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  1. The D2 is getting very popular on the beaches I hunt. We have a lot of out of state visitors that detect here while on vacation. It's been surprising how many have the D2. Having both the 800 and the D2 is a good situation to be in, simply because most of us know our 800 so well.
  2. Your video parallels my thoughts as well. Btw, I like the easy to listen presentations you do.
  3. The 800 is a great detector. The D2 is amazing in iron. For me even if I'm only getting 20-30% more finds, it was worth the investment. Competition on the beach here is fierce. I'll take any advantage that I can get.
  4. I like the Legend. I love NM products. I think they'll get the Legend dialed in with a few more updates. I think NM put out an outstanding product for their first crack at SMF. They did better than Garrett.
  5. I've found it extremely easy to tell what's iron and what's not iron. Tiny flakes of iron that TDI at 1 or 2, just like gold earrings are not discernable. Come dig on my primary beach and then go dig on another beach about 10 miles away from that one, and tell me you can discern the difference. If you don't have iron on your beaches then you don't know what I'm talking about. You people who don't live on the Texas Gulf Coast and hunt iron infested beaches can't speak for me. Btw, I've had my 800 for 4 years. I know every program including all metal like the back of my hand. It's like telling someone in a different part of the country, who has higher or lower mineralization in their soil, they don't know what they're doing. They would out hunt you in their soil.
  6. Loren says "anyone can contrive a situation", which also includes him. Calabash's nails were turned sideways. Loren's nails were up and down. Calabash's test is the more difficult of the 2. I've tested side by side with the Legend and the 800. D2 will win in iron. I won't get rid of my 800. I know it too well and it's been great for me. My cousin has a Legend and my hunting buddy has a Legend. It's been fun to compare. That's coming from someone who was gonna sell the D2. Glad I didn't.
  7. But you keep mentioning all metal in your post about Calabash. All metal doesn't work at every beach. Especially by people who say they dig every signal. At my primary beach if you gridded an area of 20x20 you would be there for 24 hours digging iron bits, iron chunks and more iron until you couldn't dig anymore. If you're using just to check if it's ferrous or non ferrous, the D2 wins. Side by side hunt last Sunday with my buddy, we compared every signal for 3 hrs. D2 was superior at identifying targets and deeper. We've both used the 800 for 4 years. We know that detector and how to use it. D2 can do some special things especially on an iron infested beach.
  8. I do and the D2 is better in iron than the 800 on the beach. Horseshoe mode on my primary beach is not useable. D2 on a trashy, extremely iron infested beach is superior to the 800. I have 4 years on the 800 and it's been great for me. D2 is better.
  9. The D2 allows me to dig less trash. I spent 20 hrs at my primary beach digging all signals to learn tonal nuances. It's fantastic. The latest update with the bottle cap feature is terrific. I love my 800 but the D2 gives more info via tonal nuances.
  10. This is a concern for me as I mostly beach hunt. I always used BC 5 rejection. I may download .06 again. That is the one feature that means more than the other upgrades for me.
  11. Nope, not me. Yes you. I know who you are on the other forums. Only after using advances settings does it appear to have par capabilities. It's deeper on advanced settings. It's part of what you're paying for. I have both and have tested both side by side. I didn't have to borrow one or have a tag-a-long. I do not have distain of anybody regardless where or how they post. Your post on other forums contradict that statement. The Equinox goes deeper in the Horseshoe Mode than in the discrimination mode on the Equinox>PERIOD. It does, yet, it's still not as deep at the D2. And, it will also annoy on a trashy beach. It is what it is. D2 is deeper if you know how to set it up.
  12. Yet in your pic with the Nox, you have a custom shaft and wired headphones. 2 necessary purchases because you got less on your initial purchase. Not to mention how many leaked. You and some other beach guys have slammed every video that two youtube guys have posted. All while praising the Nox and the Excal. And, yet again all the guys with Excals have purchased new rods and had them modified. How much does the Excal cost ? Same as the D2. Maybe Minelab should supply something half way decent. No ? In your comparison you noted the stock programs are near identical between the Nox and D2. Is that supposed to be some kind of deterrent ? One of the advantages of the D2 is all of the adjustments. FTR, I have owned the 800 for 4 years. Still do. It's been great for me on the beach and when I first got the D2 I was going to sell it. Instead I decided to learn it and give it a try. I beach hunt most of the time. I live very close to the gulf coast. Dirt digging is few and far between. I know for a fact comparing the 800 vs the D2 the D2 can do things the 800 can't. For one it's deeper. It's superior at finding jewelry in iron on the beach. Tonal nuances prevents one from digging so much trash. The D2 will absolutely crush an Excal in depth. In fact, the 800 will run circles around an Excal. I know, I've done all the comparisons. All the side by sides. Oh and the D2 is superior to an excal in dirt as well. Yet both are the same price though mine cost 1300, not 1600. Your disdain for some of the youtube guys have weighted your bias. Hunting once or three days with the D2 doesn't make you an expert with the detector. Final comments. The horseshoe activation doesn't make the 800 deeper than the D2. What it will do is absolutely drive your ears insane on a trashy beach.
  13. I kept my Deus 2 after all. Did the update and did lose depth. Downloaded again and it appears to be working just fine. Love the big numbers btw.
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