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  1. No more DooDads for me. My charging clip came apart first charge not to mention the time frame of waiting. Buyer beware.
  2. My friend just checked his clock. Off by 13+ hours, dang !!!
  3. Well damn. After all this time talk I just checked mine. 18 mins. slow from when I first set it back in February. I’ve done two updates, wonder if that down time effects the clock ? I will reset and watch closely.
  4. Thanks Chase. No cover but the temps have been in the mid to upper 90’s with the sun beatin down lol. I will pass this on to him.
  5. My friend has had some issues that I wonder if any others have had. We are salt water hunters but he is a damp sand and wash only. Twice now at 5 hrs into his spin, his remote just powered down for no reason. Both times he turned it back on and returned hunting another hour and half with no issues. Has anyone else experienced any similar events?
  6. How similar or dis similar is my Tek Point from the F Pulse ?
  7. I think Eric Foster discussed this at length on geotech aways back but I may be wrong. Another thing that puzzled me with the AQ limited coil cable was why the red Vandamme had (2) mini coax’s. Turns out this cable could be used for the bipolar version.
  8. Relatively the same body with exceptions of an extra Souriau connector in back for headphones.
  9. They have been working on theirs for two years now. And testing on the new AQ is going on now here in the US.
  10. My D2 which is a deep machine will not however hit the top chain. Beach sens. Sens. 95, salt 9, silencer 1, reactivity 0, .5 or 1. 2 tone square. Disc. 6.0. I have not experienced those rivets but do have quite a few ear ring backs with the AQ. I am though, primarily a water hunter or wet sand and wash. Fresh drop season the AQ is my go to machine.
  11. I’m sorry if I offended anyone. I’m just not sure what you guys are complaining about. The AQ is a beach machine. Maybe I was just one of the lucky ones or I just took the time to learn the machine. I live in a pirate rich environment and normally don’t show my finds. Granted it is entering peak season here, but this is my finds so far this week with the AQ. I did dig a half dozen new bottle caps and two tent stakes that fooled me. I leave that stuff in the beach garbage cans. I hope my friend in Md. will not share this with my number one competitor. I would not change a thing since I have two of Joes batteries.
  12. Try the update again.
  13. I feel like some people formed an opinion or high expectations before owning the AQ. Then when they received one, after only one or two trips to the beach it wasn’t the magic wand they thought it was so they got rid of it. Not taking the time to learn the language of the detector. It is a beach machine. Never meant for land. Did it have issues ? Yes. But many do. Leaking and flooding the screen. Programming off a bit. They all have issues. FT always took care of me with any issue so I am very pleased. I will be on the beach this AM with my AQ again. Tone mode on fresh drops is killer. While my friends are digging coins, I’m digging gold. Thank you Alexandre and Tom for a great machine.
  14. I think $1500.00 is a discounted price if I remember correctly. I myself have 2 machines that work as they should with no issues. Will they hold up ? We shall see.
  15. No I don’t. Never had much luck with rigs like this. Hope it works out for you. i do not want to dig any deeper than the D2 or my AQ 🤣. Their killin me now! Gold hard to come by right now down here. Seems it’s every other spin I get one. Apple watches are showing up quite often but most are locked. Lots of looters swinging the NOX down here that I don’t even know. Their replenishing the biggest part of the Bay beaches so that sux. Take care and hope to see you soon.
  16. So what coil are you talking ? You know I got them all from 18” down to 6” lol. i suspect I’ll be dead and gone by the time you buy a Deus. Probably be a deus lll 🤣. Nobody gunna pry that Excal out your hands!!!
  17. Spank the D2 🙈 Good one Joe. I see you and Mike went out. What did he bring?
  18. No I have not. As a water hunter after knee to thigh deep in the Chesapeake Bay, you can’t see anything and it becomes second nature to know where your coil is. This just stands out a bit in that 2 1/2> 3 foot deep water.
  19. Plasti Dip is my choice. Is very durable but will peel right off without a trace. Comes in several colors like orange, green and white as shown. Also no metals in the paint which is vinyl I believe.
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