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  1. goldrat

    First Gold Of 2018

    Well Lunk and fellow members , on January 10th I said I would post after bath pics of my first 2018 gold . I think I took my time in replying ??? Hard to believe that since that post I have not detected with the SDC , purchased the Equinox and have 2 half days under the belt with it . One of the first to receive it in Aus and just a lousy couple of hunts only . Pretty excited with my finds which I will post later . In brief my legs were giving me issues so I stopped detecting . Feel a lot better today 2 weeks after a bilateral double hernia operation . Counting down the next 6 to 8 weeks and look out old miners camps . Now for that January gold result . ( 2.8 grams ) Cheers goldrat
  2. goldrat

    Help Needed After First Trip Out

    Great info Chase , will use your info in Central Goldfields Victoria . Possibly nursing a hernia so may be quiet for awhile . Thanks and Cheers gold rat
  3. Well done Judy , just great how little finds make you feel good when there is some association on that day . Jenny and I have been married 50 years in August , will have to go out that morning and maybe we can do something similar . Cheers gold rat PS : going to PM you next week re a question on your sluice
  4. Thanks Tnsharpshooter , Sitting back in Aus with a back that's preventing me from detecting . Appreciate the time you have spared all of us to give us a sneak preview . I'm driving 700k's to pick mine up from Nenad Lonic in South Australia next week , can't wait . Cheers and have safe travelling and successful detecting on your UK trip. goldrat
  5. goldrat

    Gary Drayton - Equinox For Beach & Water Hunting

    Buying my Equinox specifically for coins in our Golden Triangle Goldfields . This gives me a little hope if the Miners Camps are just off the goldfields we may be able to overcome some of the mineralization . Sounds great for beach hunters . Cheers goldrat
  6. goldrat

    Kco Only Received Six

    Deliveries commence Thursday 15th in Australia . I believe all Australian dealers are on rations like your USA Dealers . Cheers goldrat
  7. goldrat

    Equinox Vs CTX Video

    So did I. lol Cheers goldrat
  8. My favourite headphones for years has been SunRay Gold Pros . Without mentioning brand names I've tried several high profile sets , but to my hearing the SunRays always pick up whisper sound and slight variations in the threshold better than the others I've bought and tried . My question is , I would like to hear feedback on the "Bushmasters" built for the Relic Hunters site . To me they could be just about be describing the SunRays (imo) Thanks and Cheers goldrat
  9. geof_junk had a quick look at a couple videos , you have given me some pleasure for tonight , thanks . Cheers goldrat
  10. goldrat

    Sdc 2300 Knuckle Protector

    Hey Guys , I'm sure I pay AUS$20 locally , No problem for me to purchase 1 to ? nuckles and post over . Get together and pick a number required and a shipping address and I'll get you a quote ( knuckles and Shipping ) Iv'e had mine 2 years and just clips on , no ties required . Cheers goldrat
  11. goldrat

    White"s TDI SL Coils ????

    Thanks guys for your replies and suggestions , will read all threads given today . Cheers goldrat
  12. Have been given a TDI SL and I'm not that keen on the 11' spider mono coil attached . ( mainly the sticks and debris that get caught up ) Detecting in heavily mineralised ground in the Golden Triangle Australia and it was suggested that I purchase a used 12"/14" Coiltek Goldstalker mono round . Any thought on that please.!!!!! I run a SDC2300 and soooon a Equinox ????? . The TDI will just give me a little extra depth to go wandering away from the diggings . Thanks in advance for any suggestions . Cheers goldrat
  13. I'm pretty sure that Detector is for the African market only . A basic detector in a price range to suit the locals . Cheers goldrat
  14. goldrat

    So What Is Gold Mode Exactly?

    Thanks Steve for all your careful statements with restrictions on you , you just have a way to describe to the savvy technical members and people like me . I might get your hat problem ( a previous thread ) soon and change sizes up to control the swelling from my extra knowledge . I still can't say I have seen the exact multi frequencies in gold mode , I'm assuming the full spectrum 5kHz to 40 kHz . Well I'm going outside to practise some more with my make believe Equinox in this heat wave . Cheers goldrat