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The ID Display

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The ID display has a delayed reaction. Seems to be building an average. It doesn’t follow the tone real close. I assume this is to eliminate a jumpy ID. Pros? Cons?

Easy to see in this video. Been posted before.


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  • The title was changed to The ID Display

The lag is probably due to the video and audio not being perfectly synchronized.  Lots of youtube videos have this problem due to less than optimal wireless microphones setups or combining audio from one camera with video from another. 

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Perhaps reactive is a better term. As I understand it, not very well, that’s the difference between a Nox and a D2. The Nox ID changes really quick with the tone, The D2 ID isn’t as immediate, thus less jumpy. The VX9 seems to behave more like a D2.

If you jump to where he’s checking out a target, the tone will be changing a lot, but the ID doesn’t change as much.

I don’t know if there is a pro or con here, just different. Might even be better, less jumpy.


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