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Nokta/Makro AU Gold Finder

Steve Herschbach

The Nokta AU Gold Finder metal detector was introduced in 2016 and is still in production. The AU Gold Finder is a 56 kHz metal detector in a lightweight, weather resistant package. It fights the trend towards LCD display menu based control systems with a set of control knobs and switches.

The Nokta AU Gold Finder is closely related to the Makro Gold Racer in overall function and controls. A lot about how the Nokta AU Gold Finder operates and performs can be discovered by studying the information about the Gold Racer, which has been on the market longer. For all intents and purposes the Nokta AU Gold Finder is basically a Makro Gold Racer in a different housing. Note however that coils are not compatible between the two models.

The Nokta AU Gold Finder reminds me of what a Gold Bug 3 might have been if Fisher had ever made one. Hot on tiny gold, variable disc, option to use ground tracking, ground grab, or manual ground balance - and more. There is a dual tone ferrous/non-ferrous mode, and a red LED (ferrous) green LED (non-ferrous) visual id system. The control box contains the batteries and is easily removed from the rod for belt mounting with the integrated belt loops. The Gold Finder runs off four AA batteries.

Nokta AU Gold Finder prospecting detector

This should really appeal to those who are not fond of all the digital menu nonsense and who prefer to flip a switch and tweak a knob. The Nokta AU Gold Finder with both 10" x 5.5" DD coil and 5" round DD coil (both with scuff covers).

Official Nokta AU Gold Finder Page

AU Gold Finder Introduction

Nokta AU Gold Finder Instruction Manual

Nokta Metal Detectors Forum

Review by Kevin Hoagland

Nokta AU Gold Finder Technical Specifications*
Internet Price $679
Technology Induction Balance (IB)
Frequency 56 kHz
Autotune Mode(s) iSAT Intelligent Self Adjusting Threshold
Ground Rejection Grab, Manual, & Tracking
Soil Adjust No
Discrimination LED Visual ID & Tone ID
Volume Control Yes
Threshold Control Yes
Tone Adjust No
Audio Boost Yes
Frequency Offset No
Pinpoint Mode Yes
Audio Output 1/4" Headphone Socket & Speaker
Hip Mount Yes
Standard Coil(s) 10" x 5.5" DD, 5" round DD
Optional Search Coils 5.5" x 10" concentric, 13.25" x 15.5 DD"
Battery Four AA
Operating Time 25 - 30 hours
Weight 3.1 pounds
Additional Technology iMask noise suppression technology
Notes IP56 water and dust resistant.

*Notes on Technical Specifications - Detailed notes about the specifications listed in this chart.


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