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  1. I use both. I prefer the use of the bluetooth Minelab earphones (comfort and lightweight). But when it's hot in summer I use the WM08 with lightweight XP wired earphones.
  2. I use F2. My reason: Minelab made the effort to provide this option later on and for free, so their engineers must really think it is a significant plus over the Fe. And as a simple detectorist, who does not know all the ins and outs of de development reasons for the F2, for me there would be no realistic gain in time and finds to question their idea. Of course any other opinion somebody else may have is fine with me too. This is just me giving my reason/opinion for myself as asked by the OP. Greetings, Bob'ke
  3. The answer is YES. I have a Z-Lynk transmitter and a Z-Lynk receiver. Used them for my Teknetics Eurotek Pro. Great! I also have a Garrett AT Max International. The Z-Lynk receiver works with the Max and my Garrett Pro-Pointer AT Z-Lynk too. When the weather is hot I use the Z-Lynk receiver with the Max, just like the WM-08 module for my Minelab Equinox. HTH
  4. Hi Skate, Interesting to have a look at. Thank you for posting. In the meantime, you could try to put your elbow in your side and move the detector from side to side by turning your upper body. As if your arm is part of your torso (elbow attached to your torso). Do not grip the handgrip too tightly. Almost let it rotate a little in your hand. This will give you some relief. Another possibility is to use an S-rod. As a comparison: my elbow hurts very fast when I swing my standard straight EQX800 and does not while swinging my AT Max with the standard S-rod. While the EQX is an excell
  5. Here you will find a video of a german detectorist, Stefan, "Sondelsüchtig" (= addicted to detecting), who favors the Mars Universal Shaft for his AT Pro and nowadays for his AT Max too: On his channel you can find a lot of interesting videos on the AT Pro and AT Max. All in the german language, but he speaks english too. So if you have any questions you can always post him on his YT-channel. HTH Greetings,
  6. After having bought and used a Minelab Equinox 800 for more than 80 hours/ 1 year, I bought a Garrett AT Max as well. The AT Max is my favourite detector now. Don't get me wrong, the Equinox is a very very good detector in my opinion and I'm keeping it for sure. However I can not really get used to the "tight" vdi scale of -9 to 40. I prefer a vdi scale of 0 to 99. And the handle/straight-stem combination causes my arm (elbow/shoulder) to hurt some after even half an hour. No problems with the S-stems of my other two detectors. But most importantly (for me personally) the AT Max ha
  7. Hi Steve, I've searched the forum in vain to find your book. Is it an article or is there a real book or pdf? Would you please direct this "blind" man to the link/download/order form? ? Thanks and greetings, Bob'ke
  8. Hi All, After charging I always put a little piece of electrical tape over the contacts of the detector and the WM-08 module and a piece over the usb-port on the headphones. Greetings, Bob'ke
  9. Hi Smithobx, Welcome. Yes: "The default settings for the User Profile are a copy of Park Mode Search Profile 1." (Page 33 of the manual). Thus after a "FP" the personal profile will be "Park 1". Greetings, Bob'ke
  10. Hi All, As I looked on the website of my french md-dealer I saw an adapter to fold the grip/pod of the EQX into the armcuff. Not for me, but maybe something of interest to some of you who like to take your EQX travelling in a small case... FYI: Here's the link: http://www.shop-lefouilleur.com/v2/fr/nouveautes/842-bascule-poignee-equinox-7861560031186.html € 39 = us$ 43,80 Greetings, Bob'ke
  11. Hi All, Today I found this "introduction" of a mini/pocket md on the YT channel of "Sondelsüchtig". A "new type of" metaldetectorsensor/coil with a smartphone app/screen..... Is this the future? Don't know, but I thought some of you might find it interesting to view. It is in german, but the video "speaks" for itself. Sondelsüchtig means "addicted to detecting". And € 399,00 = us$ 448,60. "Handy" is a smartphone. The YT link to Stephan's/Sondelsüchtig's channel: https://youtu.be/B7XLdSk0guE and The 2 links to Stephan's/Sondelsüchtig's sponsor/dealer Nuggets2
  12. @ mh9162013 : interesting thread. Thanks for posting. @ Steve H. & kac: Thank you for your thoughts on the Garrett AT series, and especialy for the comparison between the Max and the Pro. Greetings, Bob'ke
  13. Hi All, 600 and 800 have the same depth. It is only another hoax, just like "the Equinox only uses two frequencies in a mode", as opposed to 5, like the manual says. Do not get excited everytime a competitor comes out with "truths" like that. If you really use your Equinox (600 or 800) yourself, you will see and be convinced yourself it really works extremely well! ? Greetings, Bob'ke
  14. Hi Steve, Congrats on your 20 years and thanks for all the work and info! ? Greetings, Bob'ke
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