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  1. Thanks Gerry. It was a fun event and really generous of you.
  2. Here's the scoop. Scuff cover done. We're done. As always, great to be out!
  3. And here are is our big find for the weekend! Not skunked, but close!
  4. So Gerry, great idea for Memorial Day. We are at Rye Patch thinking about my Dad who left us on June 3, 2020 at 93. He was a tail gunner on B-17 in WWII and a POW in Germany. He is signing the bombay door of Sentimental Journey, a flying B17 based at the Commemorative Air Force in Mesa. Heartfelt thanks to all who serve. Mike and Sally
  5. Sympathies Condor. We held on through the cold and wet and have been out in Rye Patch a couple half days hitting patches where we have had luck in the past. Still wet and noisy on the Zed but tiny trash and lead showing up fairly shallow. It is drying pretty well. Would have left, but being 850 mi from home says stick it out bit longer. Been trolling for new ground too. Mike
  6. Gold is gold to me. I'm more about the finding than anything else. If you fish with kids you may know that digging worms is almost as fun as catching the fish. Guess I'm a kid at heart.
  7. Dry and breezy at the patch today. Did not detect, but roads are passable. Ground is wet at about 2 inches. Will be in area for a week or so. Some in Rye Patch and some just exploring for new areas.
  8. Good advice Steve. Spent my career doing fieldwork in the west and what you say is true.
  9. Love meeting folks with gold fever. We are in a silver jeep with black cargo pod. Say hi if you see us.
  10. Yikes! We are on the way. Hitting the ground Monday (maybe from what you say). Long drive and we are past the point of no return. Maybe a day or so of scouting coming up.
  11. Continue to be impressed with people's success with the nox. Nice find!
  12. No issues with weight. Lug 50 lb feed sacks, etc but I don't have a need to lift a whole lot more. Have carried a 45 lb pack into the backcountry without issue. I do pretty much everything I did before, maybe a bit more carefully. And I don't run. Also have a artificial knee. Its no issue either although I occasionally hear it with standard coil on the Zed. Would probably not be able to use a 19 in.
  13. I had a hip done about 4 years ago. No real impact on my detecting beyond a couple months post-surgery. It is not as invasive a surgery as it used to be.
  14. Great work. Makes our final Yuma haul look a bit slim. But we had a great finish too.
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