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  1. Out of the box mine was shutting itself off when it was set down or otherwise jogged a bit. After reseating the battery the problem went away and has not come back over maybe 40 hrs of use.
  2. The last two posts are spot on. Mine Cache is good for displaying general claim locations and counting the claims in each quarter section is the only way I've found of looking for potential unclaimed land. It can shorten your search time in the county records. Mine Cache is updated monthly. GPAA has two? claims in GB. Don't know about other clubs.
  3. Nice little piece! You will work out a system. I sort of sneak up on the target from several sides and move material away a little at a time until its pretty localized. Also, you may need to scrape a larger area than you are used to because of coil size and potential for deeper targets.
  4. In my little experiment the 14 DD was usable directly under a 69 kv line and pretty quiet about 15 ft away. It was irritatingly noisy under a 345 kv line but hit on targets. It quieted down at about 50 ft away.
  5. Went to some old dry wash workings under powerlines to try out the 14 inch coil. This little guy was hiding just beneath the desert pavement near the old workings within 30 ft of high voltage overhead lines. Over the course of a couple hours dug multiple trash targets including small lead shot. Not the easiest coil to pinpoint with, but small targets in high EMI impressed me. Desert north of Yuma. Mike
  6. You are definitely dialed in to get that at Burn Barrel! Nice work.
  7. Sally and I have been trading time between Zed and 6000 for several days now. Both have their roles in our hunting. So far the 6000 has done the scoring with one nugget each, but the 7000 will stay in the arsenal. May add a smaller coil to it though.
  8. Peg, I have metal in a knee, hip, and shoulder. Both the Zed and 6000 swing fine, but you will notice a bit of noise if you get one of those parts over the coil. Never notice the hip. Knee takes some avoidance, and thankfully it's my left shoulder and I'm right handed. In other words you may notice noise occasionally bu can work around it easily. Mike
  9. Great post Lunk. Fun to see the power of the machine many of us are waiting for!
  10. Nice bit of the yellow stuff! Looking forward to our place in the 6000 que.
  11. Thanks Gerry. It was a fun event and really generous of you.
  12. Here's the scoop. Scuff cover done. We're done. As always, great to be out!
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