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  1. You could probably lose those East/West ribs as well ???
  2. The only adverse effects are probably Minelab's..........lost sales in the M9 😁
  3. I like it ! It makes you wonder why Minelab engineers feel the coil needs all that extra bracing/ribbing (and weight) when it appears that it is not needed. Keep us all posted if there are any adverse developments. I might have to charge up the Dremel ðŸĪ”
  4. I just stuck black electrical tape on the computer screen over the area where the message popped up. I found the white correction fluid got a bit messy. ðŸĪ”
  5. I'm thinking a combination of high sensitivity and regular target detection is most likely the cause of high battery drain. I hunt the beach so where my setup differs from yours is mainly; Lower sensitivity Less target "hits" so less battery energy is needed for the audio and target trace Possibly Prospecting Audio is less demanding on the battery ??
  6. I'm wondering if your reasonably high sensitivity levels are sucking some extra life from the battery ? Powerbank is the way to go.....easy enough to hook one up under the cuff. I'm getting closer to 9 hours run time (two separate hunts) but with sensitivity typically set around 20-21. One last thing....is your ground balance tracking "OFF" ?
  7. It must have been around this time, that upon request, I sent Dave a big box of Western Australian ironstone pea-gravel.....if I recall it weighed about 80 pounds. I think he was in South/North Carolina......it cost him plenty to have it sent via DHL so he must have been serious about something.
  8. I think it's the other way around (well at least here in Australia). All new Coiltek 14" DD coils are named 14" DD GOLDSTALKER SERIES I bought one last year. It had to be ordered in from Coiltek. I always thought of them as a beige colour. On the US websites, I can see they advertise the Coiltek 14â€ģ DD Pro Elite. Are these "new old stock" ??? or will a US buyer receive the one in the photo? I'm sure Coiltek aren't producing both versions.
  9. Just checked the charger I use and it is 3A/5V. I don't use the USB 2A chargers anymore.
  10. I do know for a fact that my battery readout was definitely not as low as yours after 4 hours. Are you getting the full green battery status after fully charging. Check your USB-A specifications to see what sort of power delivery there is. If it's too low then the battery won't get a full charge but the battery status may show it as being "full". The green LED charge light (not the screen battery icon) should hold steady after a full charge. One of my USB-A chargers wouldn't achieve this and showed the blinking green LED constantly.....I think it was delivering too low a charge to fully top off the battery.
  11. I've yet to deplete the battery completely as I recharge after every hunt. I use the M15 and after 5 hours, the battery level appears to have only lost one segment. I'm not sure what that equates to as a percentage. I'm running the light at maximum as that is what I need in full sunshine. I'm confident of getting close to the 10 hour mark based on my observations. I might even go a full hunt and not recharge for the next one but I will bring the powerbank with me in case I run out of juice on the second hunt.
  12. Come on Brad.....I thought you were swinging the manly M15 coil down at the beach and not that wimpy M11 ðŸĪŠ I swung the M15 the other day for about 5 hours and I was pleased that my arm and shoulder survived okay. I was planning to use the counter-weight but completely forgot to use it. Now if Minelab decide to release a roundish M16 coil then I'd buy one straight away !
  13. I have never dug a nail at the beach.......and for that I am grateful 🙂 I will have to see where all the hairpins show up on the screen first. I also dig good sounding signals that connect to the centreline especially if the trace is darkened near the centreline.
  14. Thanks Brad.......you pretty well sum up my feelings regarding the general beach operation of the Manticore. I have negligible "upper" iron targets to trouble me and the bottle-caps are generally dealt with in the lower half of the screen. I have some beach detecting coming up and I'll try with the upper ferrous limits opened up and see what I can discover. I did notice the other day when beach detecting that I had accidentally switched out of All Metal and was wondering why the background threshold was so smooth....almost dead quiet, and then I realised what I had done. I no longer have the Horseshoe icon as my soft key as I must have pressed it unintentionally and dis-engaged AM. Damn this machine is impressive.......I wouldn't have believed the depths attainable for a VLF if I wasn't hearing it for myself.
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