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  1. Northeast to answer your question: If you look at the diagram which is straight out of the Minelab manual, with a DD coil in DD position, the left side is the transmit winding, and the right side is the receive winding. When in Mono mode, the detector still transmits with the left winding, but it now receives off both windings. So essentially the receive pulse is spread across the whole coil, and what you end up with is a field that is like mono coil, but skewed a bit to the left side. The whole left edge of the coil now becomes sensitive which is great for pin-pointing. Using an 11" DD coil as an example, when in Mono mode, it'll have performance characteristics somewhere between an 11" DD (in DD) and an 11" mono. - More Sensitive than a DD to small targets - Less depth than an 11" round Mono on larger targets - Better ground handling compared to an 11" mono - Not as quiet as DD mode - Better EMI suppression compared to 11" mono - It MAY, in the right ground be able to use Sens Extra where you MAY struggle with a straight mono The other way you could look at it would be to compare to an 8" mono. The 11" DD in Mono is essentially an 11x7" elliptical, so the 8" mono will provider a sharper response on most small gold, but the 11" would be superior in ground handling, and a bit more ground coverage. Hope that helps.
  2. Nice one. I would never have expected it to even pick that up. Try it in Mono mode, it should be even better judging by my findings. I've shared some initial impressions here: https://www.prospectingaustralia.com.au/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=496064#p496064
  3. Yep, I agree with Joe, if a lot of the gold is rough and prickly you want a smaller coil for that added sensitivity. But, my preference would be a 14x9" (NF, have not tried the Coiltek version).
  4. Your detector is turning on and there is audio so your power cable is fine. It was also detecting the bbq, but not the smaller object so either it is in cancel mode, or something has blown internally. I'd try it in all positions of the Coil switch just to be sure. Can you not just return it to the shop and get them to sort it out?
  5. Hi Joe, A DD coil in Fast tracking is your best bet for hot ground. A big normal wound coil like a 18" DD Commander will handle super hot ground very well. If you are after depth, and the area is known for big deep lumps try Deep and Salt timing, especially with the 15" Detech which is a very sensitive DD. Cheers, Nenad
  6. The Gold Kruzer has one of the most stable thresholds of any High freq VLF I've used, and that's what helps it perform on the ground. Many other machines can air test better, but they are next to useless on the ground. Joe76, yes as Steve has said all VLF's will lose depth in mineralisation. The smaller coil will be the better choice of the two stock coils in mineralised soils, with the concentric being reserved for mild ground or if using the Gold Kruzer to chase jewllery. The optional GK24 coil is a 9.5x5" elliptical DD, and this is a good choice for mineralized soils, better depth and coverage, but not quite as zippy on tiny stuff as the small 7x4".
  7. So sad to hear this. Jim was one of a handful of guys who went out of their way to help me out when I was a keen rookie with many curly questions. I hope he knew how much he was respected. RIP
  8. Expected release date here in Oz is June 3. $640 AUD.
  9. They still fetch over $1000 here in Oz, depending on coils and condition, so $600 usd seems like a bargain.
  10. The closest existing spiral wound coil for GPX's is the 12x8" Evo, so be good to compare to that one.
  11. Actually I seem to do better on the gold when I forget my scoop, or forget my gold bottle. The gold gods must look down at me scratching in the dirt with my fingers and then wrapping up a tiny point something in a bit of tissue paper and have a bit of a chuckle between themselves and say......"alright, give this loser a decent bit to take home" 😌
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