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  1. The only way to properly do the silicon thing is ....... FILL the cover with it then connect it to the coil and remove the excess. Otherwise if you are SALT WATER hunting silicon easily comes loose enough to get sand in..... UNLESS you use RTV. Its a little better and sticker.
  2. I dont beleive the PRODUCT will remain long in the cover Dave..... But i think my bigger concern is .... over time could those hole stretch the cover...or as it moves create drag as water enters those holes? On the CTX..... those cross bars dont hold the cover properly...... works just like a rudder creating more drag..... like there isnt enough with that huge shaft already.
  3. Two tone works well, but im not a fan of the 25 setting..... at least not for my ears. Some where around 13 seems to catch me...... and for some odd reason on say a quarter or a can...... it doesnt quit size the target properly being that high. Another consideration is ...... if you are looking for gold.....id go with a disc pattern. A whole lot less targets to check in two tones. Once that box is under....... you are looking for a target first and for most. Patterns can be a great time saver if you know what you want to find. Choosing two tones you have to realize ..... any falsing will come in both those tones. Thats why i like AM and multi tones..... it has a tenancy to move iron back to the iron range. As far as why not single tone........ if you go that way you best be using disc because i can tell you there is a lot of iron out there even when nothing else is........ got to love bobbie pins and bottle caps.
  4. The TID screen makes it an improvement over the Xcal .....and it gets about 3 or 4 inches on the Xcal. Those other machines have yet to produce a decent water machine for salt water for what ever reason. This is more than a beach machine but I can’t say much about that I’ve not used it in the dirt. Not my thing right now. You have to be impressed that it’s doing all this on single freq too. This isnt necessarily a machine that gets micro gold...... however, it gets ANY gold ring id say easily..... AND gaining 2" over the Nox the newest and best ....is a real accomplishment. It could possibly get more depth in those more mineralized areas..... right there with the PIs on about any beach.
  5. Very good point Chase. No you can’t change physics.... so depth on those you can is a huge plus. Even the AQ at 7uS isn’t going to change much in the small gold range out there. I think it more than a notch machine.....it will hunt all of the beach using 18khz and you can turn off the salt balance. It seems to do something with density of foil too. Puts bottle caps well above any gold ... as well as those peaty melted aluminum pieces.
  6. Great visual aids. Im not the brightest bear in the woods so i appreciate pictures lol. You boys are a lot smarter than me..... and i dont disagree one bit with the points you make. Its always nice to get your guys input based on your years of experience. I just know ...... this machine on gold RINGS is out performing my other water machines...... including the Nox. Gaining a couple of inches on a machine like the Nox is pretty significant..... especially if its bring up the heavier gold. Thats kind of what we are all waiting for with the AQ as well...... missed gold. What will it be priced at...... and depth we shall see. Dimatar continues telling me this isnt a PI or a VLF...... its different. Also..... that small gold advantage the Nox MIGHT have ..... goes away in the water just like the depth based on how you have to run it. This couple of inches in the water over the Nox is a huge tech advancement and that’s here in Fl. It handles black sand and minerals so how would that relate in other places depth wise? Most PIs won’t gain ya 2” here. IF DEPTH is in here ya go is all I’m saying. PRICE...... well i think ML did the ole Wal-Mart thing ..... reduced the Nox to a price point below its capabilities ........ and its selling detectors. Thank you ML. Im not trying to sell anyone a machine ...... but i will say its deeper on gold RINGS than Nox which is the hot ticket right now....... the extra money to me has been worth that. So ya think we are at that point now that no one will buy a machine over $1000 any more?
  7. I assume you think the same about GB? I can say it does a pretty good job balancing out the salt water...... which leave you with GBing the sand. In our cause it WONT GB our sand so we are working with a preset GB. I guess we've all gotten used to LOUSY when it comes to salt water hunting. BUT...... it does pretty good at ignoring the salt and keeping the same depth both in and out of the water....... thats progress. The goal seems to always be depth....... gold rings dug in the mid 20s inches ..... is a lot of digging. Hopefully they will figure out a way to not really have to go deep...... and just work on the small gold one of these day...... but i guess that dont impress lol. Insightful as always Steve thanks.
