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  1. I have owned my first Tarsacci over a year and a half now and have tried no less than five different sets of phones on it. I liked it so much I bought a second one used. I also prefer mixed mode as it is ( for me ) deeper than all metal or disc. I too have a rough time with the high tone but for me, after much testing, the Sun Ray Pro gold are by far the phones of my choice. I am a water hunter mostly and I don’t worry about them not being waterproof. With the control box submerged mostly, I rely on tones only. I especially like the volume controls to balance out the audio. Don’t let the simplicity of the machine fool you as there really is a multitude of settings available in combinations that at first you may not pick up on. All in all, it is a fantastic machine. Congratulations on the nugget. First time out that ain’t bad !!!
  2. Joe, I don’t think you have had the control head or the battery three feet yet. I know how tall you are and you would need a snorkel or be drowned one.😂. That’s unless you have dropped it down. Even chest deep and a two foot hole it would not be three feet so I wouldn’t give it any worries. Like Steve said, it’s the power cable that’s the problem. Nice of you not to tell Rodney, class act.
  3. Well my friend got his CF handle back and his 720i scoop. They replaced both. The handle seems to be a close match to the original but the scoop not so much. One spin in the salt water and the next day shows rust. The retaining rings have a different pattern or design and the support rods are welded to the front of the ring rather than towards the back. That prevents using the long end of the Allen wrench at first to speed spin the bolt up tight. The support bracket blocks the Allen bolt so the 90 degree end must be used at all times. The scoop belly pan is different also. The old scoop had the complete belly pan full of holes. The new scoop has a 1/2” solid strip at all the angle breaks front to back. Not sure if the SS is 1 1/2 mm vs 2 mm and they are for strength. Turn around time was fast though so we will see how both hold up.
  4. They are excellent scoops. Chuck sold the company to a Vietnamese owned company in California. I read that their SS was not up to par but do not know. My friend just sent his in for a crack in the retaining ring and his CF scoop for the retaining nut in the bottom.Just got a letter that they are replacing both under lifetime warranty. That is a good thing. I will post the quality of replacements when they come in.
  5. Oh the original 720i and my DiAblo will handle any substrate and any depth required. Ask olebeechnut.
  6. Well I have found out it is a Vietnamese Company that had nothing to do with sand scoops when they bought the company. They are in California and weld SS grills and other SS products. I do not know their quality of work though. I will check with my friend and let you know his thoughts.
  7. I was told that a Chinese company in California bought them out. I have no first hand knowledge but I shall dig deeper. My information came from a you tuber well known from Virginia Beach. I also have a friend that sent his scoop in for repair and it went to California. Anyone else hear anything?
  8. I would like to withdraw my support for the 920i and 720i Stealth scoops and any others offered by Sunspot at this time. I understand now they are under new management. Thanks
  9. It has been a learning experience on the MDT for me over a year and a half. I think your noise may have been due to the salt balance setting vs frequency used. Don’t be scared to run the salt on up higher as you enter more water. 35> 40 is not unheard of. Play with your black sand and one trick most don’t use is run sensitivity high say 9 but run your threshold at -9. Their are many combinations to try and I’m sure one will tame your beach. I hope Tom has an opportunity to use his not only in the gold field but also on the beach. If your Tarsacci runs quite on the dry and damp sand and you enter the water with chatter, your salt balance is off. Good luck with all your spins.
  10. Was my concern also but I have tested end to end and they are fine with slight pressure.
  11. Hi Joe, as we had talked earlier on CF shaft for the battery tube, and you have worked with fiberglass before. I have discovered that a fiberglass shovel handle has the exact ID to house the INR 26650 3.7V Li - ion batteries shown above that the Tarsacci uses. One handle should be able to complete four tubes vs three for a three foot section of CF at 1/3 of the cost. I can send you some pics if you like.
  12. Gave Joe all the info last week. He ordered four to build a set. Mine charged 4.2 and now 4.0 after 16 months of hard use. Really nice battery.
  13. There are only 3 DiAblo scoops in existence now. Never went into production. The 720i and 920i are offered by Sunspot scoops. Stealth scoop. Just google Sunspot scoops. Stavr Scoops out of Ukraine offer some nice scoops reasonably priced. XTreme offers a nice scoop also although I have never used one. The DiAblo duck bill and the Sunspot stealth 720i cover all my needs here on the east coast.
  14. Tom I think you will find yourself liking that SS 720i hybrid with a CF handle that Joe has posted. They offer a 920i also that’s a beast. You can pry a car up with either one and the CF handle will not break. Give it a try. You gunna like it. I prefer my DiAblo with 0 welds until I’m in rock. Then Chucks 720i comes out. Been prying boulders up for years.
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