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  1. I suspect we will get a LOT of opinions on depth when this machine comes out. Best gauge is what the guy using it feels....... not what someone else is telling you from a different location...... or country. I say FEELS....... because there are a LOT of factors that play into depth.... settings, conditions, target..... and more times than not the user. We have air tests, found targets, dug holes and test gardens.......most tests are designed to convince others you are right. But i believe most experience hunters will know if the machine is fitting THEIR needs..... and might even get surprised at other ways the machine improves their hunting besides depth.
  2. Then throw in the OLD Xcal coils...... still HOT coils if you have one.
  3. I can tell you ...... Demitar gives pretty good warranty support.... or at least has to me. Hes not a ONE MAN SHOW. I may be getting great support also because i DO try and show my finds and push the machine. He appreciates that. Its a hard machine to put down for what im using it for. I held off buying for a few reason...... but i have unit #26 which was purchased Jan 24, 2019. Like Cliff, i use mine in the salt water mostly. This is one well made machine...... i dare say ive got more hours with this machine than anyone using it. On my beaches its pertty much turn on and go now for me hunting in AM 0 threshold and 9 sensitivity. Things i dont worry about....... TID #, ive got a pretty good handle on those jumpy digits now. The amount of NOISE depends on the freq and how close you are or IN the water. You dont get nearly the noise in AM.... those ping and pongs turn into very fast POPS from those surface minerals. So im not having the issues dirt hunters may have..... in fact i cant really speak for that since i dont use it in the dirt. Tom D mentioned to first try adjusting the GB which has less affect than the Salt Balance..... in fact i turn SB off when in the dry sand. I used Tom D basic SB he gave us..... and made adjustments while in the water....... slowly adjusting it up until i reached reduced chatter. We dont really have a lot of minerals.... so the machine tended to GRAB GB digits...... which obviously could be anything based on the spot choosen to GB. So like the Nox i use 0 GB..... or 567 on the MDT. Here, we have found 6.5 and 9khz seems to work well in the water. I normally run 9kzh with a SB between 30 to 33. Even with a bit of pops......if you hit a target you know it. Ive tested 12 and 18khz.......in the shallow they may SB 27...... but deeper it all changes...... i have to run the SB way high...... like 44. 9khz thou seems to get the same targets........ BUT has a much richer tone. So why run a high SB and not know what its doing...... even thou im told its just to correct the NOISE /chatter. Coils....... i can see a need, as can Tom. BUT.... the standard really suits me. In the water at least i can get that tip in my scoop hole.... and unlike the Nox ..... im not loosing signals. With a larger coil ..... to me it wouldnt be as much about the coil as the shaft size. It displaces a lot of water since its larger than a standard shaft. It can be hard to push around out there ...... much like the CTX in swift water. Here in the Gulf we get in the water more than most places......... which means a larger coil has to be a real choice of the day. ... and i going to do wet/dry sand? If not the standard is best for water use for me. I hunt a lot of hours so the standard coil covers all the sand i want to for that day.
  4. I think it will also be interesting to see what an aftermarket company might do with the 7uS coils. Will we see more if this machine catches on? Better yet will we see 7uS become the standard? OR... is that a non-issue toward depth and sensitivity?
  5. There are so many variables ..... person, machine and conditions when it comes to depth. My hopes is we get a deeper machine in the water........AND it can actually ID and disc. at near the same depth. Some one want to do some real testing....... bury that gold ring in the salt water about waist deep....... lets see what ya get.
  6. At this point we really don’t have anything to confirm how deep this detector might be. It’s not out yet... things change. Comparisons will be better made once more people get their hand on it and see how it does in their conditions
  7. Skate.... like me you are going to have to dig most on the high end and low end until u have confidence in what it maybe. I just don’t want to be in AM then switch to disc .... and have the machine disc out a 24k 8 gram ring.... that may have been heard clearly in AM. I’m assuming when the digital comes out we may have the ability to adjust the NOTCH
  8. Skate.... now I wonder out of that 90% you are getting... how much will other machines hit? BUT ... reading the weight just mentioned it’s going to grab better than an Xcal I believe.... smallest gold chain last year was .3 grams with the Xcal.
  9. No problem Steve. I did investigations In the Army and was a Magistrate ... so I do tend to ask way more than needed. So no need to apologize.
  10. Leads to more questions so ill stop asking ...... lol, but thank you Steve. But ..... what is 5C, 2C and 1C?
  11. I have to ask....... what does the 5c, 2c and 1c refer to in this sentence......im having an old guy moment? "If you cut the 5c, 2c and 1c you will lose beyond 18K 25 grs depending on the diameters" Now..... how many have found an 18K 25 gram gold ring? I have a few near that 25 gram weight .... but very few and none 18K. IF we start loosing 18K and above arent they the heavy gold since everything sinks to its equal weight? Steve are you saying with that salt setting .... we have 7uS..... but its going to make little difference over say what the Nox now gets on the small stuff because both are using a standard salt setting? Will that be the same in the wet sand? AND would the Nox come closer to finding a small gold chain? Im talking in theory..... since the machine isnt out yet. What i already like about this machine....... its a niche machine. Yes i like that. Everything is geared to GOLD on the beach. Anything discussed or adjustments made will be relevant. This is a real gamble for Fisher...... but for us its can be a win.... especially if they or other companies continue this progression. Getting away from a multi use machine to one designed for a specific purpose has always been a better choice for the advanced hunter.
  12. Me and Cliff have showed some of our finds. Those guys in Calf are keeping a real low profile lol. Ok lucky to beach hunt so price isn’t as important to me as it might be to a dirt hunt. It was a bit higher than an Xcal.... but to me by time I moded my Xcal and did repairs there ya go. The Nox has put the price breaks on about any new detectors.... even used. But I’ve sold my CTX and 2 Xcals. My problem with the Xcal was repairs. The last one I sold ... the coil was cracked .... pulled two almost news ones .... and both of them cracked. I’ve went thru split coils, bad cables, knobs, PP switches, batteries.... well ya get the point. This machine thou....I’m very impressed with the build quality.
  13. A good example of having the right detector in a given situation. Even the best detector can be second best given conditions.
  14. Hes running in MIXED.....note the high pings at the end..... in most cases thats IRON in the +28 range. Thats why i use NOTCH +28 to knock that wrap around out when beach hunting..... you get maybe a slow occasional high ping or NO response if its iron. I would have liked to have seen the digital reading with him checking those targets in AM, disc and Mixed. Thats as important as those other settings..... why because most will be making their decision on digging by checking the TID screen. BUT if you dont learn that correctly for the targets you are hunting then you will be leaving some good stuff in the ground. Takes a lot of digging for the mental light to go on.
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