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  1. Once again no gravels...just nice soft sandy dirt .......must be nice
  2. At first I couldn't tell the handle was 90 degrees to the blade by looking at the main pic but I see it now. Thats interesting would probably work well for leverage while diggin. May not be to comfy while on the hip though.
  3. Hey kac, I built a couple like that a few years back. I still use my original one. I can tell you the t-handle design works great for me. I didn't like the lesche style handle when trying to cut through the turf. In harder soils they put alot of pressure on your palm. The t-handle does a good job of eliminating that. Also nice for leverage while loosening soil deeper in the hole. Your design looks good, simple and effective. I used an old #2 shovel for the blade of mine. It is thin but strong and cuts the roots like no other. Good luck with it
  4. nice find cool that it is not broken I hear ya on the gold fever....1/2 ounce of 14k is sweet!! good job
  5. Man that is some cool looking gold!! Good work
  6. Hey Gary nice work on the small specie gold. I love finding those. Where I'm hunting the hot rocks exist but they're not as big a problem as other areas I've been. Check out the nugget hunting tips in the equinox essentials page. That page is great. I wish I had the time to get out more its gonna take me a while to learn this machine. good luck
  7. Have to correct the record here. That nuggie came in at a .1 not .01 As my daughter puts it........ I was confuzzled 🤪
  8. Thanks for the replies Mitchel, it does that indeed!! Goldrat, This guy came in at a #2 also just like most the birdshot and small lead I was digging. Found it in someone's dig pile. Phrunt, hope your right Gary, I'm using the 6" it works for sure you should like it I've got lots of time in on a GMT and I still love that macine but the 800 has got my enthusiasm up Thanks all
  9. Found this little guy on my second hunt with the nox. Just barely registers at .01g on the scale. It rang clear at 2 inches deep. I'm hunting in trashy hydraulic pits that have been hit hard with PI's and VLF's but I think I'm the first equinox user. I never thought I could remain sane hunting these areas but this machine changes everything. Only iron I dug was the old burro shoe.......pretty cool!! Im in gold 2, sensitivity 18-20 the rest all stock settings. Thanks
  10. Ive had the 800 for about 2 weeks now and have been nugget hunting once. Ive found that runing in gold 2, sensitivity 18-22 that the coil bump noise is pretty bad while in multi freq. Switching to 20 or 40 makes it much more resistant. Havent tried any other modes yet. Im running the 6" coil. Does this sound similar to others experiences? The depth on small stuff in multi freq and all metal is amazing in my ground. The falsing doesn't bug me much I just slow it down and put up with the noise.
  11. Kinda sounds like the one I use. http://www.pioneermining.com/cart/prospecting_tools/scoop Lost mine once and a few weeks later my buddy found it. Good luck
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