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  1. Yea...from everything I have read I have been talked OUT of the 6000 and into the Garret.
  2. Another time then! I am showing the Nevada resident around both sides of the El Paso and he is letting me use his 6000 while he uses another detector and we will split the finds. Then at some point when I FINALLY get the new Garrett he will show me around Gold Basin. That's what I call teamwork!
  3. For those of you who live in Ca (& elsewhere) if you would like to be "my guest" at our 160 acre claim in the vicinity of the Schmidt Burro tunnel(sp?) side of the El Paso mountains the weekend of Oct 7,8 & 9 PM me back. I know it's short notice but thought I'd throw it out there. When I was 1st starting prospecting I could have used some "local knowledge" to get tips on dry washing & detecting for gold. I have one 6000 owner coming from Nevada to try his luck on the claim I found 2 nice nuggets so I thought what the heck I'll just invite some others such as Gold Catcher, GotAU and others who have PM'd me. You know who you are. I had hoped to have the new Garrett by now to go over the claim where I found the 2 nuggets but who knows when that will happen!!! I'm hearing December now...GREAT!! Thx Garrett..just in time for winter! One DP member offered to let me use his 6000 while he uses his 7000 and we split the finds. That works for me! All others of you...I doubt you have a 6 or 7 both, so until I FINALLY get my Garrett and go over the claim myself you won't get that same deal. What you will get is access to the AV claim as well as me showing you the Red Chispa and Taft side of the mountains. The Nevada guy and I are moving over there after Oct9. Gold Catcher did a nice write up with pics of the El Paso mountains quite awhile ago but he left out many areas of interest. I suggest to all of you who come either this weekend on on your own sometime to 1st stop and get an area map from the BLM on Hwy 14 (right at the Garlock junction ) which shows many points of interest. Such as the old Talc mines, the "Rock House", Schmidt Burro tunnel etc. etc. PS: An honest to goodness off road vehicle is necessary to see some things...a 4 wheel drive truck won't make it!
  4. If a person wants to mine where is no water ..what then? I have seen “dry trommels in Australia but not in US. I know 2 guys who have mined dry for at least 5 years using medium excavator and their own made “puffers”. These guy’s are mechanical gurus.. the puffer is over 6 feet high with 3 puffers on a towable platform. They trickle dirt run thru a grizzly with a loader and take their “tailings” home to process. I figure a “ dry” tromel” would allow way way more yardage than what they R doing. Thoughts?
  5. Gerry...any indication when the Axiom will be available to all of us on "the list"? Trying to make plans for the Fall in state and out of state!
  6. Gerry...is this gold from the guy who showed up at your June 2021 class at Rye Patch who was a former student?
  7. Ok Gerry...we all R waiting patiently for more info. In my case I want to know 4 things, (1)how does it perform in hot rock/trashy areas with DD coil. (2) How does it compare with the ML6000?.(3) how do the mono coils perform. What is the price with military discount if available? Thx
  8. P..as usual, you get right to the salient points and have a reasoned argument. Yes the 5000 frustrated the heck out of me (even running a DD coil) or a little Sadie. I think at my advanced age (read patience..NOT) the 6000 would be perfect but NOT HERE as you point out in this "junky" area. As I was in training last year, June, at Rye Patch (when the 1st 6's came out the same weekend I was there for my EQ800) I watched the 6000 pop nuggets out at a 'decent' depth my Eq didn't pick up! Heck..there were 2 7000's there that were even finding "small" size nuggets. So you are right in saying that Minelab has me 'over a barrel'. As you and most everyone has said that it is good to have a PI and VLF. I have a decent VLF. Wish that 8000 was coming out sooner than later! Thx for the input! PS: I have more than a few offers from 6 owners who have had some time to get proficient with their machines and at some point this year I am going to invite one or more of them to detect the area...mostly the slopes/sides of the wash.What 'Jasong' and others don't know but I DO know is that this "small" area has produced 3 to 4 1 ounce or bigger nuggets that have been documented as well as smaller. So I really would like to see a 6 or 7 detect the sides.
