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  1. I have only hunted with the Equinox once, but reached for that trigger a few times. Put it on the list!
  2. I have the 600 and purchased aptx earbuds from Amazon ($20). They are not LL but I do not notice a lag at all. I bought a pair of low latency over the ear headphones as well, but I think I will end up using the earbuds more often.
  3. Put it on the list for Minelabs next flagship detector...using multi-IQ technology or IQ II. I'd like to see a visualization screen (similar to CTX), carbon fiber shafts, hidden coil wire, etc. on the next one!
  4. This looks like a good haul for your 1st time out with the Equinox! I wouldn't compare it to a machine you know and are comfortable with just yet. Looks like the Equinox pulled you a few rings as well.
  5. Maybe bring the recovery speed and iron bias down, if you want depth and there is not too much trash. I plan on hitting a cleaner beach Saturday for my 2nd hunt. I am going to bring the speed and iron down to the lowest settings on the 600 to see what kind of depth it can achieve. I am liking the aptx earbuds (separate purchase) that go directly in ear...granted you wont be able to hunt in the water above the control/handle. They are plenty loud. Let us know how your next hunts go after your work schedule.
  6. JP.Diggzzit

    1st Hunt With Equinox 600

    It did clean up quite well. Could have been there awhile...1940's and 50's swimming hole/beach.
  7. JP.Diggzzit

    1st Hunt With Equinox 600

    Ohhhh! No it did not turn green. Would it be magnetic at 9k. My cheap magnet doesn't attract it, i have a better one on the way.
  8. JP.Diggzzit

    1st Hunt With Equinox 600

    I was hoping someone would say that. I am still wondering. No markings, although I have a couple gold rings that are not marked. It rang kinda high for gold, mid 20's. I did do acid test and it slowly dissolved at 10k. 9k maybe will ring a little higher? I have not found one. It was heavily tarnished like the silver that comes out of there. It won't go in the junk ring jar just yet.
  9. JP.Diggzzit

    1st Hunt With Equinox 600

    Thanks. Yes, San Diego. We need a storm or at least a good swell to move some sand. This is going to be a fun detector!
  10. JP.Diggzzit

    1st Hunt With Equinox 600

    Thanks. It's speedy in the iron and trash. Separation was good, even with the 11" coil. A few times I thought it was falsing on iron but out popped a coin. I can't wait to hunt with it again. Hopefully Saturday on a cleaner beach!
  11. JP.Diggzzit

    1st Hunt With Equinox 600

    I think I will need to hit some more gold!
  12. JP.Diggzzit

    1st Hunt With Equinox 600

    Thanks. I would do more if I had the patience to edit, upload, publish etc.
  13. I hit a super trashy, saltwater bay beach yesterday after work for a quick hunt. Not my first choice for locations or style of hunting but it is close to my home and I was itching to swing the Equinox. Pulled a few silver coins and very little trash. I prefer eroded ocean beaches with moderate trash. The brass ring had me for a minute...it rang in the 20's, was tarnished but it rubbed off just enough to see a glint of yellow. So far so good! Beach 1 and 2 GB - Auto 0 Sensitivity 18 (mostly) went to 21 briefly 2 tone (reject 20 and under) for cherry picking high conductors in heavy trash Recovery 3 Iron Bias 0 and 1 https://youtu.be/Sq8KV79OtIU
  14. JP.Diggzzit

    Cabelas Has Equinox In Stock Sold Out

    I received my Equinox 600 on the 6th business day from Cabelas. Their website never gave me a tracking # after it shipped. I did use the chat box to obtain the tracking # but it was not available until after a couple days in shipped status. Drop shipped from Minelab Americas, Naperville, IL. UPS ground. I'll never pre-pay/pre-order a detector again. A lot of misinformation from the dealer IME. Will not get into specifics here. Not sure if it was coming from Minelab or if the dealer was just stringing me along...with my $ in his pocket.
  15. JP.Diggzzit

    When Will The Second Batch Arrive??

    We need a big swell or storm in So Cal to move some sand. I was out Saturday with the CTX 3030 and it was bleak. Literally, one zinc cent and a handful of pull tabs and canslaw in 3.5 hours. I have a few real trashy saltwater bay sites that can produce silver coins from the 40's and 50's. Will check tomorrow.