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  1. I've tried it too and not done all that well without adding ion some simple target testing--cross sweep, PP wide /narrow--you get a lot of bang for your buck with these. Nothing I like more than watching these YouTube gurus go from one hunk of iron to the next... I think one of the first things I noticed with the Manti was just how good the spikes sound... cjc
  2. Its not just that our CDN coins are full of steel but also that the Manti and Legend see them as alloys--they are being biased out. When one of these coins has been in the ground a while they become more like the ground and are even harder to detect. For my purposes, alerting to the tiny "flag" that the non ferrous part of a CDN coin gives is an excellent trainer for small gold. You might as stated above do well to run a high FQ. With the Manti--peaked tones mean good, non ferrous metal--distinct from the ground. CDN coins are pretty much the opposite. Makes these machines a hard sell up here as good as they are. Hate to say it--but here's another case for taking the time to learn a bit of basic detector theory instead of going out with this "I just dig everything" mentality. Its these nuances of signal type that let you wade through the amount of fidelity that a machine like the D2 or Legend or Manti offers and not go out digging targets that aren't even LIKE what you are looking for. cjc
  3. A buddy of mine went to a Sportsman's Show and came back with a Whtes brohure and I was soon the proud owner of a Coinmaster 6DB. This was in '89. Then I picked it up again in 1993 and evenually figured out that there might be something in the water too...by then I had an Eagle 11 and a CZ5. (first signet a "C"--I knew I was home...😁). Next was a CZ21 and my beloved Cuda. Still got em both...Here are my first few bits from the parks....It was a bit easier then. Now--there\s a troll under every bridge...😆 cjc
  4. Not enough water up the nose...it takes gallons and gallons to find anything...😆 To be honest that represents a lot of misery and a lot of dead heats--with a few flashes of glory... To operate at that level is a lot more like work than a hobby. cjc
  5. A Beginner's Guide to the Nokta / Makro Legend (v.1.09 / v.1.10 beta) “Jam packed with tons of good info!!” AP “Clive’s book breaks every setting etc. down more so it is more understandable and easier to learn…. Plus there is a lot more good detecting how-to info inside the book.” SS “Great book! I just finished it. Loads of information on how the detector works. Plus, tests and techniques.“ WE “...Invaluable reference book for any Legend user!” LD, UK “A great read-- must have guidebook. Thanks Clive” GK “I bought this book and for me it has been bloody brilliant.” PP “Great read, thanks Clive!” CS Understanding the Nokta / Makro Legend (v.1.10 beta) Clive James Clynick has detected for over 40 years and is the author of 24 detector “how to” manuals, numerous articles and product reviews. Topics include: • Customizing the Legend for Your Sites and Type of Hunting. • Navigation: “Fiddle Less and Hunt More.” • Getting Results with the Legend at Tough Sites. • Coil Control Target Testing and Other Skills. • Understanding Fast Digital and Multi Frequency Detectors. • Bottle Caps and Other Problem Targets. • The Legend as a Gold Jewelry Hunting Machine. • Understanding the Updates (v. 1.05-v.1.10 beta). .…and Much More… “the only up-to-date book on the Legend” (Softbound, 101 pgs). Ordering and Reviews: http://clivesgoldpage.com/
  6. The Minelab Manticore: Tips, Tricks and Settings (V. 6.20.0+73) “If you own the Manicore, I highly recommend reading this book. As a beach hunter it gave me a better understanding of the Manicore’s sensitivity set up and by how adjusting other settings allows for a more stable machine with higher settings.” RP, AUS “Awesome info In this book & also very detailed –a good addition to the tool box, I’m very pleased w my purchase.” RK “Well worth the money, I have read my copy a number of times and it really has helped me get the most out of the Manicore and getting it to perform in a manner that suits me either in the bush or in salt water at beaches. Well done and thanks Clive.” PR “For anyone trying to figure out the Manticore, this is a must read. Clive really understands the ins and outs of detectors, and goes into great depth on what you should be doing to eliminate trash and find the good stuff. Get this book, read it, read it again, and stop wasting time digging so much trash!” DN The Minelab Manticore: Tips, Tricks and Settings (V. 6.20.0+73) Clive James Clynick has been finding gold, silver, coins and relics with a metal detector for over 40 years. He is the author of some 26 “how to” books and numerous articles for the serious treasure hunter. Topics include:  Getting the Most from the Manticore’s Power.  Creating Custom Settings for Your Sites and Hunting Style.  Understanding the Manticore’s Graph and Expanded Meter.  Understanding the Audio Options.  Deep Silver Skills: Spikes, False Signals and “Masked” Targets.  Using Basic Skills to Enhance the Manticore’s Target ID Features.  Working on Your Accuracy and Conclusiveness.  The Manticore as a Gold Jewellery Hunting Machine.  Pro-Level Testing and Tuning Methods. ...and much more... ($16.95, Softbound, 108 pgs) Ordering and Reviews: Home (clivesgoldpage.com)
  7. Heres the finished product: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIT2ZjCbIzE cjc
  8. They would kidnap me right off the plane... cjc
  9. Me too...but its all water up the nose... cj
  10. Not too much of an ad I hope more of an ad in the making lol.. cjc
  11. Ya, they are decent rocks--I was told $1200 on the men's ring and the engagement is .75, an S1. Im just glad that for once they are real...lol. Glad you are still at it Mike. cjc
  12. Its true, first year the NOX came out I cleaned up--then everyone else figured it out...this is why skill building is so important --to have an advantage over all those hunters whose only strategy is getting there first. cjc
  13. Wear and Tear is right...! Its true you gotta spend to make and buying and maintaining these detectors can be a real drag on what looks like a sweet load of finds. Best line in any of my books (and the truest) is that "...I pack and mail a detector for service like most people sneeze..." Achoo, Achoo--there go two--and a headphones... Not to mention gas, travel, all of it. At the same time, when you compete with people who live next to the beach or are just determined top pros, having the choice of several TYPES of machines that do different things is a must. This lets me translate the experience I've gained in 45 years of swinging into versatile, focussed action in relation to what the conditons present. The three major "pushes" are: depth accuracy and coverage. Sometimes you need all three. Sometimes it even works...cjc (Here are a few "away kit" pictures, pre Manti)...If you want to operate at this level--prepare to spend a few bucks...😆
  14. NOX big coil sounded like a scratchy nail. cjc
  15. A machine like the NOX or Manti is so accurate that can slaw shows how alloyed and mis shapen it is when you use the cross sweep. I see so many You tube hunters doing this moronic "wiggle" that acts to make a wild signal sound better as the machine cuts out the inconsistent parts with progressive sweeps. I also size targets that seem too big by using Pinpoint. The NOX's modulation is bad for making these bigger targets "(deep "rotten glasses)" sound coin sized though--These are the kinds of targets that waste time when one does not bother with basic skills. So many scoff at my books but don't know any of this. Last laugh is mine--seeing what these guys have dug every time I hunt. 😁 cjc
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