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  1. Tarsacci has the worst audio! My tarsacci still resets itself when I’m hunting after sending it to Dimitar for a check up. Dimitar needs to make some changes with more testing. Not worth the $1500 I paid. I heard Dimitar tried to pitch the tarsacci to first texas detectors but was shot down that’s when he decided to out on his own. He knows nothing about marketing.
  2. I wonder if he dug up any gold?
  3. Thanks Going back for more today.
  4. Hunted an old patch of grass in Fresno california where I dug up many barbers, mercs, a few seated and a 5 gram gold nugget. Funny thing is I only dug up 2 rosies and a silver Washington quarter over the years from this area. Yesterday on Christmas Day I finally squeezed some time to hunt this old patch of grass. First 4 holes were aluminum targets then I moved over to where I had dug up a half dime 10 years ago. First target I get a 88-87 at 6-7 inches on the D2. In the plug I had a hard time finding the target. As I knocked more and more dirt off the bottom of the plug I finally heard the target it was near the surface of the plug. Moved a little dirt and I saw a round silver looking thing. Pulling it out I noticed it was definitely a silver coin. Hoping it was not a pesky rosie I brushed off some dirt and the reverse looked different from a barber flipped it over and brushed some dirt off and saw the bottom half of the obverse. It was a 1858 seated Dime in almost good condition. My 6th seated from this area 2 were half dimes. My next target I thought might be a silver turned out to be a modern gaming token. I was satisfied with the seated so I called it quits in about an hour. Hope everyone had a good Christmas Day. Denny
  5. Took me 11 years hunting a small grassy resting spot from the 1870’s to find my first and only gold nugget 5.1 gram with the Deus2 at 6-7 inches deep. The closest mines are in Coarsegold California.
  6. At the end of the video he said Tarsacci has a lot of problems. Anybody know what they are?
  7. Tried that didn’t work. I’m sure dimitar knows about these kind of tests, if there was a way to see past the heavy thick blacksand he would have said something. Dimitar made a coil specifically for blacksand it’s supposed to be better than stock coil but I don’t think it will pass the heavy thick blacksand.
  8. Tried that. Didn’t work in the test with 1 inch concentrated blacksand. Tarsacci Couldn’t see nickel on top of below blacksand. D2 will hit on the nickel with ID. Even with blacksand accepted on the D2 it will still hit on the nickel with ID.
  9. The tarsacci failed to pickup the nickel under the blacksand. I’ve tried everything on the tarsacci to get it to work.
  10. I did a blacksand test like the guy on YouTube with a Ziplock bag of blacksand 1 inch thick from the gold mines in Northern California. Deus2 was able to see the nickel below loud and clear in stock beach P program. The Tarsacci with blacksand mode on, 18khz, ground balanced, mixed mode. Tarsacci could not see the nickel. This isn’t a real world test but shows the capability of the Deus2
  11. Save up and buy the axiom. ATX is too heavy for all day hunting.
  12. How inexpensive is gold in Oman? It’s 746 an ounce in Omanian Rial currency that equals $1937 an ounce here in the US.
  13. Does anyone insure their gold when sending to a refinery? I read in the fine print that USPS will ask for a reciept for items that are lost. I don’t have a receipt for gold I find. So I just mail smaller amounts so I don’t loose it all. I use ARA in Texas faster turn around than Midwest for me.
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