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Yes the site has updates regularly, but none I don’t know about... I have to load them. The fact that I and nobody else is reporting this problem is a rather large clue. The site is running fine for me on six different devices and several different browsers. You probably have a caching issue. The gallery went away a year ago.

You mentioned everything but trying another browser.

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Problem solved, I think.
I'm using Firefox, which like most browsers has a 'page zoom' feature, using "ctrl +" and "ctrl-" to enlarge/shrink the text size. It would appear my machine has decided to permanently remember a 'zoom out' setting for detectorprospector, not globally for all websites, and it remembers it even when it's shut down and restarted - which it's never done before. I zoomed in, to what I assume is 'normal', and it seems to have stuck with it so far.
This explains why the saved page loaded OK, as it's not on www.detectorprospector.com, it's on my C: drive.
It doesn't explain the .css file effect I discovered, that's too mysterious.

I found a few references to this effect on the web, with the question "how do I stop it doing this ???" , so it's not unique to me. One answer is to go into the browser settings, and edit Max -Zoom and Min-Zoom to "100", then it should always stay at 100%, regardless.

Thank You for your thoughts.

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I'm pretty sure FireFox never used to remember the Zoom setting, especially if you actually shut down the browser, or the entire computer. But having experimented with it now, it seems to do it consistently. I've no idea what zoom setting I have, though, there isn't any indication I can see?
Delving into About:Config shows the standard settings are zoom levels of:
0.3; 0.5; 0.67; 0.8; 0.9; 1.0; 1.1; 1.2; 1.33; 1.5; 1.7; 2.0; 2.4; 3.0
so I guess I had 0.67 set, I've no idea why.
It doesn't remember zoom levels of individual images, though. I use it sometimes on Geotech1, where people often upload small images, and if you close a tab, then re-open it, it reverts back to 100%. That's the kind of inconsistency that throws me. Likewise - if you get some stupid 'out of date security certificate' nonsense, and you add an exception, it only does it for that one page, not the whole site, pretty irritating. Yet this 'remembered Zoom' seemed to apply to all the detectorprospector site, not just that one page I was viewing. Pfft.

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I looked over one of your advertisers web sites -- Wayrates, and may be interested in a few items, BUT, they have almost No specs for their clothing, I mean basic things like often not even the material something is made of.!

For their sake and yours for ad revenue, Please make them aware that most guys like me and others will not even think of ordering something with only photos and almost nothing else as a description.

Pants especially need info like --

Material type -- Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Blend, Etc. weight of material would be great also.

Details on Pockets -- Size, Number, Locations, Closer -- Zipper, Velcro, Button, None,  Material - Mess, Etc.

Leg Closers -- None, Draw String, Velcro, Button.

Belt Loops -- Number and Size.

Knees -- Plain or Double Layer, or Padded.

I'm Not trying to be an Ass, Just hate when companies make basic mistakes.




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They are not “my” advertisers. You are looking at ads served by Google, and the ads you see are not what other people see, but are based on whatever info Google has about you, if any. So feel free to contact them if you wish, but I have nothing to do with them or even know who they are.

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I guess I don't understand how that works. Google is the search engine but the ads are all over Your Website, I hope that You get paid for them to be here?

Do you get paid Per Click perhaps?

Just trying to help not be a Pest.

Keep up the good work, maybe some day will will meet, would love to enjoy a few days detecting with another Enthusiast.



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I'm really struggling with making posts here that work properly. I've always had problems getting hyperlinks to work, they seemed to link back to the forum, and not the proper destination, but with some investigation, I was able to edit them to make them correct.
Then the forum changed the way it works, and all my techniques failed again. I found that it would in fact (usually) somehow magically recognise a website address and make the hyperlink for me. So I think I have that one under control...
but masses of other things don't work at all now, when they did in the past. I can't fathom out how to change the colour of text. For example if I've cut a quote from someone else, I want to change the text to blue, so I enclose it in the 'color' tags, et voila. Except not now. Likewise I'm trying to type the squared / cubed superscript, for example " three squared equals nine" in maths. I've entered 3[sup]2[/sup] = 9  and it just gets ignored. And I wanted to highlight a few words in a sentence, so put [b] 'bold' tags around the words, and nothing happened.
Is there some option in your 'control panel' , Steve, that enables/disables what I think is usually knows as "BB code" ?
I've scoured the website and I can't find any user guide to posting. There's only 9 options available on the top menu, where's all the others? It suggests ( when I hover the mouse in the right place) that holding down the 'ctrl' button and 'right-clicking' should offer up some choices, but it doesn't, just 'paste'.
Does anyone else here have any ideas? I'm not a computer novice, if I can find a guide, I can learn it. It's just frustrating that whatever works just fine on every other forum ( even Tom D's very dated one ) doesn't work on this presumably up-to-date one.

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OK, after hours of frustration, I'm getting SOMEWHERE.

I said I only had 9 options at the top of the post box . Well just out of curiosity, I shrunk down the text size of my browser using ctrl &- , and surprisingly a load of new options appeared, there's about 15 of them in total now, including text colour and text font size, so that's a start. Shrinking things down further doesn't make any more appear. This seems a pretty poor job from the forum software, that it won't work properly on a perfectly normal monitor size.


Second discovery: I've tried to find out which version of 'Invision Community'  forum this is, but failed to locate it anywhere ... but assuming it's the latest version, it turns out that IT NO LONGER SUPPORTS BB_CODE AT ALL, not a sausage. Hence why [color=blue] , [url] , [sup] etc are completely ignored. Posts of mine from the end of August worked fine with bb-code, but sometime in Sept it stopped. This does raise the question : Why do old posts with bb-code in them still display OK , if new ones don't? I dunno.


While I couldn't find a user guide to posting on here, it appears it uses something called "CKeditor", so I'm going to look on their website and see if I can find a page on how to use it, I'll post it up if I do, it would be useful to everyone, I'm sure.

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