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  1. I have Andy"s book , had been using the Equinox for 6 months prior to reading it with success finding relics , coins and gold nuggets . Started studying Andy's book and couldn't believe how much it improved my knowledge and confidence , so much so that I have cobwebs on my GPX at the moment . Buy both authors books if you have doubts , you won't regret it . Happy hunting , Cheers goldrat
  2. Norm , I'm certain Avantree still stocks great bluetooth low latency transmitters . I've coupled them in the past with Avantree headphones and buds , work excellent . Cheers goldrat
  3. Looks like lotsa digging Againstmywill , a well deserved find , congrats . Not so lucky in the Aussie Golden Triangle and all of Victoria . All recreational hobbies have been banned including prospecting , fishing , etc , plus all unnecessary travel , except for food and other essentials ( Doctors , Chemists ) Looks like we understand your Cabin Fever better now . Keep Safe , as well as to all Detector Prospector members , Cheers goldrat
  4. JP , That's how I like threads to go . Far more beneficial to my learning curve than settings , coils etc . I hope this is the new trend for all to report . Take care mate an have a great year . Cheers goldrat
  5. Thanks for the info Steve , never miss reading articles by Chris . Now I've got plenty of viewing . Going to a PMAV meeting tonight in the Golden Triangle and will inform the group in general business . Cheers goldrat
  6. Appreciate your important story Steve , I started in hospitality ( clubs and country hotels ) in1958 and finished in 2013 . In that span of years I saw many of both genders ruin their health , wealth , future and last but most importantly their family units . Over the years it broke my heart to see all of the above happen before my eyes . As I aged I tried extremely hard to help many people and their families , but I learnt that they have to own up to their problem , admit it and voluntary seek help . Thanks for your story , you have bought back many work related memories . I have always admired your knowledge and extreme strength to drive this forum in the best direction , well I've just added a further admiration of you , thanks for your story . Cheers goldrat
  7. Hi phrunt , I'm going to purchase a pinpointer shortly , at the moment I'm between the Minelab 35 and either XP Deus M14 or M16 . Can't find a lot of info on the XP's , what's your thoughts . Cheers goldrat
  8. Hi Nugglorious , My smallest 4 nuggets found with Nox at about 2 inches and all VDI'd #2 . Interested to know what your 0.01 nugget VDI'd at . Hope you find plenty more . Cheers goldrat
  9. Lovely speci Dave , are you popping it into acid or leaving it as a speci . Then you can find it in 4 years time .? Cheers goldrat
  10. Well done Dave , You've got that Zed running sweet . Had my first GPX4500 lesson with Old Hand yesterday . He's a dam good teacher and made it less daunting than I anticipated . Cheers mate goldrat
  11. Thanks phoenix , Will order one today , with my limited skills if I run into trouble , I will PM you . Thanks for the advice and offer . Cheers goldrat
  12. Thanks Simon , will be very useful toy for me . Particularly as I do a lot of goldfield results to mates by texting with pics . Cheers goldrat
  13. Phoenix , great pics . question for you . When you take a photo with microscope how do you transfer it to your smart phone for texting or your computer for saving or emailing . Cheers goldrat
  14. Well done Pat , Hope the break was good for you besides finding gold . Jenny and I hope to have a touristy week around Hill End in the winter , will throw the Nox in just in case . Will pm you at some stage to see how much further we would have to travel . Cheers mate , gold rat
  15. Just received an email from Avantree with a link to Amazon for the clari-airbuds . https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P961194 Cheers goldrat
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