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  1. if u get an 11 u need a meatier stem like the golden mask stem 9 is favorite for most guy s
  2. i recal posts sa yin the deus isnt deep... thats a larf
  3. i am prepared for anythng to be buried round here as iron age forts abound along with roman and bronze age forts and saxon and viking so dont discount anything turning up.even with a bad signal.
  4. do they defult to 00 when its a deep target and it doesnt know what to do? in my tests ancient dense stones can totally mask a coin of silver and give 00 reading the stones r made of molten rock when it was created millions of years ago and very heavy
  5. needs to be lite like the deus with a 9inch coil easy to pack ,i doubt if minelab cud make a light machine which is ergonomic ,their machines are made for big brute aussies instead of old timers copy xp deus and theyre spot on but they cant do it
  6. out yesterday and i got a tid bouncing around at 90 70 and 00.... tones ok ...checked the xy screen and it was a dot in the centre .the ground was stoney and index 72 i dug down 10 inches and found nothing.. not sure whether to keep going... i need to go back with a shovel for the job possibly its a deep target for sure in gold program should i abandon the hole or does it have potential ?????? no litter and it has history ...going back 2000 years ..woodland area never plowed or lived on i hate to abandon a viking hoard as theyve been found nearby a few years ago ..help
  7. in the uk preorders are now filled and d2s not selling so fast now ,pre owned on ebay uk are not selling either as the price is too high..i would say sales of d2 are stagnant in uk as legend is half the price of a d2,only a few poeple will pay 1400 quid so first adopters are fullfilled..bids on second hand d2 s stop at around 850 and buyers wont pay more ..so they will have to get d2 lites going to maintain sales of d2s
  8. discrim at 7 or do you reduce it ? for woodland
  9. xp could be holding them back so as to sell full kits as none around here
  10. in a gary article in TH mag he mentions its good for woodland which i do ,his comments are strange ''a much slower program that needs to be used with caution as it has a lot more punch ,quite possiby too much for some situations'' ,and recomends it for clean soil and woodland how deep on woodland is it?? whats that all about ??
  11. if you make a good find how dya know which frequ found it ?? for future reference
  12. have you noticed ,nobodys mentioned em what progs have FMF and what are they ?and how do you choose which ones on a new self proggy? and what can they be ? and how deep can they be ..does full metal no discrim contain which 1s ? curious as i have no d2 yet and yet to be convinced
  13. seems extreme .my in air test for d1 and 9x5 coil on a 50 cent coin gives 6 to 8 inches ,what dya get on air tests for the same tests?? on both machines ???
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