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  1. It seems to me it is easier for him to talk on the phone rather than text messages so maybe speaking English is easier than writing. Maybe this is why he does not post on any forums as I know he does follow them. Just a thought. I hope that he is knee deep in production of a new 12” surf and turf coil for the MDT as has been discussed on other forums. I have over a year now with my Tarsacci and close to 400 hrs with 0:problems, other than tightening the battery cap a thread to much and stripping the cap so to speak. After tightening a second time and stopping when I should all is well. I know of one other who has done the same thing with the same results. My warranty will be out soon but I don’t anticipate any problems. I also have spent 75% of my time in salt water with no problems. This truly is a fantastic machine. Hope everyone stays safe from the terrible virus and good luck to all.
  2. I still have not seen a video waist to chest deep in water with the impulse and none with the new control housing. I saw a still shot with yellow electrical tape wrapped around the housing for some reason another. I did see one, say ankle deep in water but was the older hip mount machine with the T handle shaft. Looking like a damp sand machine to me if at all. I’m getting old and this virus thing is terrible. Everyone stay safe.
  3. When you first power up the machine it gives the serial # and rev.1 on the screen.
  4. Well there you go, from the horses mouth so to speak. He has no doubt it will make it out the door! Good to read from him!
  5. At the risk of being beaten up again, if the foot print has nothing to do with coverage, how does my 8” DD coil give better separation than my 18” DD, when the center dimension is roughly the same two inches wide ?
  6. I have owned the MDT for a year and my only complaint is no optional coils available. I really would like a round 12” coil and others have expressed the same interest for relic and coin hunting. I would use mine mostly for wet and damp salt water sand and relic. Fingers crossed that Dimitar will recognize optional coils will help produce more sales of the MDT and additional revenues from coil sales.
  7. Paul, I am more interested in a 12” coil for relic and coin as well as the damp and wet salt sand. Any help would sure make many people happy. Thomas
  8. Sadly it appears that Dimitar is more interested in turning out another MDT model than offering additional accessories for the MDT 8000 that is already on the market. I wish he could see the need for a six inch and twelve inch coil for the existing MDT. My fingers are crossed.
  9. I noticed in the video, when he ground balanced, he did not highlight the ground balance box. He left the volume box highlighted. It did change the GB number in the GB box. Any thoughts on this?
  10. The name has been chosen, but releasing it now might make people think they are close to releasing it and they are not.
  11. Well, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink. The sq. inches may not be exactly the same, ( didn’t think we were going to split hairs here ) but the ratio between the two is still the same. Since they both are DD in design, the 12” inch round offers more square inch coverage than the 11 x 8 stock coil period. A 14 x 10 is much to big for the wash and the 12 would be my limit. So let’s say a 12” is my choice and yours is a 14 x 10. To each his own.
  12. At least the Equinox has optional coils ( plural ) available and it cost half as much as the Tarsacci.
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