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  1. I had just bought a used carrot AT from a friend who was buying one of the new carrots with the wireless addon. Like others here he said the carrot works great. This used AT looks like it has gone through a tornado yet seems to work fine. But my brother snagged me a ML profind 35 new for a birthday gift days later. Also seems to work good. Both seem to work fine so far with the Equinox and in freshwater I've tried but I haven't been to saltwater yet. Does anyone know if either of these are useful around saltwater beaches or in the saltwater at all? All the profind says on the box is VLF, no other details on the brief instructions. The carrot was used so not any details there. I am guessing someone already has tech posted about all pinpoiters. Anyone got a link that I'm having trouble finding on the tech behind them all or most? I was leaning towards PI pinpointers before getting these. Either way I'm all smiles digging parks all of a sudden. Such a difference.
  2. JustSwell

    It's Almost Like Cheating!

    I've got a thousand bottle caps to one gold earring in that 12-19 range on the beach. When I found the earring, two feet away I got an identical number and thought for sure I had a pair. Instead, a bottle cap. 🤨 I've since found this trick handy: All metal, then backup a bit and get the tip of the coil over it verses the center. Tells me right away I'm on a cap again. Only time it's tougher now is when numerous items right next to each other. As much as I want to notch some junk out I know Im not ready and am still digging pretty much all except these easy to spot beach bottlecaps. Well still gettin some when they are close to treasure!
  3. Thanks for your thoughts everyone! I'm glad to hear none should be of any kind of real problem.
  4. I need a pointer and frankly I don't want to make a mistake this costly, or waste any more time than I have already digging without one. I'm hoping someone here has tried a few with their Equinox and can suggest a good tool to pair with it. I blow serious time in holes right now and it's all the color of shaded dirt. Can anyone suggest which pointers they have used with their Equinox 800 that they know don't cause the Equinox any trouble. I really like the Nox but I know she's sensitive. That is unless you tell me none are an issue with this detector. I will need a water safe unit I'm sure this question has been asked that I haven't found besides those presenting pointer comparisons. Those are helpful, but I'm looking for Nox 800 specific pairing here. Would love a few opinions to help me decide. Thank you in advance for your short or long tales or experience.
  5. JustSwell

    Nox Detecting Question

    I've also seen nails ID readings at or just above nickel range. Found two silver quarters and both were music to my ears and reading 32,33. I felt like I was doing a recovery speed test all day. Wish there was more silver but it was all iron ore pellets and all reading a solid 1. Maybe had some kind of flux in them? I did occasionally get negative numbers when horseshoeing. Was most fun detecting yet. Maybe it was the silver thing, but there were iron ore pellets right next to each of the quarters with just moist black dirt between them and solid rock below them. But the difference between 1 and 32 is steep! It took me a good 15 minutes to get the Nox to settle down when I first started there. I had sensitivity knocked down to between 15-17 all morning and it seemed to help me hear a clear difference between items better. Everything was shallow due to ledge. I used the lifting of coil thing I read about here and it helped me avoid looking at the depth meter that I just haven't figured out yet. Also cleared up some confusing numbers couple times. I've even tested gold mode for a depth finder using audio. My phone doesn't bother the Nox very often.. But I think if it switches to 4g, or is in 4G and then switches to LTE the Nox will freak and might explain why it's not always causing trouble. The only time it has happened is when I'm near fringe phone coverage range. Requires a restart. I leave the phone off or airplane mode now to just avoid it. It's more peaceful that way anyway. Still learning and appreciate all the tips everyone is sharing. This thread was another good one.
  6. Ship it to a Hold position in the US maybe and preset shipping from there to AK. Maybe have it shipped to a UPS shop or something. Pit stop there and then on to you.
  7. Jerry handled my order top notch. I waited on a number of other lists and a preorder prior to that. Some of the smaller dealers are better people to deal with. All of which knew I had gotten on other lists and just asked that I give them a heads up if I get the order elsewhere first. They know the situation. I understand the desire to stick with the small shops. However, no shops are getting enough on their own to supply all the requests. And some people have probably still decided to wait on their original orders from many months ago. That's why I still posted the Cabellas update. It's spring.
  8. Just a heads up. I've been checking the Cabellas 800 page almost everyday since I waited and missed getting a order in there back in Jan/February. It's a habit now to check still. Today the 800 is available for order again, for now. I'm sure whatever they have will probably go quick.
  9. JustSwell

