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  1. So the cleaned up product line up looks like: Simplex Simplex WHP Legend Legend Pro Pack Anfibio Multi Impact (more features, not waterproof, AA batts) Gold Kruzer Gold Finder 2000 With that they have most bases covered, so now to complete their line up, they would need: - PI Beach machine - PI Gold machine - A very basic SMF machine to sit between Simplex and Legend price point (but that's least critical at this stage).
  2. From what I can tell from Cal Cobra's video, what I really like is the Volume modulation. There is still some volume reduction when targets start to approach max depth, but it's not too quiet that you may dismiss those signals like on some machines. This is exactly what I want most of the time. I'd be keen to test if the volume modulation changes in line with the sensitivity adjustment. Also, a promising observation is how stable the ID's are, again, even as the target approaches max depth, and even with that EMI from the house. Can't wait to get my hands on one
  3. I started doing metal detecting videos a long time ago now, and I always wanted to make them informative, not too serious, but most of all real. Along the way there was some very "real" i.e. embarrassing moments, which unfortunately in the early days a lot of that footage just got binned. At some point I just laughed and started saving some of it. So I've done a compilation of the disappointing trash digs, bloopers and just plain bad camera work.
  4. Big discounts on Gold Racer, AU Gold Finder, Kruzer and Anfibio Multi here in Australia 😉
  5. I haven't used one in the salt yet, but I'm assuming it won't be as good as the Xpointer Pro, as the Pro is Pulse Induction.
  6. Yeah the 11" Commander in Enhance should be pretty tame, otherwise Sens Smooth as a last resort. The other trick you can do is use Tracking and count how many sweeps it takes to track out. Usually noticeably faster to track out a hot rock compared to a nugget, but it's a risky practise.
  7. Simon, when people post things like that out of the instruction manual, it gives me weird deja vu reading it, as myself and Ian Aitken wrote a lot of the content for them, with the 5000 manual being about the last one.
  8. Fine Gold was a little "faster" than Enhance, so seems to have a small improvement on thin pieces on edge, and some reefy gold. On solid waterworn gold I've never seen any real difference, and sometimes Enhance can even be better, which is why it was left as an option in the 5000. Re hotrocks, Enhance should be slightly less reactive to the majority of them. I know the more sensitive Flat wind coils run better in Enhance than Fine Gold in bad ground.
  9. One thing I've noticed with the 14 DD vs 11" mono, is the depth difference in Difficult vs Normal. Basically, on targets larger than a .22 bullet (very roughly), the 14" DD gets the best depth improvement when in Normal, compared to both the 11" and 17". The 17" will see a better depth improvement compared to the 11", but only when ground conditions are really mild.
  10. It is very effective in High EMI areas, even in the Salt setting.
  11. If it can do what the Impact does inland, but with the few benefits on SMF, then it will replace the Impact. If it can get good depth on the beach with a nice solid audio response, even if it means adding the 13" coil, then it may replace a few beach machines.....but we will have to wait and see.
  12. So how about a GPX4000 (limited feature set) style machine in a high impact lightweight plastic case, carbon fibre shaft, a small lithium battery built in, but still with the 5-pin socket if you want to plug in an external battery, and a nice lightweight coil in the 6000 11" coil housing. If priced right would it sell?
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