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  1. When Nokta publish their update we should to expect XP update soon.
  2. After update to 0.71 is better but not perfect. Yes, I will choose Garrett AT over MI-6. Is deeper and easier. to use. Try to connect use it in standard mode without pair. Without instruction you can't do it. Magic of pressing button in time and few times in row. Nightmare.
  3. Nothing special, nothing new. Fingers crossed.
  4. Ground noise it could be also. Lift your coil above soil level 5 cm to 10 cm and check it.
  5. I want to buy Whites TDI PRO. Send me PM Please.
  6. For other countries we need to wait about 1-2 months.
  7. Stereo mixed mode from Nautilus with all adjustments. You know what is under coil, your head is discriminator not electronics filters. You know that is big iron or little silver coin and you decide to dig or not to dig it.
  8. I'm testing it on old Android cellphone. Is not perfect but I need more time.
  9. Relic program with notch feature for low ID's with heavy iron fields works sweet. IAR 3 to 5. Notch 0 to 6. I was try with DEEP HC but is too noisy for me. Maybe could to be deeper - lower frequency.
  10. So english version will start soon. That is good.
  11. But with one main difference… ID on Tarsacci will be target ID but on D2 will change. That is the difference between both platforms.
  12. Very good topic thank you mates! I tested Relic on an old Neolithic settlement through the Early and Late Middle Ages. Mass of iron, coke. Almost zero modern pollution. Notch set from 0 to 6 ensures great comfort of work. Even at a value of 0, it's too hard. IAR Discrimination set to 3 to avoid masking low gold coin type conductors. The setting really works. Reactivity 1.5
  13. I need to know how to reboot frozen - stall DEUS II RC panel. Like with other devices.
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