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  1. I wonder why ML didnt go for a CTX like - 17 inch'er for the foxy? Anyways i phoned a few stores yesterday, Crawfords UK and Joan Allen UK. Both said they will know more Thursday, but expecting them to arrive next week ?
  2. Nice finds FF. Doya know why some coins have a hole drilled in them? Ive found a few in ploughed fields, i was told they were nailed to fence posts to bring good luck and fortune.
  3. Minelab are frickin awesome! Havnt run into a better company in ages. Condolences for your nox's arm tho. ML to the rescue ?
  4. LOL - I'm excited now, hahahahaaa, yeah sweet. Our coins will cross paths mid-Atlantic and land through our doors. This will be fun, ? Ok, i'll PM later tonight, and no rush my end, i'm very patient. Just good to get an international trade going hehehe. Nice1 Chuck, your awesome.
  5. Howdy Chuck, Perhaps a Jefferson or franklin? I got all the silver British coins except the full crown to trade. ? ?
  6. Would anyone consider a coin swap/trade? I have a full range of British silver available. I only have one US coin. I find the US coins particularly lovely, but the rest of the world has some buteys too and i'd love a nice coin that's a bit different.. Just a thought. Cheers. Andy.
  7. I hear ya. Happens a lot now that kinda thing. Its clealry biased and totally against the truth of the 800/600. Sad to see, but says more about him and his agenda than the truth of the matter. Shame.
  8. Quote: "But first and foremost it’s a protective film for your detector screen. That amount will be enough and to spare, you surely won’t need a rain cover at all" Well not really chum, do you know how much mud + grime hits the LCD unit. Once its ingrained its very hard to remove fully. And i dont know about you, but i like to keep my £890 "love machine" in top condition. A cover say £18 does this perfectly. No brain'er!.....speaking of brains ........ ? I'll leave it there before i turn green and start destroying f-35's on masse ?
  9. LMFAO....... I would defo do the "gold dance" even if there were people around Hhahahahaa ? ? I even do a silver dance, i did yesterday! I'll post a picture of my new find later (dont want to appear to braggy lol). Its a 1912 Half crown, its lovely and chunky. Hay.....you know what i really wanna find......A full crown pre 1920.....THERE HUGE AND CHUNKY AND STERLING SILVER. I looked up sterling silver yesterday, and i didnt know that the other 7.5% alloys were added for strength and longevity. I like sterling even more now. I'll stop waffling now ? Cheers.
  10. Yeah i was similar to your good lady JW. To be fair i didnt give it a chance as i only watched one episode, and in that episode there wasnt much detecting going on, just a dull story line. But that may of just been a bad episode. I like "dads army" and "Steptoe and son" for starters........so im pretty open to all sorts of humour ? I will say though, that modern comedy (for me) has slowly become less enjoyable and memorable over the years, giving way to the millennial type of humour, that is devoid of any depth. My hero comedians were Bill Hicks and George Carling. RIP to both men.
  11. Ive literally just emailed crawfords UK to check where i am on the list. Like with the equinox 800, i wonder how many units are going to each store? I got a feeling i'm waaaay down on that pesky list. Grhhh!!!
  12. This is now the 3rd time Randy has come good with expertise that just blow me away! Thank you. Well......Im actually over the moon i have a unique forgery. Its something different, and that to me means more than the real thing (which i have a few of anyways). Its getting too much this detecting game, I'm far too happy for my own good these days. Once my mortgage is paid off, ill be in heaven on earth ? Bloody brilliant, thanks all. Andy.
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