  8. I believe Tom said this was a RING machine ..... and in fact hes always believed thats what we have been doing in the salt water rather we realize it or not.... looking for rings. Im ok with what this machine finds. I had higher hoped for the Nox..... but it didnt quit do it on the small gold i was looking for. The designer said he designed it this way..... BECAUSE no one seemed to want to find small gold. So ... put a number on the small gold you are talking about Steve? I can tell you it will hit on a .3 gram chain...... which by the way my Xcal found last year. Thats less than $10 worth of gold. So now you have to ask yourself..... what dollar amount is worth the dig? OR are we merely talking CHAINS? That seems to be the biggy ...... the DREAM as you were. Because for the most part anything smaller drops thru a 1/2" scoops holes when you talk small/micro. On this one ....... ill take the couple of inches in the wet sand on a 3 gram ring ..... and maybe more in the water over the Nox especially on the heavy gold. I dont think this was about finding the small gold it was more about balancing out salt water just like you balance out the ground/sand to find about ANY ring as deep or deeper than some PIs. If so i think its doing that.
  9. According to Dimatar....it doesn’t affect targets just reduces the chatter. I only hunt in 9khz in the water you can hunt with 12 and 18 but have to almost double the salt balance digits to achieve quiet hunting. Otherwise if it’s set at say 27 knee deep it moves to like 43 chest deep. If not you get that same chatter from a Nox that deep. I just like a very quiet machine.....and IN 9 kHz the only thing you hear is some mineral pop or a target. I believe if you loose any targets it might be based on the kHz you are running not the salt balance. Salt balance just eliminates the reaction to the salt water....as thou it’s not there. Thus..... you should get the same depth in the water as out. For those who have ever used an aqua sound same principle. BUT this machine isn’t affected by black sand....which really hurt the aqua sound. Tracking is GB not salt. Im not an expert by no means. But I’ve gotten the machine to work well I think.
  10. Steve i just happened onto this thread while i was looking for the website for someone. The machine actually does pretty well at TID to depth..... once you LEARN how to digits jump for various targets. We have tested it in and out of the water. On a 2.7 gram white gold ring..... we got 12" pretty easy with the Nox getting it but unlikely anyone would stop for that signal. In the SALT water salt balanced....... it seems to do what its supposed to....... it still got the ring at 12" with the Nox loosing at least 2" out there. As a gold ring machine for beach hunting it not bad at all. Bottle caps run 15 digits or higher.... tent pegs in the neg of course. GOLD even 24K doesnt seem to go about 13. I have a 21 gram 10k that hits at digit 12. So when hunting ....... im just watching for targets 13 and below. Bottle caps .... or any signal for that matter really BANGS in AM. I rarely use disc mode. In disc it has one NOTCH. I set that at 27 which seems to knock out 25 thru 29 and ALL neg targets for my water hunting where the box maybe under water. There are always things you'd like to see changed..... but im water hunting so it has its unique challenges anyway. Is it as good as other water machine especially the Nox.....i believe it is....... in AM it runs almost silent running in 9khz and i can run mine FULL sensitivity out there. It sounds very much like an Xcal in PP..... but even quieter if you can believe that. Ive noticed an increase in my HEAVY gold high K which are being dug deep. I believe thats because the lighter gold is being gotten leaving this gold beyond the reach of those detectors. On a beach im just looking for gold...... so this machine does very well. Not to many pesty targets in a very small digital range........ and that range DONT include bottle caps. I got a gold cross yesterday....... those things on many water machines break up because most machines even in AM have multi tones. In AM the machine just went BANG BANG each time i swung over the target and gave a GOOD TID of 4. So id dont think ill be walking away from broken targets. There is a learned process IDing a target when the screen is under water going from AM to disc.... at least for me there was. I agree the Nox has made it very difficult to price a machine over $1000 now.......but compared to OTHER machines prices its fair. Look at the Xcal...... CTX...... or CZ21. Its a small start up company by a former Fisher engineer. Personally i think he has a LOT to offer if he can get this started........ but of course that takes sales to generate money for the next machine. His idea of having an adjustable SALT BALANCE like GB is something any salt water machine needs rather than a FIXED SB. Ive found the farther you go out the more the salt changes from knee to neck deep REQUIRING this balance be adjusted..... and IMO ...... if the Nox had this it would be a MUCH improved water machine.
