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  1. Just an observation, you seem to be getting a lot of ground signal as you lift the coil and bring it towards the hole. Did you try to rebalance to get rid of that? Seems the ground is giving a stronger response than the target.
  2. The open sections of the spoked version is very minimal, and with the curved edges of the coil, getting sticks etc snagged up is hardly an issue. I had a spoked, then went with a solid, then went back to a spoked. My current spoked came from a customer who traded it on a 19" evo as he wanted more depth. After testing it I kept it for myself. Just mated up to the old 4500 perfectly.
  3. Simultaneous Multi Freq just isn't as effective in bad ground as Pulse Induction is. I have used the Equinox in a few bad ground spots where other single frequency gold units struggle to work, and in all cases the Nox in multi was very impressive on the test targets, but start moving around and it is a different story. In most cases the Equinox ran better in 40 kHz and even more so in 20 kHz. But no harm having the Multi option there, because there would be many places it would (does) work very well. So yes, a Multi Monster would be awesome. Or should it be called the Equinox Gold?? I ac
  4. The Anfibio comes with the 11" round, whereas the Impact Pro comes with the 11x7" and 7"x4". So if you are going to be working tight areas, or super thick trash, the smaller coils with the Impact will give you better results. But if you are going to work more open areas, the extra depth of the 11" round will be appreciated. If you ever do night hunts, the back lit buttons of the Anfibio are awesome.
  5. TDI audio and ability to use GPX coils, with ATX sensitivity would be a start of a half decent PI gold machine.
  6. The standard Minelab GPZ14" coil is $1195 AUD The Minelab GPZ19" coil is $1495 AUD So for an aftermarket coil being built in Bendigo, I think $1295 is very reasonable.
  7. SD2100 for me. Why? It found my very first nugget, so thank you SD2100 my old mate
  8. There is pretty much no difference in shape between the Snake and the stock supplied coil.
  9. Yes that is correct. Remove the screw then a light tap on the back of the control box will release it from the mounting bracket. It is usually a nice snug press fit onto the bracket. Just make sure you support the control box with the other hand so it doesn't fall.
  10. There's weight, then there's balance, then there's how sturdy the arm cuff is, the angle of the handle, the position of the coil ears etc etc......all combined determine how "nice" it is to swing a detector for extended periods. All those elements combined I refer to as Swing Dynamics. In no particular order here's the units with the best Swing Dynamics for me CTX3030 Anfibio Impact with 9x5 coil Vanquish 440 Racer (particularly with any of the smaller coils) X-Terra would be No.1 if the middle shaft was slightly shorter and hand grip was a little so
  11. The only NEL I have in my arsenal is a Hunter for a Minelab sovereign. I really like this size and shape. On my other coin machines, CTX3030 I just use the 11" stock coil. On my Nokta Makro machines, I have a massive selection of factory coils to choose from as it is. The only one I am missing is a small round for the Simplex. On my Impact I use the factory 9x5" - that's just a great all-round combo. I have used a Mars Tiger 13" elliptical on the Anfibio but found it a little front heavy. I would love a 9x6.5 or thereabouts for the Equinox.... love that shape on the Vang 440, which is a
  12. Sounds like a nice day out. Fresh air, a bit of exercise, and gold as a bonus.
  13. I used to like the Minelab World Adventurer booklet, and the Tesoro booklet where it was finds from around the world, plus a whole lot more: tech tips, new products, technology discussions, stories, etc etc.
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