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  1. I'd say you're right Simon......I'm sure Kellyco got the lot for a lot less than 2K a piece. Still three left so you better be quick 🤣
  2. Yep, 3 hours run time is ridiculous but at least there are solutions to that problem with a DIY battery pack.
  3. Same machine as originally launched.....warts and all. Still several available from Kellyco for "only" $2000. They can/do work but be prepared for potential problems.....all posted on this forum to see. Beta version at a premium price.....don't hold your breath thinking the v2 is on the way. I'd be gobsmacked if Fisher launched a "fit for purpose" AQ.....I'd be as happy as anyone but for now, my 1989 Garrett XL500 Pulse (Eric Fosters personal machine) does the job admirably. Tony
  4. Nice choice of coil....and I'm glad I'm not the only one who struggled with a mono coil on the beach. I ran the Coiltek 14" DD Goldstalker but the flat pan coil really suction stuck to the wet sand and on the dry, the sand would build up on the top of the coil adding weight. The open 18" DD isn't overly heavy and performs very well. Thanks for the reply.
  5. I wanted ask what your coil of choice is for the GPX? I have finally settled on the 18” Detech DD for my GP3500. I persevered with a mono for some time but EMI and that slow salt groaning audio finally beat me. The big DD gives nothing away in depth to my 14” mono but with all the added benefits of running a DD. Happy hunting Tony
  6. Picked up these “new old stock” Tornado 800 coils for $50 each. They are brand new but at some stage I’ll recable them with new cable. The cable looks fine but I’m guessing they are 10 years old. I’ll also shorten them significantly from their standard six foot length. Not taking the chance with possible cable degradation so Joe’s cable epoxy technique will be the go 👍
  7. You're getting soft Joe......7am is early for a water hunt? 😁 Nice hunt though......early starts are soon forgotten when you find gold.....pull tabs and bottle caps not so much. I'm semi retired finally so any early starts are now no longer for going to work but going for gold. Keep well, Tony PS.....digging bottle-caps with an Excal ????
  8. So Minelab set a stupidly high price just so they can offer it on "sale" almost immediately.......geniuses working at Minelab. May as well price it at $658 and then offer the 50% off sale for a limited time.....bargain at $329. If enough people held off buying then the price would soon drop.
  9. US prices might be softened by the very weak Aussie dollar so on paper might seem somewhat okay. 1 Aussie dollar buys just 65 US cents ☹️
  10. I think you're right Simon....I'll have to give the 800 some serious consideration. It's a well proven platform and a bargain compared to the Visa melting Manticore / coil option. The Manticore price I can just accept but the coils are cash cows and I'm not going to be milked. Who knows, if Manticore sales tank then Minelab might bundle an extra coil instead of their crappy pinpointer.
  11. Nice combo for sure.......and sorry to hear about your sciatica as it's a miserable experience.
  12. Couldn't agree more. I was poised to get a Manticore but this is a deal breaker. This is not a case of "cutting off your nose to spite your face" type decision. I just simply refuse to pay these bandits their ransom money. I'm looking for an emoji with the balaclava but no luck yet 🤣
  13. I go with hardwired every time....coils and especially headphones. My conditions are hard on equipment....hunting in 2 to 3 foot breakers will just about force you to hard wire everything.
  14. I have never drilled drainage holes in my lower shafts but it might save a very small amount of weight. I often point the coil skywards and drain what's in there. I have broken a few lower shafts so my way of thinking is I don't need another potential weak spot by drilling holes down there.
  15. Plasti-Dip my beach and water coils / skidplates taped on my prospecting coils.
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