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  1. This takes time and practice. There are pulse machines without tone ID that can all but ID iron as well--you could say that the AQ gives you quite a bit more to work with--and learn. cjc
  2. That's well said, Joe--physics does part of the work for an experienced pulse hunter. Probably the most important thing with these super high Gain VLF's as well--just to know the signal strenght and to learn to place your targets in context. Keeps you off the micros and too big targets at depth. cjc
  3. Thanks for your reply, Joe. I did notice that the TE's had a lot of harmonic range--(on the Equinox) thought for sure they would bring out those faints on the AQ. That's a very ineresting material to use in your "Skullies"--if you ever do want to sell a pair...my MGM buzzer build with the take out plastic covers came out kind of "rattley" lol... cjc
  4. Can't help wondering what a set of Tony E's would do this machine has such an interesting faint range. cjc
  5. CZ epic beach machine still have mine and run it all the time. Phones jack went this year--broke my heart its in TX now. This was my first real high performance machine--the world opened up and gold and silver poured out! cjc
  6. In any of the modes you are listening for narrow responses with clean "sides". Just easier to hear in mute. cjc
  7. I would add to that --try working in Mute mode to get the hang of the target sounds with no extraneous sounds. Maybe not as deep but a lot easier to tune and hear. I got a 3.7gr. 22k ring at 18" + in Mute--very clean, narrow and distinct signal. cjc
  8. Ya with a pulse with this much juice--you need to have your basics down--I sure do! Its kind of like what I see with the sensitivity of the Equinox--everyone wants to run first and they pay a huge price in frustration. That book will teach you a lot of what you need to know. cjc
  9. TVR this a machine with unique operating characteristics. I fell into trying to run the juice way up and didn't find that it gave much of an advantage. It did make for a more confounded and jumpy signal that was harder to interpret. As well, where there was current or the "wrong" depth of water, the sound offs were harder to deal with. I would suggest getting the hang of the AQ down at preset or even lower. I would also suggest staying off the very low Delay settings--to better hear the pins and micros. Listen to the "sides" of your responses--this is what will keep you off the rusted bi
  10. Ive owned a Kruzer--similar operating characteristics. For sure-- the same signal confirming and dense iron methods will apply. Both great machines. cjc
  11. Kind of what I was up against here--and I was surprised to see the machine chattering in the current with the brain 18" above the surface. Still performed turned down though --below 4, T/H down (learned that from Eric) and in Mute. Just found Tone too "warbly". This machine sounds very different in the water--was initially concerned that it didn't have any wide / narrow to ID the caps--not true at all. Theres a bit more to it than that having to do with how peaked the tone is, but the potential is there. Get the sense that black sand is where this machine will shine--just like the legenda
  12. Quite impressed with the machine on this one it was chattery in close to shore with the waves so I went to Mute and got this still very deep--18" range and still pretty loud. (3.7 gr.) Good "sides" were a clue to dig this one amongst the caps and pins. (Something I've learned from the GQA2, CS6PI and TDI Pro. I know that with more practice this machine has the potential to be a very accurate pulse (there is such a thing...). cjc
  13. Thanks for your kind review, Renagade Arts. I had some great mentors when I was starting in the hobby and to see a few guys have those same "Eureka" moments is what keeps me pecking away at the console and jotting notes on gas receipts. Hope that that accuracy brings you some big finds. Good Luck Detecting, clive
  14. The idea behind my books is to give people the basic skills and detector knowledge to get results with any detector. I then look at how these skills apply to what the Equinox does well. Thanks for your interest. http://www.clivesgoldpage.com/shop/publications/minelab-equinox-beginner-advanced/#reviews http://www.clivesgoldpage.com/shop/publications/skill-building-with-the-minelab-equinox-series-metal-detectors/#reviews cjc
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