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  1. Well, here's mine. Not big like some find , but i like them. Jim
  2. Yes, the 10x5 Coiltek coil works good in areas that are brushy and or rocky by being able to get under or between things. It also is lighter and makes the detector feel better to me. My whole point is that it is not any better than the factory 11 Inch at finding any size gold. I know there is always lots of hype on new releases of detectors and coils, but not the case on this coil. JMO. Good Luck, Jim
  3. GotAu, Didn't have the Coiltek when i found that patch. As i said before, anyone expecting to find more gold where they've already gridded with the 6000 and stock 11 coil is going to be disappointed. Hope you get a chance to do what you suggested now that you have both coils. Good Luck, Jim
  4. Got AU, Yes,detected the patch with the 11 weeks ago and dug up the 18. Ridge Runner, Found the patch weeks ago so didn't have the Coiltek to go over it before the 11. Maybe would have found them all with the Coiltek, but several were quite deeep so who knows. Just saying what i think and not knocking the Coiltek. Jim
  5. I don't agree with the posts about the coiltek coil being better than the stock 11 inch. Last week i did a test comparing the two coils and found the coiltek no better than the 11 in finding small or any size nuggets. I went to a patch where i found 18 various size nuggets which i had gridded with the 11, North South and East West. The area i found the nuggets was approximately 80ftx60 ft. I gridded the same area with the Coiltex North South and East West and only found 3 small nuggets that were between two bushes and two rocks that were too narrow for the 11 to go in between. The whole rest of the area didn't produce any targets whatsoever which in my mind shows the Coiltek is not any better than the stock 11 in finding any size nuggets. I go along with that it works good in brushy areas or where you need a narrower coil to find nuggets in tight spots. If you think you're going to find nuggets in beat out patches the only way that is going to happen is if someone else didn't get their coil over them. Of course this is just my opinion after doing my test. Good Luck, Jim
  6. Has anyone done an in the field depth test between these two coils? Not buried items. Jim
  7. Do you have this poll setup where an individual can only vote once? If not someone could skew the results by voting who knows how many times.
  8. I always fill up at half a tank that way i don't get as much of a shock. Jim
  9. After reading Phrunt's post about his problems with the 6000 and several people giving him grief about what he is saying about Minelab, i for one totally agree with him as Minelab knew there were problems with the 6000 back in late APRIL or May last year and i had two replaced with the third one working as it should, so far. I think him bringing up the issues is totally right. Jim
  10. Hope you have better luck than i did. I had to send two back and thankfully the third one they sent is working properly, so far! I think the build quality is probably ok, but to me the quality control part of it is really not very good. Good Luck!!
  11. I use the Avantree Torus NB05 wearable speaker phones that go around your neck. I wear a windproof sweatshirt that has a hood and pull the hood up and tie it. If the wind is really bad i pull out the ear buds and put them in my ears and put the hood up also and have no problem hearing the quietest signal.
  12. Would like to see you do another test of the Legend after downloading the 1.07 update. Everything I’m reading seems to point to the 1.07 update making a huge difference. Also possibly use all the same size coils. Jim
  13. Already have the orx and the 6000. Thinking about selling the orx and getting the Legend if it is as good as the orx and 800 on small gold nuggets. Hopefully someone will post a live comparison hunt. Jim
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