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New 6" Elliptical Coils For Gold Bug 2

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Not super new information but most people do not know it so...

Fisher January 2015 - 6” Elliptical Coil Quality Improvement

We have improved our 6” elliptical coils. The plastic will now be injected molded rather than vacuum formed. This change will result in better quality and shorter lead times on the pieces. These new coils will no longer have epoxy bottoms and the new ear design will have vertical ribs. This new style fits the stem with tighter tolerance and minimizes the need for stem washers. New coils will begin shipping as the old stock is depleted. This new style of coil also utilizes a new snap-on style coil cover, which is much easier to install and remove. We will continue to maintain stock of the old style coil cover (p/n 6COVER-E) so be aware of the difference when you order because they are not interchangeable. Here are the affected part numbers:

6COIL-E MSRP $169 (used on F70/F75)

6COIL-E-7-GB2 MSRP $143.95 (used on GB-2)

6COVER-E2 MSRP $9.95 (new coil cover)


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