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  1. In a perfect world the claims would all be marked so one would not to avoid them. Ive been to area a couple times, some claims have signs posted for no detecting and "video surveillance" so I avoided those spots, I am sure many claims aren't marked though. Just endless desert as far as eye can see in all directions. Unless there is a easy way to overlay up to date claim lot borders onto a Garmin handheld GPS unit?
  2. Have you tried 8” coil on ATX for beach/water hunting or you prefer the 10x12 DD could?
  3. Thanks Steve. I’ve been leaning towards a ATX with new 11x13DD coils for beach use and maybe in 2-4ft of water. Go to Mexico a lot, will be interesting to see what I find on the beaches
  4. Yeah, I’ve only been out there once but someone told me to be careful because lots of claims out there. Saw some sites were marked off or had a warning sign. Seems many aren’t marked though. Hard to tell which spot is claimed or not.
  5. New here but wondering if anyone here can rate the SDC-2300 with 8” coil as good or better or not as good as the ATX for beach hunting (from fluffy white sugar sands to black sand etc)? I know they are both waterproof and PI’s but is that where similarities end?
  6. I’ll have to get some camouflage then to blend in and keep a low profile. Maybe help me sneak up on a nugget better
  7. Haha, yes sooner then later is good. I think we did meet, you pulled up on the ATV. I'm 6'6", stick out like a sore thumb in the dessert
  8. New to group here and just got a GPX-5000 and spent a few hours yesterday playing with different settings and breaking it in at the Rye Patch. Any suggestions on best settings for Rye Patch ( I used Sen Extra w/ 11" mono, slow and quiet with gain of 12, know of any other areas closer to Reno to nugget hunt then Rye Patch? I tried Gold Canyon in Dayton NV today but that place was filled with trash (I was mainly in the lower section).
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