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  1. I don’t need to drop the detector in the water.....I hold onto it. i never said it doesn’t float....I said the buoyancy has never bothered me.
  2. I use mine underwater and to be honest, I don’t notice the positive buoyancy.
  3. I don’t normally revive old threads but I thought I’d chime in with my recently purchased MX7. Pros: Consistent Target ID, especially with the 6” concentric coil. Lovely crisp audio that White’s does so well. For me, really well balanced. Great menu layout and sharp display. Solid build with no creaks or wobbles. Strong performance in different ground types. Cons: Nothing so far. The MX7 is a killer unit on our Australian $1 and $2 coins with a TID of 69 and 65 respectively. Most screw caps were 70/71 (which are our nemesis down here). Yes I could have purchased the Equinox (which I have tried) but the MX7 just felt like it suited me better. I will report back if I discover anything I don’t like. How does White’s make detectors sound so good! For me, this is one of the most important aspects to any detector purchase. Tony
  4. Plus Whites state that the hardwired coil gets more sensitivity.........They may well be right on this one.
  5. Hello Mark Gain at max and delay at 10us......plus the extra voltage of course. This is where the extra 1 to 2 inches comes from over the standard pack. I leave the frequency at the 12 position. Stock coil. Turn the threshold down low.....a fraction below where it is heard AND increase the volume. Tony
  6. Yep....the included bag is a complete waste of time.....☹️ The only useful bits are the plastic buckles !! They really should abandon the included bag and discount the detector by the same value.........5c But the included detector is what counts.....?.....and it is totally awesome. Tony
  7. TDI Beach Hunter is next level performance.....I would estimate the TDI has a 20% depth increase (using the 14.8v battery pack) over the Garrett (which I did own some years ago). There is still much to like about the Garrett, especially the battery compartment and swap-able coils and headphones. If you are after outright depth performance then the TDI is a clear winner. Incidentally, I found the depth advantage using the larger coil on the Garrett was only slightly ahead of the 8" Garrett coil (which I much preferred in the shallow water and surf). Tony
  8. Looks like the detector and "Rods" are both "no longer available".......... My BS/scam detector was screaming like a GPX on a manhole cover. Tony
  9. Surely you can by Lithium 18650 cells in Canada ?......correct, they can't be shipped by air from overseas.
  10. Good job Dale.....this is the way to go if you wish to use the standard battery trays and your DIY extra voltage packs. I like to run max power all the time (in the water and on the beach).....I got a second 16.8v pack and will swap out after 6 hours but by then I am pretty much done !
  11. All of the part details and assembly is at the beginning of this thread. The brass terminals are from the electrical section of most hardware stores and the wire and 2.1mm DC "Barrel" connector from electronic stores. I am in Australia but the parts needed should be readily available just about anywhere. Very simple build and soldering. Tony
  12. Here is the battery......https://www.batteriesdirect.com.au/shop/product/27361/licb-18650-4s1p-hc-f.html Here is the charger.....https://www.batteriesdirect.com.au/shop/product/27405/fy1701000-2.1mm.html I hope this helps, Tony
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