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  1. Nope don’t wanna go back as it’s unproductive
  2. I am doing an ancient stream with rocks and stones and d2 is silent but soil round the edges has iron sounds aplenty so I presume it won’t find coins under some stones which maybe to dense
  3. I will test a gold ring under a dense stone this stone is comprised of molten rock
  4. Lime stone and concrete are ok tho mostly
  5. I have a stone that will totally hide a silver hammy penny ,it’s just too dense to allow signals to pass thru
  6. This hoard on jersey needed the whites hoard hunter to find it they had lose coins to point them in the right place https://archaeology.co.uk/articles/news/excavating-jerseys-record-breaking-celtic-coin-hoard.htm
  7. Ask xp they would like a big deal like your suggesting
  8. The dealers have given release dates that have come and gone and questions on their fb site go unanswered .what a way to run a bisnes
  9. Joan Allen’s have squat and nothing on the horizon.,maybe it’s a hoax
  10. The whites machine found a 2 million £ hoard on jersey which was 10:feet deep so worth using https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grouville_Hoard
  11. You could use the plastic covers that hook over
  12. And does clean water need the salt setting ,i detect in clean rivers
  13. I am comparing them in the field and the d2 sees things that the 1 don’t see and vice Versa
  14. C An you save big numbers into a new?progy
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