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  1. I've seen the Hoover Boys on utube using a swim noodle fixed into a ring with fine mesh zip tied to it and a tether string so it floats close by. They dump the contents of the scoop on it and go through it with a pinpointer. Maybe that would work well for the small jewelry ?
  2. there's been some rain recently but that particular strip is in front of some old apts. and there were some underground sprinklers so I guess it is irrigated regularly. best of luck to you in your detecting.
  3. very nice ! too bad the edge is so corroded.
  4. I suspect the double loop attachment is for possibly leather or braided cord, not a traditional chain. As for the pick, I brought it because I've never hunted that area before and was unsure what the digging conditions would be. The ground was actually fairly soft where the pendant was found. It was about 4" deep and I think it has been there maybe 5 yr's or less judging by the oxidation. The condition of the find shows how careful I was in recovering it.
  5. Hunted an old transient camp along the river yesterday that I have been eyeballing for quite a while. It paid off after about 10 min. with this 925 eagle pendant. Found the usual brass cartridges, bullets and some modern clad also. I used my vintage tesoro bandido umax, garrett pro find pinpointer and homemade prospector pick. The pendant was found a couple feet from where I parked the bike by the tree.
  6. I guess it depends on the situation. I personally give as much distance as possible. When searching with a friend , we will often go in opposite directions or take opposite sides of the field. The whites trx is my favorite pinpointer
  7. Congratulations on such a beautiful Indian!
  8. Took the xterra out again today for a couple hrs. only intent on shallow clad. I notched everything but 40,42, and 44 on the vdi scale and set the machine at 7.5 khz in 4 tone, threshold 12 and started at sensitivity 10. I was searching sidewalk strips and gradually turned the sensitivity up to 20. I was finding memorial cents, clad dimes and quarters and not a bit of trash. I went a couple blocks then got a solid 42 no matter which way l swept the coil. I was expecting a Canadian cent because they come up a little higher than a lincoln. I was very surprised to see a 1939 mercury dime in the hole. A little further down the strip another solid 42 next to the sidewalk edge turned up a 54 Rosie. It was nice to have the machine quiet and not be bothered with trash for a change. ☺
  9. it is the CORS strike coil multi freq....... same thing as NEL toronado. I've decided to wait a year or two before getting another detector. the one thing I don't like about the new detectors is the non serviceable battery.
  10. I had it in 18.75 khz because I was hoping for a gold coin or ring. I think the 6" dd in 18.75 khz would be a better choice for natural gold.
  11. It cooled off recently so I took the Xterra 705 to a park I've been hunting for a couple of years . This particular park is in an old neighborhood and has been hunted heavily for many years . I've never been able to find much there in the way of old coins just a couple wheat cents. I have used several different machines there and spent quite a few hours there over the past few years. I guess I got lucky when my first target was a 1943 s mint war nickel then 10 minutes later a 1905 indian cent. Didnt find anything else in the 45 minutes I was there. I was running the 705 in all metal coin mode, 99 tones, sensitivity 28, threshold 12 in high freq on the triple freq cors strike coil. Just wanted to share and make a post so Steve doesn't delete my acct. lol
  12. There's a post june 10, 2014 by Reno Chris in minelab metal detectors titled .... if Your GPX Appears Broken, Try This.....where he explains how to do factory reset.
  13. Congratulations on finding such a beautiful nugget ! I bet it didn't fall far from the tree, you must be close to the source.
  14. I think it is same coil, mine even says NEL on the cable where it connects to the coil housing. I have the multi frequency model, just got it this winter. it was my first hunt with it. I really like it.
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