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  1. I was told by Nokta that they are not compatible, too bad as I have both the 7 and 9in concentric, the 9in stays on my Anfibio most of the time.
  2. I keep the 9in concentric on my Anfibio most of the time, I also have the 7in but I agree that the 9in is a great all around coil. I hope it will be available for the Simplex.
  3. I’m waiting for my Anfibio multi to arrive and was curious if anyone has tried wireless earbuds with the Nokta detectors, I have an equinox 600 and use them sometimes, also an Avantree clip on transmitter with my Tony Eisenhower Waterproof headphones, it’s nice to have options, would also like to make an adapter so I can use Tony’s headphones underwater with the Anfibio.
  4. It’s the Avantree Clipper Pro model BTHS-AS7 . I bought it off Amazon.com
  5. I have an Avantree clip on blue tooth adapter it’s low latency that I use with my Tony Eisenhower waterproof headphones also some waterproof earbuds, just put it pocket so it stays dry, works well.
  6. I was told by Nokta that the Simplex will NOT be able to use the Kruzer/Anfibio coils. I hope the volume is adequate, I’m going to try to get an adapter cable so I can use my Tony Eisenhower headphones that I use with my Equinox.
  7. I was told by Nokta that it would be released with the stock coil and one more coil will be available sometime, didn’t say what size or kind, was hoping there would be more selection.
  8. I can see a Simplex and a Pulsedive in my future! I was thinking of the Anfibio 14 but I like the simplicity of the Simplex.
  9. I would like to see and hear more about your conversion, looks great, but didn’t quite understand what was involved with the parts and process
  10. Looking forward to hearing more about this machine, I’m planning on getting one as soon as they are available.
  11. I’m considering buying an Anfibio multi and am wondering about it’s abilities in and around saltwater, I know it has a beach mode but do you have to lower the sensitivity much to get it stable? I have an Equinox 600 and it’s a great machine except I live in Canada and find it frustrating on our clad coins, I’ve heard the Anfibio does well on it, the 600 is great in many ways but my buddy finds way more clad with his AT gold but can’t go near the salt, I have used the 600 snorkeling and would also dive with the Anfibio, the fact that it is rated deeper is a bonus along with the collapsible shaft. Anybody have experience with one.
  12. Thanks Ram mounts are used for mounting cameras and fish finders on Kayaks or gps on motorcycles etc, lots of uses, lots of selection.
  13. I was thinking about a simple counter weight for a detector that was easy to attach or remove and thought that a Ram mount might work, they come in different lengths, the one pictured is 31/2 in and I have 4oz fishing weight in it, it is very secure, takes seconds to attach, a 6in might be better but I’m sure that with a bit of thought a system could be put together that works well.
  14. I’m new to detecting, about 6 months, I bought an Equinox 600 and it’s a great detector, But wanted a simple machine to keep in the truck for when opportunity arises for a quick hunt and wanted something that works on our horrible Canadian clad, research pointed me to the inexpensive Compadre, couldn’t be happier, love using it, always puts a smile on my face and it does finds the goodies!
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