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  1. If you click on where it says visit the Fisher Store, it takes you to audio equipment and a Fisher emblem I’ve never seen. Wild.
  2. I have no idea. I wish Carl would chime in. I know Dennis put his in that Pelican box or similar box. I however don’t have any photos of it or any idea how it was done. I would think FT would offer a fix for a reasonable price. Here is another machine I had replaced because of shoddy workmanship. You can see some type of sealant if you zoom the photo.
  3. One of my first suggestions was to change the way the control box is mounted or at least the material used to mount it from hard plastic to nylon or SS. It is hard to explain but only a rectangular piece of plastic the shape of a domino but half its size holds the control box to the handle via two screws. Below are a few pictures of LE Jags ( look closely at the yellow tape ) and then my first AQ which had a fight with a breaking Atlantic Ocean wave only a few days after I received it. It will rock left to right on the handle as it is a poor mounting design. If you notice, now LE Jag has his mounted in a Pelican box and carries around his waist.
  4. Small 14k chain, 6 grams (27). Crayon in picture for size comparison of targets.
  5. I think everyone should go back and click the link F350Platinum posted.
  6. That piece is the wave. I ordered another antenna for my second shaft and it came with it. If memory serves me $33.
  7. Thank you chase. I did not even see the button! I got to start wearing my glasses! My first update showed O.6 to the immediate left of V 0.71. Thanks again for your help. As I stated earlier I will not be rolling back.
  8. I’m a unlucky ducky. Not that I would roll back as V 0.71 seems fine to me but my update does not give me the option to roll back.
  9. I hunt 95% in water so I use a strap. My CF shaft has a Steve Yerky cuff pad and the Deus has a “spiffy” XP cuff pad. The straps exit the top of the pad but the cuff slots are on the side.
  10. I got the Ukraine cover and it is a bear to install with an arm strap.
  11. 11.5 on the AQ scale is actually 15 uS delay. It was changed at the last min. and all the face plate labels had already been printed. Just for those who do not know.
  12. Well dang. I will pull up the update again tomorrow. My friend saw the screen same as me. Strange. Thanks for the heads up.
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