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  1. If it is any later than a May product launch for the 6000 Codan (Minelab) would have to officially advise the Australian Stock Market that they have (stock) price sensitive information as they have previously advised their shareholders and the market that the GPX6000 will be launched this financial year (F21 ending 30th June 2021).
  2. Minelab would have a marketing plan for the release of the GPX6000. One of their objectives in the plan would be to inform their target market(s) that there is a new high end gold detector about to be launched in the near future - it doesn't matter how annoying the sales pitch is as long as we are talking about the new GPX6000. Once the 6000 hits the market we will be focused on actual field reports - whats good , whats not so good , what accessories are available etc & the currently marketing tease will be forgotten. Minelab would be happy for sales of GPX5000 and SDC's to have slowe
  3. The pandemic creates a lack of confidence in forecasts which is why we have no firm product launch date from Minelab - who are waiting to have all their ducks in a row before announcing a date. Looking at Plexus Malaysia financial report for actual quarter ending December 2020 and their forecast for 1st quarter 2021 they appear not to be affected too much by the pandemic but you only need one vital component shortage to slow things down for a particular product - like the current chip shortage out of Taiwan. An option to make up for lost time is airfreight which is viable when you have h
  4. Well the market believes Codan's (Minelab) future is bright - their share price has increased by 90% over the last 12 months.
  5. Interesting that there has been a large number of used SDC2300 machines being advertised at the moment with a corresponding fall in prices - no GPX4500/5000 machines though. Maybe people are seeing the GPX6000 as an upgrade from the SDC but not so much an upgrade for the GPX4500/5000.
  6. There's a saying in business "under promise and over deliver". Forecasting the future product direction is fraught with dangers so Minelab takes a conservative approach to information sharing about new technologies and products with their customers and competitors. If i was in Minelabs shoes i would do exactly the same - controlling your own agenda and focusing on developing improvements to your product range.
  7. One thing you can be sure of Minelab are not resting on their laurels - in less than a year they have applied for 5 patents for an improved metal detector and 1 patent for a metal detector. They would have a very full and busy development pipeline.
  8. The beer bottle washers are not to replace the inner teardrop washers which just need to be in good condition. I use the beer bottle washers on the other side of the teardrop washers. They provide a large degree of shock absorbing properties, impossible to over tighten which allows the coil to be adjusted easily while swinging but its not that loose that its floppy. The beer bottle washer is a perfect fit - both inner hole and outer diameter - no need to cut to size. I do home beer brewing so buy the large grolsch style bottles by the dozen - the bottles come from China and i replace the
  9. Flip top Grolsch beer bottles - the silicon seal of the stopper fits perfectly. Good excuse to buy a few bottles of beer.
  10. Will be interesting to see real world test of the Manual sensitivity settings or the no threshold Auto settings - which one will give the best results for mono coils? No threshold sounds great to me - i certainly have become use to that with the Equinox. Page 5 section 6 Headphones Connection - have they the wired & Bluetooth headphone symbols against the wrong description? or am i just not understanding it correctly?
  11. i must have funny ears - haven't found a earbud headphone that will stay put and not fall out of my ears - tried plenty over the last 30 years with same result so the QC20 is not an option for me. I have the Bose QC35 over ear headphones but there is wireless lag in signal response and i don't want to be wired up to the detector in anyway.
  12. I am in the habit of switching arms to swing a detector to lesson pain in my right shoulder that develops after a few hours of use - having a totally cordless metal detector certainly makes it a lot easier to be ambidextrous making it very easy to swap swinging arms. The GPX6000 headphones look to have big ear muffs so should be good to keep out local environment noise but may be more uncomfortable in very hot weather because of the size of the muffs - i suppose you have the option of the built in speaker then. I am a great fan of noise cancelling headphones - it is interesting when
  13. Well Minelab may not be be the best communicator in the world but they sure know how to listen to their customers (existing and potential) - which is what the successful companies and sales people are good at. "Fun", "Ergonomics", "Light Weight", "Stability", "Ease of Use" would have all been on a white board when the GPX6000 developers went to the Minelab accountants and asked for a bucket load of money to have a revolutionary rather than evolutionary change to the GPX product - I'm sure there would have been push back to this proposal and would have required some strong leadership to
  14. I am jumping in straight away to get a 6000. Im looking at it in another way - cost is $8000 AUD - i hope to get 10 years out of this technology as it is a big leap forward (especially for me as i dont have a GPZ or SDC) and gone are the days where we have a new GP/GPX every 3 years. So thats $800 AUD a year or $15 AUD a week - so for the cost of a weekly movie ticket i get to go to the best show in Australia - the gold fields - and try my luck. Naturally this assumes i have 10 more active years left in me.🙂
  15. yes - I've found owners of many a ring over the years. Usually something comes my way. His logic was that he was going to find it anyway with the shovel and colander!
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