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  1. Thanks Dew, I’m sure it will come back good as new. I sent my AQ to the UK 14 weeks ago no problem and have mailed many coils and detectors all over the country . This is my first bad experience and it’s a doozy. My AQ is on it’s way back now from the UK so I hope the is not an omen. Fingers crossed.
  2. They are all waterproof I only covered the speaker as a precaution. This unit is over two years old so at first I was leary of the speaker as many Nox detectors at the time were flooding and some thru the speaker. This machine was always water tight though. Not so much now.
  3. Well the USPS sux. Tarsacci arrived in California today. I’m sick.
  4. Mailed my detector to California today. Going to find out why it won’t turn off at times or won’t turn on at times outdoors in 80+ degrees. Indoors 70 degrees works like it should. I will post the results.
  5. A quarter is to small to make a ring that size. Might make a women’s ring. This should be a half dollar ring.
  6. Dew, I did not get to see the video, only asked him about it and he confirmed it was true and what it was made of. He also was leaving on vacation and will not return until the 8th so I’m holding the detector for awhile before sending. I can still use it as it works, only will not turn off. Also have other machines to use. Take care.
  7. I believe Tom has tried his Tarsacci in the gold field. I’m not 100 percent sure.
  8. I can tell you before even sending it in, it will be very inexpensive. You will not find anyone who backs his machines better ( even out of warranty ) than Dimitar. In the beginning two years ago, I needed a phone cord for my own phones and he sent me one free of charge. Then several months later, I foolishly tightened the battery cap to tight and stripped the threads, again he sent me one free of charge. Then later on I was curious what size O rings the battery compartment used so I called to ask. (2) O rings. He told me the size and sent me 10 of each free of charge. Who does that ? Fisher,
  9. Hi Dew, well I have tried everything I can possibly do to correct the problem to no avail. Tried both coils, flipped the negative contact plate in the battery cap, used a pencil eraser to clean the negative contact on the side of the battery compartment, all to no avail. Depending on the position of the on off tactile switch, when outside in the sun or heat I should say, the machine will not turn off or will not turn on. When I replace the battery cap it either fires up then turns off and the tactile switch does nothing, or it fires off and stays on but the switch still does nothing. Bring it
  10. Yes it is the shorty, $40 below cost. No more batteries available. He is out of business Lol . My second machine has been out of the country for three months and may not make it back, so I don’t need the extra battery. My spins are generally 4 hours so these work good for me.
  11. Most all my sticker ID’s. have faded on the coils and due to the replacement of parts, even the machine vs the test reports don’t match. I suspect that Fisher will rely on date of purchase information for warranty work. Not to worry about that. Quality control and length of replacement time are the issues. Alexandre is in France no where near Texas lol so I imagine this is frustrating for him as well.
  12. I used to have two AQ’s and bought two of Joe’s batteries. One has never been used. For sale $100 plus shipping. Comes with 16 volt regulated charger.
  13. I have not heard of any coil problems. The coil is very straightforward. I have heard of Souriau connector failures though. Good luck and hope for a quick turn around for you.
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