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  1. You can send it to me and I’ll “restore it” with my hammer......🤬
  2. I’m going to hold back what I really want to say because it will probably violate every rule in this great forum. I will say this though....knowingly buying a fake known brand detector only gives the incentive to make more and is another potential nail in the coffin for genuine manufacturers.
  3. I’m glad someone recognised the value of the White’s brand and to let it wither and die on the vine would be unforgivable......Garrett/White’s will be a force to be reckoned with and I’m guessing a lot of consumers will appreciate this loyalty and will be showing their “thanks” via their wallet.
  4. Come on ......It’s the 16th down here.....👍
  5. Yep....1998-1999.......building a house, getting married, first child on the way. The “Cuda” was definitely circling but if I had cast out some bait and snagged one then my wife to be would have taken an even bigger chunk out of my azzz 😂
  6. Jim, I wonder if the fish below would snap up an AQ......👍
  7. Now that was just plain mean of you Jim 😜 I couldn’t get a Barracuda back in 2000 and now can’t get an AQ in 2020 It’s a good thing that my Excalibur has been so good to me 👍 Enjoy your AQ.......or should that be AQ’s Tony
  8. Apologies.....I mistakenly thought the AQ battery was a Lithium chemistry.
  9. That battery needs to be stored well away from anything that could ignite.......outside somewhere safe. Remember the scene in one of the Terminator movies....Arnies battery becomes damaged and very unstable.......
  10. In these photo’s.....you can see Aquaseal over the endcap connection, thread tape for the headphone connection and reinforced headphone cable to spread any flexing load from a sharp angle to a softer angle. My coil has at least 8 coats of Plastic Dip and hasn’t had to be recoated after 3 years....detecting I the water over rocks and reef. Come on summer !
  11. I ended up using plumbers thread tape for the screw connector as it perfectly seals (as it would a tap) and then a small amount of Marine Grease over that general area. I’m trying to avoid constant mating and unmating of the headphone 8 pin connector and your very nice endcaps for the Excal. I’ll probably inspect once a month to check on integrity......somewhat overkill as its designed for submersion but as you well know....you can’t over maintain anything in a saltwater environment.
  12. Agree with the Simon......the Quest Wirefree works perfectly with my Whites MX7 and XL Pro.
  13. Someday we’ll come full circle and have a powerful, lightweight gold machine with a speaker in it........you know, like they used to back in the 70’s and 80’s.......🍺
  14. Thanks Joe.....I’m thinking of making the connection and then coating with Aquaseal or PlastiDip the whole of the outside connector....making it completely sealed from salt and sand as well as only needing to disconnect if required to. Thanks Tony
  15. I’m sure I read somewhere that all of these common connectors (typically for headphones) such as the 8 pin style have a limited amount of mating cycles. Connector integrity cannot be assured after this. I guess there is a small amount of wear and tear on the male/female metal contact points as well as the plastic/rubber moulding that keeps water out. Any views on this? Thanks Tony
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