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  1. Isn't Beach P the program that was hitting the gold chain with depth ?
  2. When you did the gold chain test, what were the vdi numbers ? If I remember correctly, it appeared some modes were better than others re the gold chain. Which was the superior mode ?
  3. I wouldn't think so. There are three models of the Anfibio. The Anfibio weighs 3.7lbs. The Legend weighs 3lbs.
  4. Haven't witnessed too much drama here. On the other forums though, oooof.
  5. In the few videos out, there aren't any on a saltwater beach testing jewelry.
  6. If you are going to beach hunt, the legend is the better choice over the Anfibio. Nokta detectors are better built than Minelab, so you won't have to worry about build quality. Their prices are also better than Minelab's prices.
  7. I prefer a wider range of vdi on dirt. On the beach, I like the compressed scale.
  8. If you live near a saltwater beach, could you test gold ring depth and gold chain sensitivity ?
  9. Nox stole their design from Quest. Of that style detector, Quest has the best ergonomics of them all.
  10. Terrible leadership closed those companies down. The Nox had nothing to do with it. Look at the prices some are still willing to pay for Tesoro detectors.
  11. Weight is something that could be easily corrected. Would like to see an American company purchase them.
  12. IMO, the Rutus Atrex is ahead of the game. The ability to change software in the field via an app is Star Trek esque. It broadens a hunter's options. Too bad they aren't in the US. I really wish they had larger financial support. Atrex in a waterproof housing would be a huge success, I think.
  13. Now this right here, I agree with 100%. They changed the cost game and if the legend is as good as expected, NM will have changed the cost game again as well. There was no reason for some models to cost 1100 or 1200 dollars. Very solid post, full of fair and valid points. There will be however, a large portion of detectorist who prefer SF over SMF. For certain applications I still prefer two of my SF detectors over my Nox. I have fantastic soil. On my 75 rarely does the fe meter hit 1 bar. I am looking forward to the new offerings from Deus and NM. I find it interesting that Deus is able to kind of snub their nose at the other companies regarding cost. Which proves there will always be a McLaren over Corvette crowd though neither are exactly slow.
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