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  1. howdy im originally from Chicago but have been in the west for 45 years i hate snow lol welcome to the fourm
  2. rob ive used a sdc 2300 at the basin with good success coil on the ground /set your sensitivity at 4 go slow hunt the drywash piles & recent digs feel free to give me a ring & ill try to help you 928-715-5324 in in golden valley walt
  3. welcome your in the right place good group here 😎
  4. i have a multi kruzer & its a good machine it can be a bit sparky but you can control it with the shift on the fly settings it can have great depth & the id is good to around 6 inches + also its water proof to 16 feet so far in my hot az ground its a winner a bit like having a fisher 1266 / fisher f75 / t2 / gold bug pro on 1 stick
  5. makro multi kruzer good to Fully submersible up to 5 meters (16.4ft.)
  6. i love my rnb on my 440 its a major improvement run time is excellent worth every penny 🤞
  7. im met jp in Stanton AZ many years ago & found him to be a real gentleman & a wealth of knowledge he took the time to help me a real prospector
  8. hi all i just got a Vanquish 440 & took it down to my favorite super trash infested freshwater beach well i have used the nox here so good time to test the Vanquish when i first started out it chattered a lot due to the blanket of nails & bottle caps & heavy minerals (but it wasent picking the bottle caps up 😃) thats a good thing well i hunted a bit & the only thing i could do to calm her down was lower the sensitivity to around half as there's not to many adjustments to work with . the nox has quite a bit more control as i hunted i got more used to th
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