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  1. Andy2640

    Expecting 'n' Detecting

    Nice1 you lot. Some decent input there. Ive been using 2 detectors lately, the nox and the nexus MP. I have to say, the nox is my favourite by far. Its so bloody easy to use, the discrimination is outstanding, simply awesome. But its very early days with the MP. Its funny, cus i think some people can become attached to a detector if they make an awesome find/s with it. So fickle as some of us are 😉 I like your replies, because it has so much variation, for some getting out of bed and simply going detecting is enough, for some simply getting outside and away from work is good enough. For others, only a coin, or silver is a good day, its all very interesting and widens my perspective on other peoples lives. So thank you for sharing. I sometimes wonder how much the law of attraction comes into play. Ive always felt the subconscious mind has a unique power to it, with complex capabilities, and even perhaps future predictions and future intelligence. Some of you may think im a little batty, but think how many times we have been avoiding someone, or thinking of someone, when suddenly ... BAM! ....We bump into them. So just following your intuition may lead to some of the best finds. I think there's something to this for sure. Usually ive noticed i find the best stuff when im relaxed, thinking of other things and aimlessly wondering around. On the flip side, when im thinking about finding coins, coins coins!! I NEVER seem to find em. Or going right off the woo woo deep-end, perhaps Dr Nick Bostrom's 5 simulation assumptions come into play, and realluy there are no coins or relics under the ground untill we dig em! 😉 Right i think i'll quit while i have some credibility still left 🙂 LOL, Cheers everyone. Andy.
  2. Howdy fellow detectorists, So....After gaining permission on a historic site (yada yada yada) , and especially finding my silver 1400 penny last week, i was finding myself getting a little complacent and unrealistic in my hopes for a days detecting. And so it transpires...that......Yesterdays detecting was somewhat of a let down, and i found myself walking home rather disappointed. I told myself that good finds are fairly rare, but still i felt disappointed in spite of my logical and grounded part of my brain saying its all good and to be expected So i was wondering/pondering on my way home what you guys would consider: 1. A bad days detecting 2. A moderately good day detecting, 3. A good day 4. And a outstanding days detecting. I understand that different locations and countries will provide better finds, but hypothetically if you were on a ploughed field, what would your expectations be? Short of giving myself a good slap, perhaps your expectations of a days detecting will give me a clearer perspective on the matter. Appreciate any input with thanks! Andy.
  3. A good quality belt is essential IMO. Nice kit FT.
  4. Andy2640

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    Anyone got feeback on the Kruzer? It looks an attractive package, but im thinking the nox would be hard to beat.
  5. Andy2640

    Any News On The 15 Inch Noxy Coils?

    Its ground coverage i need it for. And if i can get an extra inch, then thats all good.
  6. Andy2640

    So.... What Did I Miss?

    Howdy Tim, With open arms we say "Welcome back! ...... and .......GOOD ON YOU BUDDY"!! May the finds god bless your path, heart and spirit! Failing that, find a good field and keep your fingers crossed. Mine will be crossed for us all 😉
  7. Andy2640

    Copper Arrowhead Found

    Very cool. Nice find BSG.
  8. Andy2640

    Omg !!! Hammered Coin Found.

    I enjoyed that, thanks Simon. Here's my story as given to Minelab, Be great if they published it. TBH ... I'm not thinking about winning anything, i just like to share the story and give credit where its due. Story as given to minelab: "Hello fellow detectorists, I'm here to share a very special find with you all. Ive been deploying the Equinox 800 now for about 3 months. I'm new to detecting and this was my first detector. After deep research and reading hundreds of posts on the forum - (Prospector detector.com) and others, I was soon realising that this machine is better than the rest. So the find > To date ive already found hundreds of coins, mainly from the Victorian era, which includes lots of silver coins! Interestingly, ive already accumulated more in value from my finds, than my initial expenditure of the equinox itself, and that's one hell of a good feeling. And so .....What happened 6 days ago was - without sounding too dramatic, life-changing, and has got me more hungry than ever for detecting. The day began in a ploughed field and i was finding mostly buttons, when all of a sudden i came across a lovely little signal, clean, crisp and had the tell tale signs of being a coin. My heart was racing as soon as realised it was silver, but then the adrenaline kicked in when i discover it was a hammered silver penny!! When i got home i went straight onto my favourite forum (Prospector detector.com) where incidentally you can find my initial find report). The guys and gals there were over the moon in excitement for me, and after numerous replies giving me praise i came across a very "uniquely knowledgeable" forum member, who explained the coin was indeed a hammered penny, and specifically a Henry VI annulet issue halfpenny of the London Mint from his 1st reign > 1422 - 1430!!! Oh boy oh boy! I am a coin collector primarily and this coin will never be sold, it now sits on my living room cabinet at home with the rest of my awesome finds. Pictures attached. This hobby has changed my life for the better, the exercise, fresh air, excitement, history we can touch and of course the social aspects of being part of a friendly community. A final Shout out also goes to the awesome Minelab company and the prospector detector forum who have been part of this wonderful journey. Now i'm out for the gold!!! Thanks to you all. Andy United Kindom 11/09/18
  9. Andy2640

