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  1. My friend Max the Knife “ Gravedigger Max “ had his handle break where it is screwed together around the shaft. Minelab would not replace because it was on a popular aftermarket shaft out of Canada.
  2. I think I have been civil. I am a little offended by your comment though. I live five mins. away from Gig. I have shown him these post. I’m sure it has hurt his feelings some. He only showed the truth. Did the machine leak in your opinion around the charging port ? That is all he was showing. Nothing more, nothing less. How can you tell me to be civil and not say the same thing to Lonngbow ? He all but slandered the man. I guess I’m not being civil now. One thing for sure, your name is Jeff, not Steve and you are not the moderator so judging me from your point is not civil. Sorry but you have upset me. I will not comment anymore on this topic. You guys can slug it out.
  3. I think you are adding fuel to the fire. The only person I have heard that said Gigmaster had four Equinox’s that leaked is you ! He says he owns four machines and he loves them but nowhere does he say all four leaked. Maybe pay a little more attention before you comment.
  4. I know Steve very well and have done many spins with and around him. As a matter of fact I spent some time on the beach with him yesterday. He hardly ever ventures more than waste deep and only a few shallow water dives yearly. I am more prone to think that poor contact on the charging port creates heat that may affect the cracking. Also I would say world wide more than a thousand flooded machines have taken place vs the actual number of water hunters is alarming.
  5. I think Jeff McClendons posted video from Gigmaster should be posted here now. Everyone has been warned. Video can be seen below under similar content.
  6. If anyone can’t follow simple instructions between red and gray, the Deus ll probably is not for them.
  7. The Deus ll IMHO can run circles around the Equinox. No where can you find the frequencies for the programs on the Equinox. The Deus ll gives you 12 programs and the frequencies they are weighted towards. This is a huge bonus if you wish to cross check a target from high conductor to low conductor by changing frequencies at a push of a button. If your a water hunter like myself it sure comes in handy. I do see that we have problems with the gold mode and possibly the clock. I suspect the next update will clear that up. I feel I can fine tune and write my own programs easier and more thoroughly with the Deus ll and have no fear of submerging it in any water. As far as the Manticore goes, who knows if it will make it out by Nov. and how well it survives the water. The Equinox was a game changer for sure so we shall see what the Manticore does. Meanwhile I’m diggin gold in chest deep saltwater with my Deus ll. I suspect the quick release ahead of time for the Manticore is aimed a slowing the sales of the Deus ll which might have slowed the Equinox sales a bit. They certainly have created quite the buzz on the forums. I’m sure that makes them happy and many will now hold off buying the Deus ll for now. Fine by me as I dig my gold. 😀
  8. Have you tried the Deus ll ? I think that will satisfy your needs. Why would Minelab refuse to replace the control box no matter how many times it leaks if warranty is still valid ? I would raise hell.
  9. Those with bad clock time issues should send them back for replacement. I would worry about other issues that you may not be aware of. Sorry to hear. Maybe try the update one more time or hope the new update fixes your problems.
  10. My clock seems to keep perfect time. 0.71 update. Just checked it and all is good. Guess I’m just lucky.
  11. Try and take the Equinox around water 🙏🙏🙏🤣
  12. I am jealous here in Virginia. Sand being pushed in by the truck load !!! Even my AQ can’t reach the gold. 😩
  13. I am I am sorry to hear about your ankle and wish you a speedy recovery. I really am. I also am sorry that you did not see JMHO. I guess it best not to comment if you question something on a video. Only if you agree should you have an opinion. A bit snarky answer, but it is just my opinion. I am sincere when I say I hope your ankle heals soon.
  14. You weren’t in a gold field. You said it was 5 on a scale of 10, moderate mineralization according to the Legend. And as close as the Deus coil was to the targets I do believe they were balanced out. Why not balance a foot away. Same soil I would think.
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