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  1. Ummmm I forgot he’s in Calf lol.
  2. For those of you who know Keith Southern i believe you will find this an interesting test of the MDT. He used a dime placed under 2 of his area clay bricks. Bricks in most cases ... old brick, were made from the local soil...... so his are pretty hot with iron. For relic hunter around old homes this could grab you some missed targets.
  3. I believe he over embellished the price thou. Ive mentioned they should put one or two on E-bay just for the advertisement/information value. Used detectors are affordable for those want to TRY a machine but are on the fence because of NEW prices. You are right Steve..... good price.
  4. Scuffing the sand with the coil may cause false signals in disc or mixed mode .... but in AM its more very distinguished pops off surface iron..... targets are easily IDed. I prefer this method to the point of wearing out a coil cover or two over attempting to keep my coil at a certain height. Most who do that tend to raise their coil on both ends of their swing.....that too can cause falsing and missed targets. Every one hunts a differently........ 2 inches above the sand or even a 1/2 to me mean something i could miss and i often slow hunt for tiny missed gold.....you have to get the coil down to do that. Ive had the machine since Feb as well. Carloina ..... you know youd be using that 12" coil in the water too lol. Whats an inch right? Do away with a couple of those cross overs might reduce the drag to be about the same as the standard coil.
  5. It appears as thou headphones were NOT used...... the pig tail is attached but covered. So this was an external speaker hunt. My ole ears are much better on weak targets with a good pair of headphones. BUT.... that said who would complain about that hunt. That gold ring was sweeeeeet. It looked high K too.
  6. Just curious what you think about Tom mentioning a LARGER coil coming?
  7. Carl also predicted ....... Dec.... then Feb or Mar. Here we are. With the current situation in China...... that could hinder anything coming from there. Im also getting the feeling the first run is going to be small..... and maybe just in the US if things dont get worked out for EU. Will Amazon be the BIG distributor on this one?
  8. I dont know if it would make a difference to change the shape ...maybe help clean up the TID some. IF.... if i had a wish...... mine would be thinner middle and lower shaft. It can be a lot to push around out there if the water is rough or swift. The shaft size is between the Nox and CTX..... so it can displace a lot of water. Light as heck out of the water...... but in the water you notice it when trying to push it around. He sure make a machine to last thou. Im hoping the next one is a tad more waterproof as well..... just for peace of mind.
  9. Thanks Gerry. This is year seems to be totally different than last. The wind here just wont go away long enough to allow us much time in the water where we need to be. Every changing directions too bringing a constant for of light correlated sand filling any low areas fast. Im hopeful for March..... thou today it was swift out there you couldnt do much to effectively hunt. I did get a rather thick large silver today waist deep. Id bet you it was a can lid..... big o sound and after 3 scoops i finally got it out.... shank and the ring. I was so surprised i went back and checked the hole and area around it. I like this machine for depth.
  10. I found this video on u-tube yesterday. Not sure who shot it. Everyone can nit pick a video but .. i think for the most part this was a pretty fair comparison on how people run the machine. Note the Nox is in beach 1, recovery 2 and sensitivity at 22..... everything else looked pretty good i didnt see any glaring things that might give more depth. The MDT .... couple of things i would have done..... ran threshold at 0 AND in the wet sand i run in 12 or 18 khz.... there another 1 1/2" gain to be had there. Here in my sand a nickel at about 11" on the Nox changes to read IRON. The MDT will have a bouncy screen..... but it will give you mixed reading and you WILL check that target. Tom said he could get a nickel at 17" ..... hes got mad skills...... but this shows i think that most might get a nickel at 15" and more once they have a little more time on it. Im not bad with both these machines and i dont think my results would have been much different....... based on how i hunt with these machines. Me and another guy did testing on a 3 gram 10k gold ring....... in those same conditions at the surf edge..... MDT was 14" the Nox 12". We didnt under or over run either machine ...... because we wanted to know just which machine was better for our use on our beaches. Here ya go take a look.
