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  1. You can please some of the peopl some of the time but not all the people all the time I think is fitting here. Thanks Dilek !!!
  2. Just another example that Notka/Makro is listening to the metal detector community !!!
  3. Just a thought here. Garrett and Fisher are American made. Let’s not forget Tarsacci.
  4. Just my 2 cents. Damn it man, this is all that needs to be said !!! Excuse my French.
  5. The production model connector is the same, but the pin configuration is not. A coaxial pin will be employed so as not to break the shield and reduce the capacitance and help improve the gain noise ratio. The limited coils will not work with the next series AQ models and vise versa.
  6. He prefers to talk by phone as it’s easier for him to speak English rather than type or text. I am pretty much using my AQ thru the winter or a Excalibur so the offer still stands. Good luck.
  7. I live very close to you and have owned my Tarsacci nearly three years now. Call Dimitar and he is lighting fast on repairs. I have not had an issue with my pp button but I rarely use it. Should you not have your machine for DIV you can borrow mine. Good luck.
  8. Wishing you and your family strength at this time and look forward to you getting back to your old self again.
  9. I wish someone would invite my Tarsacci out to one of those Chesapeake fields. 😇
  10. My question was more in response for his sake. I am strictly a water hunter and my salinity balance changes drastically depending on coil and or frequency used. In water that would be a high frequency salinity setting and would never work for 6.4 or 9 kHz. I don’t know if that holds true for dirt.
  11. Nowhere have I seen a mention of frequency used. Just curious.
  12. Are you using the 12” coil? If so try the stock coil. In the same manner you receive EMI from hi tension lines, the coil (Antenna) is receiving the transmission towers signal. On your other issue, I am not sure what you mean by resets itself.
  13. Your coil is a antenna. Working near a transmission tower would explain the music. Sounds like replacing the touch pad cured your problem for the powering off. I was a electrical contractor for 20+ years and had several issues with electronic breakers due to radio waves. Maybe that is your reset issue. Try another location well away from the transmission tower. Good luck to you.
  14. Chuck, I think one of the bigger issues is the R&D needed to develop such a coil. He is busy with his machines ( maybe a second generation Tarsacci ) as well as promoting, building and selling two other coils as well as the detector. He is only one man and, if I understand correctly, the Tarsacci was built around the coil, not the coil built for the Tarsacci. So it is a bit difficult to start over so to speak. That is one of the reasons it took nearly two years to put out a 12” coil. JMHO.
  15. With disc. set at 0. Are 1&2 notched out or only once you set disc to +1 is 1,2&3 notched?
  16. Sorry to hear your having health problems. I feel your pain. Don’t rush it, and take care.
  17. I think you have a typo here. It is Denny not Kenny. Denny is the mumbles man. His real name is Dennis Maynard.
  18. Well after having my detector for only three days Dimitar repaired the original issue as well as all the damage the USPS ( and myself ) caused during shipping. I must admit my box was not the most sturdy of boxes. I’m not sure where Dimitar got the box he returned it in, but, it is by far the most sturdy thick box I have ever seen. It is bound for my attic for future use if needed. OK let’s get down to brass tacks. Owning over 18 detectors the service I received from Tarsacci was hands down the best in all categories. My original issue with heat was my power connector in the control housing showed signs of oxidation. The heat outside and the oxidation created expansion and contraction of the connector which was my power issue. Tarsacci replaced my connector. Now the control box was ruined so I received a new back panel with new coil and phone waterproof connectors. I had previously closed off my speaker openings as I am a water hunter, so, Tarsacci did not install a speaker in the new one and there will be no need to dam off the openings. There was really no need to do on the first one. Just my unwarranted worries. I also received a new screen and a new switch plate to round things off. I now have a complete new control box. In previous conversations I had mentioned I wished I could dim the back light as at night it is very bright and I had made a sun shield to dim it. Soooo Tarsacci remembered this conversation and dimmed my back light for me !!! I also received a new battery cap, new 0 rings and a new coil bolt !!! Is that top of the line or what ? Now if I had any complaints ( AND I DON’T ) I ordered a T shirt as well. I asked for a large and Dimitar told me a large fit him well and he is 6’2” 245 lbs. Lordy, I’m 5’10” and 145 lbs so I said send me a medium. I received a large. Other than that everything was more than perfect, and all this for less than taking my girlfriend out to dinner and drinks !!! If you don’t own a Tarsacci and am concerned about a smaller start up company, don’t be ! He is top of the line and the detector paired with my PI machine is all I need. It is truly a different type detector that works as well on dirt as it does the beach. Sorry for the long post but Tarsacci went above and beyond.
  19. I have more machines than I know what to do with, but have bonded well with my AQ. I have two so I’m good. I do miss the Tarsacci though as I use it 30 percent of the time. 2 swords,1 blue,2 green,1 CTX,1 NOX 800, 1 multi cruiser, 1 705, 2 VALLONS, 1 dual field all drawing dust lol. Season is just cranking up here. Dimitar called with a number for the crushed box. Was good I think but still must find the original issue. He is leaving the speaker out for me also. Stay tuned for final results.
  20. Thanks Dew, I’m sure it will come back good as new. I sent my AQ to the UK 14 weeks ago no problem and have mailed many coils and detectors all over the country . This is my first bad experience and it’s a doozy. My AQ is on it’s way back now from the UK so I hope the is not an omen. Fingers crossed.
  21. They are all waterproof I only covered the speaker as a precaution. This unit is over two years old so at first I was leary of the speaker as many Nox detectors at the time were flooding and some thru the speaker. This machine was always water tight though. Not so much now.
  22. Well the USPS sux. Tarsacci arrived in California today. I’m sick.
  23. Mailed my detector to California today. Going to find out why it won’t turn off at times or won’t turn on at times outdoors in 80+ degrees. Indoors 70 degrees works like it should. I will post the results.
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