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  1. I have the Avantree clipper pro it’s low latency, I have used it with my Tony Eisenhower headphones to make them wireless, just plug the phones in and carry it in my pocket, works great and the battery life is a few hours, I’ve been considering trying Bone conducting headphones and would buy a cheaper wired version to use with the Clipper Pro
  2. I find the 906 gives me enough air for shallow diving and adequate battery life, I imagine the 910 would work well too but would use more power. I bought a cheap adjustable regulator on line but you have to change to a lighter spring because of the low air pressure ( 16/17psi) I had to fiddle with it quite a bit to find the right balance. It’s very important to dismantle the pump as much as possible and clean it and smooth out some of the rough castings, you will see a lot of particles inside but it’s a simple job. Before I built mine I searched online for any information on 12v
  3. I used the 906, I found I didn’t need the pressure switch. I also have another hose setup that uses an ordinary snorkel with purge valve, no regulator, just an open system, very easy to breath, only downside is exhaust bubbles are a bit noisy, There is a very bright fellow in Australia that uses the same open system with a full face mask and an Equinox, he does very well with it, check his Youtube channel “Philbo Baggins” Good luck. Note added by Steve Herschbach 11/24/20 - Please read. If anyone builds their own hookah system, please keep in mind you are putting air in your
  4. I have built a couple of 12v hookahs, the latest is similar to the Blue nemo, It works fine for shallow diving to 15ft, I use a small 7.2ah battery that gives me an hour, I have 2 batteries in the group 24 battery case I use to contain the unit and change when needed, it works fine but if the Nemo had been available at the time I would have bought one. The photos show the hookah and the cooler float I use also the inflatable dry bag that holds wallet, keys, glasses etc.
  5. I bought the Neewer monopod and after some thinking about the adapter, I came up with my solution, I had some 1in rifle scope rings and thought they might work but they were too small so looked online for 30mm rings( a tad big ) , ordered a set for$19.00, made an adapter plate of aluminum and set about putting together something that works, the arm rest is PVC that I put on a piece of aluminium tube that I split and used fillets of JB weld to attach, will make a rest later. because the rings were a tad too big I used a couple of wraps of hockey stick tape( great stuff, use it on my scoop handl
  6. I had the Scubatector, it was a very good product, no issues at all, sold it when the Pulsedive came out, another great product, I also have the Quest Xpointer pro and it’s my go to Pin Pointer, waterproof, rechargeable, multiple modes and adjustments and a very reasonable price, 2 years no issues,it’s too bad they abandoned the North American market.
  7. Thanks for the great write up Sven, mine is running 2.77 as well, I like it, works well with stock coil in my area,I even took it out under power lines to try and was able to detect no problem. I will probably get both coils when available,I can see keeping the 81/2 on most of the time. Was out to a school yard today I’ve hunted a few times and came away with six dollars, loonies, toonies and quarters seem easy to find pennies too, dimes and nickels seem elusive, as are gold rings lol. I find myself grabbing the Simplex more than my Nox and Anfibio, it’s just fun easy to run and
  8. I’ve put together a couple of 12v units, used for sailboat maintenance, some recreational diving and metal detecting, the latest runs approximately an hour on a small 7amp battery, I have two in the case, so switch out if needed, works fine for me, I use it in less than 10ft, I think the Nemo would be a great little unit though, better than my DIY. I think the biggest danger of shallow water diving is getting hung up in fishing line, make sure you can cut yourself free.
  9. Thanks guy’s, just what I needed. Really enjoying your old Anfibio Sven!
  10. I use a floating dry bag when water detecting or snorkeling, it holds my electronics, wallet, shoes and glasses, it has two air bladders and works like a charm, tethered to my belt, if snorkeling I use a longer tether.
  11. Does anyone know what the waterproof plug Nokta uses for the headphones is, I have a pair of Tony Eisenhower headphones for my Nox 600 and want to convert them to Nokta, they are much more comfortable than the Nokta waterproof’s, Thanks
  12. I was told by Nokta that they are not compatible, too bad as I have both the 7 and 9in concentric, the 9in stays on my Anfibio most of the time.
  13. I keep the 9in concentric on my Anfibio most of the time, I also have the 7in but I agree that the 9in is a great all around coil. I hope it will be available for the Simplex.
  14. I’m waiting for my Anfibio multi to arrive and was curious if anyone has tried wireless earbuds with the Nokta detectors, I have an equinox 600 and use them sometimes, also an Avantree clip on transmitter with my Tony Eisenhower Waterproof headphones, it’s nice to have options, would also like to make an adapter so I can use Tony’s headphones underwater with the Anfibio.
  15. It’s the Avantree Clipper Pro model BTHS-AS7 . I bought it off Amazon.com
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