    Darn It! Pro-find 35 Lost Its Voice

    Thanks everyone. After advice from you all i have solved the issue. I'd clearly pressed or held a button too long, putting it into a sound lock. I never knew it had this feature, but it reminds me of my laptop, which in the past i'd pressed or held a series of buttons too long (by accident) which locks certain functions. All solved now, so thank you all kindly. The pro-find was my first pin pointer, after watching many reviews and tests it seemed to be the best choice out there, and i havnt been disappointing. On the contrary its been invaluable, and without it, i'd certainly struggle to find the targets. As for the non/ferrous discrimination tones, i have found it to be "EXCELLENT". Thinking about it, i dont think its ever failed to correctly id a target. Sometimes when your at a distance from the target it may give an element of doubt, but when close enough to it, it never fails. I was thinking recently of getting the carrot, but after second thoughts on the matter, i see no need whatsoever to do so. Highly recomended piece of kit. 10/10. Andy.
  10. Andy2640

    Omg !!! Hammered Coin Found.

    Hi mate, Oh nice, yeah i think i'll give it a shot. Cheers budski.
  11. Anyone had the problem of their pro-find 35 losing its bleeping audio? Still got the vibrations and hence some resonance sound, but its as if ive gone deaf, which evidently i haven't. Is this serious? Thanks, Andy.
  12. Andy2640

    Omg !!! Hammered Coin Found.

    Howdy JW, Hope your good buddy! I'll start here lol I hear you about fitness, I spent 2 years getting into shape, lungs, heart and muscles, but after ceasing for only 3 months, it was almost totally all lost. Well i kept some of the mucsle mass, but i couldnt run up the work stairs (3 floors) without panting and aching really bad. The prospect of starting again is daunting to the say the least 😞 LOL, Just lol. I experience something similar, as in, when the miss'us asks me to go the DIY store, i sigh and think "oh bollocks....this will be dull". But then remember that the aforementioned DIY store sell spades, gloves and other detecting paraphernalia 😉 Now i know what to call Phrunt, LOL nice one. Hhehehee always nice to have a detecting buddy. Good on yeh you 2. Holy smokes!! This is going to get me in trouble! Youve opened the flood gates now JW 😉 You saved my marriage with this one. But jesting aside, this is a very good price and much more in-line with my future budget. So how do you carry all your detecting gear? Thats gotta add weight and drag. Get Simon to take a picture next time your expolring, and we'll kindly have a good chuckle 😉 However that is said in jest and fun, because i'd be carrying 2 detectors on my back MuuuHHahahaaa! So can you con vert any bike then? I had a lovely KONA mountain bike but sold it. So if i had a good qulaity mountain bike say £2000 then the conversion £1000 im up to 3k. Still a hell of a lot cheaper. MASSIVELY appreciate your input JW, thanks buddy 🙂
  13. Andy2640

    Omg !!! Hammered Coin Found.

    Randy, What you provided is perfect. Couldn't of hoped for better! Got to say > This forum is the best forum ive ever been part of. Seriously, its a place full of decent, interesting and highly knowledgeable people. Its rare and much appreciated. Right im off detecting, laters peeps, and thanks.
  14. Andy2640

    Omg !!! Hammered Coin Found.

    Hya JW, Your post was awesome, your actually a lot like me, as in explaining everything in detail and exploring all angles, i like that 😉 I've quickly just read your post, as i am short on time, (wife has gone out, giving me a small window of time to detect) Therefore today i will be detecting at my new farm location, and your thoughtful and insightful post deserves a decent second read and reply, therefore i will give your post the time it deserves and respond fully when i get back. We never know ......... i might be showing you a nice coin when we chat later too (fingers crossed). Your awesome dude 🙂 Thanks buddy.