to just find a target..... so reverse disc works well. NOW how well will these switches hold up to that? Unfortunately ....... i break stuff just because above average use in the water. There apparently is going to now be a 10 hour battery....... but will it come with the machine or as an option..... because a 5 hour battery just wont work for me. I also would feel a lot more comfortable with a waterproof machine to 3 meters. BUT..... Carl said once the company decides the depth rating based on the IP of the components...... which could be understated..... hopefully. There REALLY needs to be a smaller coil than the 12" i believe for water use. That battery pack...... appears to be expensive. This advancement has been a long time coming...... im glad someone finally stepped up. Maybe now others will. OH... and come on Fisher...... those shaft locks are OLD SCHOOL proven to be a pain for beach hunting.
  3. Steve they have the Terra coming out next.....that should be just interesting to watch. Fisher knows they will be competing with MLs big boys there. I just appreciate that Fisher has got others thinking...... who knows where this could go. The high speed VLFs we have now maybe weekend use only lol. You can bet ill be hitting both sides of the island down here with one. Well Fisher will know soon enough if 1 meter is good enough depth in the water. Seriously .... its been awhile since anything has come close to an Eric Foster machine....and this one has alledged disc. It may well be a nitch machine....... but anyone who spends much time on the beach will want one. IF you end up being the only guy on the beach with this machine..... id keep that a secret..... as well as your finds.
  4. Many of us water hunters arent using a PI for in the water use for one reason.......it dont disc so time vs pay out especially during recent drop isnt worth the tole it takes on the body with most days hunting. NOW..... for me the question will be...... just how much depth will be lost when using disc? Most of the time when a machine has to process a signal there is a good bit of lost depth. It concerns me when someone says we have made it quieter and less sensitivity to ground effects. Did we dumb it down to do this? Ive found thus far all things are pretty equal out there in the water when it comes to most of the machines being used. Here in Fl which is just a different ball game most of us only use a PI during the winter and even then we are selective as to the site. I dare say at the end of the year a regular PI wont produce any more gold.
  5. I use the same stuff....... locktite marine epoxy on my cover. You can spread it with your finger just like peanut butter..... hard hard stuff. But ..... i have to re-apply every couple of weeks..... i wear the stuff off. Id love to hunt without a coil cover..... but i KNOW id be paying for another coil in short order..... covers are cheaper than coils.
  6. I think what most of us are saying....... that target range from say 1 to 28 could be expanded there to improve target ID... even at the expense of reducing iron and those upper digits. Maybe thats not how that works. But.....a good example to me was the difference in how the Sov and Explorer differed in separation in the lower digits. I think the greatest handy cap for the Nox is coils. Each of these modes could benefit from unique coils...... or at least a few.
  7. I took my bolt out ... which wasnt easy ..... it was FULL of sand. So i had to clean the bolt and nuts. I was surprised at how much sand got in there. The material seemed very sturdy even with my mod it seemed to loose no strength. I no longer have a CTX...... but was wondering if it might fit them as well? If it does for those out of warranty worried about that big price tag of one of those coils this might work.
  8. The guy who makes these was right it doesnt fit with the Anderson shaft. Soooo we modify lol. You can see i cut the middle out. Now the lower head dont touch through out movements .... just like its not there. this is a pretty cool stablizer for $19.
  9. ABS glue i can tell you WORKS. It holds. Im going to order one just to see. I currently use large nylon washers on the outside as supports to keep from cranking down those coil bolts. However, having that one piece design would without a doubt be a better option. Ill let you know if it fits the Andersons shaft.
  10. I believe what maybe happening here is...... yes what gold is mixed with in jewelry..... but also size, density, and shape. Playing more with density than before. But i dont see anything changing when it comes to what you want to dig on a beach....... its still just above a penny and under even for high K gold.
  11. If it costs me more ill pass lol. I am curious what the cost of that cuff might be since he already had the machine. Its really cool what they can do.
  12. I had the ears moved from the back of one of my coils recently on another machine to the center. The ears was done by a 3d printer im told..... an industrial ABS glue was used. Been on a couple of months now and i strictly water hunt so it gets a lot of torque. Thanks for the sites. Since the two ears are connected to each other i wouldnt think they would need to be glued down for strength.
  13. Steve its not that they are being upscaled...... its more that they raise an eyebrow by falling into a digit least expected..... both high and low based on what one expected ...... size and K. BUT most still fall in those ring digits of 1 to 23ish.
  14. Ive seen a post that someone put up giving the program for a 3d printer coil ears.... and one that slips over the ears. But... how many of us have access to the 3D printer? I checked Ebay .... where i expected to see a few ...... but nada. Anyone selling these? Id like to get my hands on a couple for the Nox. Ive broken the ears off mine once and this seems like a good solution to protect them OR repair them once the warranty is out over the price of a new coil.
  15. Tony .... im not sure that would work on mine. I use Marine Epoxy ..... hard as you get stuff..... and have to re-apply it like once a month. But i do like the product.... especially here in Fl it has a lot of uses over metal for protection.
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