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  1. There are shortages everywhere at the moment - place a order for a new car in Australia and you will be lucky to see it in 5 or 6 months. There are 2 reasons for this. - Huge global manufacturers last year incorrectly forecasted what their sales will be (and therefore what amount of product they will make) for last year and this year. - There is a global shortage of computer chips. So Coiltek - an extremely small company that manufactures out of a 50 foot x 80 foot shed - has admitted they have the same issues as the big boys - incorrect sales forecast and computer chip sh
  2. I dont think any one market is being favoured over another - there's no stock of the small elliptical equinox coil at the local Minelab distributor in Adelaide, South Australia which is where Coiltek manufacture their coils - so just being local does not mean we get priority. With a new product release the sales team will give production a forecast of what they think they will sell - no sales team would forecast that a new product will be the biggest selling product in the companies history - so its just going to take a while for manufacturing to catch up with demand.
  3. There where some coil covers here for sale but have sold out. May have missed out on conversation re chips in coil - has someone x rayed them and there is no chip?
  4. I inquired yesterday re a ETA for the 17" Mono coil for the 6000 (in South Australia) and the distributor does not have a date yet when they will have them - said Minelab were having chip supply issues and where concentrating on making the 6000 rather than accessories at the moment. Still a very large backlog of orders for the 6000 as well - suggested i could sell mine at a premium at the moment but that's not going to happening - too many adventures planned. Every detecting day my shoulder thanks me for the 6000 - but now other body parts (legs) are starting to complain because i am detectin
  5. I picked up my 6000 on Monday and have had 3 days of trying out the new toy. First day - i took it to a local prospecting area well known for EMI and tried the 11" mono - the closer i came to the EMI area the less stable it became till it was unusable so i switched to no threshold and lowered the sensitivity - which seemed to work as it was a lot quieter but was capable of sounding off on buckshot. The second day - in same area i tried the 14" DD which totally tamed the EMI so i could run it on manual 10 sensitivity with a threshold. So i am wondering which is better - 11" mono with no th
  6. Well maybe not one video but maybe say 3 on the functionality of the 6000 cutting out the spin, gloss and actors then having some regional highly experienced experts give their take on the 6000 with some tips on what to expect for their particular region without a dictated script. I would love to see Minelabs marketing plan (not to be confused with advertising plan) - if they have one -to understand their rational behind their fairly disjointed product launch of what is a extremely important product for the company. I'm guessing their prime focus is technology and product development with
  7. Maybe more the mannerisms and style of photography rather than straight out looks. Finding the big nugget is straight from All Aussie Adventures but then he would have some sort of stupid misadventure which would negate all the good work. Anyway I digress - I think it would be much better to have one large clip rather than 13. If you cut the theatrical nonsense it would be half the time to view as well and half the cost to produce.
  8. Unfortunately the guy in the Minelab videos looks like Russell Coights All Aussie Adventures which puts me off the videos a bit. All Aussie Adventures is a comedy show about Russell who believes he is a real Aussie with an intimate knowledge of the bush but in reality knows bugger all and gets himself and the people he is trying to impress with his bush skills into all sorts of predicaments. I think I will stick to the manual.
  9. Just received another phone call from Miners Den Adelaide. ETA for my 6000 has changed from mid next week to its here ready to be picked up. Thats good news but I'm currently 2 days drive away so will pick it up first thing Monday morning and have cleared my calendar for the rest of the week for local detecting to get a feel for the new machine.
  10. Just had a confirmation from Miners Den Adelaide I should be able to pick up my 6000 on Tuesday or Wednesday next week. $7999 AUD. Wife was in the car when he confirmed the price. Lucky I had already told her how much it was otherwise I would now be in the dog house.
  11. A good review of Minelabs current patent applications & you are correct - they are a hard read. Minelab have applied for 4 patents so far his year (6 last year) so they are definitely serious about keeping ahead of the pack and not becoming a sitting duck in business by resting on their laurels.
  12. OK - so there is a group on this forum who will be early adapters (me included) who will be getting the 6000 hopefully this month and another group who will wait to see some real world reports from people using this machine. So my question is what should the early adapters be doing in the field and reporting on? One thing i will be doing is using threshold and when i find a target see if i can still hear it without the threshold - it should be easy to get meaningful data. Also on same target switching between manual and auto sensitivity. What works best? The big one is will the
  13. Come on guys, reading the last 3 pages is a bit depressing - look on the bright side & the bigger picture. Last year i was blocked because of Covid and corresponding state border closures from doing any real gold prospecting in Oz (my home state has very little accessible gold fields) - i stayed home and caught up with all the home renovations🙄. This year - i have many trips planned - with or without the GPX6000, this year is going to be a ripper compared to last year . I wish everyone luck & good health & i am looking forward to reading all about your great finds &
  14. Minelab also markets the Etrac and CTX above the Equinox - sold my Etrac after 2 years of using the Equinox. I was getting much better results with the Equinox. Most of our club members who had the CTX are now using the Equinox. Not saying the 6000 will be better than the Z but that Minelab is not immune from using marketing spin when it suits them - the truth is out there just waiting to be unmuzzled.
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