    Need Some Help With My 800

    Just wanted to ask Dig it, have you used Field 2 at all? Today was my third day out for any amount of hours. Almost 3.5 hours this morning. I hit up a park today that also resides next to a high rock cliff I wanted to check out. The park was pure trash everywhere. In park 1 and 2 I was having serious issues deciding where to dig as there is a reading every few inches and the 800 is hitting each one. I backed down the sensitivity as I've read in this thread and it helped calm it down. I dug everything in a 15 foot square and I stopped counting the potholes. All trash and it didn't matter what the vdi was saying. A solid 15 was a corroded AA battery. Nails reading 9 to 11. Couple of 13-15 readings that I never found. A shiny but simple thin key ring 2 inches down hit at a jumpy 18-20. My shoulders were wore out from the hard ground as half the finds were near 10 or 11 inches and packed hard with stones. Lots of double bent nails. One single modern 80s penny packed tight in small rocks had a high 25 number. That was it for the park area. Do these numbers sound strange to anyone? I gave up on Park settings and went Field 2 default and headed for the grass and moss around the edges of the rock cliffs. Immediately jumped on clad dimes ringing 23-25 some solid and some jumpy. One 1991 corroded quarter reading solid 35, two bottle tops and one pull tab were all reading solid 30-35, one long strip of foil laced within moss was reading 35 almost all along the 3 inches of it. Two other small foils were reading 1 and 2 on vdi. Here's the kicker, at least 3 more nails all reading 30-38 range shallow on the rocks. I know two of those nails were reading solid 38s. One nail might have been jumpy 17 to 39 numbers but I was able to pinpoint it at 39 exactly to the spot. These nails and coin finds were are all lying in crevices in the rocks just under a small layer of moss and maybe an inch of dark black dirt (and plenty of glass). So I could get right down to the ledge rocks and see that nothing else is there (unless there is gold or silver in the rocks haha, maybe ore?). Finding them was easy. Identifying not so much. A few coins were locked into the moss hard. Long story short Field 2 was the only thing that produced coins well today. But it was also getting me really excited over the high solid VDI of nails and I don't know why yet. I think it was Chase who said follow the tones more and I think I'm going to try and get my ear around those using 5 and 50 tones instead of trusting vdi numbers in my neck of the woods. Of course maybe I had a setting jacked and didn't realize. Still learning. I love this detector because I don't feel like I'm missing anything that is there. It all comes down to whether you are willing to dig them all. I took a small bucket of that wet black dirt from under the moss and will try these coins again in my test garden verses my normal soil and see if the VDIs change. Or is it normal to have so many items reading 35-38 on the equinox?
  10. My very first use of the Equinox and very first time I found a solid tone was a 13 - us nickel. The second find a little over a foot away was a nickel that kept fluctuating at 13 and 15 no matter which way I swept it. It turned out to be a bent pulltab and nickel right next to each other maybe 5 inches down. The third find was a modernish penny. 19/20 fluctuating but I didn't find anything near to it. Field 2 but I had the sensitivity one click up from default, maybe 22 not sure. When am I suppose to find a bunch of junk exactly? This thing is crazy good. Come back to me sunny weather!
  11. Thanks for the info everyone. I will heed all the suggestions.
  12. This may sound like a dumb question but I'm new to detecting and haven't really found many talking about where and when it's safe to dig. If this is posted in the wrong place, please do move it. When digging within city limits, parks, yards, in green strips along sidewalks, what about public utility lines, phone lines, or plastic gas lines in yards. How much of this are some of you concerned about? Do you have any "war stories" to tell? Any best practices for safety in this regard that you could share?
  13. Not sure how to read the serial number as number of units sold or if that's possible at all. It's a much longer number then 10 or 15 thousand. The first two numbers are way lower than CommonwealthDetector's numbers.
  14. Received 800 Friday. All the preparatory learning about this Equinox from info here has helped make it seem familiar. Nice packaging, detector assembles in minutes and feels solid. Ear phones easy to pair. Settings confusion strikes at times yet but really, it's pretty straight forward. Very light! First ID a solid 13. Take a guess. It comes with many extra language versions of screen protectors that might seem useless. However the text is just at the bottom and are hints we won't need after a little time using it. That text also only covers the Equinox logo area below the screen, not the screen itself. So you could cut those text labels off and that means it comes with 15 extra screen protector sheets. So don't toss them. I almost tossed them before realizing that.
  15. New here and first time detector. Well soon. Thank you for all the knowledge shared here. After a long struggle to find an Equinox a suggestion here helped me strike gold. I looked up Gerrys Detectors and first found youtube videos that I was glued to for a few afternoons. Gerry called me right back after I didn't leave a message and offered a ton of information to me in a short call. Got me on his waiting list with a phone number and email. First contact was near start of April. After a heads up call about an incoming shipment and completion of order, I now have tracking number with arrival date this week. Gerry is a joy to deal with even from over a thousand miles away and this turnaround speed on the equinox surprised me. I felt like a long time customer and probably will be now. Had to create a login finally just to thank those with suggestions here. Our snow is mainly gone and I've prepped a test bed from what I've learned here. Can't wait. Of course now I've just noticed the Pointers review thread with videos so there goes tonight. Also want to point out Northwest Detectors in Oregon, High Plains Detectors in Olathe, Kansas and Earths Treasures in Montana if that is alright. Another three shops that really stood out from the bunch I contacted by being very open with information and helpful. Thought that might be helpful for others to know if you keep trying you will find some great people to deal with. Now back to learning how to do this! (I had to edit the shop locations that I had posted wrong. Also added High Plains Detectors which I meant to previously.)