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  1. Absolutely nothing wrong with a manual ground balance 👍 If the ground is highly variable then a bit more tweaking is needed but quite often you will have a better tuned machine over an Auto GB I may be biased as a I drive a manual 4WD with manual windows and manual locking hubs 😳
  2. Hello Paul, Best of success in WA (I think you like our gold😎) I’ll be out most of September with a couple of your fellow hunters from the USA. At this stage, in the Leinster area. Might bump into you at some point in time.. 👍 Tony
  3. So true…… the next time I see an ironstone outcrop (here in WA) that has been struck by lightning, I’ll be sure to take a photo. It can look like a small solidified lava flow 😳
  4. Hello Clive, Loving the Sea Hunter (XL500)……mind you, Eric did a lot of work on it. As you know, the Ikelite cases are bulky but I mount mine like a backpack and forget that it’s even there 👍 Eric made it a Motion detector, upped the pulse rate and increased the pulse width to help capture the bigger pieces of gold. Min delay is 20uS which for me in moving saltwater is the Goldilocks setting. It’s quite a beast and I wouldn’t swap it for anything on the market. Hope you’re having a good summer in the briny 👍
  5. Fisher Engineers to each other: “Looks like the Super Shampoo Stabiliser MK2 was all we needed” 🤔 Probably the best 13 cents you ever spent Clive 👍
  6. Just to lighten up this thread…. GP3500 to SD2100: You tough son of a bitch…….wotcha wearin’ ? SD2100: Full Metal Jacket GP3500: Sssswwwweeeeeeet SD2100: You still da main man though….that GB button is killer GP3500: Yeah but you always got my back if I ever go down SD2100: Thanks Bro……let’s go find some real nuggets
  7. Ooohhh…..those “shark infested waters”…….maybe they will find “snake infested jungle” as well 👍
  8. Sorry no spare vehicle (My 76 Landcruiser is for me)…….I do have a spare SD2100 which means you will find the big ones and not waste too much time chasing the piddly one grammers with the latest machines 😜
  9. Time to go to work…….that’s if I can drive in a straight line 😂
  10. What happens in the goldfields stays in the goldfields 😎
  11. Coffee just blew out my nose……….I just read Gerry’s post and under the PICK section…….on this is priceless. Should do a screenshot before it gets edited. Can you crack a rib from laughing 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Well I have Kiwi neighbours on both sides of my house…….complete with Jandals and Chilly Bins (Simon will understand what I’m saying). It is remote over here……just the way we like it 👍
  13. Meekatharra is not where you would go for a holiday 😳
  14. Okay….where is “there”……Meekatharra or Australia 😂
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