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  1. Pitch is great in square tones. Way better than in PWM. I use pitch almost 100% of the time. Never was comfortable using full tones.
  2. History and location of this old park is what kept me thinking there may be a nugget hiding. After 10+ years of hunting this park I finally found one. May be more.
  3. Here’s my first and only gold nugget I’ve dug up 5.1g from a city park in central California earlier this year.
  4. Nice. Where I water hunt people take off their gold jewelry before going into the water ever since gold shot up in price. Tot-lots are also slow on gold jewelry. Hope things change.
  5. Foreign competition taking over. What’s keeping Garrett in business is the security products it sells.
  6. Yes. Also I hear music coming through the headphones while using the tarsacci at the park. It’s just a whisper doesn’t bother me. There are a few radio stations near by. No way to correct this issue. My friends tarsacci does the same. May be the end for tarsacci.
  7. I checked the contracts and they were ok. The tarsacci would sometimes reset itself when going over large metal while hunting a dried trashy river. When I got the machine back from Dimitar it reset itself again while hunting a old settlement when going over a target. Was thinking about selling but decided to hold on to it as a backup.
  8. I would love to see a video between Deus2 and tarsacci in heavy blacksand.
  9. Tarsacci goes deep but audio is terrible. Once had a issue where I could not turn off machine and had issues with machine resetting itself. Sent back to Dimitar to get it checked. He said he found nothing wrong. Machine still reset itself on one occasion when I got it back. Not worth the $1500 price I paid. I now use the Deus2 and finding more success with it compared to tarsacci which started out great but faded fast. Yes, XP Deus2, legend and Manticore will slow sales of Tarsacci.
  10. Have you tried pitch? lve watched paystreaks videos on YouTube he’s done with 100% blacksand with pitch mode. Worked great! Other modes like diving or 4 tones may have issues.
  11. Thanks jeff I’m surprised the D2 picked up only 31 targets in your test. Do you see any difference in performance after updates.
  12. Good write up. The test should have been done with the D2 using the 11 inch coil.
  13. I remember a park in the rough part of Stockton some of us used to call, Wino Cap Park. Many old seated, barbers were pulled out of the ground with rusted bottle caps. I would never hunt there when dark.
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