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  1. Ok, some more news about 03. Information straight from the manufacturer: So we need to wait for it... a little bit more.
  2. I'm monitoring the situation and waiting for feedback. Now is not available still.
  3. Final test with Minelab Manticore, NOKTA The Legend, XP DEUS II.
  4. Few more movies from the past showing target separation and Nexus respond and new Meryl video from American Park...
  5. I was talk about 03 model but we have problems with availability by war. Sanctions. Any ideas? I have only 02 on stock but 03 is still not available.
  6. You will be disappointed because I was use tiny hammered silver coin in second part of video:
  7. Iron falsing depends on the kind of forged nails... big head iron nails are almost impossible to cut out of any metal detector. Always falsing. The reason is simple iron head is flat and the size of the coin and it works in a few dimensions. But with Nexus you can easily learn how to differentiate those masked nonferrous targets. That is easy, but your brain needs to adopt to the situation.
  8. I see only two advantages of this device. It works with D2 and is compact and light and maybe also fast asssembly... so.
  9. Hot air temperature and low water temperature and we have the perfect receipt for disaster...
  10. For me, a big coil is useless too much iron everywhere...
  11. Maybe some Nowak device I need to show. But don't expect miracles anyway...
  12. Here in the first half of next month probably... or September...
  13. I was switch form Garrett AT on SPHINX:
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