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  1. Waterproof Connections & Sizes

    You tech gurus catch the things that ole guys like me miss. So ..... are you guys saying any additional LIKE devices like headphones will require their own WM08 which must be purchased separately ..... and the max number of WM08's is 4? But you can use say a cell phone and headphones at the same time? I see on page 57 it say ..... "The ML80 can be paired with 2 devices at once so you can also pair them with your smart phone." I guess the last part explains why you cant do two pairs of headphones on the same ML80...... because it shuts off if you get a phone call thus both pairs of headphones cant receive signals at the same time.
  2. Wall Charger?

    You are right Chase...... i like the multi charger USB especially for this machine. I just dont like the clutter of stuff plugged in all over the place or waiting to plug in another. Personally i like this idea and we are leaving some of the old school ideas behind. Cant believe a lot of people are complaining about not having a charger........ most have them all over the house..... if not a $20 would do the trick nicely off freebay.
  3. Waterproof Connections & Sizes

    Another good thing about this machine is ...... the number of devices that can be blue toothed. Add a pair or two of ear buds and the grand kids can take part i what you love to do. Free diggers...... and they can even swing this machine. I dont know how good wireless ear buds are.... but you always have an option of putting gun protector muffs over them. The WM08 and wireless phones may become a problem on salt water beaches if you spend the time i do out there ..... salt water mist works on everything.
  4. Just Called Kellyco

    He had the machine for several months and was in phone and Email contact routinely suggesting changes that the engineers listened to. It wasnt just one version he had a hand in..... takes time to test and rewrite..... then get it back out to him and the testers. This was a very good move for ML and will in fact give us an even better machine.
  5. Equinox Product Release Info Update

    I can tell you the CTX is like Jim Bowers said, swinging a dead cow in the water. I spent 8 hours yesterday with mine.... in swift moving water it wears on you. This machine should be a dream to swing...... unless its got the same drag the CTX coil does. I foresee this machine as being much better at getting the smaller gold the Xcal and CTX just cant see. In the salt water...... i dont believe its going to miss any recent drops or lack the depth that may impress. So the rest is up to your skills.... and its cheaper than both those machines..... with a good warranty. Something else we may see from this machine .... more ladies/kids detecting.
  6. Just Called Kellyco

    Wow, you are right on Steve.... you may never get to test another ML machine lol. So Steve, did they want their machine back? I betting you could rent that baby right now for top dollar...... there would be another line lol.
  7. Just Called Kellyco

    This could get ugly if the machine is just a $900 machine....... nothing special.
  8. Equinox Product Release Info Update

    Norm do some air testing with small gold once you get the EQ ..... you might get a surprise.
  9. Wall Charger?

    Chase..... no, thank you for correcting that..... my fingers didnt type what my brain told them too ..... again lol.
  10. Wall Charger?

    You will find the manual says........ if you use say a computer with a .5v output its going to take 13 hours to charge the battery fully. It also says if it gets to hot it will shut down and may not charge fully. I have one of those USB charger called an anker powerport 4. Its 40w with an output of 2.4v...... but will charge faster. It performs some tests on lith so its more likely to charge, fully charge, and not over heat.... both the battery and connections.
  11. Equinox Screen Glare?

    I hear you on those sun glasses......... being at the beach as much as i am you just need eye protection...... ive adapted to look under them lol. That screen looks great to me turned off. Love those back lights. Used to have a flashlight if i got out there before day light.......now you just have to turn it on to check the target.
  12. Comparison Videos - This Versus That?

    Its like all those detector depth tests....... ugh. You can twist it anyway you want to.......but what ive found is in reality what dont work for you works just fine for me. Id prefer watching videos by guys i know who can get the most out of a machine........ especially doing real hunts...... digging as they go. Bottom line is ...... if this machine works for me and not you ...... hey im good.
  13. Question- Concerning Transferring Power Source

    It does both for the headphones and wireless......... but the machine specifically says it shuts off at some point. Most battery operated devices if plugged in will start charging AND run...... be it AC or DC. If its shut down.... the question will be how long before it will allow you to turn it back on once plugged in? How fast it may recharge depends on the output of your back up to....... if its just a .5 output like some cell phone charger or computers you likely wont get a lot of charge.... but will just be running off the back up. According to the manual...... if you use a USB like a computer it could take 13 hours to recharge.
  14. What Is Your Reasoning For A New Equinox?

    As a water hunter you saw we are a small group swinging detectors. From what i saw ..... and know about detectors this seems to be the best water machine thats came out in a very long time. It also seems to be a very versatile machine. Im looking for one thing..... gold, if it does it better than the Xcal or CTX...... then plan and simple its what i want. It may or may not pan out in other areas....... but it looks like its been tweaked pretty good for GOLD..... raw and jewelry. It can be a pretty good learning tool for young ones interested in the hobby too since it has blue tooth. The price just makes it hard to pass up. Wives ....... chuckle chuckle.
  15. Auto Tracking - Why Only In Gold Mode?

    I noticed for beach it was MANUAL GB......not auto. Is that also because its a locking GB