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  1. Ya, you can tell that it's super loud. He has his T/H super low as well--a good tip. Those micro tuning changes are interesting too. I can't learn enough about this detector -- got a long way to go though... cjc
  2. I' ve stoppped wrapping and use Permatech Dielectric Grease to coat everything now. Haven't seen any wasabe yet. Probably a good idea to eyeball everything everry couple of days though... cjc
  3. Great run-down video on the capabiles of this machine for anyone wanting to learn more. ton of information here--thanks Alexandre! cjc
  4. Sounds rock solid. TDI is certainly all aflutter in fast salt. Cuda though---stikes fast bites deep--anywhere....as advertised😁 Gotta say that even the mighy Dual Field loses depth where there is a lot of interference i.e. fast salt / inclines--just the coil size. I like the AQ though--retunes past all of that nonsense... Jimmy's not the only one with two birds--we agreed that great minds think alike...😁 cjc
  5. the whole site is on the Wayback Machine--interesting reading... c
  6. Thanks Thomas An amazing service for a well-loved man. Kind Regards clive
  7. At the same time, the AQ seems okay on big 18k, but it's the Indian people who have the extreme high dollar stuff. There is just too much SS, Tungsten and Titanium around too--worn by those who would have had normal gold. That look like a great mod. I have a modded board of Bill Lahr's that runs 12 uSc--basically a PI Pro with DF coil--killer on all gold and very smooth.--also a prize project. cjc
  8. Good point, Carl. I use Permatech Dielectric grease on everything now. Picks up a bit of grit and has to be rinsed / changed periodically but at lease there's no wasabi...everything doesn't have to be wrapped up either--just checked periodically. cjc
  9. This is a machine that's a dramatic departure from anythig else out there--closest being the TDI Pro. I have two and plan to keep them in that they do things no other machine will. I like the smoothness, target information and overall audio. The optimization is also great too--it loves the high foils and so do I 😁. This is how I try and set up any machine I use. If you have some awareness of the concepts of "carry" and "correlation" and stay off the wide, responses, the discrimination is helpfull. (I would use a stronger word--but Im still learning). You are probably better off running in All Metal, for the added depth. This requires a bit of PI skill. I do wish that it responded better to big 22k but running A/M does offset this a bit. Yes there have been build issues but nothing insurmountable. In particular the Vishay pots are problematic--maybe the 14.4 is too hot for them in that the T/H seems to be particulary vulnerable to frying out. I've had several replaced. In the environment I hunt, (Equinox "troll" under every bridge, lol) this machine is exactly the edge I need. A few years back my accuracy with the NOX gave me a big advantage, but now I need that same accuracy with even more depth and black sand capabily. While I'm still developing my accuracy with this machine-there's no queston that the potential is there. Here is a nice end-of-season 22k band find from a section that has just been trampled over 8 months by other hunters--the AQ went down about 18" to bring up a response. This is a machine that can go in after anything--save for the TDI--another very deep detector. There is nothing wrong with the Limited, just needs a bit of extra carefulness around the "tailfeathers." cjc
  10. I can't speak to the shallow target responses--just not what I've tested. If you secure your cable lighlty using the sock clips or a tied eleastic, there's no need to worry about the coil hardware being pulled. I would avoid wrapping the cable though, the positon of the hardware would be pulled when you press on the heel of the coil. Like the TDI this is a machine that takes time to learn. Im continually testing mine and this is paying off. Try turning the Gain up indoors to get an idea of how essential signal balancing is with this machine. You can also get more depth my slowing down the retuning slightly but this offsets your abillity to hear the wide response of caps. cjc
  11. Hi Matt That's true of 3. Three ship as two. Thanks for your interest in my books. Regards clive
