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  1. my coil cover is bent out of shape so the 3d printed wont work so back to the xp clip which just about works
  2. deus is perfect on weight i woud not go back to a heavy machine or a non wifi machine ,i do need better depth and more acurate IDs which the deus is not good at,, deus gives a good signal on stainless steel
  3. after market clips seems to catch on the coil cover and wont locate. the coil covers go a bit warped after a few years and obsruct the clip
  4. suspect the usb cable as miine went faulty
  5. i was having trouble with my charging clip and whan i changed the deus charging cable it works ok ,the deus cable assembly was faulty for some reason ..panic over
  6. did some experiments in my garden tub of soil to see how it reacts to a tealby silver penny and 1oz lump of pure silver . it wasnt deep on the sliver penny .say about 3 to 4 inches and remote cud show numbers and no sounds in the phones so you had better watch for scratchy signals at 9 inches it wasnt seen at all ,no numbers audio or horse shoe on the lump of silver better depth and no numbers but in the right quadrant on the horse shoe all on 14khz more tests required
  7. had the deus many years with standard coils, having just got the HF coil i am still experimenting and have no real settings ,,trying all progs and frequs last sunday was my first time out with the 9x5 on a flat plowed field and just got small pieces of metal with good numbers and audio but too small to be coins .that was using 30 and 80 khz thats about it
  8. the one from ukrain looks a good design ,no spring involved
  9. thanks very welcome..need hammrered pennys settings
  10. using the 9 oval on a plowed field it seeme to zero in on tiny pieces of metal in the higher hertz of 30 74,wasted a lot of time digging tiny metal fragments
  11. whats the fit like and general quality ?? as seen on the bay
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