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  1. Sorry, missed your question. Same as the stock headphones, i.e. you won't notice any delay unless you are swinging super fast.
  2. Yep, you just explained why if you intend to work around water, a fully waterproof machine is good insurance. When it comes to small gold in mineralised dirt, Gold Monster is better than Equinox, and Gold Kruzer is better than Legend, so at this point in time, the old school thinking is still accurate in my opinion. Maybe in milder soils it's different... I don't know.
  3. Not quite Noise Cancelling, more Noise Blocking being a full cup headphone, the Quest WireFree Pro is also available in a Low Latency BT version, which will pair straight up to the 6000. They are a little cheaper as they don't come with a transmitter. http://phasetechnical.com.au/product/quest-wirefree-pro-low-latency-bluetooth/
  4. On the 7000, you definitely want to be in Normal if comparing to any of the SD series.
  5. Depends what size target you are talking about. My GP extreme beat a 2200 at the Maryborough test patch on a 17 oz'er (I think..... it was a long time ago).
  6. Wow 6 years ago already. Have to do an update to include the gpx6000. But here's a quick summary: Deeper than the SDC More sensitive than GPZ7000 Lighter than all of them 😁
  7. As both a hobby prospector and retailer, that's where my thoughts are at the moment. Like Steve I do like new toys, and need to know how they perform.
  8. The two factors for me are Price and Performance. Both are very muddy at the moment. One thing I know for certain is that is takes 45 secs to do a Noise Cancel, I think I've seen that about three times in the videos already 😋 Can you do it manually?
  9. A DD in the "E" (mono) switch position will run a little quieter than a straight mono coil, but it should still give you a fair idea. I.e. If in "Normal" (DD) the coil is very stable, but when you switch to mono mode you are getting a lot of false signals, then you can be pretty sure a straight mono isn't going to work out.
  10. Here's an image of the 16x10" Xceed coil. Approx 880g. No I haven't tested one yet, but I like the look of it!
  11. There was a heap of Tesoro's available on ebay, for many many months after the company folded. Stock seems to have dried up, and any that are still available the price seem to have increased by 20% or so. Maybe it's the poorer Aussie dollar but that's what I'm seeing from my end. Interesting about the audio. The diablo II micro max is analogue then, and the Vaquero digital, but I always thought the Vaquero was smoother. Maybe it's more filtered? Maybe it's the slightly lower tone? Maybe a combination of both. Might have to charge up some 9V's and see if they still fire up.
  12. That is likely going to be a deadly patch hunting set-up.
  13. These are the key ones for me, but the others are also very welcome!! 1. Iron Filtering from 1 to 8. Current 1.07 value equals setting 8 which will also be default in 1.08. 3. VCO “Tone Pitch” audio added to Park, Field and Beach. 7. Audio Gain adjustment in Park, Field and Beach for boosting audio on weaker signals. 9. Last discrimination setting before shut down will be retained on startup. 10 Threshold tone frequency (pitch???) for Park, Field and Beach will be default 10 and Threshold tone improved. 12. Sensitivity will automatically be lowered during the setting of Notches.
  14. To put it simply, a PI detector can use a Mono coil, because there is a pause between transmit and receive cycles. So the same winding can be used for both. ZVT cannot use a mono coil, so it isn't a Pulse Induction machine in the true sense. I have always explained the GPZ as taking the best characteristics from VLF and PI and meeting somewhere in the middle. I still love the GPZ, its performance, ground balance, audio, robustness etc etc.
  15. Simon, the Detech concentric coil is good on the beaches but only with the GPX5000 Salt Gold timing. On the Salt Course timing of the 4500 you just can't null out the salt signal. This is true also for many mono coils. You can get it to work with a few setting tweaks, but a Salt/AI coil or a DD coil in Cancel mode will run dead silent.
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