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  1. Super review and what a story! I hope you are in one piece mate! What about new device performance in iron?
  2. I love 9x6 inches, but I'm not fan of Coiltek coils anyway. My CTX3030 9 inches Coiltek was not a very well-made coil. I was not impressed. But time for second chance.
  3. But in iron is the better choice for me. Depth is good even in ancient places. It works for me very well. With 11 inches, I can't suppress the iron noise; separating objects is difficult.
  4. It is also for park hunts or tight areas M8 is a perfect solution. Yesterday find.
  5. The workmanship and operation of the application are first-class. For me the best possible pinpointer. I use the previous version and it is better than others. This is my opinion and I understand that someone may disagree.
  6. Ok, a short test of the M8 coil in a place full of old settlement iron, mainly forged nails ranging from small ones for horse shoes to large ones for wooden structures. Also ceramics, and iron deposits - coal dust and smelts from iron production. Conditions are very, very difficult. Limiting the capabilities of most detectors. The soil itself is easy, sandy. Does not accumulate water. Much better target separation compared to the 11 inch coil. Less susceptibility to interference and the ability to set a higher sensitivity by 2. The depth with this setting is equal to the 11-inch coil.
  7. Check Tom Dankowsky Forum you have a few pages about it. I have D2, Manticore, and Tarsacci, and all devices are suppressed by EMI almost in the same way. Only Nexus and DeepTech analog devices work without any issues.
  8. Okay next thing EMI cancel feature with Deus II is only a random channel selection. The software does not analyze anything, it just selects a random channel. If the choice is bad, press again, and maybe you'll be lucky this time... Of course with the other devices you have the same problem. Only Manticore working in a different way.
  9. Honestly... is not possible to say goodbye to EMI with SMF devices. They are the magnet for EMI. I have plenty of them and I'm struggling with the same problem all the time. You can reduce it a little bit but you will also lose the depth of your metal detector. Under power high voltage lines you can get a silent EMI version and if you are a happy moron like me in the past and you think: that is good it is quiet. Yes, it is but the software is cutting noise perfectly with performance.
  10. It is a lot better than E800. It is not possible to compare it. You can easily analyze the targets by 2D graph and sound, but... but you need to turn 90 degrees above the target to recheck.
  11. If WS6 froze - remove both screws under the easy-to-remove label and disconnect the mainboard from the battery.
  12. I've been begging for this probe here for some time now... This item is unavailable also in Europe.
  13. Very well. The weight difference is only 140 grams. I think the main issue us the stiffness of the little coil. EMI reduction is higher. Suppose you connect it with a lower recovery filter and higher sensitivity value. It could be a game changer.
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