  9. GotAU... I may break down and get the 6000 by fall. Money isn't the main issue..the main issue is spending 30 to 60 days away from home! As they say, "Happy wife..happy life"! I won't get it UNLESS I can devote this minimum amount of time prospecting in "milder" ground. As all of you who prospect in the El Paso's know, in addition to trash/bullets etc the ground is saturated with hot rocks. The EQ does a fairly decent job of canceling those out where a PI wouldn't (I know you are going to say just run a PI with a DD coil)... but the EQ is all I have...so far. So, is it "Nevada ,Az here I come" or "yes Dear I'll get the car out to take you shopping"! The wife doesn't read this website! Too much...I'd get a "wry face smile" and a "look' if she does read this one! Ha!
  10. jasong...I agree with you...I feel that there is SO MUCH trash that the 6000 would NOT be a good choice my area(SoCal/El Paso mountains). What inspires/motivates me is being contacted by 6 owners with pictures of lots of gold (all pretty small though) found with their 6's in "milder" Nevada and AZ ground. As they put it.."it makes detecting fun again" finding gold after gold after gold. I saw this in person at Rye Patch where the 6's and 7's found multiple targets that my EQ could not even "hear". So to justify a 6 purchase I feel significant time needs to be devoted to these areas with a 6. That means extended time away from home.
  11. I saw the weather report was going to cool off from 100+ degrees to less than 90 with a nice breeze today so I got up at 4AM and went to the El Paso mountains (Randsburg side). Metal detected with the EQ800 where I found 2 nuggets before (34+ grams this year) to try my luck again. I found the largest nugget dead center in a "wash" so I went back over the wash using 'all metal' and discrimination again. Then I went up and down the sides that drain into the wash quite awhile. I found lots of targets and will post a picture. I dug way more than necessary...once you've got a reading on some targets you really don't have to dig more of the same! However, to 'fill-in' the picture I dug more and also I find a 22 bullets read about the same as gold so I dug them too. Notice all the teeny tiny bits of wire...I am told these really set a 6000 off..I know my EQ has a robust sound! Could have skipped some of those! PS: Got a reply from someone that only 2 nuggets doesn't justify the expense of a 6000 and he is correct. The biggest concern is all the trash in that area and I thought that the sides draining into the bottom of the wash would be good to detect with a 6000 as there is way less trash. I found this to be correct however there are still a LOT of bullet/lead pieces. I know the 6000 goes WAY deeper than the EQ so at some point I will take some "volunteers" back there to go over the sides with their 6000's.
  12. Thx for the constructive input! I agree you should have both a PI and a VLF and yes I will take them up on their offer to try the 6000. I saw the 1st 6000's last year at Rye Patch and was REALLY impressed with their performance...they heard targets all our EQ800's could not at an impressive depth. Still thinking over Nevada and AZ. Funny, I guess I have a totally different philosophy than most other prospectors. That is, I am willing to take people with me to productive ground while the majority of detectorists treat it like a big secret. Just me I guess!
  13. Been 106 degrees or so where I live but I think I'll try and get out early to see what I can find before my upcoming knee surgery next Tuesday. I know if I don't, then I'm going to beat myself up thinking "now I have to wait and wait before I can go back out". This is an area I have found 2 nuggets, the largest 34+grams. I have 2 people with 6000's who want to go out when temps are cooler who will split the 'finds' with me and also let me try their 6000. In reality My EQ800 is more suited for the area as there is a LOT of small wire, tacks, hot rocks etc. BUT the 6000 detects WAY deeper, so what to do? I think I would maybe regret buying a 6000 as where I detect is so full of hot rocks and trash. In the past I had a 5000 and as I have said on DP, I really really regretted ever buying that machine! I sold it and the guy I sold it to sold it and bought a 6000. The only way to justify the expense in my mind is to travel to areas like Nevada and Arizona.....still thinking this strategy over. Will post pics of all the trash I find as well as hopefully some gold. Here is a pick of my latest find this year with EQ800.
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