  11. Daniel....... ive been testing those two machines as well. One thing i can tell you on a salt water beach ........ maybe running the trough N to S isnt the best way to get the deeper gold. It might net you a ring on its side thats been pushed up against the rise because you get more of the ring. But it tends to see more of the black sand veins........ thus reducing a bit of depth and giving just enough chatter on the slop to miss a deep one. It does much better going WITH the grain....... E to W in a grid. I buried a 21 gram 10k ring in the very wet sand at 16 inches the Nox didnt see the ring going N to S. But might get it E to W. IF the Nox gets a target it does give a bit better TID. What i noticed about the MDT....... i hunt in AM i dont like all the ping pongs of disc. The Nox has better TID IF the target is in depth range...... BUT the MDT will tell you there is a target there better. I noticed something today when i pulled a cross and was just digging GOLD targets...... 13 and below digits....... in AM i got a BANG over that cross.... a HARD bang with a solid 4 just want i expected for a cross. BUT i got thinking...... it was just a really hard BANG just like you get off a bottle cap...... which got me thinking........ its just saying TARGET TARGET not giving me a crappy signal that another machine might on a cross with a lot of tones does. Some of those tiny aluminum rivits that fall thru the scoop....... read high with the MDT so i dont go chasing them. So ..... im looking for DEEPER targets with the MDT ...... and in a pretty narrow window. You have to make more decisions than me working in fresh water with the Nox. BUT..... i like both machines for what they do.
  12. I see where you are coming from and you make some good points. Im more of one of those guys who do chase those smaller targets in the salt water. Most of the foil or really light stuff moves more toward the high tide line....... but those pesty chair aluminum punch outs or rivits can be a pain. Fresh water i can see even more just because stuff dont move as much nor does it desolve a quickly. Ive always said the CTX is a more refine machine and the smart screen has so much more info. If you want to do a pattern and have the time in on the CTX....... clearly id use it. You WONT dig a bottle cap thats for sure. No chatter in the salt water...... just a little falsing in the surf with black sand swinging up the slope. More of a coil flip thing. BUT.... the CTX can be like swinging a dead horse out there. Once the box is submerged it feels a little floatie. I hear more complaints about getting headphones with enough volume for the CTX over the Nox as well. There is some advantage to just wanting to chase the heavy gold ...... you can move along a little faster and like you said NOT have to chase the small targets...... or mybe gold. The Nox does have an advantage on the small gold. Weight didnt really bother me either.... since the Nox isnt balanced very well it can be just as tiring to swing. You are right about that screen and the sun too....... Nox clearly is easier to see. Lot of its preference i guess......... i still see a lot of people who swing the Xcal and prefer it over any other water machine.
  13. I think some just don’t want others getting interest in a good machine if they are digging in their area. 2 weeks.....I didn’t even have waterproof phones for a few months..... but it sure made me take the time needed to have a better handle on what it was doing. I was starting the worlds largest foil ball I think 😂. Success on your book Andy
  14. Tom D mentioned this as well. It happened to him on a nickel. I’ve just not noticed it I guess. Thou targets do disappear in the hole even in the water. I can understand the frustration as well....tuff enough digging in the oat meal without having targets disappear OR worse missing one you just didn’t even see.
  15. Clive...... im hoping ML takes a good look at giving us a salt water balance. Things change the deeper you go. A lot has to do with whats settling out there in the low areas...... obviously black sand and smaller trash. Thats why we get more surface noise off the hard pan and those areas. IF we could adjust the salt balance like GB things change. The AquaSound and my current machine can adjust the salt balance AND... are single freqs giving better depth in the salt water than multi currently does. The hard pan seems to be reacting much like hot rocks do .... salt water really lights up small minerals and iron so we are picking up surface noise. With a SET salt balance......it cant change from shallow to neck deep water. The only option at this point is to do adjustments....... which normally means sensitivity just like we do with hot rocks.
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