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  1. Yes I found using mixed mode becomes very noisy in iron compared to disc mode. I don’t like to switch modes when trying to master one. But I will use disc/salt mode if I have to.
  2. I believe gold earring was not detected as it was most likely open. I tested a 1 gram gold earring open with the MDT and was not able to detect it. I’ve found gold jewelry in iron a few times before just by digging out the iron. Yes stones may be real. Congrats
  3. Do your watehunting in the evening hours when beach is emptying out.
  4. How many of MDT users like the tones of disc mode? I don’t like it. It sounds like a toy. Mixed mode is what I use. Tarsacci MDT 8000 control panel and LCD display
  5. I tried this on the CTX open screen and it worked. I used 4 pieces of aluminum foil a little bigger than 1 inch and stacked the on top of the nickel. I didn’t test to see if it will hit on real small gold. It even worked on the ATX when I bumped up the discrimination to max. Loss sensitivity to tiny gold though.
  6. Impressive but I will never notch out a 6-7. I’m a gold jewelry hunter.
  7. Haven’t had a chance to do a comparison between the two.
  8. Anybody else have any luck using the MDT. At parks? It’s a deep machine. I haven’t had too much luck at parks with the MDT, the CTX did a very good job.
  9. I think Greg at trans bay detectors has used the tarsacci at gold country. He may be able to help with some settings.
  10. No I haven’t. You can ask on Tom Dankowski’s forum (Nasa-Tom) he may know.
  11. It’s ok I got used to it. No I wouldn’t want to make a emi shield on a $1500 detector. I’ll just switch on blacksand. Denny
  12. There are buildings with offices so heavy WiFi usage is an issue along with a few radio stations that broadcast from the tops of buildings. I could hear music from one of the radio stations in my headphones and it is not the headphones picking up the music it’s the MDT. I could still hunt as the music is very low. I didn’t have any issues with my CTX at this park. That machine cleaned up pretty good. Denny
  13. Congrats on your first Barber Dime! Keep hitting those curb grass strips. denny
  14. I tried changing frequency didn’t work. I could lower my sensitivity but that’s not what I want to do. I‘m after the deep silver. Blacksand mode is what worked to keep MDT stable. No loss in depth. Some users hunt with some erratic behavior with blacksand off. Denny
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