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  1. These are my finds for the day. Absolutely brutal out there today. The heavy winds we blowing right into shore creating one heck of a pull out current and raised the TID by a good 3’. The waves were tuff. I saw about 8 other hunter but only 3 of us got in. Coil control went out the window in the shallow especially. Did about 4 hours and that all I wanted since I got 1 gold… 6.7 grams 10k, silver toe ring, want to be nugget ring, and a TI. For the conditions…. a real good day. The other was a keeper the last day of May I believe. Beauty.
  2. Dangggggg. They did a job on it. Sorry for your loss. I’ve always covered my speaker even on my dirt machines…. and just never used um anyway. Speaker may or may not leak… but I never took the chance. Just like drilling a drain hole at the bottom of the lower shaft for sand and water to escape. Hope everything turns out for you Thomas. Shipping now days is crazy and expensive.
  3. I’ll dig a few bottle caps.... mostly deep ones. The machine seems to break up into three tones ... definitely iron -27..... wrap around +27ish.... and those in that 23-25 which are normally corona style. Deep ones I think the MDT gives enough info to tell you there is some iron there. It seems better than most machines at IDing iron to detector depth.
  4. I throw one in the car. Ya the lith are hot ... get a little water in or both ends touch metal ... who knows. I hunt about 7 or 8 hours battery has more than enough to do that it seems.
  5. When I first started he gave me extra O rings and provided the size on both which I posted on Tom’s site. He has been extremely helpful to me and very generous with information. He’s pretty quick about repairs even with his busy life. Hope yours gets back quickly. Wasn’t that something hitting the screen with a hammer?
  6. Ive not known ANY designer to personally take the time Demitar does to talk to you about ANY problems.... especially those that might be systemic. Hes obsessive about this machine. Anyone who has or has seen this machine can see the build quality. With the website now we have a place to ask questions. Nothings flawless.... and there is no environment as harsh as beach and salt water hunting with the sun, sand and salt water. Im the hardest guy out there on machine repairs.... thou im old and slacking up lol. If it can break ive done it. So i plan for repairs. Price.... if the Nox h
  7. I also like the way Keith runs it in AM using -30 ... that keep iron from doing a lot of wrapping around into that +28 range. I’ve often hunted that away in AM when I used to do park hunting with other machines like the Explorer.
  8. Bob. Some of that noise if you are hunting our local area is bit of iron stone. Gets caught up in the mass amount of seaweed we sometimes get ... and having high bank shore lines don’t help. A good many machines will false running across the grain. As far as the Us....keep in mind a majority of PI used in the salt water have a setting 15 Us and above. So you have some room to play. Good to see you are back out there with the machine.
  9. Squeaky wheel gets the grease. A lot will depend on how many he sells to dirt diggers, just like the changes made, i think, to waterproofing it for the beach guys. Changes cost money..... do them to quickly and you can end up with a lot of repairs as well. One of the great advantages we have is Demitar is an avid hunter as well. Even as a dirt hunter i found those tiny coils didnt give me a huge advantage if the standard coil (a lot of times 10") could be adjusted .... like lowering the sensitivity to work an area. Target separation has come a longgggg way as well and we went digital whi
  10. Demitar has been OUTSTANDING to me. Ive had a few issues, hes always helped solve um. The battery cap where it didnt turn on or would go off he helped me on. A little thicker washer and a not so tight screw solved it. Theres ALWAYS going to be repairs for us beach guys who use the machines a lot if we get um wet... and some with prolonged issues near the surf... thats just electronics. I like that Demitar wants to know how the machine is working and anything to do with repairs. Get-er fixed Thomas... recent drop time is coming fast with our water temps here being in the low 80s. At le
  11. The Xcal has the shortest warranty.... 1 year. Im to lazy to go out and disconnect my coil.... so ill ask you Thomas, do the MDT come on with the coil NOT connected.... i know some machines wont. If this one dont.... could be some salt water corrosion... either in the coil or connector to the box. We had a little in the headphone area before using teflon tap there. If i remember correctly you dont really use yours much IN the water. Ive used mine so much i cant hardly read those buttons now lol. Let us know about the fix.... obviously those of us who have had them beyond the warranty
  12. AMAN to the first of us having a learning curve Aaron. I think i even surprised Tom when i said .... it doesnt appear 12 and 18khz are going to be as effective as the lower khz IN the deeper salt water...... because the SB seemed to change the deeper you went out there. One thing that throw me initially also was .... the machine only gave you so long to make that adjustment before it switched back to hunt mode. Id be fiddling and realize .... ops no changes were being made. You may sell a few of those cards..... but after a few hunts out there you wont need them. Again, like Aaron said
  13. Mixed mode .... which isnt offered by a lot of machines does offer the best of both worlds..... locate a targets... and quickly ID it as iron or non-ferr. You have a little advantage over me in that a good bit of the time i cant see the screen. So mixed mode is just another button push on a fairly small button. Personally i rarely use the PP button and wished the disc button was a bit larger especially in the winter when you might wear water gloves. Again, i think this machine offers a lot and brings back the fun in learning it.
  14. The machine is built as solid as they come. Headphones.... i use Tony Eisenhowers which have piezos for water hunting because of the modulation. But if i was dirt hunting id use a good pair of dirt phones with speakers. Adjustments you may have to play with.... will be Black sand, Salt balance, and Threshold. Everything else is pretty straight forward. There are 4 tones.... pings and pongs... again something you may have to get used to... i did. The screens a bit more jumpy.... but it really hits solid on a target. Im an AM hunter so the screen nor the tones affect me.... im just after
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