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  1. went back and checked it with the d1 and tids are accurate at 98 99,so back with the big shovel as it seems deep over 12 inches ,but still could be steel items or canslaw at 99 ..xy screen not exactly sure as its a tiny circle on the screen on the axis
  2. i use the puck in shallow water with no antena at 9 inches ,coil can be tilted to get a connecton
  3. Treasure hunter mag ,will do thr rest today
  4. Here’s a copy from a Gary’s article in mag
  5. the ground was hard clay with no minerals in a woody area ,it had fissures as it was very hard ...i thought maybe deeper targets out of range maybe ..back there with the d1 and bigger coil using sonar prog to be sure
  6. out on sunday i get these good tids and audio so began to dig but after 15 mins found nothing there using prog 6 gb at 86 non ferous shown and notched 0 to 30 but was getting 00s and 04s on the screen sometimes ... is that right i would have thought they were nulled and shouldnt be there will go back with d1 and bigger coil to check it as the tids looked promising in the 70s to 80s ,was expecting some silver coins under the soil
  7. they have bragging rights over ML ,they will never be able to build a ligher machine than the puckmaster and will reman the lighest machine forever
  8. i have the lite with ws6 and theres some issues no xy screen i can find yet maybe its on .71??? and the wsaii headphones are cheap and nasty ,they work ok but on a 3rd party headband they dont work but the ws6 does work ok.. but its lite and cheaper i found didnt need the remote at all
  9. https://www.facebook.com/detectival
  10. shame but too many products and many old designs carrying a lunch box of mild steel on the back
  11. agreed and too heavy for uk users
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