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  1. Chase maybe i misunderstood the 2.0 update or you..... i believed it didnt change but a few things and if your detector had 1.5 those settings didnt change? I believe you would have to go back and update to the second version....... THEN the 2.0 for those changes. Am i wrong.... were all the updates now combined with 2.0?
  2. Heres one id like to see what others have found. Today i was playing around on the beach with the Nox. Havent had much time with it so i thought id see how the F2 was working. That got me playing around with disc. What i noticed in disc ...... as i swung the coil it was knocking out the ferr like it should in disc....... HOWEVER i was getting these -1 and -2 iron blurps occasionally. I also noticed it knocked out the TID for iron except those digits giving the blurps..... oddly. Im an AM hunter on the beach. What i did was ..... turned down the volume to 0 for targets 0 and below. It seemed to work just like disc...... with two exceptions. 1.. you never got ANY sound from those -1 and -2 targets. 2..... the TID was still reading all the iron targets. So.......out in the water i went hunting in AM target volume for iron set at 2. Then id switch and go back...... doing it with disc....... then with iron volume at 0 using AM. Far less noise from mineral...... but i got the same non-ferr targets just as clear. I know people have asked if there is a difference between disc iron and turning the volume down to 0. To me there seems to be some near target ID bleed that can create unwanted noise at that 0 disc point.
  3. Very few to my knowledge have been from the battery end..... more so from the screen.... and oddly some still work when the operator noticed it. Id think if it was the battery youd be getting a real response. Ive had mine under water for hundreds of hours....... so i agree with Chase ...... if you get intrusion it wasnt right in the first place and we have a GREAT warranty here...... use it. I have been reading a few more of the machines may need BURPED ....because of weak sound, there is a post of that. Im here to tell you..... if you guys think you are going to NOT have any trouble with ANY machine you put in the salt water you are mistaken. Plan for it...... be glad you find enough to pay for those repairs when the machine is out of warranty...... thank ML for the 3 years, it could have been 1 like on the Xcal. I also talked to Keith at ML PA about those after market battery covers. He didnt recommend me and has had a few machines that those may have created the problem.
  4. BUT in disc the machine is still processing ALL that information..... its just not being sent to the headphones. So if that box is out of the water EMI .... silent EMI is affecting those targets as well as minerals. I like to hear everything thats going on with the machine so i can make adjustments. You maybe using the threshold too, i dont. You need to hear iron IMO .... if there is iron chance are its a concentration of targets you have to work more closely. Everyone has their way of hunting that works for them..... and once learned it works very well for them.
  5. With this machine there is so much information LOST hunting a beach in disc ..... especially over iron targets like these bottle caps. I think its going to take time to adjust our settings properly...... focusing on sensitivity and depth without loosing targets down deep. You just dont know what you dont know..... so we tend to assume all is well. Ive just been to busy having just got home to do much testing.... then left my machine in a buddies car so ... there goes another week lol. I think ill go the route of trying F2-0 first in a small area to ID targets...... then use the beach default of 6..... then 8 in the same area to see which uncovers what.
  6. Hummm...... they lost a step or two loosing Jammie it seems. She got mine on a Monday......and sent my new one out that same day. Hope they dont go back to their old ways.
  7. Steve did you notice thou........ that BOTH were set the same in the various modes? Soooo whats the difference? ML recommends you run FE at 6 or FE2 at 6 in beach mode. However i found FE at 2 to sound about like FE2 at 4. Maybe im dreaming, but it seemed to move more of the iron tones out of the lower digits. I think we all know DEEP non-ferr targets can move into the ferr range. This may split the tone to let you hear targets like silver. Was there a shift maybe moving wrap around? I didnt find it eliminated bottle caps..... but i could more easily say thats a bottle cap ...... well except the NEW AGE ones.....i mean when its a solid 15 it is what it is. I think a lot of people want to knock out iron..... thats a good thing on shallower iron.... but not on deep non-ferr targets. Maybe thats what this is supposed to do. Hard to test old vs new without having 2 machines....... much like when the last update came out.
  8. At over $200 a pop they got to be getting pricy. I’m still thinking... sun ....salt water and a form of plastic....things will have a shelf life ...get brittle and break.
  9. Ive broken 3 ears off this type of material now. Its HARD..... like plastic hard. Crank those ears much and its going to crack ..... even thou i was told you cant break them with a pair of pliers...... ya right. Larger coils, more torque, or pounding from rocks ect. something going to give. I realize they want them to give as the rubber wear..... since we dont change the rubber often...... but thicker ears that wont give might be a better choice to MAKE US change those rubber.
  10. Not all us Fl guys would be lol. I used to spend my winters and late fall out West when i lived in an RV with some crazy guys who gold hunted. You sure learn about hot rocks and changing minerals. With any machine even with testing there will be no perfect settings. Test a target ..... change settings.... recover target and it was 5" deep...... next target is 8" deep and there ya go making adjustments again. Sometimes its just best to get-er-close and stop pushing buttons.
  11. Im guessing its was still down there possibly on edge on the side of the hole..... why because he mentioned he did see the impression of the dime. In the water i have targets disappear ALL THE TIME with the Nox...... but i know if it wasnt in the scooped sand ...... its going to be in the middle of the hole that next one or two scoops. As a dirt digger who has to be extra careful with the dirt..... putting that dirt on a rag is important as is having a PPer.
  12. Most water machines ive found give that SOLID ROUND and consistent digit read out on gold rings. You can just tell.... if not before after it was dug.... you say to yourself awww hawww that was a really good good tone on that gold ring. With the Nox having its wrap around in the lower digits i really wonder how it would read on a FE/CON screen? Especially on bottle caps. I think the engineering team needs to get IN THE WATER about chest deep just to hear what the Nox sounds like for themselves. Then hand um an Xcal in PP mode and say ..... this is what we want to hear out there. From what ive heard about this update it seems more for the dirt hunters. IF this change makes ANY adjustments to the falsing in the lower digits where most of my gold falls ...... ill down load it.
  13. Jeff.... on edge it depends on which angle the MEET of the coin crosses the coil. One angle you get more for it to read.
  14. IF they change the way it "wraps around", to me that would be HUGE for us water hunters. It would clean up all that pesty falsing in the sower digits and i could eliminate more of the upper digits. It appears as though they are working on those pesty bottle caps. As far as stable digits..... for a single digit machine i think it does quite well.... especially for as fast as it is. If it holds those digits to long ..... plain and simple you will miss targets going to fast.
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