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  1. A Monster Month

    Great review! Thanks! I really want one of these for a light weight travel detector!
  2. I always look forward to your reviews and informative evaluations Steve. They are always factual and unbiased. Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged. We all value your input!
  3. Gold N Meteorites At Gold Basin Saturday

    What a great day detecting! Congrats!
  4. This looks like a great travel detector. I'm very curious how it will handle mineralization. It sure looks like a winner!
  5. Great job Chet! Very interesting! Have you heard of a release date? I want one!
  6. New Mapping App

    I've been using us topo maps pro. It cost 11 bucks and is the best gps/map app I have seen. There is a free version too. You can only get it for android devises. You don't need a cell signal as it works off the satellites. Also, it has many different map choices as well as the forest service maps with f.s. Road numbers. Chip
  7. Just a quick hello to you and Heather from Prescott Valley, Az.

    Hope we can hook up again sometime this winter.

    Ray Stovall is going to Oz sometime in August . Sure wish I could go with him!

    ive got a lot of ground to cover around here before I go all the way to Australia tho!

    take care and golden trails to you!

    Chip Brown

  8. B-day Gold

    Sorry I missed your b-day. Hope you had a great day! Haven't been in Q too much this winter, too much other stuff going on. Please leave me a few fly turds Kieth!