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  1. Quarters are acting funny in the salt water. waist to chest deep ive been digging repeatable targets..... that are very weak. They turn out to be quarters...... shallow ones 4 or 5 inches. So..... im wondering.... were they on edge is the reason no one got them or is there another reason? Shameful how recently being on some of the forums requires a very thick skin. As far as the Deus.... im a lot more concerned with the number of Noxs that might make it to the beach in Fl next winter lol. It may or may not be one of the best water machines..... but it holds it own its cheaper and how about that warranty?
  2. dewcon4414

    Minelab Equinox Accessory Pricing

    Id buy a 9"....... well provide ML learns how to measure. I seem to remember their 8" was 7 1/4". We tend to loose an inch or so on each end of those coils on deep targets.... so id think it would really work a trashy area even in the water. We have 4 distinct modes on the 800.... each could benefit from certain coil sizes and types.
  3. dewcon4414

    Minelab Equinox Accessory Pricing

    Theres going to be one......... thats about it. Let me also say if ML just comes out .... or should i say ever comes out with the 6 and 15, i think they are shorting us if they dont think about other coils sizes and shapes.
  4. dewcon4414

    Cheap Carbon Fiber Shaft

    Duke.... i get those bolt from any hard ware store and honestly the smaller the better. The disadvantage of the bolt Duke is you dont have the adjustment you do with the plunger lock. Use a double spring clip or the bolt same same. I put my bolt thru the side. ML pretty well gave you everything...... lower shaft....... handle........ and cuff. All ya need is a 36" piece of CF .... about $50 and you are on your way. Im using one of Pete andersons complete shafts for my Nox..... not seen much needing improving. The coil stays good and tight...... ive always liked their lower shaft heads better the ML.... not quite as soft and he gives ya a nylon double spring button.
  5. dewcon4414

    Cheap Carbon Fiber Shaft

    A lot will depend on the length the lower shaft goes into the upper. Im assuming most will just order a 36" piece of CF and use the ML lower which is 24"..... as a cost saving measure. The Plunger locks to have some wabble to them and ive had a few break since there is a notch there. I use a long piece of CF which allows me to just use a nylon bolt. In the water you have a lot more torque ....... so if there isnt much lower into the upper more movement at the coil...... id use the double spring clip or a nylon bolt to further eliminate movement. Land guys...... wont have the same problem.
  6. Snorkel ready now buddy...... hopefully you can get out farther than we did to pay for them lol. Got to say Keith really takes care of his customers..... and the ML repairs have improved since moving up there. I got my aircraft muffs in the other day for 2 pair of phones. Nice to see ML listened and gave you more cable that doesnt look as stiff. The old ones i was always pulling the phones off my head when trying to put the detector down. You start bringing in the gold with that mask ..... ill have to try it again. Mother nature was fair to me..... im about a foot shorter than you lol.
  7. dewcon4414

    Equinox Beach Finds 10-05-18

    You dont have bottle caps?....... ive dug those babies at well over a foot. ,..... oh and sunglasses its a hole to hell. 6 pair yesterday.
  8. dewcon4414

    Finally Got My Hands On A Production Equinox

    No...... there is a hole for the handle that a nipple on the lower part of it fits into.
  9. dewcon4414

    Finally Got My Hands On A Production Equinox

    Think Andersons shaft........ and save the 3 piece for travel. Even Andersons 3 pieces says ..... not intended for daily use. NSC you are right in the water...... there is a LOT more torque there and wear. Also........ they only used a 1 button spring clip instead of 2 on the slower shaft....... thats going to allow a little movement for the coil..... which will wear the lower lock. MLs handle seems to be a bit off for me..... and ive read others having wrist problems....... Andersons seems to have fixed that too.
  10. dewcon4414

    Finally Got My Hands On A Production Equinox

    I dare say I have as many hours in the SALT water as anyone. Its got a 3year warranty. ... so I dont care....im using it as designed. Nothing made doesnt break. Ive already shown water gets inside the bottom of the handle thru the hole in the shaft. Will it be a problem ... I dont know yet. If you water hunt with any machine expect repairs. But ive paid for mine a couple of times already.
  11. dewcon4414

    Minelab Equinox Accessory Pricing

    What can I say.....I cant tell the difference between Boss speakers and kenwood lol.
  12. Ive got mine in the water most days....... but i dont believe its rated to 20 feet. but not certain which parts is a concern. Ill be surprised if anyone goes that deep and says much about it. Another thing Steve H........ how many $900 water machines have a 3 year warranty?
  13. dewcon4414

    Minelab Equinox Accessory Pricing

    Vez...... are you saying the WM is more real time than the bluetooth? I didnt find a lot of delay in the bluetooth...... ive not used the WM and its a device ill likely never use. Im wired up for water or beach so im good.
  14. dewcon4414

    Minelab Equinox Accessory Pricing

    You can also use the Bluetooth. ... no need for the WM08.
  15. dewcon4414

    First Person To Dive With Equinox?

    Your are talking about the depth i assume because me and a few guys have several hour on our machines with it underwater.