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  1. As the machine only has one physical recovery speed(3), I would like to know why increasing the recovery speed setting reduces depth when all that is happening is that the machine is clipping the audio as you go up the scale?
  2. My unit updated first time, the cable was a little fiddly to get in but otherwise ok.
  3. Adds iron volume and some other stuff. https://www.minelab.com/usa/vanquish-software-update-1 VANQUISH 540 Iron Volume Control Detecting in heavy iron trash is enhanced with the new Iron Volume Control feature. 10-step adjustments let you decrease the volume of iron all the way down to a whisper, while leaving desirable targets (non-ferrous) loud and clear. To engage Iron Volume Control, simply hold down the All Metal button, while simultaneously using the Volume buttons to adjust to your liking. General Improvements for All VANQUISH Models The upgrade also includes improved battery handling capability for all models, as well as a new low battery alert.
  4. Isn't your go to machine an etrac? I'm not trying to pick holes here but you are not making much sense to me.
  5. You have sold your nox and you are now getting a Vanquish?
  6. Firstly hi, long time lurker. Interesting reason on why you have found no gold this year. Does your ET discriminate out gold that has been dropped before March? I have found a reasonable amount on the same beaches you detect on with the nox, some of which was a nice low tone. If you do not like the tones on these minelab machines it does not take long to change them to whatever sound you prefer.
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