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  1. the Coiltek Platypus 12x8 DD worked great on my minelab extreme & its waterproof
  2. hi all i have a very nice airline by jsink hookah diving system for sale 2.5 hp Honda motor / 30 feet of air hose/& regulator / dive vest & float tube. ready to dive. this is in good used condition new these are around $2600.00 im asking $600.00 cash must be able to pick up in the kingman az area to big to ship call 928 715 5324 for more info
  3. i own a makro gold kruzer & find it a very good machine coil selection is good it will find small gold & doubles as a good coin & jewelry machine & is waterproof to 15 feet makros service is second to none but i still find myself grabbing my gold monster both have found small nuggets there just different ducks
  4. if you need a spring clip let me know & ill send you 1 in the mail feel free to give me a ring 928-715-5324 az time walt
  5. get a stock coil ask on the classified mabie someone has 1 laying around
  6. that would be the fisher cz 21 2 frequencies 5 & 15 built like a tank ...heavy ...waterproof to 200 feet
  7. i have the vanquish 440 & i love it 🎧 i think you would too
  8. heres what i have to say about thesed i have a few words to say about makro/nokta service i got a water leak in my gold kruzer i called andy at the service center USA & he said that i should fill out the form on the nokta website under service very nice guy very helpful andy called me back in short order & said nokta said to send it in so he could inspect the damage with in a few days he called me back & said the was diffidently water damage & he was going to send me a new control box less than a week i have a new unit & im back in bushiness i cant say enough praise about nokta/makro & andys service great people to do business with they really care about there product thanks so much im of to find some gold walt
  9. the coil from the xterra is not interchangeable with your gpx dont go there
  10. the sweet pinpoint spot in the kox is 2 inches back from the front tip under the minelab welcome back
  11. howdy im originally from Chicago but have been in the west for 45 years i hate snow lol welcome to the fourm
  12. rob ive used a sdc 2300 at the basin with good success coil on the ground /set your sensitivity at 4 go slow hunt the drywash piles & recent digs feel free to give me a ring & ill try to help you 928-715-5324 in in golden valley walt
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