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  1. My very first use of the Equinox and very first time I found a solid tone was a 13 - us nickel. The second find a little over a foot away was a nickel that kept fluctuating at 13 and 15 no matter which way I swept it. It turned out to be a bent pulltab and nickel right next to each other maybe 5 inches down. The third find was a modernish penny. 19/20 fluctuating but I didn't find anything near to it. Field 2 but I had the sensitivity one click up from default, maybe 22 not sure. When am I suppose to find a bunch of junk exactly? This thing is crazy good. Come back to me sunny weather!
  2. Thanks for the info everyone. I will heed all the suggestions.
  3. This may sound like a dumb question but I'm new to detecting and haven't really found many talking about where and when it's safe to dig. If this is posted in the wrong place, please do move it. When digging within city limits, parks, yards, in green strips along sidewalks, what about public utility lines, phone lines, or plastic gas lines in yards. How much of this are some of you concerned about? Do you have any "war stories" to tell? Any best practices for safety in this regard that you could share?
  4. Not sure how to read the serial number as number of units sold or if that's possible at all. It's a much longer number then 10 or 15 thousand. The first two numbers are way lower than CommonwealthDetector's numbers.
  5. Received 800 Friday. All the preparatory learning about this Equinox from info here has helped make it seem familiar. Nice packaging, detector assembles in minutes and feels solid. Ear phones easy to pair. Settings confusion strikes at times yet but really, it's pretty straight forward. Very light! First ID a solid 13. Take a guess. It comes with many extra language versions of screen protectors that might seem useless. However the text is just at the bottom and are hints we won't need after a little time using it. That text also only covers the Equinox logo area below the screen, not the screen itself. So you could cut those text labels off and that means it comes with 15 extra screen protector sheets. So don't toss them. I almost tossed them before realizing that.
  6. New here and first time detector. Well soon. Thank you for all the knowledge shared here. After a long struggle to find an Equinox a suggestion here helped me strike gold. I looked up Gerrys Detectors and first found youtube videos that I was glued to for a few afternoons. Gerry called me right back after I didn't leave a message and offered a ton of information to me in a short call. Got me on his waiting list with a phone number and email. First contact was near start of April. After a heads up call about an incoming shipment and completion of order, I now have tracking number with arrival date this week. Gerry is a joy to deal with even from over a thousand miles away and this turnaround speed on the equinox surprised me. I felt like a long time customer and probably will be now. Had to create a login finally just to thank those with suggestions here. Our snow is mainly gone and I've prepped a test bed from what I've learned here. Can't wait. Of course now I've just noticed the Pointers review thread with videos so there goes tonight. Also want to point out Northwest Detectors in Oregon, High Plains Detectors in Olathe, Kansas and Earths Treasures in Montana if that is alright. Another three shops that really stood out from the bunch I contacted by being very open with information and helpful. Thought that might be helpful for others to know if you keep trying you will find some great people to deal with. Now back to learning how to do this! (I had to edit the shop locations that I had posted wrong. Also added High Plains Detectors which I meant to previously.)