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  1. First Find With The 600

    WOW, great find for first time out with the 600
  2. Battery Replacement

    No problem, if you have not noticed yet the manual can be downloaded here https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/326548/4901-0249-1 Inst. Manual, EQUINOX 600 800 EN.pdf Lots of info posted on the pinned post at the top of the state page.
  3. Battery Replacement

    Morning, from the manual Battery Maintenance Lithium-ion battery performance may degrade if unused for long periods of time. Fully charge the battery at least once every 3–4 months to prevent this from occurring. Even with correct care and maintenance, Lithium-ion battery performance reduces over time with normal use. Therefore the battery may need to be replaced every few years. Replacement batteries can be supplied and installed by an Authorised Service Centre.
  4. Equinox Lands In Canada

    Thanks Phrunt for the offer, but I will pass. The ground is going to be frozen up this way for awhile yet, so am not in to much of a rush.
  5. Equinox Lands In Canada

    Thanks, have fun with it, from what I have been reading this evening people that have been detecting for many years are being totally amazed at this machine. Hopefully I will get mine before the end of March, with enough time to play with it before the thaw....
  6. Equinox Lands In Canada

    That's great, congrats. That's a start anyway, I have a feeling they will be more numerous in shipments in the coming weeks. I take it that you picked it up at Radio World. Did they let you know how many were on order from there? Just trying to get a handle on where I might fall on the list, ordered mine from GPS Central in Calgary and they would receive theirs from Radio World
  7. When Will There Be An Overstock Of The 800?

    Do you have a crystal ball handy lol
  8. Equinox Caught Fire & U Started It

    Hey I was wondering where that third manual was lol... Thanks Gerry, very well laid out.
  9. Interesting... Have found manual # 2 .... only difference to manual # 1 is that # 2 has page numbers, manual # 1 does not. Where is manual #3?????? and the missing page 47?????? lol
  10. Equinox Battery Life Test

    Don't know if anyone has noticed yet or maybe I have not seen it posted yet but the size of the EQ battery is 5000mAh, according to the machine stats. Most charging/run batteries are over this size and I believe anything up to 22000 0r 26500mAh can be legally transported on aircraft In carry on baggage. The battery in the Equinox (5000mAh) because it is part of the machine and under the limit of 100Wh can be transported in carry on or in checked baggage.
  11. So What Is Gold Mode Exactly?

    Thank you for the well thought out explanation Steve. As I have found in the last while as a member new to this game, you have a way of cutting out the chaff and getting to the nitty gritty of the issue. I have learned a great deal more from your posts, not just about the Equ but on the subject of metal detecting itself, than from just about anywhere else I have tried to find info on the subject. Thanks for the great explanations and keep up the good work....
  12. A post from one of the Admins on the Minelab Equinox Worldwide Users site, states that, the equinox has already started worldwide shipping. This was as of yesterday morning in a response from Minelab to an inquiry on the subject.
  13. Hi everyone , I am new to this sport and forum. Have been lookin around here for awhile, some great info here. Just thought I would let you all know that some of the UK sites are showing that the Equinox is expected to show up on there shelves sometime in December. I hope that helps alleviate some of the depression that is showing up due to lack of a firm release date. I to have the 800 on pre order but the ground up here will be frozen until sometime in late March early April. I'm hoping to have mine well before then. Cheers