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  1. I've had a great experience with John at Killer Bee. Used mine for several years and had them refurbished this year. Like new.
  2. Guess I'm lucky because it's not an either-or choice for me. My detecting partner is my wife and we run both. If I had to choose one, it would be the 6000, but it is definitely close and I don't feel disadvantaged when Sally is running the 6000 and I'm on the Axiom. I like the A in hot ground and love the ergonomics. Have found small gold in beat-up club claims at Quartzsite with both and prefer the Axiom in hot rock settings. If I was on a tight budget I'd go Axiom because I think it's more versatile out of the box. I agree that running in 3 or 4 on the A is best for learning the machine. Like many of you, I had to get the fix on the 6000 and also prefer the CoilTek 10 x5 on the 6000 over the stock 11, but it is really a case of getting to know your tools and using the right one for the situation. Lots of good advice on this thread. Having been in the field with Gerry and Lunk, I trust their advise. Would still be looking for the first nugget without their advice and training. Mike
  3. That's Rye Patch! Your experience is similar to my last couple trips. First trip with 6000 was really good. Next two were tough going, not skunked, but fewer nuggets and lots of 0 days. Way to be persistent.
  4. My friend Brad texted this pic from Rye Patch this a.m. Forecast is better in the coming days though.
  5. Over the last couple months I've met quite few folks new to nuggetshooting. Many are frustrated at not finding gold, but are finding a lot of trash targets, including lead shot, and I find myself confessing that it took me more than 2 years on the calendar and 30+ days of detecting to find number 1. Part of my pep talk is to explain that this is a common experience, so stick with it. So the point of the question is to encourage newer detectorists stick with it and learn whatever they can from the real pros on this forum.
  6. Agree Steve, sounds very reasonable. Love the forum and anything that keeps it fun for you is good.
  7. Really nice find. It must be specimen week for Axiom in AZ! Yours is a lot nicer than mine, but I'm tickled anyway.
  8. You can detect pretty much anywhere on BLM, but be aware of mining claims. There are tons of claims as you get close to the hills in any direction out of Quartzsite. A good option for some claim options is the Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club. Very inexpensive and you can join at the Miner's Depot. They have monthly outings, but the season is winding down and I'm not sure if there are more to come this year.
  9. I've had the same issue with the headphones cutting out when I'm kneeling with the scoop. Other than that I really like the Axiom. Lots of good advice in the above posts. Been alternating use with the wife's 6000 and both machines have their place. The Axiom grows on you as you learn the nuances of the machine.
  10. I love the Goldhawk 10x5. Worked near another fellow who was using the xceed and was very impressed with what it was doing. Bottom line, both found gold, they seem about equivalent in sensitivity to small gold, the xceed was seeing small targets deeper, easier to pinpoint with the Goldhawk. I probably won't spring for the xc eed coil, but it would definitely be nice to have. As many others have observed, each coil has a use.
  11. I'll stop by and say hi. Already bought the book. Lots of great info inside!
  12. This little guy was about 6" down in an old drywash pile directly under a triple high power line. 14 DD after the audio fix. Very quiet using Bluetooth headphones.
  13. It is all around better, but maybe a bit more improved on speaker than on BT. I'm happy.
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