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  1. With EMI, depends on the mode and the frequency. In my area 19 kHz is worse than 14 kHz, but once away from suburbia a bit, 14 kHz runs fine. 3-tone is a lot quieter than 2-tone, which is a bit quieter than 4-tone. But 4-tone is my choice for areas where I can dig deep holes, as it is a lot deeper than 3-tone, even with the Gain down in the 60's. For shallow coin picking, 3 tone with Gain under 90 is lightning quick and will sift through all the surface junk no problem. 2-tone being VCO will allow you to determine target depth, either shallow or deep, which is great when you are chasing targets at a certain depth. I.e. only targets shallow hits, or ignoring everything except deep targets depending on site.
  2. Be nice for a hike up a creek/river, with a mini sluice, small pan and Gold Kruzer with 7" elliptical inside. I'm still using the old SD series camo backpack for this. Looking pretty ratty but zipper still works like new!
  3. Weight and balance is one thing, swing ergonomics is another. I have no problem with the GPX series straight shaft, that big control box hanging off one end I believe has a lot to do with it. The X-Terra was brilliant, but I pretty much used the stock 9" concentric coil most of the time. The first time I picked up the Equinox I was like wow that is light, but as I'm 6'4" the lower shaft is extended out a fair way, then when swinging it around it felt good, but not as balanced as say the CTX3030 (which is a fair bit heavier overall). This is slightly improved with the DetectEd shaft (lower weight + better balance), but as there's no weight off the back of the shaft there is only so much you can do. When I first picked up a Vanquish recently, it felt kinda odd, couldn't really explain why but it reminded me somewhat of the E-Trac. But once swinging it around for 30 mins, the swing ergonomics are great. It just feels really natural. I think part of it has to do with the offset shaft. I've always found the X-Terra shaft style set-up the best, especially for non counter balanced detectors, so can imagine it would suit the Equinox very nicely. Especially with a slightly smaller coil, would be a very nice to swing set-up for sure.
  4. Don't know about the QED, but on the SDC if running the Quest Wireless kit, you will get better volume by direct plugging your sP01 into the detector, and then plugging the Tx into the sP01 output.
  5. In my experience what can help with Ferrite balance is to make sure your coil is right next to it, then when you squeeze the trigger, go over the ferrite immediately. And give the coil a few quick sweeps across it. Are you in Normal or Difficult?
  6. I think the GMX is what I was expecting from Whites straight away after the GMT. But why is that display box so huge? I much prefer the smaller one as on the GMT. Also, what is the weight difference between the GMT, 24K and GMX with same sized coils? Just curious to know how they compare to the Gold Kruzer. Thanks
  7. Steve you are absolutely right about the Equinox and 3030 comparison. Lighter and similar tech with a few new things thrown in for less money, and people jumped right in! But we have to remember that the Nox is less than half the price of the 3030 (well here in Oz anyway) Which means if we are thinking the same thing will happen with the Zed, i.e. bring out an Equinox equivalent version, then it would be priced at about $4600 aud. The fact that the GPX5000 still has a rrp here of $5999 I think that would be highly unlikely, but it sure would sell like hotcakes!! I know many customers where weight is everything, and they are still swinging a 4500 or 5000 not for lack of funds, but simply because they can't handle the extra weight of the Zed. As for the Nox vs 3030 thing, even though the 3030 is heavier, I still prefer the way it swings. I also prefer the shape of the handle. I do use the Nox, but after a while especially on the beach I really start to miss the Audio options, like Smooth and Pitch Hold. Also, the 3030 rejects rusty caps like nothing else, especially with target trace on. But the new Iron Bias option has definitely improved the Nox in this regard. So the 3030 has stayed in the arsenal for me. So back on topic, for me to ditch the Zed, it would have to be something special.
  8. Hang on, you are going in circles, you will confuse the detector companies! 🤣 You said " Forget more depth and give me genuine, accurate ferrous discrimination "
  9. 3030 with the 17" coil?? As long as the gold is nice and sluggy. Probably the best ferrous disc still on the market.
  10. Yes I still got a couple of those Radio Shack amplified speakers kicking around. Used them on the GP series to good effect. Great for training a small group of people as they went really loud without distorting. The 1/8" inputs were a pain though, and I ended up running a curly cable through the housing and soldering directly onto the board. Never missed a beat after that.
  11. I'm sure an old GP extreme will still beat this for depth, and you can pick one up for about $1300 here in Oz. I agree with Tony, can't see who will buy the Impulse here in Australia. For it to be of any serious interest to myself and I'm sure other beach hunters, it would need to ID iron at depth consistently accurately, and would need to beat an Equinox, 3030 or even an old Sovereign for depth.
  12. Gen mode goes deeper on smaller targets in bad ground. You have to sweep slow and listen for the faint threshold changes. if you are sweeping it around really quick, then stick to Disc modes. I like the nuances in the audio when you have a threshold. I find you are more likely to pick up fringe targets.
  13. It really is a lot of detector for the money! The tones are sweet to my ears.
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