  11. I certainly wasnt trying to be negative...... but rarely is that secret sauce ever determined. Im the worst at wanting to know.....million questions guy here. I do push those button and i learn a little info from all the real Gurus on these sites..... but it still comes down to my conditions and playing around with the machine. Ive got to TEACH ME.... and its been said you dont know what you dont know. Hard to tell how many out there are using their machines subpar. I get guys all the time come up to me on the beach with questions. I look at their settings and wonder .... my god how are you finding anything..... seriously. Its a lot like those with that golf swing. We develop bad habits and just because we find something ... sometimes we think all is well. My suggestions is ..... test especially on those deep targets.... im many cases that means dig more targets. Also ..... the Nox manual is perhaps the BEST one ive ever read. I dont know who wrote it but they knew the machine.
  12. We can beat this dead horse all day....... but at the end of that day does it matter? You know what you are looking for...... be it gold relic or what ever...... so based on all those using the machine whats the results...... and does it fit your needs? as a multi use machine it has other advantages as well. Will it out perform what you are using? Thus far many are finding it does. That should be your answer....... testing will give you the best method for adjusting it.
  13. Every machine..... even when dirt hunting i use a nylon piece to cover the speaker. I dont use it and even on the MDT requested it NOT be there as a water machine. Just have to be careful rinsing a machine. I cant tell you how many people i know who have flooded even an Xcal by using a water hose on the wrong setting to close to the machine. Its a coin flip i guess. Ive not had an issue and when using mine its IN the salt water and under water most of the time. The price is good on this machine........BUT there are issues with the machine that this 3 year warranty has made life much easier. A lesser warranty....... and people might be singing a much different tune about the Nox. Im waiting to see when those warranties run out how its handled and the cost.
  14. Cal..... i sold a lot of gold when it got to like $1900. I sound about $3000 just awhile back. BUT.... that was just easy to let go gold to pay for one of those AQ if we ever see one. Ive still got a pretty good stash.... and everything with a stone, chains, crosses i think. Those are hard to let go of..... especially when you get um appraised for like $18,000 and the guy offers you $3500 .... as he says all day long. No different than when i dirt hunted..... ive still got all the old silver and relics. Likely junk to my kids lol. I know ARA will melt your gold and send you bars or round balls of gold if thats the way you want it rather than money...... you just pay for the melting. Paul it really has. Ive been impressed with it..... you just dont get the feeling you are loosing depth the longer you hunt like some machines. Funny thing is id been hunting a beach lately that had a LOT of round iron pushed up and wanted to do a quick hunt there when i didnt have to do a lot of time consuming TID. So i grabbed the Xcal since it hates iron. I have to admit it took me some time to retrain my ear in PP mode. Ive been using the MDT so long now it seemed noisy if you can believe that. Last few months have been strange..... Dec one gold..... then Jan i did very well..... here we are in Feb again one gold thus far. The beaches are target quiet..... except for the pushed up iron for some reason. Last hunt i got 1 penny, 2 pull tabs, NO foil, and a SS ring. My hunting buddy did no better that day. This was a long beach we hit hard for a good 5 hours. IF its there the machine does well finding it. I have no regrets buying this machine at all. THOU .... i have made some suggestions on what id like to have changed. Problem with that is ....... this isnt just a beach machine..... dirt and beach guys tend to have a different WISH list lol. I had to edit this today..... why because gold just hit $1633. Thats a real increase over the past 3 years or so. Its something to watch for those of you with piles of yellow. Many missed out on the last surge to nearly $1900. What it did do..... it increased beach hunters. We have seen an interest in beach machine...... like the Nox and MDT. We know Fisher is still working on the AQ. Beach hunting maybe a niche........ but id dare say with these machines now coming or out and increased gold prices more companies may move toward salt water machines..... rather than machine that CAN work in the water.
  15. Mines worked ok and i didnt epoxy it either. I guess its going to depend on the product used to make them in the printer. You might talk to ChrisMD over on friendly forum. Hes doing them quite cheap ... to free for those who cant afford them. Ive got him making some for the MDT to that i can hand out to some of the guys.
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