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  1. Hi Nugglorious , My smallest 4 nuggets found with Nox at about 2 inches and all VDI'd #2 . Interested to know what your 0.01 nugget VDI'd at . Hope you find plenty more . Cheers goldrat
  2. Lovely speci Dave , are you popping it into acid or leaving it as a speci . Then you can find it in 4 years time .? Cheers goldrat
  3. Well done Dave , You've got that Zed running sweet . Had my first GPX4500 lesson with Old Hand yesterday . He's a dam good teacher and made it less daunting than I anticipated . Cheers mate goldrat
  4. Thanks phoenix , Will order one today , with my limited skills if I run into trouble , I will PM you . Thanks for the advice and offer . Cheers goldrat
  5. Thanks Simon , will be very useful toy for me . Particularly as I do a lot of goldfield results to mates by texting with pics . Cheers goldrat
  6. Phoenix , great pics . question for you . When you take a photo with microscope how do you transfer it to your smart phone for texting or your computer for saving or emailing . Cheers goldrat
  7. Great report Simon and exciting finds for the new coil , could be sensational in mineralised ground in Oz . Cheers mate goldrat
  8. Well done Pat , Hope the break was good for you besides finding gold . Jenny and I hope to have a touristy week around Hill End in the winter , will throw the Nox in just in case . Will pm you at some stage to see how much further we would have to travel . Cheers mate , gold rat
  9. Just received an email from Avantree with a link to Amazon for the clari-airbuds . https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07P961194 Cheers goldrat
  10. Sinclair , I have followed post's everywhere concerning wireless and wired ear buds for 18 months or more . A guess with the lack of Low latency opportunities I have always purchased wired earbuds . I think I have 6 to 8 pairs gathering dust in the shed . Every pair same result , bend down to use the pick and one or both would fall out or I'd ground detector too far out and pull a bud out . Anyway noticed you mention Avantree are bringing out a new model . Well I did a pre order on these 4 months ago which entitles you to a 60% discount plus free freight . The model that you mention in the link is hook over ear clari-air low latency . I received my parcel 2 weeks ago and have been out several times testing them . Five different areas with heavy mineralisation and 2 benign areas ( please note , both benign areas were away from the regular goldfields ) Let's start with comfort , best ever for my ears and as for falling out not once did this occur . You could do somersaults and they would stick . Saved the best part for last , over all grounds there is no lag at all , coil over target and you have the signal immediately . Performance identical to the factory headphones supplied with the Equinox 800 . Not to concern us on this forum is the music quality which I found excellent ( not a sound quality buff ) I believe this shows up with the target signal clarity . As for play time , the longest time out was 5.5 hours and still going , although brochure says play time is 5 hours . This pair will not be gathering shed dust only bush dust . Hope this report helps prospectors wishing to use ear buds in the summer . Can't find them on Amazon yet , but direct with Avantree cost is $39.99 . Cheers goldrat My apologies I forgot to mention that pairing was simple and quick and yes the + is on the Equinox screen .
  11. Well done phoenix size doesn't matter a great looking nugget . Cheers goldrat
  12. Boost has 100% Telstra coverage throughout Australia and their plans are great with plenty of choices . We choose $20 per month with unlimited texts and calls in Australia + unlimited International calls + 5GB Data . These monthly plans give you a choice up to $70 . The same benefits as above except Data is 80GB . boost.com.au will put you on site for perusal . Hope this helps . Cheers goldrat
  13. We live in Dunolly and chose to purchase " Boost " from Australia Post . This is a Telstra Company and you get their full coverage . You have a choice of plans from $20 per month which covers everything you will require . Google boost and you will find all the info you require . Hope you enjoy your trip to Australia and keep safe . Cheers goldrat
  14. Thanks Clive , I'll give that site a shot today . Cheers goldrat
  15. Hi Clive , Recently read a excellent review on a wireless ear bud model # SoundPeats Engine Q40 . Iv'e corresponded by email on at least 7 occasions to purchase ? Head Office stated Amazon don't stock this model Soundpeats own online store haven't listed it . Finally they assured me that online SoundPeats Japan stock this model . They gave me a direct link and you guessed it all in Japanese . Complained to Head Office , now awaiting a reply . All reviews on your model Q12 are excellent . Cheers goldrat
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