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Impulse AQ With Minelab Gpx Searchcoil

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9 hours ago, bklein said:

How did you get it open? Mine was not separating

I have repaired and or replaced a half dozen Souriau connectors where people did not know how to properly dismantle the connector. They all did the same thing. Twisted the wire at the pins and broke or shorted out the wire. You must leave the connector connected to the female (AQ). First remove the small end of connector ( counter clockwise ) which seals the connector with a rubber grommet. Slide both up the cable a bit. Then you can safely unscrew the second section safely ( again counter clockwise ) which exposes the wire and pins. Failing to loosen and remove the sealing grommet first will twist the cable at the pins and break or short out the wire. Then you can remove the connector from the machine.

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Well I still haven’t gotten around to this and don’t know what if anything I ordered. So would this be the right connector (end of coil cable, going to the detector)?: 


Does it come with pins or do I need to order them?  (Not shown in Mouser’s photo)

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So the one above is totally wrong.  Could be a UTGX6JC10E19P3, which no one stocks.  I’m sure I’m boring everyone with this stuff as probably less than ten people will try using gpx coils on their AQ… I measured the diameter and length of the plug on my 8” coil to match up to the above number. Easier to try the coil on my dual field first perhaps…

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