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  1. Very nice to see. I very often have mine set at the 4th pin hole as well because it's usable to detect with and quickly fits in vehicles at that length. However I'm still occasionally pushing it to the 2nd hole as it feels like a more natural swing for me. I might be willing to give that up though for the ability to get really short for water use.
  2. I did notice on the replacement 35 that inside the unit after taking off the cap, just below the inner threads on ether side there is a gap and this new one had grease shoved into those gaps that I'm not sure my first one had. At least I didn't notice it on the first one. Might want to check if yours has that area greased. I'll try to get a picture of it up later but it's of course all black inside.
  3. Got the replacement profind35 today so the battle between the carrot and 35 continues. Hope you got yours going or replaced soon.
  4. Update on the waterlogged 35: After posting about sending it in quickly to service and their quick replies that it was done, I got an email the next day or two that it was replaced and was on it's way. Arrived today, new box. Battery went in and did a quick test. Now I need to get it back on the hunt. Minelab was nice and fast about everything. UPS was really fast on the RMA, Fedex made me wait an extra day on the return from what their email report said. It all happened pretty fast but that's also how quick our summer is vaporizing.
  5. I was definitely thinking about that with the shorty thought. Being able to stand in a ditch or trench and scan the sides more easily. We have roads being replaced around here this summer and there were plenty of trenches this may have worked well on. I've been up on shorelines where the water is digging the ground away and creating small cliff edges. I've held the equinox up at those banks for a short while but it gets to the arm sooner then later and can get awkward. I wonder if detecting for gold on the side of a mountain it would come in handy at times to have a shorty. I agree however, the pinpointers seem to do a pretty good job.
  6. It sure does look like a good length for snorkeling now that you say that. Being short and with the small coil it probably goes through the water better. Just out past arms reach and able to get along side a ridge. I haven't taken the equinox diving full under at all yet, but have been out up to my shoulder depth. Light as it is the water drags on it pretty good with the standard coil. Slow moving like that as I can feel the pressure it puts on the poles.
  7. Thanks for all the hints! To this part, I picked this up from all the videos and items i read before I got started. Haven't left a hole open even once. Glad I got the pinpointers because I'm definitely going easier on the sod holes now that I'm not digging through every shred of roots. Found so many items stuck up in sod roots early on but without a pointer I was destroying it all searching. I also have had a few comments from people either thanking me for hauling out the trash, they see me at the vehicle emptying it all, or it just generally gets a smile while crushing a can and pocketing it, or a question from them about it. At one beach now I leave all the bottle caps around the foundation of a flag pole because someone saw me throwing out almost a hundred bottle caps at the trail can and they collect them. (my first week beach hunting i was a bottle cap god). So yeah even if I don't find anything precious, I feel good about cleaning some of that trash up. What has amazed me is the sharp shards I've found in beaches so far. People have some lucky feet not to be getting sliced up on those. In the bag they go. Might have to start doing more research and finding more interesting places that might have historical items to find. The penny collection is piling up and I build more interest from older interesting items then I thought I would. I'll take your hints with me.
  8. This I think I've heard quite a bit in soft dry beach sand. However in that type of sand I will never really know if the coin was actually standing on edge down below once I've scooped it. But knowing this happens now will help demystify why some might sound off this way and maybe why sometimes the side of the coil seems to initially find it. Thank you for explaining this.
  9. Would this be a bad idea or has someone already hacked one up and did this using a 6 inch coil?
  10. I've been following that direction from many. Dig we must. I wonder about the 6in coil option. My 800 at least has been putting me on the spot more than not. When I ultimately find a target, if I've kept my original X bearings the original location the 800 pointed out has been that perfect. The trouble seems to start once I break ground and the new variables come into play during double checks on the way down. The coil can't be swung as needed in a hole, or likely doesn't fit in at all. Swinging above the hole the detector is seeing ground over the targets on the left and right of the swing, and almost nothing over it in the middle. We are just begging for confusing it. Didn't stop me from trying to relocate and messing myself up. Both the carrot and the 35 have really helped and taken a lot of the mystery out of it for me. I went from chasing magical moving targets to finding exactly what the equinox originally pointed out very quickly. Which brings me to the 6in coil. I'm not keen of the idea of swapping coils and then trying to scan a large area with a smaller coil, just to get that ability to get closer in a hole or closer to a wall. But I wonder if a second detector, maybe another 600 or 800, with a shaft cut ultra short could make a nice hand held extra tool that would be easy to carry around. Really short shaft, also remove the arm rest extension, 6 in coil, hang it off the belt? Maybe someone has already done such a thing? Maybe it's a over costly solution when the pinpointers work so well already. But could it double as a good diver/river setup as well?
  11. Update on my 35's service call. Got the RMA and ups'd it in. 1.5 days later I'm getting emails in triplicate saying we received it, we repaired it, and we've shipped it back and here's your tracking number. Next week it should arrive. I was initially told over the phone they would replace it. I got the impression over the phone they don't mess around with repairs once it fully fills with water. However two of these emails clearly talked about repairs, one of them talked about possibly sending me a bill for repairs. I'm thinking they are just canned/automated emails. Hoping they are. Would have liked a more personal description of what they found out about how it leaked, but if this is how they do it so fast so be it. Whatever the case, service appears to be really fast and I'll be glad to be able to use a 35 again when it comes.
  12. Nice finds! Sand beach or beach volleyball area or other? Deep or shallow? Did you bother with the numbers or just go off sound?
  13. Nice find! I have ran into what sounds like the same exact occurrence more than once, on at least 3 finds and once where I never ended up finding it. No rings in these instances though. Beach 2, all deeper then a foot. Numbers change as I work my way down. I keep going till it surfaces. Once foil, once a tight collection of penny, nickel and tiny copper tube together, another was an oddly colored unknown water smoothed slag (still have to check it). When I see the numbers change after first digging in I start checking different angles and using the bob action to see if it changes again. But I still dig it to learn. I sometimes have felt like I was maybe energizing the soil too much going over it. Probably nothing to do with it but I'm such a newb that's where my head takes me. Thanks for posting your story it will serve me well when next time I'm over 12 inches deep and feeling like I might get duped. It might just be a platinum ring this time! This thing locates deeep items. Maybe we just need to keep the numbers out of it at that depth and just go on faith.
  14. My first real attempt to use the PF35 in a lake also ended filled up with water inside and a constant beeping/vibrating. Don't remember dropping it or doing anything forceful with it at all. By the solid feel of it you would think it's bullet proof. Could only see maybe a seam pin hole, not sure. Cap was really tight to take off. After days trying to let it dry out for not, I finally called service and they called back with an RMA the next day. They were really nice about it. Just before sending back, i tested it one last time and it seemed to work again. I'm not sure how many days drying total but it seems to have finally dried out enough to briefly work. However I could still see water in the light area and i would like a working water unit so I sent it in. I had looked up Minelab America/service to call direct about it. They sent a link to attain a shipping label. I hope we both get them back soon. I like having more then one button. The carrot works but I keep hitting the one button too many times. Plus and minus works so much easier. When sending it back I also noticed on the box it says made in Ireland and that surprised me. I had assumed Australia or Malaysia. Might need a trip to Ireland to tour a Pro Find factory and do some detecting where there is more history.
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