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  1. That's what the dolly is for. Best for front-wheel-drive cars. We'll tow our car when we go on extended trips so we have an easy way to set up camp with our Motor Home, but be able to jump in the car and go to the store, or do other things without having to break camp and button up the Motor Home each time. Best thing is that by towing with only the rear wheels on the road, the odometer does not increase!
  2. I got tired of having to load up the car to travel to distant hunts...staying in hotels, and eating in restaurants. Pain in the butt! So, I had to see if my young son would take to a "camping" lifestyle and not just complain about not having wi-fi for his games, I took him to an club sponsored MD Treasure Hunt near Tulsa in a rented Class C Motor Home. It was pretty beat up, but everything sort of worked, so we'll see. He absolutely ate it up! Loved the camping aspect and the Kids Hunt and was disappointed after two days to have to go home. (I cleaned UP on Silver halves and quarters o
  3. Big Brown Truck made my day yesterday. Much earlier than expected delivery from my dealer! Silly how some little things can make what was a trying day turn into dancing in the living room! ? Going out this afternoon to deflower the coil! Woohoo...!
  4. Steve, I feel your pain. Circumstances here at Tinker have kept me away from my MD for months. Only out once local in since October, and just for a few modern coins. They have control burned a lot of areas on base this last couple of weeks, so the tall 3ft grass is down to nubs which is great because a lot of the areas burned were the old housing areas that we have discussed hunting previously. Sometime in the next few weeks, I'm going to start hitting those areas and I'll give you a buzz and try to get you up here with me for a day or two. I know you are entering your 'peak' season
  5. Yeah, but the secret alien underground bases probably have trash heaps around...?
  6. Thank you guys for GREAT advice on the seeded hunts! Super info! I'll go with the 11" and use the suggested sensitivity and recovery settings in Park 1. I'll also consider the 10khz single freq option if EMI gets bad. I think they are using painted Wheaties for the Gold Hunt. and Silver coins for the Silver quarter and Half Dollar hunts, so I'll open the range for those and close everything else. My son will be swinging an Ace 300 for the kids hunt, so discrim will just be set to block the crap. Cheers all!
  7. Morels are actually quite easy to identify. The only shroom that some people mistake for morel is one that looks like brains. Other than that one, it's pretty easy to ID the morels...and BOY are they tasty! They are also grossly expensive if you buy them. They can cost as much as $50/lb fresh. Here is a picture of a morel and the other one that some mistake it for. Easy to tell too because the stem of the morel is hollow. False morel stems are solid through. Go hunt!
  8. I've been out of the picture for the last 4-5 months due to winter conditions here in the OKC area and duties as the Senior Spouse for my wife's Military Command on the Base here. Weather is finally moderating and time to start hunting again. I have two questions for you full-timers. 1. I have never been interested in seeded group hunts/tournaments, but my son who is 11 is now going out with me regularly to TH with his Garrett Ace 300, and there is a big annual seeded hunt coming up about a hundred miles from us in April run by the Three Forks Treasure Hunters Club. This would be a f
  9. Most worthless review I think I've ever seen. What's with the comment about the charging cords??!! LOL!
  10. ? When will you people learn. Once you go Mac, you NEVER go back!! LOL! ?
  11. Check this story out. Wish it was me!! https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/09/11/hundreds-of-ancient-gold-coins-discovered-by-workers-building-apartments-in-northern-italy
  12. Updated both my 600 (For sale) and 800 today without any issues whatsoever using Mac OSX. Fast and painless. It provides a warm, fuzzy feeling to know that as Minelab continues to improve the system and add features, that updating will be this easy! Awesome company for sure!
  13. LOL! I remember when tens of thousands of folks went back to Windows 3.11 after the dismal failure of Windows 95! I stuck with Windows grudgingly until they forced Vista on us. Convinced me to try Mac OS, and I've never looked back! ?
  14. Haven't been around for awhile. Busy being a trophy "wife" for my senior commander spouse! That aside, and after many weeks of oppressive heat and humidity here in Oklahoma, the weather has FINALLY moderated, and we don't have to worry about heat exhaustion and melting while outside! So it's getting right on time to attack the ground for her hidden treasures! Have a pretty good plan for initial areas I will be attacking, and more as high grass dies down after the summer. Gotta get ahold of Steve G soon to joint hunt some areas we have previously discussed on Tinker AFB. Loving my 800, and d
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