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  1. My cleaning regime after an ocean detecting session is meticulous but I got a little careless when I got home. i always rinse the unit really well at the beach showers and always look for signs of water ingress immediately afterwards and everything checked out fine. When I get home, everything is submerged in a long plastic tub full of warm fresh water where it soaks for about 15 minutes. I also add some mild liquid soap to help get all the salt out of every knock and cranny. I normally add the soap to the bottom of the tub and then blast the water in to get it mixed up......and THEN I place the detector in. Well today, I got careless and placed the detector into the bottom of the tub first and then for some unknown reason, proceeded to fill the tub with heavy water pressure.........yep........the force of the water got past the orange gasket and forced itself into the detector body. Luckily I noticed it straight away and no damage was done at all. I did have to disassemble the whole unit and dried it all out completely. Not too much water got in as you can see in the third photo. The biggest hassle is getting the gasket back on and securing the 8 screws evenly otherwise the gasket can bulge out in a few places. Lesson learnt........go easy with the water pressure when using the snap on hose connector. I’ve only made this mistake once and didn’t get away with it. Anyhow, now you all get to see a disassembled TDIBH. Interestingly, the battery compartment is completely separate from the electronics top half. As far as a waterproofness weakness.....it is the orange gasket but only from high dynamic water pressure. Tony
  2. If you mean depth of water then latest specs have it rated to 1m.....👎
  3. I would back my TDIBH to get that medallion at that depth too. For now, I don’t accept that the AQ is “much deeper” than the TDIBH at 14.4v. From what I have gathered, the AQ is comparable or MAY have a slight depth edge but nothing suggests it is “much deeper”.......for now. Time will tell....and if the AQ is “much deeper” than the TDIBH then there will be no one more happier than me and the current pricing would be somewhat justified. Tony
  4. After conversion and taxes.......these will be about $4500 Australian or the equivalent of 3 TDI Beachhunters. I’m guessing they will sell about one unit based on that price here in Australia. Serious hunters may consider the AQ if there is a significant depth increase over what is currently available........in my opinion, highly Unlikely but I’d be very happy to be proven wrong 👍 Also, if the unit is only rated to 1 metre depth of water........it’s not “if” but “when” the detector will be compromised. For that sort of money....the waterproofness needs to be far better. Look at the Seahunter battery setup.....probably the best going. Tony
  5. Thanks Steve.......good information on that thread ! Tony
  6. Hello all Has anyone come up with a decent design for a coil/loop stabilizer bracket for the Excalibur coil? Because the coil ears are flush with the side of the coil, the standard design doesn’t work (typical Whites style of loop stabilizer) Love the detector but the thin loop bolt provides very little tightness and I’m not going to ruin my coil but over tightening which is futile anyway. Can’t find much on the net which is surprising for such a popular machine. Thanks in advance for any ideas or pictures (even better). Tony
  7. Agree about Alkaline quality. The Varta brand are very good.....always very good voltage and fresh plus I’ve never had any leak on me or die prematurely. I’ve had problems with Duracell and Energizers on a regular basis......these are nearly always made in China or Indonesia. I’m amazed at the Varta price.....it’s possible they are so low in order to get you into the store and get you to buy something else...........Is that why I have 48 hammers ?
  8. Bunnings.......sometimes on special for $5........crazy cheap. Tony
  9. The batteries are Varta......Made in Germany. I should mention that I’m in Australia. 30 cells for about $6 US. Good old Bunnings is where you can get them. The batteries are always fresh stock too 👍 Tony
  10. MX7........very nice detector. I feed mine standard AA alkaline as I can buy a 30 pack of quality cells for less than $10. I always take them for proper recycling/disposal when they are dead. I get 30 to 40 hours of run time on one set.......so that costs me about $2.50. I’m okay with that 👍 Toany
  11. As mentioned in one of my earlier posts and as much as I love my TDIBH........the coil at 12” diameter is just too big in my generally rough ocean conditions....the swell and waves knock it around too much and with zero visibility due to stirred up sand and white water.......anyhow I have managed to secure myself an unused (outdoors) Whites’s Surf Pi Pro that a very nice person called Eric Foster currently owns. It’s had a few changes too by Eric. The unit will be outfitted with a recently hand made coil by Eric......a 10” centre mount / 3 spoke coil (Full epoxy fill so no buoyancy problems) with an inline waterproof connector to be able to swap out coils if needed. The coil is in the style of the old Aquastar detector. Centre mount coils are awesome and are very physically stable. I think the AQ will have such a coil. Eric has tweaked the internals of the detector for better gold response.....I think similar to the mods done by Mr. Bill on the Surf Pi Pro. It will be powered by a 10 cell NiMH battery pack or a 3 cell Lithium pack. I’m not going crazy with extra voltage such as the TDIBH so the standard 12v nominal will be more than adequate. I plan to keep the headphones stock.....I’ve always liked White’s 🎧 Pictures will be added as soon as possible. I was thinking if the Surf Pi Pro is good enough for Steve in Hawaiian conditions then its good enough for me 👍 Tony
  12. Hardcore beach hunting........I like it when sane people are at home with their detectors 👍
  13. If I ever get the AQ then I will “let it off it’s leash”........no discrimination or any setting that will adversely affect performance or run the slightest risk of missing any gold and that includes 24K............why...... because I regularly see large men wearing big gold nugget pendants around their neck and boy or boy that clasp looks flimsy 👍 Many Australian nuggets run over 22K in purity. Fortunately, my local beaches don’t have too much pure iron junk targets so I don’t need to worry about chasing millions of these ........bottle caps and booby pins are an acceptable problem. Tony PS........AQ has to detect my own 18K wedding ring deeper than 18”.......this is the current benchmark with my TDIBH 🏖
  14. That looks like a pro job ! I actually close up my unit with the battery compartment right in front of the cars AC outlet. This way you are getting very dry air blasting into the detector as opposed to a more humid air. I thought why not, especially on those warm and humid mornings down at the beach. You cannot have too much Preventative Maintenance when it comes to the beach and saltwater detectors. Tony
  15. Plasti-dip.........end of story. Apply several layers, whatever colour you want. Very tough and provides a rubberised barrier against anything. It can be cut and peeled off if you ever need to. Buy it in the half litre TIN and paint it on....avoid the aerosol spray version as too much gets wasted. Tony Yellow is my colour of choice.
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