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  1. The only false statement I find in this ad is about the phones. They are garbage. I might add the battery life sux as well. Both these issues were solved weeks after purchase for me. I loved the machine so much I bought a second and have both today. I guess Joe and I are the only two supporters of the AQ. I have over a 100 gold rings now in just two years. That ain’t bad in my book. I hunt in tone mode exclusively during my fresh drop season. I have no need to dig coins. If you understand how the ocean classifies targets, you know when to dig that iron grunt that is a 14k or 18k pig ring. Only issue with tone mode for me is you must dig those nickels. In tone mode a 14k 6 gram mans band can be reached at 16”. Until you dig a 16” deep hole in the wet sand you really don’t realize just how deep that is. Thank you Alexandre and Tom Walsh.
  2. This is a copy of my original drawing that someone has added pin #6 as positive. The first I saw of it was a post from Midalake. It’s been my finding in life that sometimes you think you know and other times you know you know. It has also been my finding that it is foolish to make a move when you think you know. Especially with electronics. That being said I can tell you most of the assumptions are incorrect. Pin #6 is positive as shown but it is pin #1 which is the negative charging pin that gives 5.2 volts DC. In my opinion, I would not attempt to improve upon the electronics or mechanical aspects of the Deus ll. I would only advise to learn to adapt as others have done. Take care everybody. On a side note Google M8 6 pin connectors for your plug.
  3. I use the stock cloths pin style charger on my coils. One thing I did to make it a bit easier is, once the pin was seated properly and charging, I used a black magic marker and traced the outline of the pin on the side of the coil. Now every time I charge it hits the right spot every time.
  4. The old saying you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time seems fitting here.
  5. Well I imagine I will get joked on, but I love myDeus ll along with the three coils I own. They cover all the ground I need. Now for the two box, it also is intriguing as living on the east coast of Virginia, there is no shortage of treasure tales from pirates, civil war buried artifacts stolen from southern mansions, buried civil war payrolls and post hole banks galore!!! I for one am excited.
  6. I guess V 1.1 did not fix the clock issues ? I have two friends with issues. Anybody hear anything I missed ? Thanks
  7. My pants have two pockets. One for bottle only, the other for whatever. Problem solved.
  8. Same for the WSA ll XL. Start in the standby. If you follow the prompts in order your WSAll XL phones pair with the WS6 when you prepare it to update and when you have finished, the WSAll XL phones are still in the paired mode. Turn them off before you attempt the update and use the single cord to do so.
  9. Maybe there is a completely new machine in the works for us water hunters and we might just be pleasantly surprised in the end. Since none of us are physicists, maybe we don’t quite understand what is involved in the development of the new waterproof AQ we all desire. Touch pad controls, drop in batteries, new coil design, a screen to look at, hmmmm.
  10. Again beach programs are not mentioned. I assume they are the same as P1. i feel like I’m a bottom feeder looked down on and ignored. All I do is water hunt so it would be nice to be included in the videos and comments even though we are a small majority compared to the land hunters. My $1400.00 was just as green as the land guys lol. Sorry about my rant.
  11. Looks like Sharpshooter has a beta version V 1.01 now for testing with problem fixes. Now that was fast !!!
  12. I see that sharpshooter has received a response from XP on the silencer and are now aware of the issue. He says stay tuned. It seems the old adage you can please some of the people some of the time but you can’t please all the people all the time applies with the new update. Seems as if most are dwelling on the negatives and not the positives. Most, but not all. I guess the physicist just shake their heads when a layman such as myself complains not knowing, comprehending or understanding the complexity of such a miraculous work as the Deus ll. Give XP a break.
  13. There are 4 videos on sharpshooters channel comparing silencer 2 in v.71 to v1.0 with the same coil. There does seem to be something going on. I believe he has notified Deus.
  14. My air test results with 85 white gold yellow gold men’s and women’s bands and diamond rings yielded (18) rings in the 60 > 69 TID range. 0@60, 1@61, 4@62, 0@63, 4@64 6@65, 0@66, 1@67, 2@68, 0@69. The largest concentration of rings (50) fell in the 40>59 range. 5 pig rings fell in 84 & 85 range. This was done indoors, Beach 24kHz 11” coil
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