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  1. well said steve lets get back to enjoying it all stop the drama get back to swinging whatever you enjoy
  2. this is a bit off subject but for cpt_ghostlights no 1 likes kale heres a pro tip when your cooking your kale put a bit of coconut oil in the pan. it makes it ezer to slide in the garbage 🤣
  3. on the orx i use 74 or 31 depending on the soil im still learning the orx i think the monster is a bit hotter its found me lots of nuggets
  4. the Coiltek Platypus 12x8 DD worked great on my minelab extreme & its waterproof
  5. i own a makro gold kruzer & find it a very good machine coil selection is good it will find small gold & doubles as a good coin & jewelry machine & is waterproof to 15 feet makros service is second to none but i still find myself grabbing my gold monster both have found small nuggets there just different ducks
  6. if you need a spring clip let me know & ill send you 1 in the mail feel free to give me a ring 928-715-5324 az time walt
  7. get a stock coil ask on the classified mabie someone has 1 laying around
  8. that would be the fisher cz 21 2 frequencies 5 & 15 built like a tank ...heavy ...waterproof to 200 feet
  9. i have the vanquish 440 & i love it 🎧 i think you would too
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