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  1. Plastic is about 3mm thick,cut it out of a sheet with a hole saw,not sure how to describe the plastic but would say medium hard. Packed it out with some thin plastic sheet till it was a close fit in the coil slot,put a tiny blob of glue to hold it all from falling out.
  2. I have a set of Ukraine CF shafts which had round rubber washers on the shaft unlike the ML ones. Talked to a dealer on his thoughts about what caused the ears to break,his thoughts were the rubber wears slightly and allows the the ears to bend in when tightened. On my shaft I have thrown away the rubber ones and replaced them with plastic washers that don’t compress and don’t seem to wear. These are a neat fit between the coil ears and require very little pressure to hold the coil firm. Have been using this system for several months now with no problems.
  3. Have spent many years fabricating equipment for aircraft and boats.Any round section has a very poor aerodynamic shape. The best shape is like an aircraft wing. I would imagine this shape could be produced in carbon fibre or extruded plastic and make a big difference on drag when used in the water.
  4. Hi got agree with you about the Nox,like you only the pod and coil are original on my Nox as well which I purchased imainly for its gold ability’s. Have had Nokta Racer 1&2, Impact and now the Anfibio,all well built and have dug a lot of silver coins with them and half sov a lot of which come from the Deep South which we visit at least yearly in our camper,would probably heading that way now except for Covid,hopefully we will get away soon.
  5. Great information on a large range of detectors,have you done a comparative test between the Nox800 and the Anfibio Multi as I have both? Still haven’t made my mind which is best for coins,both seem to be similar in depth with the Anfibio way better in build quality. I think you may live here in Marlborough too, if so you are welcome to borrow mine to do a comparison test between the two if you are interested.
  6. Bit of a mistake on posting this,photo,should of gone on the first page
  7. Great company to deal with,have owned the Racer 1 and 2, Impact and Anfibio which I still have. Purchased the Racer 1 from a business which claimed to be a Macro agent here in NZ but it turned out he sold me a demo model which was sent out here for testing. Got a little suspicious of it and notified Dilek of the serial number. A new shaft and display unit was airfreighted to me and arrived about ten days later here in NZ. Great service.
  8. Hi All,has anyone purchased these on EBay,ordered one and took 20 days to arrive from the Ukraine to NewZealand,Quality appears to be excellent except for the armcup so fabricated a new assembly in alloy to add a bit of bling and welded in a shelf to take a power bank which is held in by a couple of rubber bands. The balance is now a lot better with the 10” coil.
  9. Fabricated this Nox arm muff after finding the stock flimsy one felt very uncomfortable after my Anfibio. Used the Anfibio as a pattern and its now a lot more comfortable and the xtra weight has helped the balance.
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