  12. Skill-Building with the Minelab Equinox Series Metal Detectors Readers Write... “Clive’s book is a must for users of the Equinox. I highly recommend reading this book. Beginners to advanced users will find valuable information in this latest book.” CF “...what Clive has to say about the settings and how they interact with each other and with targets should help take your game to a higher level.” LG, FL “...for a person with just 15 months detecting experience this is Gold. This is what I’ve been looking for to take my understanding of detecting and the Equinox forward.” Thanks Anthony “I consider this book a must and rate it five stars. Learnt so much about my 800. Thanks Clive.” RP AUS “His books will make you a more efficient treasure Hunter. Saves you a ton of time learning the machine.” CD “This is a book you will have to read, practice and maybe even re-read certain areas. There is no fluff in this book. It is all hardcore useful information for the Equinox user.” MK “Excellent Read. Helped me a lot with my 800.” BB Skill-Building with the Minelab Equinox Series Metal Detectors By Clive James Clynick Clive James Clynick is the author of some 24 previous treasure hunting “how-to” books and numerous articles. In this detailed and informative book, he explains how understanding the Equinox’s operating characteristics and features can help you to find more treasure at park, relic and beach sites. Topics include: Dense Iron Methods and Skill Building Walk First. How Small Skills Add Up to Accuracy Managing the Heavily Processed, Modulated Signal Understanding and Managing the Power Curve Beyond Meter and Tone Accuracy and Conclusiveness Salt Water Stabilization and Depth Tips from Top Hunters Signal Balancing the Equinox for More Depth ‘Micro’ Gold and Chain Hunting Understanding the Upgrades …and much more… (8.5 X 5.5, softbound, 120 pages) $16.95 Ordering and Reviews: http://clivesgoldpage.com/
  13. The Minelab Equinox From Beginner to Advanced Readers write... “Brilliant book well worth getting it gives you a better understanding of the machine than the manual alone.” PS “After reading your book I concentrated much more on the sound quality of targets. I very quickly started to understand which sounds to dig. Have found several ancient coins already.” GL “I have this book and it has been very helpful in learning the Nox. I have read it once and refer back to it quite often. The last half of it is a wealth of knowledge.” 88 Highly recommend..a must for the serious equinox user. RP “This book explains in great detail the Equinox’s strengths and versatility. It offers many tips for various conditions including, but not limited to problem sites and will help you develop the kind of skills needed to fully understand what the Equinox is telling you, which will put more finds in your pouch.“ RL “Just bought this book. Feel like I’ve only been getting about 25% out of my machine…” CH “This is the book that started me swinging my nox 8oo with great satisfaction.” JR These books have saved me hours and hours of trial and error learning the equinox 800. KL I bought these handy books from Clive, and I to am in Australia. Well worth the cost of international postage. TB “The Minelab Equinox: “From Beginner to Advanced” Clive James Clynick is the author of some 20 previous detector “how-to” manuals, numerous articles and product reviews. In this detailed and informative book he explains the Minelab Equinox’s ground breaking technology and how it can help you to find treasure. Topics include: Customizing the Equinox for your Conditions and Targets Sought. “Multi IQ” and High Gain Detector Operating Characteristics. Understanding and Applying the Equinox’s Features. Audio, Meter and Coil Control “Skill Building.” Beach, Shallow Water and “In-Iron” Skill Building with the Equinox. The Equinox as a Gold Jewelry-Hunting Machine. “Reverse” Hunting with the Equinox. Bottlecaps and Other Problem Targets. …and much more… (111 Pages, Softbound, $16.95) Ordering and Reviews: http://clivesgoldpage.com/
  14. Advanced Shallow Water Metal Detecting: Tips, Tricks and Methods Clive James Clynick is the author of 12 previous detecting “how-to” books and numerous articles. In this, his most advanced book to date, Mr. Clynick instructs the reader on how to become a more versatile and effective shoreline treasure hunter. Topics include: Equipment Handling: “Suiting Up and Showing Up” Assessing Shoreline Grades VLF and Pulse Induction Methods and Applications “Harnessing Pulsepower” Rough and Deep Water Hunting Skills "Systematic” Hunt Methods Understanding Shoreline Classification and Exchange Assessing and Detecting Old Sites Combining Tools, Skills and Methods and much more (8.5 X 5.5 softbound, 115 pages, $16.95
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