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  1. Rick may your medical issue disappear quickly and you bounce back better than ever. Thank you for your description of the controls and there effect on one another and all you have shared. You have taken a beating thru it all and for that I am sorry. Your picture on another forum had me rollin on the floor !!!
  2. Interesting Dew you did not weigh in on yes or no or I don’t know on the NZ coil. The link is interesting. I have hounded Dimitar so much about the 12” coil, now he does not answer my text. Oh well, just name a detector out there that does not offer an optional coil and the AQ don’t count !!!
  3. I too have not heard of a NZ coil. I’m surprised Dew had no mention of this also. I too have had great service from Dimitar in regards to a couple minor issues inflicted by myself. I tightened the battery cap to tight and stripped the threads on the cap. I received a replacement almost instantly. I have 6 months left on my warranty but if the past year is any indication of the detectors build quality, it will not matter if it runs out. Seems to be built very well. On the issue of coils, I just feel my hands are tied when hunting with my friends using the ever so popular Equinox and the CTX, when in the wash and damp sand. In the water the stock coil is fine. It just does not seem right to pay $1500.00 + for a detector that has no choice of optional coils. On this subject I have worn my welcome out with Dimitar as now he will not answer my text, haha. I am relentless on this topic. Thanks for the link phrunt as it is very insightful. It appears to be on the up and up to me.
  4. We are up to #58 so far. I believe #19 for a low. What’s your number ?
  5. On certain salt beaches I hunt, I too have a issue with salt balance. At these I ground balance in the damp sand then salt balance. Also try black sand on before salt balance. Looks like number 58 is the highest so far. IMO not offering any additional size coils will hurt sales. The small 8x11 coil is fine in the water. After that not so much.
  6. I do not know and all questions about the number sold to date has been called proprietary information. This is why I tried to start this topic. Maybe more will join in. Thanks for joining in.
  7. I purchased my Tarsacci in February of 2019. It is # 000029 R1. Does anyone else care to share their information? If you are a salt water hunter I recommend this detector to all. It’s negative side for me is no additional coils are available and the 8” x 11” just seems small out of the water. This is only my opinion.
  8. I use the Souriau on all my Excals. just not to the extent of Joe. So far no problems but since i got the MDT they lay dormant haha. $2500 is not going to be paid off in my location for quite some time. Melt value and what you actually can get are two different things. I also don’t live in a target rich environment like Joe. MDT is better suited for the new drops here and the AQ use in the bay. Road trip !!!
  9. I have had mine for a year now and it is the only detector I use now. My only thoughts are the 8x11 coil works great in the water but I wish he would offer a 12" coil for the damp,wet and wash. It also would help shrink those fields while relic hunting.
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