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  1. I think Greg at trans bay detectors has used the tarsacci at gold country. He may be able to help with some settings.
  2. No I haven’t. You can ask on Tom Dankowski’s forum (Nasa-Tom) he may know.
  3. It’s ok I got used to it. No I wouldn’t want to make a emi shield on a $1500 detector. I’ll just switch on blacksand. Denny
  4. There are buildings with offices so heavy WiFi usage is an issue along with a few radio stations that broadcast from the tops of buildings. I could hear music from one of the radio stations in my headphones and it is not the headphones picking up the music it’s the MDT. I could still hunt as the music is very low. I didn’t have any issues with my CTX at this park. That machine cleaned up pretty good. Denny
  5. Congrats on your first Barber Dime! Keep hitting those curb grass strips. denny
  6. I tried changing frequency didn’t work. I could lower my sensitivity but that’s not what I want to do. I‘m after the deep silver. Blacksand mode is what worked to keep MDT stable. No loss in depth. Some users hunt with some erratic behavior with blacksand off. Denny
  7. No. I use blacksand mode to cut out EMI. I could have switched blacksand mode off at the iron infested site but decided to leave it on as it wasn’t affecting my detecting.
  8. Hunted my favorite park this afternoon for about an hour. After about 15 minutes I got a good hit swinging the MDT slower than usual. If I swing faster I don’t hear the target. Vdi was a 12-14 sometimes a 7, as I swept the coil towards the bottom of the hole swinging side to side the Vdi got higher 22-24. Down at 7 inches I pulled up a dateless buffalo nickel. That was the only coin found. Dug 11 holes, 8 were iron, 1 cut up aluninum from a can, 1 piece of aluminum from a small screw in bulb. Also dug up half of a key fob from Golden Nugget not deep and a fleur-de-lis pin it was an eyeball find from the iron infested site. Infested site ground balanced at 845 due to decayed iron in ground. park settings: sens 9, threshold-2, disc 0, blacksand ON, infested site: sens 6, threshold-2, disc 0, blacksand ON. Denny
  9. How bout a Tarsacci MDT. Light weight and see through bad ground like you may have. With discrimination. Look into it.
  10. Thanks, I wish I had some coins to post but they are getting harder to find.
  11. Nice finds! I remember my first Reale dug up on the old Los Angeles/Stockton Spanish trail.
  12. What only 1 like. Guess I won’t be posting finds like this’ll here anymore.
  13. Nice. Looks like it has some weight to it. Congrats
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