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  1. Agree completely.......maybe the depth results were concocted in a lab somewhere....Minelab don’t need to be economical with the truth as the detectors speak for themselves. I’m also happy to miss smaller ones if I stand a better chance of the bigger ones.......the 2100 and 3500 with the 18” Monos do serve this purpose well. Having said all that.....I would happily swing a 6000 if it was proven that I’ll not give up the chance of missing bigger and deeper ones. Has this been the trend of later machines and their timings ?
  2. I’m hoping that amount was due to COVID and no regular USPS service was available due to very limited flights 😬
  3. Well spotted Nenad......the carbon uppers save quite a bit of weight. I may go carbon on the lower shafts but probably not needed. I’ve got two unused Minelab Super Gold Search 11” monos as well plus two 11” DD coils if needed. Keep the monos on whenever you can.......”go big or go home” 😎
  4. With all this talk about the GPX 6000, I’m staying with my retro detectors. I’ve found teeny ones at depth and bigger ones that took an hour to dig out. Picked up these machines from a retired detecting couple who had them as backups.....they were “new in box”. Totally unmodified except for the external tune pot on the 2100 and regulated power supply. Hooked up to the legendary light weight 18” mono Kevlar coils makes a formidable nugget hunter......no bungee required. Two detectors and six coils for 1/4 the price of the 6000. Then again, my 70 Series Landcruiser has a manual gearbox and you h
  5. Ivanll is legitimate.....have conversed with him a few times. If anyone can get such a machine to Australia then it’s him. He lives in North Queensland, Australia. PS......I don’t have one and most likely won’t. Tony
  6. I have chopped off about 12” of my TDIBH cable.......no problems at all.
  7. Or you could get really serious and just get a very long extension cable and plug into the 240v.....😗
  8. And here’s me going back to a stock battery......well not quite....it’s a 3 x 18650 setup @ 11.1v. In another thread, I mentioned the super hotspot on my TDIBH board when running the 14.4v battery which got me worried. Being sealed up, there's probably less opportunity for the heat to dissipate. Even when opened, the hotspot was severe.....couldn’t touch it for more than a second or so without burning a finger. My depth results were a maximum increase of 2” over the stock battery. In fact, my current 11.1v Lithium setup sits in the middle (depth wise) between the stock battery and my retire
  9. I had one years ago and liked it a lot. Best used on the beach, wet and dry as opposed to the surf. Performance and audio was very good. Indicator lights are a guide only. If it’s a red light only then you are dealing with pure iron targets. Iron alloy targets such as bottle caps will be a yellow light which is also most of your gold rings. Green light is high conductors such as silver rings and some coins. Basically, if it’s anything except a pure red light then you dig ! There is a spring loaded toggle switch that alternates between AM and DISC.....sometimes it doesn’t stay put in
  10. Hello Clive......well thank you for the compliment and maybe your post is a “lightbulb” moment for me. If Fisher needs an AQ user down under then hopefully they will read this thread. I do use the Excalibur for nearly all of my waterwork, which is generally rough salt water work........3 to 4 foot swells are the norm. My problem is with PIs in these conditions is not having the luxury of working signals when simply setting the scoop is a challenge. I use my TDIBH for the exposed wetsand and for that it does very well. I would absolutely love to try an AQ but hunting in my water conditions
  11. The reason why I can’t see myself ever swinging one of these fully featured models is because I will always be wondering if I’ve missed something due to how I’ve set the detector up, a challenging saltwater/blacksand environment or have I swung over a honker 18/22K gold ring that could potentially be blind to the AQ. As a result of all of this, I would have to run it in AM all of the time which means I’ve paid a lot of money for a straight PI. The tech in this detector is really something and I sincerely congratulate the developers behind it but I suspect that there might be a lot of potent
  12. I’d hate to meet the owner of that ring in a dark alley. Wrestled that ring from 5 feet of moving saltwater and took me close to an hour due to being pushed off target continuously by the swell and waves. I nearly gave up a number of times but my stubbornness got me the loot. That’s a sword/scimitar engraved into the ring.......looks like something Jack Sparrow would have lost 🏴‍☠️ I had no need for my weight belt after putting that thing in my finds pouch.
  13. Thank you all for these replies........I’m beginning to appreciate the scope of the AQ’s abilities. Sounds like you can hunt using it like a precision scalpel or just go in like a sledgehammer........this is a good thing 👍 I sure would hate to miss this though......52 grams solid white gold at 18K
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