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Civil War Relic Hunting


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7 hours ago, JRJR said:

What programs are folks using as a base (of course I know any program will need site specific tweaks) for civil war relic hunting?

Let us know what type of soil you are generally dealing with (mild or hot/mineralized?) - that can help make us make more useful recommendations because frankly I have used Relic, General, Sensitive, and Deep HC as base programs for relic hunting in different soils and situations.

Relic is deep and works for just about every soil situation I've encountered.  I set IAR from 3 to 5 to enable ferrous tones to be differentiated from non-ferrous PCM Pitch tones and an audible threshold setting  I also notch out 00 because of a high pitch tone bug (you will still "hear" it as the threshold will blank) which is usually mineralized ground feedback or tiny ferrous oxides in the soil.  I set sensitivity as high as I can and go with a Reactivity of 1 in open field searching.  I lower sensitivity into the mid-80's and run reactivity at 2.5 or higher in machine gun iron.

I use General as an alternative to Relic in moist fields.  Deep HC as an alternative to Relic for deep, high conductive targets and hot dirt, and Sensitive as a change of pace mode or for searching for high conductors in thick iron.

For the General, Sensitive, and Deep HC base programs I set disc from 7 to 10, use PCM Pitch tones, set Iron Volume to 3, Audio Response to 4 or 5.   I don't use notches on these programs unless I am just going for nickels/high conductors in heavy trash in which case I notch everything up 57, leave a window from 58 to 66, and then notch up to 83 or so.    I set up my custom programs adjacent to one another typically straddling Relic so that I can quickly switch between them to interrogate targets.  As with relic I adjust sensitivity as high as I can for open field searching and set reactivity as low as I can for the conditions at hand (0 to 1 for open fields, low target densities; 2 to 3 for high target densities).  And if I am in machine gun iron, I will lower sensitivity to the mid-80's to lower iron overload/masking and "sift" for non-ferrous masked targets utilizing a high reactivity setting.


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