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  1. I think Aaron said 1.6 lbs .... 5 ozs heavier than the stock. So those numbers seem close enough
  2. Ooops hunting buddy pointed out ... the 11” is .485 thick and the 12” is .504. My Eyeballing it failed to take into consideration my 11” has a COIL COVER. Which almost doubles its height.
  3. I did some more testing today with both coils. The first photo shows the rings i tested the sheets show how many were in each category.... white, yellow, mixed gold and PLAT. The first sheet shows how the digits compared. I also mentioned when i have wind i have EMI..... im showing a sheet of what that EMI can do.... same rings in the same order. What had happended during the testing was a lot of wind while testing the 12".... then it just stopped as i began testing the 11". Soooo i retested both with NO obvious EMI. Gold changed very little with the exception of a couple of rings between the
  4. Bob now has the BROKE it trophy.... if it can break he’s the man lol. I’ve seen him one the beach when he broke his.... then he was carrying his Nox box trying to hunt because it fell off the shaft.... ML couldn’t get his Xcal right.... AQ in the shop for two months. Have I covered it all Bob. This used to be me. I believe I have 5 pairs of Tony’s phones now. I believe Gray Ghost Amphibians are made by him now too. For your purpose.... the ones you ordered should do the trick without breaking the bank
  5. I’ve not had time to test any gold. However the 3.9 gram 14k I found today was still in the 5 digit range. Waves were pushing pulling a lot today so I got to use it in some good moving water. It handled very well. Coil control was better than the standard. Not nearly as much flipping or being pushed up. Could be a few things.... added weight, design it self or fully filled epoxy. I didn’t think I’d like that the ears was not dead center... but this one works the coil connector allows you to run it right up the shaft cutting down on cable vibration. Out of the water ... I honestly did
  6. OK.... i got the 12". I think this needed to be on there in the first place. First impression ... i like the beefier ears the rubbers make it fit well. Coil connector is in the right position to run the cable up the shaft. Weight .... surprisingly balanced and i didnt really notice much weight difference when swinging and you dont find yourself twisting the coil at the end of the swings. Nothing to fill with sand so maybe ill like this without a cover lol. It is over filled so i dont think you will get coil separation like some Xcal coils did. Epoxy reminds you of JB Weld plastic.....
  7. Chase i could have said that better for that i apologize. I felt you were being a little under estimating the number sold. What i ment about get wet ....is thats where the real depth of this machine is IMO. Its pretty impressive to maintain nearly all its depth when VLFs tend to loose a good bit. Ill try not to over sell the machine..... but i guess i am a fan. Again..... i ment you no disrespect.... i truly appreciate your knowledge and skill.
  8. There are more than a 100 machines out there. Ive got no. 28 and had mine well over a couple of years. This coil design IMO is a better design for the beach hunter..... same length but more coverage. As far as worth.... Chase you need to get wet buddy. This thing is BETTER than a Nox in the salt and im betting close to an AQ in depth in disc. Its not loosing that much depth in the water like other VLFs. Id easily say only some of the newer PIs may get better depth..... but then you are still dealing with TID with those. This is NOT a multi freq machine.... but anyone who hunts the
  9. It NOT plastic.... and the coil is 11" not 9. Dimitar changed the material once for me because i cracked mine taking it off. You just cant man handle it taking it off..... like pulling it just from the back. 12" looks great... ill see how it goes without the cover.... because when i get mine ill be using it with or with out that cover. Already gotten a little review from someone here who hunted with his Sunday. Pretty positive review. I appreciate your sacrifice by sending your shaft to SteveG. Thats going to be a nice addition along with the coil for water hunting. Takes awhile f
  10. Plain and simple I wouldn’t use the ML phones at their price tag except for diving. I’d give the extra money for Tony Eisenhower’s or Patriots for full time hunting.
  11. I still find it difficult to see how a comparison of the machines your considering is going to be anywhere accurate if you have little to no experience on all of them. Other peoples settings may or may not work. These high speed machines takes time to learn and compare fairly. You are mixing apples and oranges.... each will have their strengths/weaknesses. These arent multi use machine where they maybe best at this and second best at that. Not all of even look for the same size gold. I think if you are testing the disc mode you need to have both ends of the spectrum to see how the machi
  12. But i think its what a lot of users asked for. That being a machine NOT watered down for the NORMAL user. It allows the skilled user to take advantage of the machines raw power and grow into the machine.
  13. I guess we all are looking for something a little different. But ... the machine needs to be waterproof on a salt water beach. Here in the gulf a lot of the beaches only have about 10 yards of wet sand. IN THE WATER is where this machine was expected to shine by being deeper and more sensitive to gold than our VLFs. There is considerably MORE sand to cover IN the water than wet which would limit the use and frankly make the machine less attractive at the currently discussed price. It would really make it a niche machine most of us would pass on.
  14. We dont always agree Rick, but i believe both our goals is to see the best possible machine produced. Im a niche water guy looking for gold.... so im selfish about what i wanted to have. I may have rubbed some the wrong way..... but im also old, grumpy, and dont care lol. There still seems to be some tweaks needed and im sure Fisher is working on those. If that happens ....this should be worth every penny especially for those who like a PI.
  15. This plan and simple was a test model normally given to testers with NDAs so ya never here who they are.... and they then gave the machines back. Fisher tried something different.... allow a group of good hunters to test a machine and talk about it. AND they could buy their machines. Unfortunately the price was released as well. Maybe not the best idea. We got to see this machine evolve and change. Fisher learned quickly what we liked and didn’t. Even though from the beginning Rick said the production model was going to be in that mentioned price range. So your complaint is the test
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