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  1. I always fill up at half a tank that way i don't get as much of a shock. Jim
  2. After reading Phrunt's post about his problems with the 6000 and several people giving him grief about what he is saying about Minelab, i for one totally agree with him as Minelab knew there were problems with the 6000 back in late APRIL or May last year and i had two replaced with the third one working as it should, so far. I think him bringing up the issues is totally right. Jim
  3. Hope you have better luck than i did. I had to send two back and thankfully the third one they sent is working properly, so far! I think the build quality is probably ok, but to me the quality control part of it is really not very good. Good Luck!!
  4. I use the Avantree Torus NB05 wearable speaker phones that go around your neck. I wear a windproof sweatshirt that has a hood and pull the hood up and tie it. If the wind is really bad i pull out the ear buds and put them in my ears and put the hood up also and have no problem hearing the quietest signal.
  5. Would like to see you do another test of the Legend after downloading the 1.07 update. Everything I’m reading seems to point to the 1.07 update making a huge difference. Also possibly use all the same size coils. Jim
  6. Already have the orx and the 6000. Thinking about selling the orx and getting the Legend if it is as good as the orx and 800 on small gold nuggets. Hopefully someone will post a live comparison hunt. Jim
  7. Has anyone seen or heard how well the Legend does on gold nuggets as compared to the 800 or the ORX. I've been looking around the net but haven't really found anything yet. Thanks, Jim
  8. In my above post i see i misspoke. I said ground balance instead of noise cancel, still old school thought process i guess. Jim
  9. In response to Steve on what was going on with the detector. Imagine the worst possible EMI and going over hot rocks at the same time and then having the detector go back to perfectly normal after a few minutes and doing this all day long. If anyone would like the videos of the problem pm me with an email address or cellphone number and I’ll get them to you. Just so everyone knows there was no EMI, airplanes flying overhead and no cellular towers in that area. Factory reset numerous times, ground balanced numerous times, quick track numerous times and adjusting sensitivity from lowest up to auto 2. I told DC the same and also sent them the videos in hopes it might help them to identify the problem. Jim
  10. I really like how the 6000 finds small gold when it is working correctly. Hopefully my third one will operate correctly as it is a gold finding machine. Jim
  11. My first 6000 was faulty out of the box which they replaced with a new one. I've had the new one for 21 days and probably used it 8 days before it went bad. When i was boxing it up to ship back i heard something rattling inside of it, not good. In researching i found that they've known them to have major issues since March or April, yet they have refused to address the issue with a production stop or at least look at the different production runs and recall those units. I think when it's all said and done there will be a substantial number of them that are faulty worldwide. As it stands now, Detector Center states that there is a" temporary" 10- 14 day time frame for repairing them. My bet is that it's not going to be temporary. If this failure rate continues there may be grounds for a worldwide class action lawsuit, who knows. Oh, and i owned a business for 40 years. Not a very smart way to run a business. JMO.
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