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  1. So, if it only works in multi, why, then are 4 & 5 kHz sensitive to aluminium nuances? I guess this means more testing...
  2. Only in 4 and 5 kHz single modes. It doesn't seem to work in multi....
  3. Salt water is a whole different story. I don't know when I will be able to test on salt water or ocean beaches.
  4. I love Fe2! So far, this season, I have set Fe2 at ZERO. I have dug everything in the first FIVE hunts. So far, 95% of pull tabs have been detected correctly. Beaver tails and old tabs still get dug. But overall I am loving the signals that Fe2 has provided.
  5. Yes, the triangle with exclamation mark in middle. Overload indicator. Sorry, I got use to calling it a black sand indicator, 'cause it only activates for me when on black sand...
  6. I have a question regarding how the Equinox throttles back sensitivity when it encounters black sand. If I am running at 17 sensitivity on a salt water beach and detect over black sand; the machine throttles back sensitivity. By how much does it do this? What would be the sensitivity when the black sand indicator is active at 17? This leads me to wonder. If running at 25 sensitivity and the machine encounters black sand, is it going to be a higher number than the previous scenario? I also realize, that at 25 the machine will probably throttle back sensitivity much sooner than at 17... Just curious, thanks!
  7. My bad, don't know where nylon came from... it is actually PTEG. The coil stiffener is glow in dark and is great for water detecting. The pod mount is a set of handlebar risers I ordered from Amazon. I taught myself Freecad to design the arm cuff. The first prototype was just to test fit. This one is #2, and actually impressed me with how strong it is. I designed the arm cup to wrap around your forearm a bit, instead of using a strap. We'll have to see how well it stays in place and how comfortable it is.
  8. Prototype arm cuff, 28mm id. Nylon print with what was on hand.
  9. Hi Steve, Just received my Neewer monopod. Removed bottom theaded insert with a heat gun. Just enough heat to release the epoxy. Filed and sanded coil knuckle to fit bottom tube. Epoxied into bottom tube. What model of stl file did you use for control pod adapter for the 28mm tube? One more question. What armrest did you install? Thanks, after 3.5 years detecting that factory shaft was getting pretty wobbly...
  10. When switching thru single frequencies tdi stayed in the 1-2 range...
  11. Also thanks for the coke thing, Pimento... This is something I've only run into twice before. Though, usually on dry land.
  12. Thanks Steve, I've never had a signal like that before, I guess curiosity got the better of me... I was hoping a gold bar, or two!
  13. Sensitivity 20 Fe 0 Speed 3, it's a 600 Beach 1 Threshold 1 GB 2 on autotracking
  14. I was river hunting yesterday and came across a solid +1 in 4.5 ft of water. After spending half an hour digging down approx 2ft. into the gravel bar, the signal broke into 2 centers. I finally gave up because of depth of water and size of hole. Anyone else have an idea as to what is down there... the site is about 1/2 mile down stream from a bridge, and the river has been close to flood level all summer.
  15. What Cal_Cobra said... I just recovered a 10k solid white gold ring that weighs 3.2 grams. It rang up as a solid 6. Is it a wonder that I dig foil and can slaw? Lols
  16. Basically, I'm doing a manual GB. To just below neutral. I found that the machine really over does this. Hope this helps. 😊
  17. When I remember to set ground balance, I listen to the transitional area between negative and positive GB. Then set it a few clicks less to get a tone when pumping the coil in the up direction.
  18. You will know when you have it set correctly for your hunt. It will pick up the smallest and deepest signals. On the beach I dig these signals. On fields I cycle through the frequencies to determine if to dig or not. The tiny can slaw is the worst. Sometimes when people ask me how deep it detects I answer "Too deep". 😉
  19. I agree, the new update makes emi filtering work better.
  20. He says it cost about $2 CAD worth of plastic. And it took 9 hours to print.
  21. Thank-you Minelab for sending this out. For some reason the store where I purchased my Equinox would not honor the RMA that Minelab issued for a replacement arm cuff. So Customer Service sent out one directly from the U.S. Boy was I surprised when I opened the package and found the entire assembly. Kudos!
  22. Yes, I believe this is where he got the file from.
  23. My son printed this up for me. Hopefully it will last longer then factory ones.
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