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  1. Peg, that is outstanding!!! I can see that big smile on your face! I hope you have some bad weather to shift that sand around. Go get them girl! Have some more great days on the beach, Chet
  2. As they say memory is one of the first to things you lose, now where are my keys? lol
  3. I would be interested; but it would be nice if they would set and stick to an expected market price at the release time. Instead of starting at a ridiculously high price then incrementally lowering it as the initial sales drop off. I think the GPZ 7000 started around $12000 then finally leveled off at around $8000.
  4. Going by weight; this could be the expensive prototype.
  5. Dan I have an aftermarket lower shaft that is 30". I don't remember who sold it. Chet
  6. Flakmagnet I have had this problem a few times. Find some mild ground then try to ferrite balance for 2 to 3 minutes. If that doesn’t work then RESET ALL settings. Then try a long ferrite balance again. Then restore individual favorite settings and turn on the GPS and WM-12 if you use them. Have a good day, Chet
  7. Hi GB_Amateur The detector applies the same pulse power to the coil regardless of the coil size. In a small diameter coil most of the magnetic lines of force that are created from that pulse are confined to a small focused near field. At far field the lines of force are spread and not focused. In a large diameter coil the magnetic lines of force are spread over a larger area at near field. But at far field they are denser than what is possible from a small coil at that distance. So the rule of thumb is; small nuggets are found with small focused coils at shallow depths. Larger nuggets are found with larger coils at deeper depths. So the chart shows how the 10” X Coil performs very well on small nuggets as expected until its near field loses to the larger coils far field advantage at deeper depths on larger nuggets. That point is where the 10" coil data crossover occurs in the chart. Many GPZ 7000 owners have desired a smaller coil for smaller nuggets at reasonable depths. Although this 10” X Coil is noisy it is still a useful tool in the pursuit of small nuggets. The chart also shows that the Spiral Wound 17” X Coil has a small depth advantage and more ground coverage when compared with the GPZ 14 coil. Have a good day, Chet
  8. Steve I only put dirt in to fill the hole when I pulled the pipe out. Rye Patch is so hard on tires; lost another one this trip; lost a lot of gold buying tires in Winnemucca; lost a day of detecting; just call me a loser lolπŸ˜€. Rye Patch temperatures are hit and miss for a while now. Have a good day, Chet
  9. I agree that the coil is seeing the connectors at a close distance. I will do some more testing on this but the results of my depth comparison testing did not show any noticeable performance problems. The coils magnetic field has fixed disturbance at all times from the copper cable through the copper and solder in the control box to the battery. I used the GPZ 19 cable for the X Coil adapter cable. The two new connectors were in place on all three X Coils when I compiled the coil depth comparison chart data. Each coil was successfully balanced on the ferrite core before testing. The GPZ 14 coil that was used in the test has the original cable with no new connectors installed. The smallest nugget tested was a 0.06 gram. I will do some performance testing on this next month while in Arizona. I will start with the can taped onto the shaft as a worst case condition. Have a good day, Chet
  10. I did the Minelab cable cutting and soldering differently than specified by the manufacturer. Instead of cutting the cable near the Minelab connector I cut it below the Minelab curled cord and installed the 5 pin connector at that location. After the connector was installed and marine grade shrink tubing was applied a plastic tie wrap was attached with another piece of shrink tubing. This is used to pull the cable out of the lower end of the upper shaft since the Minelab curled cord retracts it out of reach. I then used a heat gun to soften and straighten approximately 8 inches of the lower X Coil curled cord. Cut it at that point and attached a new connector at 8” above the lower shaft. I have all three X Coils setup with three new lower shafts attached. This modification allows quick easy change of coils in couple of minutes. It is reasonable to be concerned about interference from the two connectors being located so close to the coil. This is not a problem since the detector only detects motion change relative to the coil. A simple experiment will demonstrate how the detector nulls out metal that is not changing position relative to the coil. Place a small test target on the ground with an aluminum soda or beer can about 2 feet from it. Swing the detector over the small test target. You will only hear the response from the large can. Now tape the can on top of the detector shaft 2 feet from the center of the coil. Now swing the coil over the test target and it will be detected. With the can attached the detector it will sound off as you lift and lower the detector to the ground since the coil is remaining flat while the shaft and can are changing position relative to the coil. In normal detecting when setting the detector down or lifting it I hear this sound-off with the 17” x 12” coil but not with the 10” or the 17” round coils. There is no effect during normal detecting since the coil is not tilting or changing position relative to the shaft. Have a good day, Chet
  11. Fred For the X Coils prices; it varies with the exchange rate; please PM Davsgold for the current prices. Chet
  12. Hi Fred I cannot justify the monetary return on investment of the GPZ 7000 detector, GPZ-19 coil, the X Coils, and all of the travel and man hours on a dollar return basis LOL. πŸ˜€ Likewise I can’t justify the many venison or salmon steaks that probably costed out at more than $50 each in my younger years. LOLπŸ˜€ I guess the best return is well-being and the health benefits of an enjoyable activity. Have a great day, Chet
  13. I just got back from Rye Patch, Nevada; found 14 small nuggets; 6.2 grams total. I found nuggets with all three of my X-Coils; 10” round bunch wound; 17” round spiral wound; and 17”x 12” elliptical spiral wound. I have attached a chart that is compiled from testing of the 10” round and the 17” round coils as compared to the Minelab GPZ 14 coil. The testing was accomplished in a Rye Patch gully by placing a two foot PVC pipe into a freshly dug hole. Gold nuggets of various sizes were lowered in a medicine bottle by a cloth measuring tape. This test was for my own relative comparisons; so those that want to critique the methodology feel free to do it another way. Two obvious depth improvements would be gained by increasing the Threshold setting and using headphones to listen for barely perceived target responses. After discussions with Lucky Lundy and Gerry McMullen I now have found a middle ground that works for me with the following settings; High Yield, Normal Freq. Auto, Sens 20, Volume 12 Threshold 1 to 27 depending on EMI noise level Tone 53, Vol Limit 12 Auto Smoothing Off, Ground Balance Auto, GS Off The 10” is very sensitive but noisy. When roaming across the desert it has me swinging back over false targets much of the time. But it works quite well to slow down and get into small openings between the sage brush and close to bedrock in narrow gullies. Some quick checks make me think that the 17”x 12” will have similar depth performance to the GPZ 14. But will cover three inches more ground on each swing. I will chart some depth comparisons when I get time to do some more testing. I use the 17” Spiral Wound Round coil when I want to cover a lot of desert. The extra inches in circumference with a little extra depth penetration over the GPZ 14 coil is an advantage. At this time I am retiring the Minelab GPZ 14 and the GPZ 19 coils. I have no connection to X coil, or to Davsgold except as a customer. X Coil and Davsgold have both been very responsive to my emails. Have a good day, Chet
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