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  1. ...well said. All detectors have plusses and minuses. Real learning begins when you deal with both. This is why, when a machine like the Equinox comes out--so many think that they can ignore basic skills and that the "tech" will take it's place. Fact is the more powerful the machine--the greater the need for basic skills. I agree with Alexandre though--machines that are based upon Eric's circuits give a lot of information that can be almost as accurate as a VLF in the right hands. My CS6PI tells ferrous from non-ferrous with ease. cjc
  2. That's well said, Steve and herein lies the power of this machine--in conjunction with the reject. I also think that this detector has good, clean optimization--and with practice--this will work well with the amount of audio detail. Those narrow clean high tones are "the money." cjc
  3. As much as I like the CTX in salt--it's not much for black sand. NOX seems to handle it better--more fidelity to manage it ie. Rec Spd. I was very disappointed to see the CTX getting about 10 inches in those conditions. Hoping the Coiltek 15 will get WOT / Sov - like performance although the NOX doesn't seem to handle the stock big coil all that well. With the CTX you have to open it up--or maybe Tadpole 4. Still trying to figure that one out. cjc cjc
  4. that's a good idea. Im on my third brain--and to do the whole silicone thing voids the warr. cjc
  5. In the right hands the CTX is worth every cent. Most hunters these days aren't serious enough to progress to the point where they can tell the difference. cjc
  6. ya 2 tone is a good way to really get a feel for how this machine is performing--and the lower weighted B2 is just plain smoother. with the big coil though the tuning has to be really exact, interesting to see Leighton H talking about running the Coiltek coils way down at 16/17-- I thought that my 19 was low. big difference in how signals enter and sound though--less confounded by all the processing. cjc
  7. Its true neither the CTX or the NOX process a big coil signal all that well. Ive found that breaking up the NOX audio by running 5 tone helps. With the CTX something like an Andy's beach prog in the p2 run N/S gets good depth. in any of the modes that have a lot of screen blocked out there is the potential of overrunning even shallow targets. Going in after with a pulse is shocking. . cjc
  8. Thanks JCR hadn't seen your feedback until now. Glad the book has helped you--love this detector. Great machine for the serious hunter--or even a beginner to learn on. cjc
  9. these are very loud and clean. only thing I would compare then to are Mr. Goldmasters sandorovits @ gmail.com
  10. sorry not to reply for so long not really expecting replies. Hes at: sandorovits @ gmail.com very nice product perfect impedence match for the Anfibio or simplex. c
  11. Certainly unique to the Aquastar. I had one for a while found it a bit heavy and one risked the board to make adjustments on the beach. You should PM Alexandre he's interested in how this ground worked. cjc
  12. Im hearing that running the cable straight up along the wand makes a big difference. Seems to help in fresh haven't had the chance to test in salt. There are also a lot of tuning adjustments that help. Guys who have been my mentors for 35 years seem to be managing in salt--that's enough for me. Isn't what what they call "contempt prior to investigation?" cjc
  13. or Flex Seal--easier to remove. I also just extend the wand to hunt that zone--like an Excal behind the arm. cjc
  14. I still think of Eric's Aquastar coil with the stainless bead--shame something like that can't be incorporated here. cjc
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