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  1. Steve- Thanks for the quick reply. I get the horseshoe toggle now. I couldn't see it how it was written. Great idea doing a factory reset before starting the hunt.
  2. Steve- Great hunt. Congratulations on the Axe head and the Roman bust. By the way, what numbers did the Axe head come in at on the Nox? The four hammered aren't to shabby either. I'll be heading to England on the 14th of this month for a 10 day hunt. Like you, looking for the gold, preferably Roman gold. I'm a bit confused on what you did to the Nox to go to the 'Cherry Pick Mode' by hitting the horseshoe button. Doesn't hitting the horseshoe button put the Nox into all metal? I know what you mean about the upper back getting sore using the 15" coil. I purchased Steveg's sh
  3. Thanks Dan for the write up. Now I think I know why my Quest headphones are giving me some chatter!
  4. Didn't find much. A few dollars, a junk ring, wine bottle opener and, what I think, a nose ring. I was surprised to find such a small thin item with the 15" coil. Or should I not be surprised that the big coil found the nose ring even though it is so small? Big coil, small coil no difference in hitting the small items? It was certainly hard to pin point. Here is a pic with a dime for comparison. The nose ring has tested as silver.
  5. 17" x 11"??? I've heard only 15" x 13". What gives??
  6. Hi All- A friend of mine found a set of Military dog tags today and he was wondering how to get them back to the owner. The internet says, 'send them to the Secretary of Defense'. He would like to get them back to the owner personally. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Way to go Andy!!! I'll be in England next week hoping to find similar items!
  8. Thanks Dee, that's seems to be what I have done.
  9. Is there a place to see how this is done, 3 tones from 5 tones? I've tried it and I think I may have it, but when I go through the tone cycle, it still shows T4 and T5. Although T4 and T5 are at the same volume setting of T3, they still show up on the on the tone cycle. Is this how 3 tones are made from 5 tones?
  10. Thanks for the replies. It is starting to seep into my brain that looking for gold in So. Cal. parks, most parks anyway, is not a worthwhile endeavor with the Nox usually. Especially if you have to reject so many numbers to keep the machine from sounding like a machine gun. Coin hunting will be it's prevailing task in those types of parks. The beach on the other hand is a different animal altogether.
  11. Thanks Steve, that's the realization I'm coming too. One or the other usually.
  12. I put a post about the Nox and trashy parks about three or four weeks ago asking if the Nox was a good choice because of all the trash noise. It seems to me by the replies to the post that the Nox WAS a good trashy park machine because of it's ability to separate signals and it's fast recovery speed. To reduce the "machine gun" noise, it was advised to reject -9 to 22. But by doing so, you will be missing a big part of the gold range. I tested 15 gold rings that I found in parks with my CTX program against the Nox program suggested in the replies to my original post. The results were disappoin
  13. I have a Garrett carrot and I have noticed in some videos that people using them turn them on while touching the turf or sand before using them to find their target. I know why this is done, but is it really necessary? I was wondering how many of you, on this forum, do this?
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