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  1. It is quite clear that earlier this year they were aware of problems with the 6000 yet they kept selling them.They could have done a recall on whatever run of detectors that were faulty or find out where the problem was during the manufacturing process. But oh no, they chose to keep sending them out and worry about it later at the expense of the consumer. Apparently they need to step up their quality control program and I don't care what the demand was a good company doesn't do that. JMO
  2. Well, back out here today and the 6000 is not working it's doing the same as yesterday. Almost forgot, pushed the power button and it wouldn't come on pulled the battery out and put it back in and it came on. Calling Minelab Monday and having a talk about the problems these detectors are having. Two hundred miles in two days and didn't get to detect. Guess I'll help my buddy dig nuggets like I did yesterday. SMH!!!!
  3. Got my 6000 two days ago and went out today and had a problem with it from the get go and was unable to detect the entire day. A friend had his 6000 and it worked fine. We tried factory reset 5 times, removed the battery and disconnected the coil and it still wouldn't work. Horrible EMI sounding noise and if you barely touched a small plant it got worse and even when you went over any type of rock or a low spot it did the same thing. When we got back to the truck i suggested we try switching coils and both detectors worked as they should when we did. Switched them back and now mine seems to be working correctly.Going back out tomorrow and we'll see how it goes. Sounds like major problems on lots of them. No at all happy with Minelab. Jim
  4. Yea, I've made some deep finds with the stock coil on the Simplex.
  5. Thanks all. If a lawn i detect is "clean" would the 9 inch x 35 be better than the Hf coil? I've got a couple lawns pretty well cleaned up and am now looking to possibly finding deeper targets. Jim
  6. I have just used it 3 times so i haven't really played with it yet. Have run coin fast and coin deep and in my ground if i find a coin in coin deep that is 6-8 inches deep and switch over to coin fast it won't pick it up. I hunt park lawns and vacant lots here in northern Nevada so there is not a lot of iron but pull tabs and various other common trash. So, if i am hunting lawns that don't have a lot of trash will the 9 inch round work better and go deeper than the elliptical HF coil? Thanks
  7. Been using the Simplex with the SP 24 for a year now and have done really well with it, especially in trashy areas. Just won an xp orx which came with the hf elliptical coil and I just ordered a 9 inch x 35 coil. Detected a couple of places with the orx and it doesn’t seem to separate out the trash that is close to a coin like the Simplex. I’m wondering if the x35 coil I’m getting can be setup to do as well as the simplex in trashy areas. Thank, Jim
  8. Yea, Steve i did and won an XP ORX detector with the 9.5x5 elliptical coil. That's why i've been asking questions about it. Jim
  9. Looking for some user settings for coins and jewelry in parks and any tweaks in the two gold settings for small nuggets in mineralized ground. Thanks, Jim.
  10. Sixth times the charm. What a bad setup. Had to use my halogen flashlight to “really” see the pads. Thanks, Jim.
  11. Tried it 5 times I’ll try again. I can see the pins on the butterfly clip going into the pads on the coil. Jim
  12. Rick, where did you have to send it to? Jeff, The coil battery icon shows only 1/3 charged, tried the 2 different charging cables, the detector is brand new but i suppose i could try cleaning. Jim
  13. Just got a XP ORX with the 9x5 HF coil and the coil battery won't charge. The control battery charged up fine but when i try to charge the coil battery the light on the coil blinks every three seconds like it is charged when it is only 30 % charged. The light never stayed on continually like it says in the manual when i first hooked it up and yes i have it hooked up the right way. Thanks, Jim
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