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  1. Calabash digger just posted this video. He says the 11-13 has extra coverage at depth, over the 11 inch coil.
  2. I’m getting amazing results with Wim Hof breathing technique’s (ice man). This alone decreases overall inflammation better than IBUPROFEN and Tylenol together. Decrease’s carbon dioxide, increases PH levels in the blood and body. If you’re feeling a little frisky try cold showers with the breathing technique’s. Or submersion ice baths. I have two friends that do these techniques. I have been suffering from Iron overload for about 6 months. And high ferritin levels. Modern medicine calls it Hemochromatosis. After some blood work, and a root cause blood work what happened is, my copper levels bottomed out. Copper regulates iron absorption. Then since the liver doesn’t have copper it starts grabbing magnesium and zinc in it’s place and those two were also bottomed out. it has been very painful, the iron gets stored in your muscles, joints, and organs. Theres only two ways to get the iron out. Phlebotomy’s and chelation IVs. Supplement copper, magnesium, B-9 folate, cod liver oil and some other stuff. A ancestral diet is best, I’d say eat your high copper foods, liver, oysters, and other stuff. But in my condition they are also high in iron. A guy named Morley Robbins has a root cause protocol that is excellent. I’ve gotten a little better, got my appetite back, sleeping better, but there’s no quick fix. It might take a year of weekly phlebotomy’s and constant bloodwork. It’s all out of pocket. My doctor doesn’t take insurance, plus I don’t have it. She’s into functional/holistic medicine. I own a small painting company. The cost of insurance was way to high. Since Covid it really destroyed my business, had to claim bankruptcy. Still have the business just doing everything myself which is taxing on my body to say the least. But I’m in a lower tax bracket so I qualify for some help with affordable insurance. I can sign up in November. Even if I don’t use it, it’s good to have Incase I get hurt on a job.
  3. Sweet finds, I’m not that familiar with the D2, but I hear a lot of great things about her. What frequency were you running? Nice hunting……
  4. And just like that, I’m on the list. Thanks Gerry. 👍
  5. Right now if I was going to spend that money I think I’d get a Tarsacci. MDT 8000. Not saying the manticore won’t be a excellent detector, I’d like to see some of them out in the field, live digs and such first.
  6. All the glory gos to the people on this site that have shared their wisdom and experience with us. I’m a amateur at best, but I read a lot what you guys and gals are doing out in the field. I just started this hobby May 2022. I’ve watched tons of videos and do the best I can research wise with historical maps, but I really think I’ve been lucky. Right place at the right time. Lots of days turn out to be big nothing burgers, or detecting in the rain and end up with two soaking feet covered in mud, some trash and a couple modern coins if I’m lucky. I thank all of you for sharing your experience with us, what worked and what doesn’t, what to look for, Where to look. How you detect, using different frequency and what not. All I do is go out and apply what all of you said. Thanks. May Lady Luck bless you all with some fantastic treasures.
  7. Found this button couple days before the quarter. Not sure how old it is, but was coming up a solid 15 on the Nox 800. Pretty sure I saw one cent on the penny but it’s in bad shape, and the bullet seems fairly recent.
  8. They might of been picking up iron with a large coil and just thought it was falsing. I dig iffy signals in these areas, that’s the only reason I found a large cent a couple weeks ago. I’ll be out there this weekend, that’s for sure.
  9. Found this capped bust dime at a park 2 miles from this one. Same thing, about 4 inches down in a well hunted area. Worn to crap.
  10. Found today at another beat up park. This was only 4 inches down. Was my second dig. I can’t believe this was missed. Possibly, the other detectorist thought it was a modern coin that’s why it was left. There’s a ton of old circular dead grass plugs all around this area. Lots of iron and nails. This is in amazing condition being 184 years old, and a first for me. Thanks for looking.
  11. I’m a hermit at heart. Detecting is my meditation. “I’m a old man and have known a great many troubles, most of which have never happened”. Mark Twain………..
  12. I keep the Nox 800 and the Legend in the trunk of my car except when they need cleaning and charging. The legend is my backup, Nox is my primary detector. Have the Vanquish 540 at the compound if something happens to those.
  13. Found Saint Christopher pendant yesterday. Obviously the circle part is junk, but the Saint Christopher part is sterling. So I got that going for me, which is nice. You just never know what, or where you’ll find some cool stuff. Keep poppin.
  14. That’s exactly why I always have my equinox 800 in my trunk with my legend. I keep the small coil on the legend for the trashy areas in parks and 10-5 on the 800 for the less trashy areas. The speaker defect is a downer, hopefully they fix her up quick so you get back to hunting.
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