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  1. I’m not so sure it’s the connector as much as the electronics in the control box aren’t shielded. My VALLON PI shields the entire circuit board and they use a 7 pin Souriau bayonet style connector. The center pin is the coil+ and all the remaining 6 pins are tied together as coil- which shields the connector. Maybe Fisher could look at that as a possible fix for the noise. I read one post who says his machine gets noisy when the water is about 6 inches down from the control box. That most likely is movement of the coil cable itself. You need to secure your cable for zero movement the best you
  2. The AQ limited has a 15uS setting. The 11.5 is actually 15uS. I think the reason most other PI detectors stop at 15uS is because their circuitry was unable to sample faster than that in salt or heavy mineral locations and still remain stable. That’s not to say though that the unlimited AQ won’t add slower sample rates. We shall see.
  3. Sounds like the Ocean View area. It also sounds like you are learning the AQ also. I stand by my statement with the ATS at the most conservative setting, just past 8 ( broken tone ) reject 3 a 18k 15+ gram pig, in tone mode is a iron grunt or low tone. Since most of these are located on or near the rim, I dig them all. Mid slope and higher I skip. Once I’m in the water it’s All Metal and dig it all. Good luck everybody.
  4. My settings to start in all metal are similar to Joes but not exact. My water conditions are a bit saltier since I am on the low end of the Bay. My delay is 10 ATS 6 sensitivity 5 volume 10 threshold 4>5. I have no where near the Bay hours as Joe so I’m still learning. As I get deeper waist to chest if it gets chatty, with the coil resting on the ground I cycle back to the on mode and go thru all the frequencies very slowly to find the quietest frequency. Then I return the delay back to 10. If this does not satisfy me then I back the ATS down to around 4 and try adjusting my swing speed. In
  5. My Equinox uses a waterproof M12 connector same as the CTX. Only a few phones comes with that. I think your thinking of a patch cable M12 to 1/8 or 1/4 jack. The same could be done with the AQ.
  6. Well you might want to go back and read about the ATS and swing speeds it sounds like. This is a good example of what I mean about knowing how to set the AQ up for your specific purpose.
  7. What in the world ? What makes you think the present AQ can’t be used on dry, damp, & wet sand ? I use Pro Gold phones & Killer B’s on my AQ on damp, wet, and up to chest deep. I have not met anyone as of yet that is diving with the AQ. Alexandre is giving out privileged information as to a certain change coming. Any phones can be wired to any connector period. It’s like he says, they are trying to make this detector as water proof as possible.
  8. Depends on what mode your in. All metal yes it is all the same. To a trained ear there is a suttle difference between the two. Gold is somewhat softer I guess is the best way to describe it for me. I am still learning myself. Tone mode the big fat pigs of high 18, 22 k come in as a iron grunt or high conductor. I can not say in mute as I have not tested it. Maybe Joe can chime in on the mute mode. I have issues with mute. I took a 5.5 gram white gold band and a piece of iron together and passed it past the coil in mute mode in a air test. The ring was muted. I did the exact same test a few min
  9. Knowledge on how to set the AQ up properly for the circumstances at hand. Knowledge on how water classifies targets on the slope and in the water. Knowledge of the differences each beach you hunt have to one another. knowledge on swing speed verses the set up of the machine. knowledge of the suttle differences your target response gives. There are many more things related to best time to maximize your efforts, learning tides and swells effects, learning to read your beaches at any given time. Knowing what machine to use and when and where. What coil size you should be using, and on
  10. I think at the time, maybe he confused VLF discrimination to PI iron discrimination. I think a lot of people have. And on the other hand , like I said he is quite successful with the Nox. He knows it very well. As much so as anyone I would say. So it would be hard for anyone to lay it down. As far as friends you are correct. My father always told me, that when it’s your time to die, if you could count five real friends on your hand, you did good in life.
  11. Gigmaster’s AQ is in the closet. He was not willing to learn the machine. I live near him. I hunt with him. He is a Nox numbers man period and he does quite well with it. What I guess I’m saying is, some people are PI men and some are not. It takes a tuned ear and knowledge to run a PI successfully. Your not going to pop the box open and hit the beach with a VLF attitude and be able to use the machine to its potential. Just isn’t going to happen. Again I’m not knocking Gig, he is a great hunter, of many types of treasure and certainly never a dull moment to be around !!!
  12. I thought if you were relatively close I would drive down and spend a day with you as I don’t want to ship my detector thru the mail. It appears you are on the NC SC border some five hours drive away. At 70 years of age this is more than I can commit to. Sorry. I’m sure as more become available someone will surface closer to you. I myself have Excalibur’s, Sword, Blue & Green, CTX, WHITES dual field, VALLON, both PI detectors, Tarsacci & Notka/ Makro as well as others. The AQ is by far the deepest. Wish you luck on the loaner but at this time I must decline. Good luck everybody and st
  13. I think you could gain more depth and clarity if you lower the reject now to say 2 or 3 with the ATS at 8.5. Give it a try. Thanks for the video’s.
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