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  1. JP.Diggzzit

    Need Some Help On Beach 1 Or Beach 2

    Same here. Although I rarely hunt dry sand. I am able to crank up the sensitivity over 20 in Beach 2 in the wet sand/shallow water and is generally more stable on my local beaches. Beach 2 does have a lower transmit power though, as stated above. The higher transmit power of Beach 1 and differing weighted low frequency processing could have been the difference on the "very small" pendant recovery. Basically, Beach 1 is going to be more sensitive to smaller, lower conductive targets from my understanding.
  2. JP.Diggzzit

    Equinox 600 Hits Big Gold

    Melt value would have been close...if only my dear old Mum didn't confiscate it! Haha
  3. JP.Diggzzit

    Ear Bud Suggestions

    I have a pair very similar to these from amazon. I think they changed the name since I purchased a few months ago. I prefer the over the ear hooks and I have not noticed any lag at all. $29.99 If you don't want to bother with the module. Conious Wireless Headphones with Built-In Mic and CSR8645 Chipset Featuring Bluetooth 4.1, APTX Audio and CVC Noise Canceling. Waterproof Sport Bluetooth Headphones with 15 Hour Battery and Carry Case
  4. JP.Diggzzit

    Equinox 600 Hits Big Gold

    The engraving on it is beautiful! I'll take 6 gram gold rings all day, any day!
  5. JP.Diggzzit

    Equinox 600 Hits Big Gold

    I think he said it more out of amazement and disbelief. The look on his face was priceless when we located the 14k stamp. It was heavily worn and we both have bad eyes. Had to use the loupe.
  6. JP.Diggzzit

    Equinox 600 Hits Big Gold

    Thanks. Even after this find, he is still a bit of skeptic. Saying it was "shi* luck" and "I'll never find anything like that again." I keep on telling him " ya never know", haha. What's the saying? Fortune (luck) favors the prepared. Best to be equipped with an Equinox if that's the case, IMO!
  7. My parents recently visited so I took my Dad out to the beach the day after Father's day. Keep in mind, he is a complete novice and usually only detects with me. Beaches have been sanded in, so I told him not to expect much. I was swinging the CTX 3030 with the 17" coil and he took the Equinox 600. After a quick initial setup, he was on his way to finding this...14k gold bangle bracelet, almost 25 grams! I was about a 1/2 mile down the beach so I didn't see the recovery. He said it was "loud" and about 6 or 7 scoops down (big stealth scoop). It was in the wet sand and waves kept on filling in his hole. It rings 13 on the Equinox 600 and 12:13 on the CTX. My wife usually has 1st dibs on all jewelry, but my Mom got this one. I have found beach 2 works best (more stable) for my local beaches, auto GB 0, Recovery 2 or 3 (depending on target concentration), iron bias 1, full tones, sens 21 or 22, no discrimination most of the time. The Equinox 600 out shined the CTX on this day as I only found about $2 in change. Looking forward to the 15" coil for big low tides and the 800 with 6" coil may also be in my future for heavier trash sites (on occasion).
  8. I have only hunted with the Equinox once, but reached for that trigger a few times. Put it on the list!
  9. I have the 600 and purchased aptx earbuds from Amazon ($20). They are not LL but I do not notice a lag at all. I bought a pair of low latency over the ear headphones as well, but I think I will end up using the earbuds more often.
  10. Put it on the list for Minelabs next flagship detector...using multi-IQ technology or IQ II. I'd like to see a visualization screen (similar to CTX), carbon fiber shafts, hidden coil wire, etc. on the next one!
  11. This looks like a good haul for your 1st time out with the Equinox! I wouldn't compare it to a machine you know and are comfortable with just yet. Looks like the Equinox pulled you a few rings as well.
  12. Maybe bring the recovery speed and iron bias down, if you want depth and there is not too much trash. I plan on hitting a cleaner beach Saturday for my 2nd hunt. I am going to bring the speed and iron down to the lowest settings on the 600 to see what kind of depth it can achieve. I am liking the aptx earbuds (separate purchase) that go directly in ear...granted you wont be able to hunt in the water above the control/handle. They are plenty loud. Let us know how your next hunts go after your work schedule.
  13. JP.Diggzzit

    1st Hunt With Equinox 600

    It did clean up quite well. Could have been there awhile...1940's and 50's swimming hole/beach.
  14. JP.Diggzzit

    1st Hunt With Equinox 600

    Ohhhh! No it did not turn green. Would it be magnetic at 9k. My cheap magnet doesn't attract it, i have a better one on the way.
  15. JP.Diggzzit

    1st Hunt With Equinox 600

    I was hoping someone would say that. I am still wondering. No markings, although I have a couple gold rings that are not marked. It rang kinda high for gold, mid 20's. I did do acid test and it slowly dissolved at 10k. 9k maybe will ring a little higher? I have not found one. It was heavily tarnished like the silver that comes out of there. It won't go in the junk ring jar just yet.