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  1. Thanks jeff I’m surprised the D2 picked up only 31 targets in your test. Do you see any difference in performance after updates.
  2. Good write up. The test should have been done with the D2 using the 11 inch coil.
  3. I remember a park in the rough part of Stockton some of us used to call, Wino Cap Park. Many old seated, barbers were pulled out of the ground with rusted bottle caps. I would never hunt there when dark.
  4. I’ve watched paystreaks videos on the Deus2 and I think the D2 worked fine at his home before he did updates after version 6. He kept complaining he didn’t like the updates. He also hunts too fast and goes over the same ground digging up what he missed.
  5. Got that info off another deus forum who had the same issue.
  6. Try bumping up the reactivity.
  7. I’ve had my WS6 headphones not go on automatically only once. Everything else is all good. I’m still running version 6. Don’t plan on updating.
  8. Cleaned it up a bit. Looks like it was tossed in a fire.
  9. There are no free answers. You will have to do some research yourself or find a buddy who metal detects.
  10. If it were a counterfeit die why would they cut off the stamp part of the die? Wouldn’t it be easier to just toss it out. The U.S. mint would cut off the die stamp and destroy it. Yes maybe this one slipped by. The US mint sells dies without the stamp they would cut that off and sell the rest of the die to the public. denny
  11. It’s a bit wider than a V nickel. I don’t think it’s plated.
  12. Dug this find at the old park on Sunday. I.D. at 74, 9-10 inches deep with the Deus 2. Anyone know what it is. What kind of metal is it. Thanks
  13. I’ve been using pitch square tones in beach program for turf hunting. Notch and bottle caps at zero, Magnetic ground on accept and salt on 7 or lower. Works well more stable in bad ground. Better than park program.
  14. I didn’t say it was a complaint. It was a smart marketing move by Minelab to get their machine into the hands of new users. They could have sold them for $1400.
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