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  1. hi all i just got a Vanquish 440 & took it down to my favorite super trash infested freshwater beach well i have used the nox here so good time to test the Vanquish when i first started out it chattered a lot due to the blanket of nails & bottle caps & heavy minerals (but it wasent picking the bottle caps up πŸ˜ƒ) thats a good thing well i hunted a bit & the only thing i could do to calm her down was lower the sensitivity to around half as there's not to many adjustments to work with . the nox has quite a bit more control as i hunted i got more used to th
  2. well yesterday i went out for a bit it was a bit hot 107 but i just scored a gp 3000 & i needed to give it a test run so i took it to a place thats all worked out .... ever heard that before? well before i melted totally i scored this 1.8 gram nugget great start its dam hot out there be very careful
  3. rip reg celebrate his life he will be missed
  4. i have a pair of tony phones for my nox there GREATπŸ‘Œ his service is the best bar none
  5. the beach has been there for a number of years it will be there when you arrive no worrys 😎
  6. i sold the cz to rick & have had it in the fresh water diving no leaks ..... i dident use the pinpoint button ez to pinpoint in discriminate feel free to give me a ring & i can tell you more about your machine walt 928-715-5324 az time
  7. steve on the nw side of the pier at kings beach theres a iron pipe running along the pier length lots of good stuff there back in the day when i hunted there πŸ„β€β™‚οΈ silver coins & gold rings good luck
  8. just to add a little thing turn off your cell phone the nox dont like it 🎧
  9. i also enjoy the tracker 4 😷 its my grab & go
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