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  1. Thanks Steve for the info. I hope they do well. I really enjoy using the tarsacci and it’s not that complicated.
  2. I bought the tarsacci to replace my Garrett ATX for beach and water finds. It is detects deeper than the equinox in salt water and heavy blacksand according to users I know who use the tarsacci. I only use the ctx 3030 for deep Silver coins at parks. I wasn’t trying to compare the equinox to the ctx. The marketing of the tarsacci is not the way I would have gone. It seems to be word of mouth I don’t see any kind of advertisement I understand it is a company with limited funds and to keep costs down they decided to not advertise. This will probably work for some companies that have a good reputation for good detectors but for a company starting up I think it is important to have a good marketing/advertising plan on all the metal detecting forums. The release of the AQ I feel will slow sales even slower. Not a VLF or pulse I hope we can hear the truth of what it is from the designer/ engineer. I really am enjoying the tarsacci it’s very similar to the T2 which I still use for demos and tot-lot gold.
  3. It is not a genuine diamond. I don’t know if it’s a VLF or pulse? Maybe the designer engineer will chime one day and tell us.
  4. I tested it with my diamond tester 3 times and each time it was negative.
  5. $1539 is what I paid. Equinox is very good detector but I already have a ctx 3030.
  6. I found the gold ring pretty quick after cherry picking through the rusty cans, rusty bottle caps and digging up only 4-5 pulltabs in the first 10 minutes. Probably dug up around 100 newer bottle caps, pulltabs, aluminum foil.
  7. They need to do a better job of marketing only 2 sellers selling the tarsacci. Nasa-Tom of Dankowskidetectors.com and Greg of Trans Bay Metal Detectors. Also someone needs to answer questions on their website. I guess they are expecting users of the tarsacci to spread the word by posting finds but I don’t see many.
  8. Detected a stretch of a river that had some erosion on the banks and sand removed down to the gravels. I dug up many coins including a buffalo nickel and a silver dime that someone was going to make into a ring. The best find was a 14k ladies ring 3.1g (not a genuine stone). Also dug up what looked like a white gold ring turned out to be stainless steel. The tarsacci has good recovery speed like the T2 worked great in the trashy area with broken pieces of rusted old steel cans, bottles caps, bits and pieces of iron along with all the newer junk tossed into the river. The tarsacci worked better than my T2 it found targets in a area I couldn’t use the T2. The 2 wheat pennies were dug up at a old park 6-7 inches deep. The tarsacci goes deeper it’s just that my ctx did a good job sniffing out most of the oldies at this old park.
  9. That was my post. I contacted Garrett with the coil problem and they sent me a new replacement coil. Been 6 months and no problems. I haven’t heard of any problems from anybody else so they must have corrected the problem. When all the issues started Garrett sent out another new coil but problems were still there. Disappointed at Garrett many sold their ATX machines probably not saying anything about the coil cable problem. There’s one guy on the ATX forum who believes the issue will still happen again and insists garrett admit that there was a problem.
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