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  1. Gary, is there any gain or loss from using the filters in the following way ? He used disc. 10 / notch 11 thru 40. If he used disc. 6 / notch 7 thru 40 Does one filter suffer the depth over the other, or would the loss of depth due to filter used make a difference?
  2. Tones, Tones, Tones, updatable. That’s my wishes. Good luck on you spin. On another note, Dew told me several years ago, Dimitar had one in his driveway beating the living daylights out of it and the screen with a hammer. Now that’s tough!!!
  3. It is the exact same width and one inch longer in the heel and one inch longer in the toe. It’s foot print is a bit larger than that. Dwarfs the 9” All and all I think it’s not worth the money over the eleven inch. JMHO. I do find it being used more than the 11” at the beach though. Mostly psychological I think though. They all pin point well for me in the sand. The weight of the 13” is not really that noticeable unless compared to the 9” on my XP lite shaft. I still think though the 11” is the one to beat.
  4. Couldn’t make up my mind soooooo. Good side by side for judgement.
  5. That is for the WS6 module only. I use this for the RC.
  6. It does not appear to be the same. I don’t know if it’s printed or not. Time will tell. I don’t have a problem with the stock coil. I have a problem shopping on line Lol.
  7. Not the same seller. I have no idea if it’s 3D printed or not.
  8. I guess a picture is worth a thousand words. Everything inside the blue circle is plastic not metal. The antenna bumps up against the back inside of the mounting bracket. Since I coil my cable so to facilitate complete closing of the lower shaft a tie wrap secures the end in place so it does not spring back into the shaft when fully opened.
  9. I found some in Ukraine made for the 13” x 11”. I will let you know how they work. Delivery by tank and horse back so may be awhile.
  10. As long as it is not submerged it will work. Since the WS6 is not waterproof I see no reason to exit the plastic retaining clip for the puck. For the RC to be submerged I really have no idea if I use the RC and submerge if it still will work not clipped. I’ll give it a try and get back to you in a few days.
  11. The upper shaft is metal therefore it prevents the signal unless you run it all the way into the plastic retainer that the RC snaps onto. I coiled my cable like the CTX and ran it all the way up to the retainer and held it in place with a plastic tie wrap so it works with my WS6 module.
  12. It will be braided fishing line for me. Thanks again everybody and good luck.
  13. Thanks everybody for your help. I went with Jed and Matt’s suggestions.
  14. Does anyone know where to buy the short tether for the RC ? Thanks
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