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The Nox Does Not Turn On


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I had one of the first 800s in the USA.  It worked fine for something less than a year and then one day I turned it off and I felt something 'give.'  When I went detecting the next time I could not get it back on.  You could tell the switch was 'floating' under the on/off button.

I sent the 'computer portion' of the detector in to Minelab USA and they replaced it.  I was told that the switch had broken off the board.  It was not my fault and it has not happened since but I don't press the on/off button very hard any more.  You never know and when they give you a new replacement they don't extend the warranty.


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Now it's gone for repair, but a "Sea Ghost" has been ordered, at least it has no mechanical buttons to break, I don't understand why ML didn't think of such a thing when designing the Equinox.

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