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New F-75 Limited Descrim Question?

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Howdy.   Not new to metal detectors by any means, but  just took possession of  new  Fisher  F-75 Limited Edition. 

I  see  down LEFT side of screen:    Discrim, Sensitivity, Disc. Level, Notch, # of Tones, and Process #.  

HOWEVER,  when pressing the MENU button,  ONLY  the  "All Metal"  and other choices under it on the RIGHT side of screen are highlighted?

I was able to  somehow knock out  Iron 15 and Foil 25,  but now not sure how I did it.

Am  I  missing something?      PS:  I've ordered 4 new detectors this past month and the F75 was the 4th.  I believe it is going to take the place of my 20 year old Whites SLT Spectrum IF  I can figure out some of the adjustments.

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.   Have gone cross-eyed from  reading the manual and trying to retain everything.

THANKS to all in advance!   "Bo" 

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To get to the 'disc mode', you need to press the mode button until the highlighted option is the top-most one. Then turn the rotary control counter-clockwise one click, and the disc mode is highlighted. Then the mode button will cycle through the left menu.

The 'notch' feature is a mess. Poorly designed, poorly documented in the user manual. And you can't assume " Well I never use it, so it's not an issue" , because it's very easy to inadvertently put in some notch. Then the problems start.

Thankfully, a simple solution exists: Factory Reset. Learn and relearn how to do this, and 'notch nightmare' is not a problem.
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Spot-on,  Pimento!!             THANKS.      Am quickly  learning  the  F75's  settings can be easily

changed  by accident!!         I did a  Reset and will make custom adjustments from there.  

Machine is similar to my older Whites XLT Spectrum  but a  lot more  static noise.    My XLT  was

steady as a rock on  pennies, dimes, and quarters.   This  F-75  has a learning curve. 

Thanks for  great help!!          "Bo" Cash

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THANKS FELLERS!    I won't be using Notch settings, but will occasionally  knock out the lower end like 15 to 25.

Will rely on XLT experience to deal with tabs and crushed cans or lids.   I can see the F-75 may run deeper than the XLT but don't get me wrong.  The XLT  was really good on  coins close to surface.

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Fellers? I'm just one, not a consortium.

Best depth is achieved with disc set to Zero or 1. Set Disc to about 11 if you want to lose lots of depth... maybe if you have bad EMI, it could help deal with it, as an addition to lowering the sensitivity.
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