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  1. I have owned every type Compadre model made, even the European Compadre Pro. The earlier model ones did come with a metal bolt. That is a steal for $20. Would bring $120+ on Ebay.
  2. I had a F22 and now a F44 and they are virtually the same machine performance wise with the same size coil. F44 just has Gb and a few other things. I expect they will give them new paint jobs and lower the price below Simplex on the F44. With the 7.69? frequency they are really hot on coins. I mostly hunt playgrounds and don't need a machine to pick up targets 8-12" deep.
  3. I changed my Youtube channel name which was Dig-a-holic to Paul B. I am unable to change it here. Can you change it? Thanks Paul B
  4. The metal detector mkt is over sold. Kind of like what happened to baseball card mfg's in the 80's. There were too many of them. For my kind of hunting (playgrounds) a Tesoro works great. I don't want a machine that goes 10-15" deep. Most of my targets are only a few inches deep.
  5. I have owned every kind of Compadre made. My latest is a Euro Compadre Pro. Has volume knob and able to switch coils. Found a ring 1st hunt and 925 pendant 2nd hunt!
  6. I won that coil last week and he sent me a 11 DD instead. I told him I would just keep it. Mars makes a 7"DD that I have on F44 and it goes as deep as the 11DD. I think there is one for Vaquero on Ebay for $120.
  7. I did not keep the coil because it had the 8' cable. Wanted the 3' one...lol.
  8. I like detectors that take only 1-2 batteries. 8 is too many.
  9. I just bought a Tesoro 5.75 concentric for it off amazon for $65. Everyone on Ebay wanted over $100 for that coil.
  10. I've owned 7 Tesoro's and never had any problems. Will probably outlast me.
  11. It has the 8x9 which I've had before. I'm thinking of getting a 7" Mars Lion coil for it. I got one for my Fisher F22 and it air tested dimes and pennies at 10" which is pretty good for a small coil. I hunt a lot of tot lots and I can get around the equipment better with a smaller coil.
  12. Don't know if it's a high tone or low and I kind of hope it's a high tone but can't complain because of price.
  13. Winning bid of $200! That's got to be a deal! I paid like $448 the first time I had one.
  14. I used a Mojave on the beach in NC back in March and found a silver dime. Went onto the wet sand and it wasn't that chatty though I had switched the GB to high. I went back to same beach in July and could not do anything with it on wet sand. Don't know why the change. Only difference was warmer temps and a lot more people.
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