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  1. It is all around better, but maybe a bit more improved on speaker than on BT. I'm happy.
  2. I just got mine back and have put several hours on it in the Quartzsite area. Once it got to the shop they turned it around in 2 days. They did the update and replaced the audio board. It is running much smoother so I come down on the side of doing the fixes. I was finding small gold prior, but after running another fellow's smooth running machine decided it was time to send it in. Glad I did.
  3. I have two used but functional WM-12 and don't need both. They are currently stored in my RV in Quartzsite. I'll be back down there next week. I'm interested. Mike
  4. We know you well enough Gerry to know what you did about that little nugget! My guess on the weight is 1.21 g. As far as if I win, I like donating it locally. Spent 5 weeks in Oz a couple years before I started detecting, a good part of it in Queensland and around Alice. Did not know what I was missing- sure would like to go back. Mike
  5. Which club are you looking at? If the Quartzsite Metal Detecting Club, their claims get hit hard, but a few nuggets keep being found. I've had some success on those claims, but it is pretty slow going. Let us know a bit more as I know a number of forum folks have detected the area. Mike
  6. Have always liked digging holes. Probably why I became an archaeologist. Also probably why both shoulders are shot!
  7. Thankful for the lesson this 2.8 gm taught me near Quartzsite earlier this month. Just because it's really loud and moves in first your boot scrapes, not good to just walk away. Happy Thanksgiving yo all. Mike
  8. Gerry, It was great to chat with you on our last day at Rye Patch. I was curious about what the weather did to you since we bailed the day before it got bad. Great results! It was also great to see Lucky again and meet Brett. That Goldhawk is an awesome coil. It kept the skunk away on at least 3 days for me and it's also popped the three smallest nuggets in our poke. Mike
  9. Sevastras it was great to meet you. Thanks for stopping by our camp. You only left one tiny nugget behind for us to find! Our hunt was slow as well, but at least we found a few over the course of several fairly relaxed days. The weather did improve for us.
  10. Great to see the Twin Falls twins score. In our Rye Patch hunting, the 6000 is outscoring the 7000 by about 10 to 1. Game changer for sure. Nice post Gerry.
  11. Out of the box mine was shutting itself off when it was set down or otherwise jogged a bit. After reseating the battery the problem went away and has not come back over maybe 40 hrs of use.
  12. The last two posts are spot on. Mine Cache is good for displaying general claim locations and counting the claims in each quarter section is the only way I've found of looking for potential unclaimed land. It can shorten your search time in the county records. Mine Cache is updated monthly. GPAA has two? claims in GB. Don't know about other clubs.
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