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  1. I would gladly trade my short shaft for a long. I’m 5’ 10” and need the longest length available to use it. There is very little difference though between the long and short shaft. I too have a machine that the locking collar does not secure the lower shaft. Creates wobble in the control head left to right. I have not complained though as Fisher has been very responsive to my other issues.
  2. New never used AQ limited stock battery. First $100.00 + shipping.
  3. I have three different lower shafts. One was a complimentary shaft when my first AQ was replaced. This gave me two of the same length. My second AQ purchase has a lower shaft that is two inches longer than the other two. On purpose ? Quality control ? You should be able to open up a wire coat hanger and make it straight and measure the depth of the lower shaft. Keep in mind you need to clear the two pins. My three are hollow.
  4. I think I have the same detector. White’s Surf PI dual field with 12” coil. (Eric Foster). I have two VALLON PI detectors and two Fisher AQ PI detectors so I’m pretty much set for PI machines as well as a host of other VLF machines. He can pm me if he is interested. See pictures.
  5. I have a dual field I bought from Gary Drayton I would sell, but I guess your buddy just wants a coil.
  6. Very nice! Sore back for sure haha. I did not see the detector or detectors used. From your gear list I narrowed it down to two ? Again nice spin !
  7. Has anyone removed the pins to see if the remainder of the clevis is epoxied to the lower shaft ?
  8. This would never hold up to water hunting. Dry sand only would be my guess.
  9. My two cents worth. This is the shaft lock on my MDT 8000. It is adjustable for the tightness needed and is without a doubt the best I have ever used. You can even stop the pin between holes and set the shaft lock and wild horses couldn’t rotate the shaft. Been in salt water hundreds of times now and still looks brand new and operates smoothly. I wish I could source them.
  10. My AQ shaft and locking collar are terrible. Shaft wobbles and collar does not lock. I know someone else who has your problem but he would never say anything negative about the AQ. The locking collar on the MDT is similar to the blue ones you show. It is the best collar around.
  11. Hi Dew, do you have your AQ now? How do you like it ? Haven’t seen any pics yet. I know Cliff got his awhile back. If the run time is to short for you, buy one of Joe’s big batteries. That should hold you on those long hunts. Good luck.
  12. Hi Joe, Man my 10x5 coilTek for my CTX will wear you out, trying to keep it on the bottom. Granted it’s a clam shell design not a spider but I just hate the thought of a buoyant coil. I’ll take your word for it though as I have limited experience with floating coils. Now price,I’m with you there, it definitely can be a show stopper.
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