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    The Rattlesnake Ranch, CA / AZ / MX boarder
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    Detecting & sniping for gold.
    Detecting relics & coins.
    Collecting memories
    Van Life
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    Minelab GPZ 7000 w/ Nugget Finder 12" & 19"
    ML Monster 1000 turned into 14" pinpointer
    Fisher Gold Bug 2 (Los Banos)
    Minelab Nox 800
    XP Deus 2 w/ 9" & 11"

    Minelab GP Extreme & GP 3500

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  1. Thanks Gerry.... My mantra was simple... The more holes you dig the more gold you find. I would consider this site to be low on trash by my standards. Gold was chunky, caliche covered, corn flakes and sounded like 22's. Largest piece was 1.6 grams. Most around .5 grams. Of course, I always remove every target within reason. I did leave that V8 diesel engine block I found on Wabasso Beach 😉
  2. Thanks Smigo... The ground is pretty quiet at this spot and the 7000 w/ the 12" coil finds every scrap of anything at depth.
  3. Thanks Death Ray! It was JR's claim. Nice area that has lots of gold but that creek is TORE UP! I think every sniper in NorCal has hit that claim.... Lots of mercury as you would imagine. You can still get some decent gold there. Some of the other local snipers I was with did pretty well... I didn't do all that there though. I though that tin might be an oil tin to lube with?.... I'll take a better look at it tomorrow. I also have some other finds that I need to share.⛏️
  4. I was in a extra long 2wd MB Sprinter van..... Granted it has good clearance but its super long. So it doesn't take a 4wd. As for where to go in the Mohave? There use to be lots of books on this. Anything from Jim Straight will do. There are just too many places to even start on here but the Summit Diggings near Randsburg, the El Paso's and Coolgardie all have club claims and dont require 4wd's.
  5. Thanks Valens.... And it was....My first 2 targets in the desert where each .5 gram nuggets.... Cant say thats ever happened before for me
  6. Thanks Geof!... The trash pic is missing 150 - 200 smaller bits of unidentifiable bits of iron that I threw away..... Bad thing is I consider the area I was hunting to be rather clean. 😅
  7. Like everywhere now these days, almost everything with any resemblance of access is claimed up.....With that said; I found a few areas that were still open with a little research.
  8. Thanks Redz.... 10.85 grams was sniping and 9.53 grams was detecting.
  9. Thanks MN....I was out for a month but didn't hunt all the time. Had great weather the whole trip which was really awesome.
  10. Was fortunate to get into some gold on my last trip to California. Started the trip sniping on the NF of the Yuba, one day on Slate Creek and ended with several days detecting in the northern Mojave desert. Thanks for looking
  11. Different question pertaining to the coils. Does the hot rock ground balance feature work equally well with either coil type, Mono & DD? Can the hot rock GB feature work side by side/concurrently while using discrimination (of course while using a DD on the machine) ?
  12. So what did they do to make DD coils have a Concentric mag profile.... Cant say Ive seen this before. I have an Axiom on order and do plan to use it with my GPZ.... Not hoping it will replace it. I see me trying the disc in some trashy areas that are pretty unhuntable. But like you said, Im sure the 3rd party coil mfg'rs will be making their versions of coils for the Axiom.
  13. Appreciate your thoughts Gerry... Those are some strange looking chunks you're into up there.
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