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  1. I also have the Amigo ll. From what I understand it is the same as the early compadre's.
  2. Found this today at a tot lot with the compadre. Thought l had gold at first but when l checked the hallmark it said 925 . The compadre is hot on small targets !
  3. I found this nice tesoro compadre at the local goodwill today for less than $20. I couldn't resist buying it. Took it home and put in a new battery and it works great. it must be an older one because it has a metal coil screw.
  4. I wiped it with a cloth and a little bacon grease. I do the same for the wheats and indians I find.
  5. old railroad used to run through the area and transients still camp there even though it's posted no overnight camping. plus there is lots of activity from sportsmen and people recreating along the river. old fire rings make the campsights obvious, plus I detect every flat spot and around the old trees.
  6. thank you, this is the second one I've ever found detecting.
  7. Back to the old hobo camps along the river with my whites mxt and 10x5 detech coil , got a solid nickel signal in relic mode. I knew it would be a coin but did not expect this nice 1906 v nickel. I have included photo of where the coin was found and one looking across the valley.
  8. I wanted to share some pics of my completed goldmaster 4b detector shaft swap. It was fairly easy and l was happy with the results. I think someone could do the same thing with the gmt if they wanted .
  9. 1903 indians pocket spill from the old transient camps along the river with my mxt and 10 x 5 detech coil. They must been very close together because vdi came up 74, l was expecting modern firearm brass and was very surprised when the first indian popped out, a quick check of the hole and still a signal , another one emerged from the semi frozen ground. I had the mxt in relic mode, discrimination at 3. Also recovered some clad and cheap jewelry and the usual .22 brass and bullets and junk. The last image is of remnants of RR track that used to run through the area.
  10. I ordered the new handle from whites today ......$33 and some change and that includes the shipping. I never liked that s- rod, the handle is too slim for me . I think it will be a fairly simple conversion . I will post more as it progresses. Thank you Steve for your input.
  11. I was considering putting my 4b on a dfx shaft, doesn't look like a big deal to me, but guy at whites said different. If l had it on the dfx shaft l would have the option of straight shaft or s shaft with pistol grip depending on which lower shafts l use. Has anyone ever done this before or have any info that might help me before l tackle this ? Thanks to all who reply.
  12. Seen this on E bay, could this be a china fake ? said it came with wireless module and headphones and was under warranty until dec 2020.
  13. 1655152478_WhitesTRX_Extended_User_Manual.pdf
  14. must be something wrong with your trx, send it back to whites. my trx hits on small gold the carrott doesn't even know exists. I can get about 1/8 to 3/16 of an inch depth on gold that is 0.1 gm.
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