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  1. I am bothered by shotgun caps and nickel bullet heads how will it do on those ?
  2. I found higher freeqs picked up more tiny pieces of krap with the oval coil
  3. Years of trouble with the oval coil..the batteries been changed and it won’t show the fully charged flash ,butit seems to be fully charged ,so I have given up on it and just use it.bad design somewhere inthe coil
  4. Diving mode is the best on iron and steel ID never fails
  5. Still using text o track that’s good enough for me for now.
  6. Spoke to dealer about a small oval for d2 and he says it’s under consideration sometime
  7. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-67662848
  8. Still have my d1 in action don’t always use the d2 depend on soil in question
  9. Oval coil is my favourite as on sweet corn field they’re planted on a 2 feet pitch and I can detect between the plants anytime and spud fields which are in furrows allowing me to stab it anywhere.mind you ,you could use 9inch round as well
  10. I’ve had a few fascia changed cos they were unable to be easy to press ,one was from new so the dealer changed it under warranty..d1 that is
  11. Just been playing around with 9x5 oval and it’s brill ,sure need one for the d2 as well ,xp may deliver a 10x5 some time ,it’s light and manoeuvrable
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