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Deus 2 On Gold Chains... Will Be The Killer Or Another One.....?

Skull diver

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I know, 

maybe like me, there's an army of hunters waiting for the answer...

BUT... What actually bring the Deus 2 under my eyes is only this magic attitude that right now this machine seems to have.

To make things complicated here, there's really salt water and I hope to fight with the salt sens. the trouble.

My planet is under the surface 99% of times as I don't know the meaning of a low tide if not completely submerged.

For the kind of coast I usually hunt, I rarely I see erosion's visible traces and for the most, I blind dive until I know where the "ground zero" can hide to me and the coil.

So I feel sorry for all the beautiful images proudly produced  and shared with big effort, but I still need to see what happen IF an open thin chain is gently sleeping under the sand at few inches with a bloody salty environment around the coil...

One day I'll dive for the science or at least for the answer...


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8 hours ago, calabash digger said:

I am going to test a small gold ring and small gold coin today on wetland beach...I hope this helps you.

Seen right now🙏.

Many thanks 🔥

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Calabash Digger: Thank you for your time and work on behalf of the detector community! 
I love watching the test videos you made!

  What I think a lot of people are curious about is the small size of the hard-to-detect gold objects that work on the machine. In a saltwater or freshwater environment. Open earrings and gold chains are among the hardest targets. Deus 1 worked very well in freshwater against such targets, he was a true champion.
Equinox did not live up to my expectations. I only tested the Deus 2 with an air test, but it performed very poorly by default. I’m a little worried that the machine won’t be efficient enough to detect these objects.
Who cares about coins when hunting on the beach, where jewelry is the number one destination. Exactly the jewelry that other hunters are unable to find. 🙂

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Unfortunately, it wasn't my machine, I could only play with it for 15-20 minutes. (I hope to test with my own machine soon)
The test objects, small size 14K 1g children's ring, 14K, 1.3g thin gold bracelet folded into a U-shape about 7 cm long, 14K 2.3 g thicker, but hollow gold chain approx. 7cm long, with a buckle on one side.
  I tried General and Beach and Deus Mono. With the Deus mono program, it detected the test lacs at a higher frequency but no better than the deus 1 with the round HF coil. I laid the objects on a heavily clayey sandy soil, adjusting the soil balance on the machine. I looked at the manual, where can I find a mention of the air test? I haven't found it yet.

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Guest calabash digger

I dont know what page but I read about air test not being that good with it....I have found it to be very sensitive to small targets...did better on the chain than the Nox also...Fast, beach,and beach sens worked best for me

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I really hope so! I have high hopes for this machine. In fact, I would be very pleased with a gold chain, open earring comparison test. D2, D1, Nox etc.
  Equinox in freshwater wasn’t a real player for me, no matter how much energy I put into it. In my three years of use, luck couldn’t have escaped me that much. I regularly found similar items with DEUS 1 (earring, studs, bracelets, chains). When the HF coil came out on the market, this hit rate jumped up spectacularly.
I would expect the same from this machine. If Deus 2 would handle heavy mineral soils better than the previous version. Maybe it would work well in mineral mud or black sand beds.


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