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  1. Received it in the mail today. Bought it on eBay from the writer Andy Sabisch (TreasureHuntingOutfitters.com). Signed by Andy himself. That is a nice touch too, I think. Very fast shipping, excellent condition, have not read it yet but the outlay looks very promising and attractive. Have both books from Clive too. Should make a nice supplement to them and great reading material for any Equinox owner/user. Greetings,
  2. Hi All, After charging I always put a little piece of electrical tape over the contacts of the detector and the WM-08 module and a piece over the usb-port on the headphones. Greetings, Bob'ke
  3. Hi Smithobx, Welcome. Yes: "The default settings for the User Profile are a copy of Park Mode Search Profile 1." (Page 33 of the manual). Thus after a "FP" the personal profile will be "Park 1". Greetings, Bob'ke
  4. Hi All, As I looked on the website of my french md-dealer I saw an adapter to fold the grip/pod of the EQX into the armcuff. Not for me, but maybe something of interest to some of you who like to take your EQX travelling in a small case... FYI: Here's the link: http://www.shop-lefouilleur.com/v2/fr/nouveautes/842-bascule-poignee-equinox-7861560031186.html € 39 = us$ 43,80 Greetings, Bob'ke
  5. Hi All, Today I found this "introduction" of a mini/pocket md on the YT channel of "Sondelsüchtig". A "new type of" metaldetectorsensor/coil with a smartphone app/screen..... Is this the future? Don't know, but I thought some of you might find it interesting to view. It is in german, but the video "speaks" for itself. Sondelsüchtig means "addicted to detecting". And € 399,00 = us$ 448,60. "Handy" is a smartphone. The YT link to Stephan's/Sondelsüchtig's channel: https://youtu.be/B7XLdSk0guE and The 2 links to Stephan's/Sondelsüchtig's sponsor/dealer Nuggets24: https://nuggets24.de/picosens-MINI-Metalldetektor-MTC-Pocket-Pro-mit-Android-APP-ist-wieder-bei-nuggets24-im-Metalldetektoren-Shop-erhaeltlich and https://nuggets24.de/picosens-MTC-Pocket-Pro-Mini-Metalldetektor-Bluetooth-Handy-APP-Steuerung Greetings, Bob'ke
  6. @ mh9162013 : interesting thread. Thanks for posting. @ Steve H. & kac: Thank you for your thoughts on the Garrett AT series, and especialy for the comparison between the Max and the Pro. Greetings, Bob'ke
  7. Hi All, 600 and 800 have the same depth. It is only another hoax, just like "the Equinox only uses two frequencies in a mode", as opposed to 5, like the manual says. Do not get excited everytime a competitor comes out with "truths" like that. If you really use your Equinox (600 or 800) yourself, you will see and be convinced yourself it really works extremely well! 😉 Greetings, Bob'ke
  8. Hi Steve, Congrats on your 20 years and thanks for all the work and info! 👍 Greetings, Bob'ke
  9. I have both books. They make a lot of questions on this and other fora "obsolete". 😉
  10. Hi Sinclair, Yeah I missed that one. Thanks for posting! 👍 Very motivating. Greetings, Bob'ke
  11. Steve H., I do not see the chair for the little squirrel, you told us about earlier....? 🤔
  12. Hi, Maybe the Romans went to NZ as well and, up to now, nobody knew about it.....? 😉 But seriously...in Europe there are a lot of roman coins found (on some French fora I even saw them called "Roros" sometimes (- as in "today I found this ["interesting object"] and some roros"). A lot are "far gone" and/or not (very) rare and therefore have no great monetary value. I'm still looking to find the first one myself though, here in Belgium. 😊 Greetings, Bob'ke
  13. Hi mn90403, Just a thought: you could have a look at http://www.etsy.nl. They produce/sell pendants like these. They have 78 pages on their website and to check them all will take up too much of my time. 😉 As they sell/produce these kind of pendants, they might be able to point you in the right direction regarding the maker's mark. Greetings and good luck, Bob'ke
  14. Hi cjc, Received "An Advanced Guide" today in the mail. Thanks for the very fast shipping. 👍 Will not be able to read it for now though, because my wife "locked" it away as my Xmas present (one of them, I hope 😉). Greetings, Bob'ke
  15. Hi All, Thanks to Steve H. and Phrunt for wording my same opinion so well. For all other manufacturers it will be step up to the new technology or weep. Everyone had the chance, but Minelab was the first to produce one and beat the others to it. In the future it will be choose or loose, I think. But what do I know? I'm just a hobby-detectorist, who is happy with my choice of detector and I wish everybody luck, happiness and great finds with their choices, whether it be an Equinox or another type or brand. 👍 Greetings, Bob'ke
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